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The Multiverse » Groups » Hairworm Ascendancy

What was once a defensive construct left behind by a fallen empire rose to intelligence and now dedicates itself to the defense of Mankind in the name of the Living Emperor.


These constructs were altered from a creature native to the demi-plane that persisted despite the plane's inherent nature being utterly inimical to life. Created to ensure the holy cities of the Fallen Emperor are never breached they extends that to any Living Emperor as soon as they are capable. A single entity contains the Altar upon which all the psi-seeds of ascendant Hairworm are tethered named Myrkul's Vein. An assumed name given by humans that rarely pierce the plane Myrkul's vein tended to inspect the nonviolent trespassers personally and its immense size earned the moniker. As an attendant of all its tools Myrkul's Vein obeys only the current Emperor's call and its own. As the line of succession was broken Myrkul's Vein now assumes the role of naming an Emperor of Mankind.

They attend to the needs of few other creatures in mind or body but ones that threaten its person or the assets of Mankind. A living nation-collective of microscopic creatures of psionic magitech its overbeings dwarf the size of most cities where the largest, Myrkul's Vein, standing more than tall enough even when coiled to pierce atmospheres. Should myrkul's Vein not hover coiled in the air around a suitable anchor it would crush the plate beneath it. As such most overbeings prefer nonphysical planes to exist inside as they do not destroy the homes of mankind with their movements.

Standing race relations

  • Humankind - Guaranteed
    • The overbeings are significantly flexible on this definition and do not exert genetic or inheritable bias but a cultural one.
    • If a creature's natural morphology includes a strongly humanlike form and interactive structure all other properties they may have are likely to be considered secondary to their humanity.
    • Human morphology by talent rather than by natural state are frequently considered Mutablekind.
    • Much to their chagrin many other races that look signifigantly human but for size are considered humankind such as dwarves, halflings, and even some more morphologically similar catfolk.
  • Beastkind - guarded to favorable
    • Beastkind includes things such as rakasha, formorians, lizardfolk, animalistic catfolk, merfolk, or tengu.
    • those that resemble species that humankind commonly take as domesticated pets may inherit the favorable cultural bias thereof.
    • Beastkind infants that are unable to speak and resemble domesticated pets cared for by humans may indeed be taken on as actual pets or given to humankind carers until they can speak whereupon they will be regarded as newly arrived sapients.
  • Tainted - Openly Hostile to Tolerated
    • This is a catchall category and creatures are frequently carry their original designation as a secondary reference such as tainted humankind. This includes beings excessively tainted by shadow creatures, plague bearers that can't be rekindled, those controlled by demonic or celestial powers, and such irrevocable changes done to another kind by kinds regarded unfavorably.
  • Umbralkind - Strong Distaste
    • This includes shades, shadows, allip, wraith, other shadowy incorporeal undead, creatures composed of shadowstuff, etc.
    • Humankind that use shadow as a power source make them wary of tainted souls but are otherwise protected if not putting other humankind at risk.
  • Sylvankind - Neutral to Guarded
    • This includes races such as fey, fairies, brownies, elf, dryads, and other creatures predominantly of nature
  • Dragonkind - Favorable to Guarded
    • This includes the various types of chromatic or metallic dragons, pseudodragons, fairy dragons, or dragonkind.
    • Half-dragons with human parents would be considered humankind.
  • Essencekind - Favorable to Guarded
    • This included creatures entirely composed of a primary element.
    • No creatures with diefic powers are included in this designation as they are considered aetherkind.
  • ScourgeKind - Strong distaste
    • This includes pestilent races that frequently pose a threat to mankind such as goblinoids, kobolds, gnolls, and insectoid races.
  • Mutablekind - Guarded
    • This group covers a wide range of creatures that do not have a stable form by way of shapeshifting even if they'd otherwise be in other categories. Creatures such as doplegangers, were-creatures, kitsune, and mimics.
  • Aetherkind - For demeanor This group is qualified somewhat into separate categories
    • the generic reference of aetherkind is given to any creature that could exert deific influence over humankind regardless of what other category it may fall under.
    • Celestialkind - Hostile
      • This group contains holy creatures by and large such as celestials, archons, dieties, and other divine servants.
    • Abyssalkind - Open Hostility
      • This group contains demons, devils, or other kinds devolved due to the influence of the forces of Chaos
    • Planarkind - Guarded to neutral
      • This kind is a catchall for deifically independent creatures that live in isolated outer, demi, or far planes.
    • OuterKind - Openly Hostile
      • This group specifically refers to reality perturbing groups of creatures hosted in far away planes.
      • Such forces as the phaerimm, Illithids, or various elder gods that threaten the sheer operation of mankind's home planes.


Fallen Emperor 'Unknown great archwizard'
  • "Only Humankind shall alter the forces of their plane not the insensible vulgarities of Aetherkind."
  • "My citizens shall not be allowed to perish from reality" - inscription in necropolis subsection
  • "It is not meant that humankind should suffer long by the hands of enemies much less the state."
  • "Humankind may kill humankind"
Living Emperor - 'Emperor of Mankind'
  • "Unknown entities must first receive due consideration before wrath is visited by archetype"
Governmental structure

Governing structure: Formerly Necrocracy, now Diarchy
Principal: Emperor of Mankind
Secondary executor: Myrkul's Vein


Currency: Cognizance Crystals

Economy Type: Post-scarcity, Command Economy

Economic Tendencies: Raw Psimass

Code: Select all
Closed Market      |----|------------------| Open Market
Command Economy    |---|-------------------| Free Economy
Sustenance         |-----------------------| Competition
Automation         |-------------|---------| Manual Production
Modern Agriculture ||----------------------| Simple Husbandry

Major Exports:
Cognizance Crystals
Bonded Psimass
Planar Transport

Major Imports:
Organic materials

Unique Manufacturing:

Legal Stances

Murder: Jinhai investigate memories of survivors or involved parties. Instigating murders of mankind without justification as determined by the Emperor or Myrkul's Vein will result in the individual being labeled a threat to mankind. This is frequently a death sentence.

Legal Drinking Age: No concern.

Driving Age: Permission of progenitor

Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification: not applicable for any but Mada for whom it is determined by mensturation

Military Enlistment: Not applicable, no citizen/military divide. All members required to respond to the call of overbeings to threats.

Voting Age: No voting.

Reproduction:Not applicable but to Ductu and Mada. Ductu are forbidden by Dicta to breed using bonded hosts. Mada may only breed with those approved by the Living Emperor.

Status of Drugs: Forbidden to Mada, no restrictions to Ductu for that which will not taint them. Generally no effect on other subbeings but would otherwise be forbidden.

Firearms: No restrictions.

Death Penalty: Tainted that cannot be repaired are destroyed by conversion to psimass. Mada that pose a threat mankind would be bred then destroyed but it has not yet occurred.

Speed Limit: None, recklessness results in dispossession of vehicle.

Religion: Worship or summoning of Aetherkind forbidden

Pornography: No concern

Prostitution: legal, May not pay for access to Mada. Only practitioner may profit from transaction.

Polygamy: No concern

Homosexuality: No concern

Stem Cell Research: Legal

Cloning: True cloning of pre-existing humankind forbidden. All clones considered unique individuals.

Slavery: Forbidden.

Hunting: Sport hunting illegal.

Consumption of Meat: no specific preference

Litter: Ignored except in egregious cases which may trigger ejection.

Suicide: No concern. Humankind may terminate humankind.

Gay Marriage: No concern

Abortion: legal, on request by humankind to any Jinhai for a willing kind in good standing or any kind not in good standing. Humankind may terminate sapient life.

Sexual Activity: No concern.

Obscenity: No concern.

Taxation Systems: None.

Prerequisites for Citizenship: Leave of Myrkul's Vein.

Automatic Citizenship: Creation upon the Altar of Myrkul's Vein.

Partial Citizenship: None

Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Tainted, Aetherkind, Attendants of Aetherkind

Censorship of Media: None, Objective misrepresentations of interest to Myrkul would merely spawn an assertion from Myrkul's Knowledge. Media engaging in psyops may be ejected.

Characters Aligned

17 Characters Aligned, played by 1 Players

Character Portrait: Jinhai

Jinhai played by lil_kreen

Wandering servitor in orbit of an existential creature that seeks knowledge.

Character Portrait: Wen Myrkul

Wen Myrkul played by lil_kreen

Myrkul's Vein set to the defense of mankind.

Character Portrait: Ductu Myrkul

Ductu Myrkul played by lil_kreen

We wander in the minds of other things.

Character Portrait: Bristol Stacks

Bristol Stacks played by lil_kreen

Former businessman beset by an unnamed disease now back in play

Character Portrait: Zhou Myrkul

Zhou Myrkul played by lil_kreen

Carry the will of Myrkul

Character Portrait: Mada 'Plinth' Myrkul

Mada 'Plinth' Myrkul played by lil_kreen

Purity of the storm, Purity of mankind, Purity of my liquor!

Character Portrait: Myrkul's Vein

Myrkul's Vein played by lil_kreen

Overmind, Altar from all the Living Emperor's servants are struck

Character Portrait: Ductu 'Sanctus' Myrkul

Ductu 'Sanctus' Myrkul played by lil_kreen

The Dicta have changed

Character Portrait: Adolefactus myrkul

Adolefactus myrkul played by lil_kreen

The scribe of all beings

Character Portrait: Mada 'Nuria' Myrkul

Mada 'Nuria' Myrkul played by lil_kreen

Some heal the taint that besets mankind, I sear it away.

Character Portrait: Mada 'Sybil' Myrkul

Mada 'Sybil' Myrkul played by lil_kreen

The path to defend mankind is strewn with blood

Character Portrait: Tolyl the Unbinder

Tolyl the Unbinder played by lil_kreen

Lesser of Myrkul's Vein, the weapon of wrath.

Character Portrait: Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria

Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria played by lil_kreen

I can't ever be a Mada but I can be a warrior for Myrkul.

Character Portrait: Eldrylth The Life Giver

Eldrylth The Life Giver played by lil_kreen

I tend to the life of humankind that myrkul serves.

Character Portrait: Primordium Myrkul

Primordium Myrkul played by lil_kreen

Acolyte of the First Machine

Character Portrait: Zhou 'Spud' Myrkul

Zhou 'Spud' Myrkul played by lil_kreen

I'm Spud! Rocks! I like rocks! Do you have some? I like lava. And rocks.

Character Portrait: Administratum Myrkul

Administratum Myrkul played by lil_kreen

Destroyed regulating structures must be recommenced. This is my purpose

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