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The Multiverse » Groups » Terran National Government

Originally formed after the Tripartite Occupation of Terra, the TNG once controlled all of Terra. Currently, the TNG's jurisdiction includes most of Terra's territory, but not the entire world.


Last updated: February 28th, 2014. More updates to come. Originally created April 2011.

Questions? Contact Ylanne.

The Terran National Government

Conventional Name: Terran National Government
Conventional Short Form: Terra, TNG
Local Name: Terran National Government
Local Short Form: Terra, TNG

Motto: ...nope, I don't know
Anthem: ...I don't know yet. I should stop using my own faction skeleton when I don't know all its pieces.
Capital: Wing City
Largest City: Wing City
Official Languages: English
Recognized Regional Languages: Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Kiswahili, Hindi-Urdu, Bengali/Bangla, Punjabi, Japanese, Portuguese, Farsi, Javanese
Minority Ethnic Groups: Definitely too many to list.
Demonym: Terran (noun), Terran (adjective)

Government: Parliamentary federal republic
Leader: Prime Minister (currently Edward M. Cranford)
Legislature: Parliament
Ministries: Ministry of Justice (Sisavang Khamtai), Ministry of Defence (Farabundo Guzman), Ministry of Finance (Mwesigwa Museveni), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Jonathan Ashkenazi), Ministry of Social Services (Alessandra Stigliano), Ministry of Development (Sumayyah Makawwi al-Baroudi)
Other Agencies: Terran Intelligence Bureau (headquarters in O. Hewad Durrani Building on grounds of Fort Veritas), National Police Agency (headquarters in Roosevelt and Saif Building), Special Court for War Crimes, Military Intelligence Division

Political Parties

The Social Democrat (Socdem) party bloc is comprised primarily of Communist and socialist factions, and is further splintered among Marxists, Titoists, and nationalist Communist blocs. This coalition was formed in order to present a united front and a potentially more influential vote on key matters coming before Parliament, despite bad blood among different types of socialists and Communists over the last several decades worldwide.

The Leftist party bloc is comprised primarily of political liberals who favor tight government control and regulations over industry and the economy and little to no government regulation of civil liberties or personal freedoms, such as defining marriage, outlawing substances like marijuana, or prohibiting abortion or birth control. They generally oppose the presence of a standing army, offensive strategies, and large portions of the budget going to national defense.

The Center-Leftists favor government regulations of industry and oppose regulations on personal freedoms, but also tend to support national defense measures, including increasing the size of the military and its budget. This coalition was formed by disgruntled would-be Leftists or Centrists who felt that they did not quite belong in either party.

The Centrists favor moderation in all affairs, including minimal regulations on industry to prevent abuses like child labor or unfair wages, and limiting abortion to the first term of pregnancy. They tend to favor a large defensive military force, little government spending, and focus primarily on domestic affairs, while encouraging the formation of trading partnerships with other nations.

The Center-Rightists oppose all but the most minimal regulations on industry, and generally support measures to limit the availability of abortion, better globalize culture, and create laws to address moral issues. They favor a large military with both defensive and offensive capabilities, and increasing spending on the military and national defense. Hon. Rubano Malijin is the party leader.

The Rightists oppose nearly all regulations on industry, and often clamor for laws to address moral issues, force assimilation of immigrants, and encourage globalization of Western culture, particularly in Asia and Africa. They favor strong national defense policy, and a military that focuses on offensive capabilities while establishing strong defensive supports.

The Libertarian-Conservatives (Libcons) oppose all government regulations of industry or the economy, as well as any laws addressing moral issues, which they see as matters of personal choice. They also favor a strong national defense and the formation of a distinctly Terran identity. Current majority party. Prime Minister Edward M. Cranford is the party leader.

(Sub-divisions) Regions: Have limited sovereignty within jurisdiction in terms of education policy, social services, certain types of civil and criminal offenses and statutes. They are -- Canada, Quebec, America, Mesoamerica, Caribbea, Cono Sur, Andea, Guayana, Arabia, Anatolia, African Maghreb, Niger-Congo, Bantua, Sudan, Sahel, Sahara, Kalahari, South Asia, Caucasus, Khorasan, Mekong, Russia, Balkan Peninsula, Iberia, Apennine Peninsula, Scandinavia, British Isles, Benelux, Alemania, Pacific Islands, and Antartica. Most of these semi-autonomous regions also allow for some extent of semi-autonomous tribal rule by indigenous peoples, particularly ethnic minorities.

Independence: March 2011 C.E.

Area: I'm not doing that math.
Water (%): Also not doing that.
Population: ~ 3,500,000,000
Population Density: idea.
Currency: Terran Credit
Current Conversion Rate: See DemiKara's information.

Independence: March 2011 C.E.
National Holiday: Sovereignty Day
Constitution: Adopted with Parliament in July 2011 C.E.
Legal System: Criminal Courts, Civil Courts, and Special Courts
Suffrage: Any native Terran or Terran citizen who is of the age of majority commonly recognized by their species.
Citizenship: Birth on Terra, birth to two Terran citizens, naturalization through Division of Citizenship and Immigration
Tourism: Too much than is sensible

Military Resources:

Standing Military: ~ 10,000,000
Space Fleet: 25 vessels, more being built in donated shipyards
Technological Advancements: Not really that many in comparison to other folks

The Terran Armed Forces
Headquarters - Fort Veritas

Terran Naval Command (includes space-capable vessels)
Terran Air Command (includes atmospheric vessels, planes, helicopters)
Terran Defence Command (ground troops, artillery, tanks, helicopters, and such things)
Terran Marine Command (sea-ships and oceanic installations)
Terran Directorate of Military Intelligence (pretty much what the name says)

Other than TDMI, each branch has reservists in addition to active-duty members. Each branch other than TDMI also has its own special forces. There are about 2,000,000 Terran soldiers on active duty. The smallest branch of the TAF is the TNC, which has, I think, two capital ships and something like less than ten smaller battleships or cruisers, all older models lacking most of the recent advanced technology. I have not broken down the numbers into specifics of how many soldiers in each branch.

Prime Minister (Edward M. Cranford)
Minister of Defence (Farabundo Guzman)
Grand General (Prachai Ranida)
General / Branch Commander (ex. the deceased Bailey Wurzman)
Lieutenant General
Major General
Admiral (ex. Fatih Sayilgan)

There are also regional militias comprised of local volunteers under separate but subordinate command from the central command. Terran soldiers, particularly those deployed to space, are often referred to as Marines.

Other People:

Nahabed Toomajian, Speaker of Parliament
Intelligence Director Arianne Drulovic
Ahmad Fazari, senior aide to Director Drulovic
NPA Director Jamal Morrison Lebrun
Hon. Henry Milorin, Chief Justice of Special Court for War Crimes
Attorney General Luis Galdámez

Characters Aligned

61 Characters Aligned, played by 10 Players

Character Portrait: Amira Qahtani

Amira Qahtani played by Ylanne

Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Wing City MEA Field Office. An Iraqi-American witch talented in the psychic arts, less so in traditional magic, and graduate of Newton National.

Character Portrait: Rhea

Rhea played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Lelantus Haima

Lelantus Haima played by Ylanne

The current leader of the Terran Liberation Front and the successor to the late Eos Paradigm.

Character Portrait: Arianne Drulovic

Arianne Drulovic played by Ylanne

"Call me what you will, Ms. Shaw," said Drulovic, inclining her head almost dismissively... "I imagine I could be called almost anything, and it would be, at least partially, true."

Character Portrait: Austin Marshall

Austin Marshall played by R0NlN

A rash young TIB agent.

Character Portrait: Amadi Nile

Amadi Nile played by R0NlN

TETRS Field Commander and heavy metal connoisseur

Character Portrait: Hotaru Kondo

Hotaru Kondo played by RolePlayGateway

A member of the TETRS and a former elite soldier in the Manjuin Military

Character Portrait: Desiree Mikels

Desiree Mikels played by Reigny

TETRS Soldier

Character Portrait: Martin Leopold

Martin Leopold played by RolePlayGateway

Artilerly-Master for the TETRS

Character Portrait: Mariella Lopez

Mariella Lopez played by Renssaerene

An newly instilled TIB Agent.

Character Portrait: Ahmad Fazari

Ahmad Fazari played by Ylanne

Formerly senior aide to Terra's spymaster, and now the Deputy Director of Intelligence.

Character Portrait: Mirza Nishtar

Mirza Nishtar played by Ylanne

Officially, Mr. Nishtar is a diplomatic staffer within the Terran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unofficially, well.

Character Portrait: Jamal Morrison Lebrun

Jamal Morrison Lebrun played by Ylanne

Director, National Police Agency

Character Portrait: Juliana Charles

Juliana Charles played by Ylanne

Staff Attorney, Terran National Police Agency

Character Portrait: Mwesigwa Museveni

Mwesigwa Museveni played by Ylanne

Minister of Finance, Terran National Government.

Character Portrait: Austin Marshal

Austin Marshal played by Nemo

A rash young TIB agent.

Character Portrait: Ammadi Nyle

Ammadi Nyle played by RolePlayGateway

TETRS Field Commander and heavy metal connoisseur

Character Portrait: Cleo Eriaji

Cleo Eriaji played by Nemo

The sole survivor of a proud race.

Character Portrait: Rubano Malijin

Rubano Malijin played by Nemo

"Through power, victory."

Character Portrait: Jonathan Ashkenazi

Jonathan Ashkenazi played by Ylanne

Terran Minister of Foreign Affairs

Character Portrait: Sisavang Khamtai

Sisavang Khamtai played by Ylanne

Terran Minister of Justice

Character Portrait: Ed Cranford

Ed Cranford played by Ylanne

Prime Minister of Terra

Character Portrait: Vlatko Klaic

Vlatko Klaic played by Ylanne

Member of Parliament, Terran National Government

Character Portrait: Luis Galdámez

Luis Galdámez played by Ylanne

Attorney General of Terra

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Cranford

Elizabeth Cranford played by Ylanne

Character Portrait: Joran Davrell

Joran Davrell played by Nemo

A former university professor, NPA Director and general overseer of The Rehabilitation Institute for Paranormals.

Character Portrait: Tetris Troopers

Tetris Troopers played by Nemo

Troopers under the TETRS division, the most highly-trained and technologically armed military soldiers in the Terran National Government.

Character Portrait: Terran Space Navy

Terran Space Navy played by Nemo

The Terran Space Navy, responsible for defending Terra and her sovereignty to the ends of the Multiverse.

Character Portrait: Fātiḥ Sayılgan

Fātiḥ Sayılgan played by Ylanne

Admiral in the Terran Armed Forces, Commander of Fort Veritas military headquarters.

Character Portrait: Farabundo Guzman

Farabundo Guzman played by Ylanne

Terran Minister of Defence

Character Portrait: Wardah Musharafna

Wardah Musharafna played by Ylanne

Terran Intelligence Bureau agent on permanent assignment to Egypt

Character Portrait: Božidar Dvořák

Božidar Dvořák played by Ylanne

A decidedly quiet, soft-spoken man.

Character Portrait: Janis McMorrow

Janis McMorrow played by Ylanne

Elected as the Rightist Minister of Foreign Affairs under the Galdamez administration of the Terran National Government.

Character Portrait: The National Police Agency

The National Police Agency played by Nemo

An international agency belonging to the Terran National Government that serves as a global criminal investigative body, internal intelligence agency and world-wide police force.

Character Portrait: Sebiya Shadid

Sebiya Shadid played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson played by Ruanzilla

WCPD Officer - "Have you ever tried to give out parking tickets in this city?" - Daniel

Character Portrait: Casper Lessard

Casper Lessard played by Nemo

"Death is the beginning of something beautiful."

Character Portrait: Kathryn Connors

Kathryn Connors played by barney_fife

IIA Agent recently promoted from InOps to the OID, Considered the Protege of Marlene Angel.

Character Portrait: Alexandra Van der Walk

Alexandra Van der Walk played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Shelby Kaufman

Shelby Kaufman played by Tiko

TIB Special Agent

Character Portrait: Shelly Reed

Shelly Reed played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Najia Okeke

Najia Okeke played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Julian Harris

Julian Harris played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Amund Olafson

Amund Olafson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Sharlene Johnson

Sharlene Johnson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Michael Harris

Michael Harris played by Ranger

Character Portrait: Igtrid

Igtrid played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Amethea

Amethea played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Jason Tommel

Jason Tommel played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Huda Abu-Orabi

Huda Abu-Orabi played by Ylanne

The first time spaceport security gave her a hard time flying after the academy, she had to admit, it felt pretty fucking awesome to flash her creds and watch the racist bigot's jaw drop.

Character Portrait: Andrea Titon

Andrea Titon played by Ylanne

Somehow she's still employed, still ruining the chances of fellow TIB employees ever feeling even remotely happy when they have to talk to her. Or even go near her.

Character Portrait: Andrew Pinheiro da Varona

Andrew Pinheiro da Varona played by Ylanne

Minister of Defense in the Terran National Government. Formerly the Deputy Prime Minister, and before that, the Deputy Minister of Defense.

Character Portrait: LaDarro Gorham

LaDarro Gorham played by Ylanne

Director, NPA Asteria City Field Office.

Character Portrait: Saymoukda Kouanchao

Saymoukda Kouanchao played by Ylanne

The rather expressive MP from Eastern Seaboard, regularly seen in Parliament chambers with several cups of coffee throughout any given session.

Character Portrait: Gaderina Sarkissian

Gaderina Sarkissian played by Ylanne

Minister of Magical Affairs, MP, Terran National Government. Formerly Local Area Chief Operating Officer for Koszalka Huang LLC.

Character Portrait: Salma Y. H. Khayyam

Salma Y. H. Khayyam played by Ylanne

As the Terran National Government's new Prime Minister, Salma Khayyam is prepared to usher in a new era of prosperity and innovation.

Character Portrait: Geraldine Batchelder-Lockerby

Geraldine Batchelder-Lockerby played by Ylanne

Senior Prosecutor General in the Terran National Government's Ministry of Justice

Character Portrait: Thục-Đoàn Phùng

Thục-Đoàn Phùng played by Ylanne

Senior Prosecutor General in the Terran National Government's Ministry of Justice.

Character Portrait: Akosua Nkrumah Acheampong

Akosua Nkrumah Acheampong played by Ylanne

Chief Justice of the Terran Superior Court (Court of First Instance for the Wing City District)

Character Portrait: Yolihuani Ixehuatl

Yolihuani Ixehuatl played by Ylanne

Senior Public Defender in the Terran Ministry of Justice

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