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The Multiverse » Groups » Pokémon of Ruula

Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or alongside humans. These are the Pokémon of Ruula.


P o k é m o n
R u u l a

The creatures in this group are simply derived of the same relative genus: Pokémon,
and are in no other way necessarily aligned.

p o k · é · m o n
Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or alongside humans. For the most part, Pokémon do not speak except to utter their names.

Characters Aligned

76 Characters Aligned, played by 25 Players

Character Portrait: Lugia

Lugia played by SilverLugia456

Is a bird of white and blue that is the guardian of the sea.

Character Portrait: Vesna

Vesna played by ChaoticMarin

Vesna, a female mawile that enjoys the human lifestyle

Character Portrait: Shantra

Shantra played by Angelfire

Female Suicune

Character Portrait: Chikorita

Chikorita played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Tungsten (Zorua)

Tungsten (Zorua) played by LawOfTheLand

Character Portrait: eevee

eevee played by WindStar


Character Portrait: Nathan Miles

Nathan Miles played by Scorpion01

A Rayquaza that hides his existence by disguising himself as a human.

Character Portrait: Mewtwo-Z

Mewtwo-Z played by Patcharoo

Character Portrait: Legend the Torchic

Legend the Torchic played by ChaoticMarin

Legend is a female torchic with a fiery often immature attitude, a somewhat large ego, and a fear of the dark.

Character Portrait: Isaac Redono

Isaac Redono played by RolePlayGateway

"Way too many changes, way too quickly, but I'll roll with them, besides, I look badass!"

Character Portrait: Seamus

Seamus played by LawOfTheLand

A young, idealistic Pokemon that wants to make the world a better place, one distress call at a time.

Character Portrait: Tungsten

Tungsten played by LawOfTheLand

You must choose your destiny before others choose it for you.

Character Portrait: Alakazam

Alakazam played by ChaoticMarin

An ancient pokemon from beyond written history itself. Alakazam is rumored to know everything there is to know.

Character Portrait: Belana (Lugia)

Belana (Lugia) played by Rougeshadow

This Pokemon is no Joke

Character Portrait: Myra

Myra played by ChaoticMarin

A gardevoir driven mad by the atrocities committed against her loved ones in front of her. She now seeks to bring about the rapture.

Character Portrait: Leanne (Leavanny)

Leanne (Leavanny) played by LawOfTheLand

No child left behind!

Character Portrait: Addanc Zoroark

Addanc Zoroark played by ClockworkTowers

A Zoroark with a large hatred of Humans, he aims to show them exactly what his beef is with their methods through inflicting it upon them. He is the smaller of the two.

Character Portrait: Nazar Zoroark

Nazar Zoroark played by ClockworkTowers

Brother of Addanc, he mostly follows his brother around, as he has nothing better to do, shares many of his brother's ideals, and enjoys the idea of trolling Humans. He is the larger of the two.

Character Portrait: Joe Donkarasu

Joe Donkarasu played by ClockworkTowers

A rather proud Honchkrow with a rather terrifying degree of intelligence, Joe is "Da Boss" of the Krows, a mafia-esque gathering of Murkrow under his command. He seeks an unknown end.

Character Portrait: Scarso Zuruzukin

Scarso Zuruzukin played by ClockworkTowers

Also known as "The Zuru", Scarso leads the Striking Dragons, a gang of Scraggy that essentially act like a modern Robin long as it benefits them. Scarso also has advice to give if sought out.

Character Portrait: Giratina

Giratina played by noonshine

Probably the most cynical pokemon in existance

Character Portrait: Jet the Eevee

Jet the Eevee played by RolePlayGateway


Character Portrait: Bic(Charmeleon)

Bic(Charmeleon) played by NobodiesHiiro

Character Portrait: Lateo the Golurk

Lateo the Golurk played by DiamondJack

"Stand my Ground"

Character Portrait: Fennekin

Fennekin played by TailsbiLover

A fire type fox pokemon who is kinda shy.

Character Portrait: George(Infernape)

George(Infernape) played by NobodiesHiiro

"How's it hangin'? Get it? Hangin', 'cause I'm a monkey? Eh, y'all are no fun."

Character Portrait: Clipper the Greninja

Clipper the Greninja played by DiamondJack


Character Portrait: Dusknoir

Dusknoir played by TheHeroOfTime

This feared Pokemon is said to travel to worlds unknown. Some even believe that it takes lost spirits along with it.

Character Portrait: Temperance Nyaonikusu

Temperance Nyaonikusu played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Diabolos Karamanero

Diabolos Karamanero played by ClockworkTowers

A scheming Malamar that intends to show Humanity the error of it's ways through manipulation and villainy. However, his sense of loyalty towards one trainer impedes him from going further down the dark road.

Character Portrait: Princess Dredear

Princess Dredear played by ClockworkTowers

A fancy Lilligant who thinks she's a literal Princess, her past is shrouded in mystery. Everyone loves her regardless.

Character Portrait: Spectra Mumargi

Spectra Mumargi played by ClockworkTowers

A mischievous ghost who likes to have fun. She more or less works with Team Flatter and Diabolos because she has nothing more interesting to do.

Character Portrait: Brujo the Alakazam

Brujo the Alakazam played by DiamondJack

"Strange things happen in the night..."

Character Portrait: Groudon

Groudon played by DiamondJack

"The earth bends to my will, what makes you think you are worthy of controlling me?"

Character Portrait: Pebble

Pebble played by zeke34

A very small Dwebble

Character Portrait: Requaza

Requaza played by RedPitbull


Character Portrait: Solua

Solua played by Fullmetal Vampire


Character Portrait: Luna Whistle

Luna Whistle played by Patcharoo

A Lapras

Character Portrait: Vengeance (Ancient Feraligatr)

Vengeance (Ancient Feraligatr) played by NobodiesHiiro

Character Portrait: Crimson the Chimchar

Crimson the Chimchar played by NeverEndingFlip

"I evolve a little differently than you may imagine..."

Character Portrait: Tag the Turtwig

Tag the Turtwig played by NeverEndingFlip

"Gotta go fast!"

Character Portrait: Sarik the Squirtle

Sarik the Squirtle played by NeverEndingFlip

"I don't think that's a very good idea."

Character Portrait: Pert the Plusle

Pert the Plusle played by NeverEndingFlip

"We got this together, Meryl!"

Character Portrait: Meryl the Minun

Meryl the Minun played by NeverEndingFlip

"This isn't gonna work."

Character Portrait: Melanthe

Melanthe played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Zane the Zoroark

Zane the Zoroark played by NeverEndingFlip

"Heh...clouded thoughts...clouded conclusions..."

Character Portrait: Gova the Greninja

Gova the Greninja played by NeverEndingFlip

"If I can't be the best, it's not worth fighting."

Character Portrait: Pounce

Pounce played by NeverEndingFlip

"I can take you down with just a flick of the tail!"

Character Portrait: Domingo

Domingo played by NeverEndingFlip

"No matter the cost, justice shall be upheld! I will do the right thing!"

Character Portrait: Dobro

Dobro played by NeverEndingFlip

"I reckon you should hightail it before my fist does it for you!"

Character Portrait: Sonya

Sonya played by NeverEndingFlip

"How foolish of you to think that you'll ever come close to the power of Psychic Pokemon."

Character Portrait: Glow

Glow played by Hopeislife

A shy Umbreon who escaped the grasps of her greedy trainer as an Eevee and now lives in the wild looking for other pokemon.

Character Portrait: Pitch the Eevee

Pitch the Eevee played by NeverEndingFlip


Character Portrait: Darragh the Treecko

Darragh the Treecko played by NeverEndingFlip

"Things interest me. It's just how I get by."

Character Portrait: Mud

Mud played by Hopeislife

A donphan who lived with Glow's old trainer. After all the pokemon left, he went out to find the team and hopefully bring them back Knows: Earthquake, Superpower, Rockslide, and Hyperbeam. Gender: Male

Character Portrait: Aurora the Lucario

Aurora the Lucario played by Hopeislife

Aurora is a lucario, who also knows Glow. He is somewhat mysterious. He seems to be close with the pokemon he once knew. There might be something with their aurora. Knows: Aurora sphere, Bone rush, Heal-pulse, Burn kick

Character Portrait: Zap The Raichu

Zap The Raichu played by Hopeislife

Zap is a Raichu who is a silly prankster and enjoys being around his friends. He will fight to the death for them if he has to. He knows: Wish, Thunder, Surf (did not know Raichu could learn it until now XD ) And Mega Kick

Character Portrait: Fluff The Altaria

Fluff The Altaria played by Hopeislife

Fluff is a pokemon who always seems to have her head in the clouds (Pun intended :3) to some pokemon, she may seem very elegant and attractive. She cares very much for her closet friends. Knows: Sky-Attack, Dragon Dance, Toxic, Attract

Character Portrait: Lumi the Pachirisu

Lumi the Pachirisu played by NeverEndingFlip

*wink wink* "I like to live a life of adventurer...also WHERE'S MY RAPIDASH?!"

Character Portrait: Skyball the Emolga

Skyball the Emolga played by NeverEndingFlip

"I didn't do it!"

Character Portrait: Temperance Nyaonix

Temperance Nyaonix played by ClockworkTowers

An intelligent, if sarcastic, Meowstic that dislikes fluffy conversation. Rarely showing emotion, she does manage to open up for those she grows close to. Pragmatic to a strong degree.

Character Portrait: Gambit the Togetic

Gambit the Togetic played by NeverEndingFlip

"Do you believe in luck?"

Character Portrait: Dee the Dedenne

Dee the Dedenne played by NeverEndingFlip

"On it!"

Character Portrait: Siena the Shaymin

Siena the Shaymin played by NeverEndingFlip

"With a noble heart and a good-natured spirit, anything is possible!"

Character Portrait: Zoltan Calamanero

Zoltan Calamanero played by ClockworkTowers

A manipulative Malamar who will employ any method necessary to achieve his goals. Though an individual of sadistic tendencies, his public identity is one of a benevolent and charitable, if powerful, individual.

Character Portrait: Floss the Jigglypuff

Floss the Jigglypuff played by Baughy

Travels with his new owner, Jason.

Character Portrait: Sali The Squirtle

Sali The Squirtle played by Baughy

Cheeky, Likes to mess around!

Character Portrait: Flasire the Torchic

Flasire the Torchic played by Baughy

Character Portrait: Sithlok - Shining Black Rayquaza

Sithlok - Shining Black Rayquaza played by spark755

A black Rayquaza that is not from the present Ruula.

Character Portrait: Liam the Cinccino

Liam the Cinccino played by NeverEndingFlip

"This sword is my past. With it, I make my enemies feel my pain." (CORRUPTED)

Character Portrait: Gnash the Krookodile

Gnash the Krookodile played by NeverEndingFlip

"Everything always goes according to plan..." [DECEASED]

Character Portrait: Thumb

Thumb played by lostamongtrees

Chikita pokemon, loyal to Tommelise

Character Portrait: Shirako

Shirako played by Ritnio

An Eevee who loves to help

Character Portrait: Melaine Diancie

Melaine Diancie played by ClockworkTowers

An antagonistic Diancie that seeks to control Ruula as its Crown-Princess following her own corruption by powers unknown. With her jewels as dark as her heart is, her ambition knows no bounds.

Character Portrait: Astralini


Mega Absol | Wild

Character Portrait: Glaceon

Glaceon played by elvampiro

imma pokemon

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