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A relatively large nation within the Aurora, Isiria spans several star systems. Isiria is an Aschen member-state.



Isiria. Home of the free and land of the financially fortunate. This nation is comprised of several populated star systems within the Aurora nebula - though equality is a word that failed toke root in their vision of unification and prosperity. Isiria suffers a large class division between the wealthier citizens that make their home on the central planets - and those frequently scraping a living of drudgery and labor on the outer planets.

The central planets of Isiria are characterized by sprawling cities, flickering lights, low crime rate, advanced medical care, and pristine lakes devoid of pollution. It all comes with a price though, and for those who can't pay it there is the Kreios system.

Largely frontier land, civilization on the outer planets is frequently hard and devoid of the proper medical care and law enforcement. Though that is not to say that life on the outer planets is unbearable for everyone. For many it is far more favorable to live without the comforts of the central planets so they can live free of the scrutiny and control of the government.

Further adding to the division of the Isirian people are heavy regulations on weaponry. With much of advanced Isirian technological developments restricted to the hands of the government and military, the outer planets are out-gunned and out-supplied. Potential uprisings are largely stemmed before they can even begin.

Since the Isirian Government surrendered to the Aschen Empire. It is now subject to the Aschen Domain, and enjoys the privileges of being a protectorate of the Aschen Empire. Aschen watchtowers have been established in each of the Isirian systems to ensure the continued 'peace and prosperity' of Isirian and Aschen relations, also known as exploitation and subjugation.




Settled Territories



President: Timothy McConley
Vice President: Karl Lenhardt




Currency: Drachmali (native currency), Aschen Cubit
  • Chalkos: comes in copper coin denominations of 1 and 2 chalkos. 48 chalkos = 1 drachmali.
  • Obols: comes in silver coin denominations of 5 and 10 chalkos.
  • Silver Drachmali: comes in silver coin denominations of 1, 2, and 5 drachmali.
  • Gold Drachmali: comes in gold coin denominations of 10 drachmali.
  • Bank Notes: comes in paper denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500 drachmali.

1.25 Drachmali = 1 Aschen Cubit

  • Aureus: Comes in octagonal coins of gold, worth 10 Denarius
  • Denarius: Comes in octagonal coins of Silver, worth 100 Siliqua
  • Cubit Bank Notes: comes in paper denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 Cubits. (ASCHEN MARKETS ONLY: 1 Cubit is worth 10 Aureus, 100 Denarius, or 1,000 Siliqua) Otherwise Standard metal rates apply for Aureus, Denarius, and Siliqua.

Rough Currency Guidelines:
  • Luxury Apartment in a Central City: 22,500 - 37,500 drachmali a month
  • Average one bedroom apartment in a City: 12,000 - 18,000 drachmali a month
  • Average one bedroom apartment in the Suburbs: 900 - 1500 drachmali a month
  • Upper Class Income Average: 225,000 - 375,000 drachmali a year
  • Upper Middle Class Income Average: 150,000 drachmali a year
  • Lower Middle Class Income Average: 48,750 - 90,000 drachmali a year
  • Poverty Class Income Average: 27,000 - 34,500 drachmali a year
  • Minimum Wage Average: 11 drachmali an hour (rarely upheld on the outer planets).
  • 20% of Income from all citizens is paid as tribute to the Aschen Empire.
  • 30% of GDP is paid as tribute to the Aschen Empire

Commonly Encountered Laws

Language: English is the national language of Isiria, but many other languages are predominant across various regions and planets within Isiria.

Firearm Regulations: Regulations vary by planet. Most central planets require a permit to own or carry a gun, and firearms must be registered through a local law enforcement agency. Almost all central planets bar the carrying of firearms openly in public except when required by work - as with law enforcement agencies. Carrying of concealed handguns in public is permitted via a permit.

Possession of automatic weapons by civilians is illegal on all planets with the exception of ship mounted automatic weapons for defensive use. Plasma, laser, and other energy based weapons are also prohibited in the hands of civilians.

Outer planets frequently lack regulations on carrying or owning firearms and frequently fail to enforce federal regulations on firearm restrictions.

Non-firearm Weapons: Deadly weapons that don't fall under firearms are prohibited from being carried openly in public. This includes but is not limited to many archaic styles of weaponry sometimes purchased for collectors reasons such as swords. Non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, tasers, and stun guns are legal to be carried in public.

Psionics/Metaphysics: As per agreement with the Aschen Empire, all psionics and mutants are to be arrested on sight and handed over to the nearest Aschen garrison.

Air/Space traffic: All ships going planet side on an Isirian planet are required to surrender administrative control of their vessels before landing. This allows for a remote shutdown of the ships systems, and to maintain a landlock in the event that the ship needs to be detained from departure. This policy is only loosely enforced on the outer planets.

Bounty Hunters: Legal, but must be licensed. Frowned upon in the central planets, but popular in the outer planets where there is less of a military or law enforcement presence to fall back on.

Drug Regulations:
  • Marijuana - Legal smoking age is 18
  • Tobacco - Legal smoking age is 18
  • Alcohol - Legal drinking age is 18
  • Cocaine - Illegal
  • LSD - Illegal
  • Heroin - Illegal
  • Opium - Illegal
  • Methamphetamine - Illegal
Adult Classification: 18
Voting Age: 18
Military Enlistment: 18
Age of Consent: 16
Driving Age: 16

Prostitution: Legal only with proper licensing through registered courtesan houses. Rarely enforced on outer planets.
Polygamy: Illegal
Homosexuality/Gay Marriage: Legal
Slavery: As per agreement with the Aschen Empire, the owning of slaves is legal so as to allow Imperial slaves within Isiria. However the buying and selling of slaves has been banned on the state level on every planet except Cryo.
Hunting: Regulations vary by planet

  • Born in Isiria
  • Born to parents who are Isirian citizens
  • Marriage to an Isirian citizen
  • Nationalization through the Imperial Office of Immigration
  • Valid Work Visa
  • Aschen Citizens
Visitation/Tourism: Disallowed until transitional period ends. Exceptions afforded to slaves on Imperial business. Traffic in and out of Isiria is being heavily monitored against illegal immigration and smuggling.

Characters Aligned

47 Characters Aligned, played by 28 Players

Character Portrait: Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose)

Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Vincent May-Rose

Vincent May-Rose played by NotAFlyingToy

An island in space, sanctuary among the stars.

Character Portrait: Jayden Ryder

Jayden Ryder played by Script


Character Portrait: Varg Mörder

Varg Mörder played by Namaru

Character Portrait: Eros Fletcher

Eros Fletcher played by Rulke

CEO of LogicRoad

Character Portrait: Kenneth More

Kenneth More played by Tank Emperor

Lead Scientist in Logic Road

Character Portrait: Dr Kai Chester

Dr Kai Chester played by Sick Puppy

Specialist in the biosciences

Character Portrait: Sasha Everett

Sasha Everett played by ivygirl123

young marine biologist

Character Portrait: Vanora Rees

Vanora Rees played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Aklothep

Aklothep played by Arcayne

"My master has his eyes on you...he has his eyes on everyone and sees everyone"

Character Portrait: Bravo

Bravo played by Architect

Character Portrait: Chris Braddock

Chris Braddock played by Gasmask

"I've come to kick some ass, but I'm all out of ass to kick."

Character Portrait: Glimmer Sheen

Glimmer Sheen played by Maree

A bold woman who seems to fear nothing and has a need for speed.

Character Portrait: Next

Next played by Phil_J

Character Portrait: Everett Avenell

Everett Avenell played by RolePlayGateway

Street Rat

Character Portrait: Alek Hartman

Alek Hartman played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Dayson Gorm

Dayson Gorm played by SlightlyIrregular

All good. No bad.

Character Portrait: Jerry Jackson

Jerry Jackson played by NotAFlyingToy

Cowboy Cop

Character Portrait: John McKendry

John McKendry played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Iago Soun

Iago Soun played by Kuroe

"I like the cold. I find that it makes it less likely that someone will talk to me."

Character Portrait: Shanna Hart

Shanna Hart played by RolePlayGateway

A young woman with a curious disposition.

Character Portrait: Soren Miller

Soren Miller played by Script


Character Portrait: Willow Ryder

Willow Ryder played by Script


Character Portrait: Henry Flynn

Henry Flynn played by Architect

"There's a reason why the Blackout zones are walled off you know."

Character Portrait: Vaughan Roth

Vaughan Roth played by Script


Character Portrait: Ava Ruiz

Ava Ruiz played by Edelle

Grew up wealthy and privelliged... and rebellious.

Character Portrait: Connor Claire

Connor Claire played by Gasmask

Character Portrait: John Warren

John Warren played by Glory

Part time gun runner, full time bar crawler.

Character Portrait: Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Jessica Wilt

Jessica Wilt played by Quantics

Character Portrait: Asha Martin

Asha Martin played by Moonscar


Character Portrait: Gretchen Powell

Gretchen Powell played by RolePlayGateway

An Isirian woman that is often 'too hot to handle'.

Character Portrait: Tonya Ulysses

Tonya Ulysses played by Touch of Venom

"I have no idea how I piloted that ship, but I had so much fun doing it."

Character Portrait: Timothy McConley

Timothy McConley played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Karl Lenhardt

Karl Lenhardt played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Kyle Vingu

Kyle Vingu played by Zarhara

Son of a prosperous family, he is now using his influence to support the resistance.

Character Portrait: Virus

Virus played by Nevan

"Sometimes, things prove too much for me to handle."

Character Portrait: Nicolas Bratton

Nicolas Bratton played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Cael Duckett

Cael Duckett played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Kilo Four

Kilo Four played by NotAFlyingToy

The latest in arctic warfare

Character Portrait: Karen Rodia

Karen Rodia played by fish-with-a-knife

A peaceful traveler from New Haven.

Character Portrait: Reto Baldr

Reto Baldr played by fish-with-a-knife

Big tough guy with a warm heart. Literally.

Character Portrait: Val Webber

Val Webber played by Zarhara

Resistance Fighter/ EX security guard.

Character Portrait: Scott Lau

Scott Lau played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Jarrod

Jarrod played by theonewhoruns

Jarrod is a smuggler of everything ranging from weapons, to non-humans, to drugs and anything in between. He despised the Aschen and never misses an opportunity to wrong them or to break thier laws.

Character Portrait: Cain the Cannibal

Cain the Cannibal played by OldManPsycho

The Infamous Space Pirate.

Character Portrait: Aleron Kalzerius

Aleron Kalzerius played by Durandal

Part of the Aschen Special projects Division

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