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The Multiverse » Groups » Terran Militia

An organization of Terran citizens who have been endowed with legal authority by the Terran National Government to protect and maintain the health and well-being of the Terran community at large.



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The Terran Militia is an organization of Terran citizens who have been endowed with legal authority by the Terran National Government to protect and maintain the health and well-being of the Terran community at large. The Terran Militia is strictly voluntary. Militia officers are unpaid, though they are allowed access to military equipment, militia dormitories and government infrastructures if requested. Through unified efforts they are charged with a plethora of important tasks and responsibilities. They are responsible for apprehending suspected criminals and threats to Terran society, rebuilding of living or recreation sites, maintaining societal peace and setting a good example for the general public to follow.

Militia officers have all the same public authority as a standard police officer and are permitted to make legal arrests. They are permitted to use deadly force if necessary and they are allowed access to most restricted government areas. Firearms, shields, body-armor and government-issued weapons are made available to MO's on request.

Militia officers have no 'hours' or 'work schedules'. They are simply obligated to assist Terran society whenever they see something amiss in their daily lives. Apart from obligatory monthly meetings and optional daily training, militia officers live normal, functional lives that are often unweighted with TNG responsibilities. MO's ARE, however, subjected to TNG authority. If a superior asks them to do something, they are compelled to comply no matter their current situation.

Because of the monumental threats militia officers frequently face in Terran society, the TNG recruits officers with a bias towards 'superhumans', or, Terrans with paranormal abilities and powers. Although normal humans are frequently accepted, there is a considerable ammount of 'special' Terrans operating under the militia.

In order to join the militia, a Terran must first submit his/her application to the local militia recruitment station. Upon review, the Terran may be recalled for an interview. If the interview is satisfactory, the Terran will be given a combat analysis, at which point his fighting profficiency will be tested. Although the militia offers a fully-equipped training room to its officers, the militia is NOT responsible for training them. If a militia-hopeful does not have prior combat training, he will likely be turned away. Training can, however, be provided for promising applicants by current members. Nonetheless, there are no formal trainers employed in the militia. If an applicant is seeking to better himself in combat, he is under the tutelage of other officers.

Upon acceptance, officers are endowed with TNG authority and granted a badge and uniform. Full housing and meal rations are available to militia officers at any time, though officers living in the militia headquarters are expected to maintain the place and keep it clean. The issue of weapons, firearms and armor varies from recruit to recruit, and is completely based on request. Typically, the officers endowed with powers and superhuman abilities will require less equipment then those who are more 'normal'. Requests range from simple handguns to complicated shoulder-mounted plasma cannons; no request is too big for the militia. When confronted with a specific threat, however, the militia will often require its recruits to where certain pieces of equipment. For example, if a gang of wizards is terrorizing London, all UK militia officers will likely be required to wear mana-shields.

For the most part, officers are free to live their lives as normal, intervening only when they actually witness trouble or crime. Once again, however, they are still under the authority of the TNG. Terran authorities will often organize militia officers into 'squads' and send them to complete tasks, such as assisting rescue workers after disasters or aiding charity organizations in places of poverty and disease. Militia officers are completely at the disposal of their Terran superiors and are required to comply with their every command. There are only two formal ranks available to militia officers: officer and captain. Militia captains have minimal command over other officers and are usually only given true authority when formed into a designated squad. They are merely veteran officers who have leadership capabilities. For the most part, every officer is equal. In terms of military ranking, militia officers roughly bear the rank of Corporal.

Aside from this, however, militia officers are expected to be shining examples for their citizen counterparts. They are the esteemed embodiment of foundational Terran ideals: the triumph of the common man and the power of the individual. Militia officers should be kind, virtuous, wise and compassionate to every degree. They are to be benevolent in the presence of their peers and brutally efficient in the faces of their enemies. They are white knights in disguise; the ever-watchful guardians of modern Terran society.

Known Militia Operations

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Characters Aligned

10 Characters Aligned, played by 8 Players

Character Portrait: Aiedail

Aiedail played by Script


Character Portrait: Vegeshin Kanahashi

Vegeshin Kanahashi played by Vejisama

Vegeshin Kanahashi, A Hybrid being. Half Youkai, and half Saiyan. [quote]Hn, and to think, I was convinced I'd be fighting a warrior. All I see before me is trash.[/quote]

Character Portrait: Anodyne, The Ripper

Anodyne, The Ripper played by Saarai

Infamous sniper and unexpected celebrity known for her heroic efforts with, and without, the blessing of the Terran government.

Character Portrait: Patchi Boy

Patchi Boy played by Patcharoo


Character Portrait: Ethan Railee

Ethan Railee played by Nemo

A helpless empath with no control over his powers.

Character Portrait: Jayden Ryder

Jayden Ryder played by Script


Character Portrait: Shei Lin

Shei Lin played by FizzGig

Reality is in her hand...

Character Portrait: Ezrael, The Atrocious

Ezrael, The Atrocious played by Patcharoo

If ever was the chance to change, it is now.

Character Portrait: Lunatea

Lunatea played by barney_fife

A newer, improved AI designed by Graystone Industries.

Character Portrait: Kianna

Kianna played by Tiko

Wife to Mollem McGregor, this cunning woman also serves as the Black Hand, personal bodyguard to the Divine Shadow.

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