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The Multiverse » Groups » The Aschen High Space Command

The Backbone of the Aschen military-industrial complex.


The Aschen High Space Command

Active: 2nd Age - Present
Country The United Aschen Empire
Type: Navy

2.5 Billion Active personnel.
500 Million Reserve Personnel
3.0 Billion total

Part of:
Department of Homeworld Security
Department of The Colonies
Ministry of Defense

Motto: "Securing our worlds"
Colors: Blue and Gold
March: "Bloodshed"

War of Liberation
Goa'uld Wars
Confederacy Insurrections
Caprica-Tauron Conflict
Cosmora Conflict
War of Expansion
Great War of Magellan
First Terran Conflict
Operation Ordo Infernus
Terra Wars
Second Terran Conflict
Galactic War 1
Seige on UCON
Imperial Suppression War

Chairman of the Aschen High Space Command Gina Inviere
Admiral of the Fleet Sheila Nagala


Ship Classes

Reverence II Class Super Planetary Assault Carrier

Length: 33km Average
Width: 12km
Depth: 8km

Primary Weapon System:
Type 88 Singularity Graviton Cannon - A High-powered single shot gun that collapses normal matter into a singularity, than hurls it outwards at 12,000km/s or a fraction of the speed of light. The projectile itself causes little damage, but the gravity well is known to tear ships apart.

Secondary Weapon System:
Tyoe 45M Super MAC Cannon - A linear acceleration cannon that accelerates a 3,000 ton slug at 12,000km/s. Capable of piercing the shields and armor of even the hardiest of vessels.

Primary batteries:
Type 55D Turbo-Disruptor batteries - Turbo-Disruptors fire a large beam of concentrated particle beam energy encased in a magnetic envelope.
Maximum output: 12.6 Megajoules per discharge.
Maximum Range: 35,000km
Rate of Fire: 30 Rounds per minute.

Characters Aligned

19 Characters Aligned, played by 6 Players

Character Portrait: Elise Bradshaw

Elise Bradshaw played by Saviarre

Character Portrait: Aschen 3rd Armored Company

Aschen 3rd Armored Company played by barney_fife

3rd Armored Company attatched to the Wing City Occupation

Character Portrait: SOLCOM

SOLCOM played by barney_fife

Solar System Command for the Aschen Military

Character Portrait: Gina Inviere

Gina Inviere played by barney_fife

Chairman of the AHSC, and Commander of the Fleet of Profound Solitude.

Character Portrait: Calen Ramos

Calen Ramos played by Nemo

A proud Aschen warrior.

Character Portrait: Sheila Nagala

Sheila Nagala played by barney_fife

Flag Officer of the Fleet of Inner Knowledge and Fleet Admiral of the AHSC

Character Portrait: Raphael E. McGregor

Raphael E. McGregor played by barney_fife

Admiral of the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence

Character Portrait: Elisha Whitcomb

Elisha Whitcomb played by barney_fife

Admiral attatched to the Aschen Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity

Character Portrait: Joshua Steele

Joshua Steele played by barney_fife

Admiral attatched to the Aschen Fleet of Tranquil composure

Character Portrait: Leanna Sable

Leanna Sable played by ChaoticMarin

An Aschen medic, Leanna is a woman with a big heart in search of ways to better the world. Her parents have been missing for a very long time.

Character Portrait: Derek Adams

Derek Adams played by Ruanzilla

The Commander of the 'Unyielding Heirophant', Derek is attached to the Aschen Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence.

Character Portrait: Matt Harris

Matt Harris played by Disdain

Aschen citizen, employee of Tech Con. Somewhat jaded with life in general and unsure of where to tread next.

Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Tranquil Composure

Aschen Fleet of Tranquil Composure played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet assigned to the outlying sectors

Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Righteous Vigilance

Aschen Fleet of Righteous Vigilance played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet assigned to the Outlying sectors.

Character Portrait: Aschen Second Fleet of Homogenous Clarity

Aschen Second Fleet of Homogenous Clarity played by barney_fife

Aschen fleet originating from the core worlds.

Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Inner Knowledge

Aschen Fleet of Inner Knowledge played by barney_fife

Auxiliary Expeditionary fleet assigned to Isiria

Character Portrait: Aschen Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence

Aschen Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence played by barney_fife

Large Aschen fleet stationed in the Outer Territories

Character Portrait: Amelia Montrose

Amelia Montrose played by barney_fife

Commander of the Imperious Class Command Carrier "Pride of Langara."

Character Portrait: Anton Valerian

Anton Valerian played by barney_fife

Marine Sergeant, 104th Company

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