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The Multiverse » Groups » Kroniktan Alliance

Alliance between several races on the planet of Khroniktus; includes the Aryites, Rokin, and a loose affiliation of the Derew and Elemental Lords.



“Righteousness. Virtue. Liberty.”


Official Name: The Khroniktan Alliance

Other Name(s): Khroniktus, The Khroniktans, The Alliance

National Color(s): Gold, red, and white

National Slogan: “From the Ashes of Shadow, we rise bright.”

Government & National Population


Libertarian Constitutional Confederation

Non-Authoritarian |------I---------------| Authoritarian

No Government Control |-----I----------------| Total Government Control

Open Society |----------I-----------| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |----------------I-----| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |-------------I-------| Non-Isolationism

Key Members of Government:

Priest-King – King Neodin Shadowslayer the Great, son of Lo’din the Fearless

First Ambassador – Arch-mage Sheodin Thundermane

Minister of Defense – General Mgn’ao

General of the Military - General Khangev

Admiral of the Fleet – Lord Tigris

Minister of Finances – (Yet to be elected)

Minister of Industry – (Yet to be elected)


Population: Approx. 50,000,000

Khroniktus: 28,750,000
Arydia: 15,000,000
Rok: 8,000,000
Terronia: 3,000,000
Derew: 750,000
Other Holdings: 2,000,000

New Lionheart: 8,080,000
Khadyash Yvlhi: 6,590,000
Mij’rov vya’Leolik: 6,580,000

Major Race(s):

Aryites: Created in the image of their god, the Aryites are a lion-like humanoid race. They stand on average about 7-8 feet in height with builds ranging from lean and slender to large and bulky. Fur, ranging from glossy blacks to pale yellows, covers their bodies. Some of them possess manes that are trimmed, tied back, or that are formed into dreadlocks. They usually dress themselves in leather or cloth clothing. Tails sway beneath hand-made dresses and between trouser covered legs. Whiskers twitch on sun-tanned faces.

The Aryites are renowned for their masonry, craftsmanship, and architecture, and are highly sought after for their skills. They are primarily a peaceful race of scholars, scribes, magi, philosophers, masons, craftsmen, and priests, but when provoked they are a terrible and awe-inspiring sight on the battle field. Aryites hold honor, courage, and strength in high regard. Over the eons they have been almost utterly destroyed countless times by tyrants and their servants. The Aryites are unrelenting and fearless in battle, and they will never stand for their sovereignty to be encroached upon.


Rokin: A mysterious race of shamanistic, humanoid bird creatures. They dwell in the vast Mountains of Rok in near perfect seclusion. The Rokin are incredibly skilled in archery, elemental magic, and song. They are led by the wise (yet indecisive) oligarchy of the Council and are rumored to receive guidance from Go'ath the Storm Maker, the Wind Lord.


Elementals: Four sects - wind, Water, Earth, and Fire... They are united under the virtually omnipotent celestial being Ter’ran the Warden. Go'ath the Storm Maker, the Wind Lord; Aigaioth, Lord of the Sea; Munio Earthshatter, the Mountain King; and Brailan Embertongue, the Fire Lord; all serve under him. They aide the Aryites and Rokin out of honor of a long lasting friendship, though they care little for events beyond their world.


Derew: Not much is known about this strange race of tree-like beings, other than that they have built a "living" citadel out of stone and trees in the center of a massive forest. Until about a few decades prior, few believed they even existed. Their command over nature is awe inspiring as they cause vegetation to grow spontaneously or come to life and attack their enemies.


Population Breakdown:

Aryite – 40%
Rokin – 30%
Elemental – 20%
Derew – 10%

Language(s) Spoken:

Common Khroniktan- 95%
Traditional Aryite - 35%
Traditional Rokin – 27%
Yashri’ulon (Arcane) – 6%
Burtal’kem (Elemental) – 23%
Derew – 10%

Religion(s) Practiced:

Aryite Monotheism - 87%
Animism - 11%,
Other - 1%,





Primary Tech:

Arcano-tech: The most fascinating characteristics of Khroniktan technology is their ingenious and seamless blend of magic and science. For thousands of years they have forsaken building tools to change and observe the world around them, and instead sought how they could change and observe the world. Recently they have switched their gaze outward. Utilizing the vast powers of the arcane and elements, they have melded it with technology and knowledge learned from other more “advanced” civilizations. Some of their recent breakthroughs include space vessels powered and built by arcane means, rifles that harness the raw temperamental energy of the universe, and mech suits that magnify the arcane powers of magi. Besides these things, the raw magical power of the Khroniktans is quite extraordinary. Their vast libraries of arcane knowledge are some of the most advanced in the Multiverse.

Secondary Tech:

Infinite Energy: The Khroniktans’ extensive research into the arcane has unlocked a greater understanding of the Universe and its mechanics. They have learned to tap into the virtually limitless energies of the Universe and channel it through themselves or special magical artifacts. Their ships, machines, and other devices have no need for conventional liquid fuel, solar energy, fission, or fusion. Instead, they have crafted “energy crystals” that connect directly to their mysterious source that they have discovered.


Khroniktan Alliance Military




Light Infantry:

Khroniktan Ambusher: The Ambushers are an elite sect of highly trained infiltrators specializing in covert and unconventional warfare. They are trained in deadly hand-to-hand combat and clothe themselves in advanced cloaking suits.

Standard Infantry:

Aryite Marine: The standard regular of the Khroniktan army. Aryites are massive beings, and terrifying to behold on the battlefield. They emit deafening battle cries as they charge into battle without fear. Their natural strength and stamina are legendary even without their advanced battle suits and shielding.


Rokin Sniper: The Rokin are some of the best marksmen in the Multiverse. Their sharp eyesight can rival or surpass even elves and vampires. Some Rokin serving in the Khroniktan army are given long rifles that have been augmented with magical runes to improve distance, power, and stability.

Heavy Infantry:

Arcane Golem: Crafted through magic and endowed with artificial life, the magical constructs of the Khroniktan Alliance stand as unwavering shock troopers and a virtually impenetrable wall as they guard the front line. They can operate either autonomously or from remote by a mage. Their shells are crafted from the same magical crystalline substance that is used to construct their ships. The constructs will often wield flaming swords, spears, war hammers, large shields, or simply pummel their enemies into submission.


Munian Vanguard: Though Munio Earthshatter cares little besides the sanctity of his own lands and the safety of Khroniktus, he has sent some of his mighty warriors to aid the Alliance’s affairs. Towering above most on the battlefield, these powerful earth elementals stand like rigid mountains on the front line. Their armor, shields, and blades are crafted from hardened diamond. The Munians possess a tenacity and stamina that is unmatched in battle.


Aryite Titan: Clad in a mech suit forged from Alphanite crystals, the Titans are truly an awesome sight on the battle field. They fall from the heavens with fire and brimstone at their heels. Their shielding and armor enables them to shrug off all but the most powerful blows while their devastating arcanium gatling guns, missiles, and blades leave terrible destruction in their wake.


Go’athian Banshee: Invisible as the calm summer breeze, the stealthy wind elementals given to the Alliance by Go’ath the Storm Maker lash out from within the enemy’s ranks with the fury of a tempest. Because of their spectral and intangible nature, the Banshees are a fearsome foe on the battle field.


Aigian Aquamorph: The Aquamorphs are a mysterious breed of water elementals. Their bodies are formed from writhing living liquid. They will often weave their way through enemy lines with graceful flowing movements and strike with the force of a water hydrant. However, this is not their most dangerous asset. What makes them truly formidable is their ability to blend and mold themselves into any body of water. They are capable of moving through narrow pipes and streams, enabling them to spy on their foes with ease.



Battle-Mage: For thousands of years the Aryites have studied the elements, the arcane, and the vast cosmic energies of the Universe. This prolonged study has created a race of some of the most powerful wizards known in the Multiverse. Calling upon fierce infernos, bolts of lightning, arcane storms, and even summoning strength from the earth itself while wielding magically-crafted weapons, the Aryite battle-mage is something to be both respected and feared. Some are even clad in advanced battle suits that heighten their powers.


Derew Druid: Until the Twilight Armageddon War, the mysterious Derew were thought to be a myth by most. These ancient and eerie beings evolved from the indigenous plant life of Khroniktus millennia ago and have spent most of their long lives in the secluded dense forests. It was during the second war between the Aryites and the Dark Legion that these beings emerged. Wielding near unmatched power over their non-sentient cousins, the Derew druids can command enormous trees to sprout at will, or for roots to explode from the ground and crush their foes. They also possess the ability to siphon the life force from nature and use it to heal their allies in battle.


Rokin Runemaster: In their unquenchable thirst for knowledge, many of the Rokin delve into ancient runic and elemental magic. Many of the most renowned enchantment scrolls, magic tomes, and runic spells have been written by these aspiring Rokin. While in the battlefield, they can volley electrifying balls of lightning and cast a variety of runes that serve as early warning sensors or proximity mines.


Brathair Pyromancer: Some of the most destructive beings of the Elemental Clans are the Brathair Pyromancers. They stand far off and cast devastating fire attacks on their enemies. These elementals manipulate the flow of heat, causing fierce fireballs, spontaneous combustion, and raging infernos that consume their foes in fiery maelstroms.


Go’athian Stormcrafter: A fiercer and more direct cousin of the Banshee, the Stormcrafter hover behind the front line and casts down destructive bolts of lightning. They generate powerful gales that toss their enemies like toys while emitting roars that resemble thunder claps. The Stormcrafter is generally armed with javelins crafted from lightning.


Aigian Tidesurger: The Tidesurger is a much more aggressive cousin of its Aquamorph counterpart. Like most other elementals the Tidesurger stands behind the front line and propels powerful water jets - blasting away the enemy. This elemental's strength depends on the amount of water present. If there is an abundance, several can bond together and cause large tidal waves of destruction.



Light (Fast) Cavalry:

Rokin Speeder: A small hover bike carrying a Rokin Sniper or scout. The vehicle is very fast and agile and is primarily used for scouting or maneuvering to strategic points on the battlefield.

Standard Cavalry:

KA-APC: An armored hovercraft designed to carry military personnel. It is armed with a standard array of gunnery and grenade launchers.

Armored Cavalry:

KA-Juggernaut: A large armored hovercraft with heavy armor and shielding. This tank is complete with disruptor cannons, concussive cannons, cosmic energy blasters, and rail guns with regenerating ammo.

Siege Weaponry:

Disruptor Matrix: A powerful device that warps the fabric of reality.

Air Force:

Light Air:

Phoenix Drone:


Standard Air:

KA-Falcon: An agile air fighter armed with arcane missile generators and turrets firing Alphanite rounds. It has light shielding and armor and is designed for speed and power.

Heavy Air:

KA-Cherub: A large airborne bomber with moderate shielding. It is armed with several turrets that protect the bomber on its way to deliver the payload consisting of destabilized arcanium warheads. The Cherub is slow, but is generally surrounded by an escort of Falcons.

Space Fleet:

Light Space Craft:

Galley Class Transport: The Galley is a light, fast, and maneuverable vessel designed to transport small strike teams across a planet's surface. It is lightly armed with minimal shielding.

Trireme Class Fortress: The Trireme is a small but heavily armed craft designed for ground and air assault. It is armed with several turrets, arcane missiles, and regenerating shields.

Standard Space Craft:

Frigate Class Battleship: A large assault vessel designed for larger scale space battles or planetary bombardment. The Frigate is armed with large ionic disruptor cannons, arcane torpedoes, cosmic radiation fields, attack drones, regenerating shields, and an assortment of other devices.

Galleon Class Freighter: A large transport vessel designed to carry large numbers of troops and/or cargo. The Galleon can hold several smaller vessels such as Galleys and Triremes, plus an ample space for various forms of cargo. It is lightly armed with arcane torpedoes, Cos-rad turrets, and regenerating shields.

Large Space Craft:

KAV Leolik: This massive vessel is the flagship of the Khroniktan Alliance. It is a mobile space station capable of housing over two dozen Frigates and Galleons, and a substantial invasion force. The KAV Leolik contains adequate modules to support roughly one million inhabitants plus cargo, hangars, and military equipment.

Special Space Craft:

The Alphanium: A rumored project among the most elite magi of the Alliance.

Explorer Drone: A small luminescent sphere that radiates with cosmic energy. It is armed with only an energy pulse and shield. This device is used primarily for scouting and exploration.

The Chosen of Leolik:

Near the end of the first war against the Dark Legion, an order of elite warrior-priests emerged. The order is made of those who have been marked, or chosen, by Leolik to be champions of righteousness. Living by a sacred code of honor and virtue, they are led by Neodin Shadowslayer. They are said to be fearless in the face of darkness, zealous in the battlefield, and highly devoted to the safety of Lion’s Mane. The Chosen are renowned for their incredible courage, unwavering faith, and great swordsmanship. Guided by the paw of Leolik, they are able to perform great feats of agility and have the ability to anticipate danger and the actions of their opponents. The Chosen are strongest against Undead, Demons, Erebim, and other unholy creatures of darkness.


When the Clergy join the Chosen in combat, they tend to stay behind the front lines or at the camp and heal those who have been wounded, shield the Vanguards, and inspire the other soldiers with words of courage and faith.



A less gallant version of the Vanguard, the standard Crusaders guards the flanks and rear of the army from charges and arrow storms. They wear a combination of plate and mail and carry long broadswords covered in holy runes. Using their powers of anticipation, they are able to deflect arrows that attempt to pick off the regulars on the flank.



The Zealots are truly a fearsome sight on the battlefield. While dual wielding runed blades and maces and armed with the righteous fury of Leolik, the Zealots wade into the sea of foes and hack their way through their ranks as they would the dense foliage of the jungle. Steel plates protect their torso and upper limbs while leaving the rest of their body bear to maximize movement. Their ferocious roaring battle cries strike terror into the hearts of their enemies while inspiring their allies. Often times the Zealots are thought of as suicidal rather than courageous for their acts in battle, for they charge headlong into battle without a second thought to their own well being.


Clad from head to paw in shining thick steel plate and armed with enormous shields, mace, and long pikes, the Vanguard stand at the front line of the army and hold the line against charges by both infantry and cavalry. They are tall with massive, muscular frames and show a focused determination in their eyes as they defend their brothers.






The Aryites are renowned for their masonry, craftsmanship, and architecture, and are highly sought after for their skills. The vast amounts of ore, stone, and jewels harvested from the Lionheart mines along with the lumber and skins from the jungles near Tigrisa fuel the thriving industry in Lion’s Mane City. What surplus they have in raw materials and manufactured goods (such as weapons, armor, tools, jewelry, and etc.) are exported through the Tigrisa sea port.

Currency: Shekto (singular); Shekote (plural); a silver coin. Worth approximately $15.

Economy Type: Free Market.

Economic Tendencies: Capitalist

Primary trade goods: Furs, literature, raw materials, and artistic trinkets

Legal Stances:

Legal Drinking Age: No Controls applied

Driving Age: N/A

Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification: 20 Terran years

Military Enlistment: 20 Terran years

Voting Age: 20 Terran years

Reproduction: No controls applied. Strong support for marital prerequisite.

Status of Drugs:

Marijuana - No Controls applied
Tobacco - No controls applied
Cocaine – No controls applied. Generally frowned upon.
Alcohol – Legal. Restrictions in military and clerical positions.
LSD - No prohibitions (not prior issue)
Caffeine - legal, no restrictions.
Heroin - No prohibitions (not prior issue)
Opium – No prohibitions (not prior issue)
Methamphetamine – No prohibitions (not prior issue)

Weapons: No controls applied.

Death Penalty: Reserved for specific violent crimes.

Speed Limit: Varies.

Pornography: Legal, age restrictions apply, but highly discouraged.

Prostitution: Illegal.

Polygamy: No controls on marriage

Homosexuality: “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy”. Individuals that are openly homosexual or publicly displaying affection will be arrested. Those found guilty will be subject to stoning.

Cloning: No controls applied. (Unknown technology)

Slavery: Legal, though under very strict guidelines.

Hunting: Seasonal controls apply.

Consumption of Meat: Legal.

Litter: Minor offense.

Suicide: Discouraged.

Gay Marriage: (see homosexuality)

Abortion: Illegal except under life or death situations. Illegal abortions are punishable by community stoning.

Sexual Activity:

Pedophilia - Illegal (punishable by community stoning)
Beastophilia –Illegal (punishable by community stoning)
Xenophilia - No controls applied. Generally frowned upon among Aryites.
Rape - Illegal (punishable by community stoning)

Obscenity: Public Nudity is classified as a misdemeanor and subject to fines.

Taxation Systems: Lump-sum tax of 100 shekim/year.

Prerequisites for Citizenship:

Automatic Citizenship:
    Born in the Khroniktan Alliance territory,
    Born to parents who are citizens,
    Member of the Armed Services for 3 years

Partial Citizenship:
    Screening and approval from KIO (Khroniktan Immigration Office),
    One Parent is a Citizen,
    Marriage to a Khroniktan Citizen

Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Those deemed as threats by screening officers.

Censorship of Media: No controls apply.

Characters Aligned

17 Characters Aligned, played by 2 Players

Character Portrait: King Neodin Shadowslayer

King Neodin Shadowslayer played by TheNoremac42

Neodin Shadowslayer the Great, son of Lo'din the Fearless, King of Lion's Mane City, Prophet of Leolik, High Priest of the Chosen, and head of the Kroniktan Alliance

Character Portrait: Mafsha Sandrunner

Mafsha Sandrunner played by TheNoremac42

An Aryite warrior from the planet Khroniktus. An agent of K.A.S.T.A. and one of the Chosen of Leolik, an order of elite warrior priests.

Character Portrait: Sheodin Thundermane

Sheodin Thundermane played by TheNoremac42

An extremely powerful Arch-mage, head of the University of Alphaniat, advisor for King Neodin Shadowslayer, and ambassor of the Kroniktan Alliance

Character Portrait: Shael Fireclaw

Shael Fireclaw played by TheNoremac42

An Aryite Battle-Shaman skilled in elemental magic

Character Portrait: The Khroniktan Alliance Fleet

The Khroniktan Alliance Fleet played by TheNoremac42

The combined and generalized space-able forces of the Khroniktan Alliance.

Character Portrait: K.A.V. Motokhenajhi

K.A.V. Motokhenajhi played by TheNoremac42

The Khroniktan Alliance Vessel, the Motokhenajhi, or "Fire Warrior", is a well known and powerful Frigate in the Multiverse.

Character Portrait: Pakhavu Golemtamer

Pakhavu Golemtamer played by Scorpion01

"Who ever said the small couldn't do much was wrong."

Character Portrait: Makshab

Makshab played by TheNoremac42

A traveling aryite cleric and a Chosen of Leolik. He seeks to bring news of the Everlasting Flame, salvation from the Longest Night, to the denizens of Gaia in the name of his god.

Character Portrait: Mashi

Mashi played by TheNoremac42

Owner of The Roaring Goat, the local inn and tavern of New Ketajhi

Character Portrait: Motolytzu

Motolytzu played by TheNoremac42

Blacksmith and New Ketajhi colonist.

Character Portrait: Shytmar

Shytmar played by TheNoremac42

Shytmar was a former entertainer, but he was called into divine service by Leolik as His Chosen, and now he serves as the local kohedri of New Ketajhi.

Character Portrait: Lishat

Lishat played by TheNoremac42

Minor noble and local magistrate of New Ketajhi

Character Portrait: Khalbar

Khalbar played by TheNoremac42

Khalbar is the local guard captain of New Ketajhi

Character Portrait: Barzulma Magao

Barzulma Magao played by TheNoremac42

A general of the Khroniktan Alliance military, currently overseeing Fort Ashanga.

Character Portrait: Major Pilduma

Major Pilduma played by TheNoremac42

Quartermaster of Fort Ashanga

Character Portrait: Lupe

Lupe played by TheNoremac42

A petty thief and smuggler out to make her fortune.

Character Portrait: Thabo

Thabo played by TheNoremac42

An elite Inquisitor of the Khroniktan Alliance.

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