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Division of the Office of Imperial Affairs, Special Projects is tasked with the recruitment, training, and indoctrination of supersoldiers, both citizen, and foreigner.


Division Head: Mantrid Heytri

Oversight: Office of Imperial Affairs

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Characters Aligned

7 Characters Aligned, played by 2 Players

Character Portrait: Marlene Angel

Marlene Angel played by barney_fife

Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency

Character Portrait: Narim Plishkin

Narim Plishkin played by barney_fife

famous Aschen scientist and Bio Scholar, responsible for playing god and cheating death.

Character Portrait: Charles Kesslee

Charles Kesslee played by barney_fife

Grand Confessor in the Aschen Empire known for his sadistic and brutal methods.

Character Portrait: Mantrid

Mantrid played by barney_fife

Supreme Bio-Vizier for the Emperor

Character Portrait: Isambard Prince

Isambard Prince played by barney_fife

"I'm very good with pain."

Character Portrait: Tidus Khaine

Tidus Khaine played by barney_fife

"It's about time."

Character Portrait: Appollonia

Appollonia played by Ersatz Creed

" An Aschen Adept Of War."

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