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The Multiverse » Groups » The Champions of Gaia

A band of adventurers that were chosen for a quest that started out for mere stones through deceit. Nightfall is coming to Gaia with the Second Rising of Eras. The Champions will either plunge the world into darkness or bath it in everlasting light.


A band of adventurers that were chosen for a quest that started out for mere stones through deceit.
Nightfall is coming to Gaia with the Second Rising of Eras.
The Champions will either plunge the world into darkness or bath it in everlasting light.

Eras grows too strong due to outside influence tipping the scales. The celestial bodies of Gaia intervene once more, calling again the Champions to rise against Nightfall. Will any Champions rise to heed the call, or will Eras swallow Gaia and will Nightfall truly come? Sagittae and Atargatis can come to the rescue of the Children of Gaia no more...

In The Beginning...
There were three star-gods; Atargatis, Sagittae, and Eras. In their eternal dance, the Twin Suns dance around one another while Eras, the bloated, red overseer, skirted their duet with jealousy. So great was his jealousy that he sacrificed just a fraction of his bulk to create a dancing partner of his own, whom he named Gaia.Compared to the Twin Stars and especially Eras, Gaia was a miniscule goddess, beholden to Eras in every way. Whereas the Twins revolved in tandem, Gaia was forced to twirl around Eras’ heaving bulk on her own. The Dance continued in this manner for untold millennia, with the jealous Eras adding more companions and accessories to Gaia in form of her Tassels (moons) and Girdle (Rings).

But still, his forced dance with the tiny Gaia did not hold the same, pure beauty that the Twins’ Dance held, and so he threw his anger upon Gaia, since she could bear no more celestial adornments, though she herself had grown beautiful in ways that not even Eras had designed. For unlike the Twin Stars or Eras, Gaia had cooled and grown, coming eventually to harbor life, which she cherished. It was nothing grand, nor complex, but it was hers and hers alone, and she loved all of it. Eras knew this, and so began his designs to forever tarnish her beauty. For Eras’s anger was shapeless and uncontrolled, and though in that time his power and light was greater than that of Atargatis or Sagittae, even combined, he had neither their restraint nor their divine mindset to direct it outside of his own sphere of influence.

Now, in that time, the first peoples of Gaia were beginning to come into their first minds, and learn how to work the gifts of The Mother to their needs. Many shapes they came in, and though Alneh, Elf, and Dwarf kind generally assert themselves as the first of Gaia’s Children, all thinking peoples of Gaia emerged at approximately the same point in history. This ignition of mindfulness, and meetings of the First Kings, marks the technical start of Gaia's recorded history. The first empires of the Children were great, and stretched across the globe from Ellaria to Siv’en. To that end, so too went the Servants of Gaia, known in the oldest tongues as the Ithquent. Their wisdom was of the star-gods', and their magic was primal. It is said that they could also take the shapes of the firstborn of Gaia, and would sometimes walk the land under the guise of wisemen and sages. The Ithquent organized the first teachings of magic to mortal kind, and the people of Gaia entered into a short golden age.

Then, Eras, seeing that Gaia was growing strong with the bounty of her Gift of Life, grew jealous that her beauty might even surpass his. In retribution, he committed the Rape of Gaia, and bade the Great Colossi to rise from the surface of the planet herself. The deep wells of the seas and the thunderheads of the skies shuddered and convulsed in anguish as the Destroyers arose. Seven there were, mightier and greater in size than could be glimpsed by either man or Precursor.

Doubtless, nearly everything that the Children of Gaia had wrought before the Rape of Gaia was utterly destroyed, and the history of the world until that point was lost along with those works. Only those few scattered tribes remained, each led by one of the Ithquent to protect them with their limited sorceries.

It was not within the power of the Ithquent, who later came to be called The Precursors, to destroy the Colossi themselves. They did, however, know that it was by Eras' hand that the Colossi walked, and so they besought the succor of his siblings, Atargatis and Sagittae, to put an end to the wanton destruction.

There was a limit to what the Twin Star Gods could do directly, for Gaia was of Eras's divine making and body, and thus beholden to him. They could, however, confront Eras himself. Three times the Twins commanded Eras to cease the abuse of his Daughter, and three times Eras refused. Then the twins took long council, for nearly 100 years, causing great distress amongst the Ithquent. Atargatis and Sagittae had compassion and pity for the Children of Gaia, but they also loved their brother Eras, in spite of his vile ways. Finally, just when the Children were on the brink of destruction, the Twin Star Gods acted.

All souls of Gaia looked in astonishment as the day of the Sundering of Eras came. Eras, who had until that time been a great, red blight in the soft skies of Gaia, was shattered to pieces by two rays of brilliant retribution from Atargatis and Sagittae. The brilliance of Eras diminished and disippated into the aether of the Gaia system, and drifted for a short time before the Twins enacted their second Miracle. Upon holding audience with the greatest of the Precursors, the Twins channeled the drifting power of of Eras into their bodies, instilling them with might and power so great that it could scarcely be contained in mortal form. Under the diminished red light of Eras, the Ithquent known as Syros and Sol pledged to undo the Colossi at any and all costs, save the extinction of the people they sought to protect.

??? To that end, the Twin Gods enacted their final Miracle, and sent the Gaia Stones to the besieged planet, borne by the first and only lifeforms created by Atargatis and Sagittae themselves; dragonkind. These legendary wyrms, larger and more terrible than tales can tell, would be fitting allies against the Colossi, and the Stones they brought with them would serve to ensnare the seething, enraged minds of the Eras’ Children.

For indeed, though the Ithquent had become mighty in absorbing the shredded power of Eras, it was no small feat to slice through a mountain, or slay the very sea itself. In this, the Colossi had one weakness; their minds. The Slayer, Syros, created a spear from the very essence of the Dark Star within himself; a fell weapon that could not only slice through any stone or darkness, but also tear out the minds of its victims. The battles, then, were epic in scale and cannot be recounted here.

Slowly but surely, the minds of the Colossi were torn from their immense bodies and stuffed hastily into the confines of the seven Gaia stones. At their removal, the titanic remains of the Colossi, though still living, became still and heedless. Though many have become hidden and shrouded by the eons, the Exalted Mountains on Siv’en mark the remains of Ni’Thorne, and it is said that a great desert of raw ice still blooms forth from the body of Hoargraskr, who was slain at the very crown of Gaia.

Then, the Star Dragons helped the Ithquent construct the The Crystal Tower, placing therein the seven Gaia Stones to be guarded for all time. Syros, weary at his battles, diminished from the world, leaving Sol the Gatekeeper to watch over the Tower and guard it with a lake of acid, so that Gaia need never suffer again the torture of The Destroyers.

Now it was that the Children of Gaia began to count their days again, and once again scattered to the far reaches of The Mother. The Precursors and Star Dragons scattered with them, mating and proliferating in their own ways, but never wholly forgetting the times of Eras’ evil. Nor was the power of the Colossi completely vanquished, but by sheer serendipity it would not reemerge for many an age.

History provided by Tearen_Wover and Prose, founders and original builders of Gaia.

& So The Story Continues...

Legendary Artifacts of Gaia

  • Artrea the Healing Gauntlets
    wielded by Karasaad Vidathari

    Artrea were gauntlets worn by a legendary man named Lysander Enlight. The gauntlets were hidden beneath the soil of The Exalted Mountains and were used to light the world when Eras had almost consumed his siblings. For seven turnings of Gaia had Artrea served to the be sole beacon on hope for all living things on the world.

    The gauntlets are made from a mysterious metal which is completely white in color, almost as if they were made of our pearl. But they are as harder than any metal known to the current world as the knowledge died with Those Who No Longer Roam. They will light the path when light is needed most.

    Glittering feathers protrude backwards and out from the wrist. The fingers are sharpened like ten deadly claws that can grip any surface short of diamonds. It is easy to scale a wall with the gauntlets. But that is not what make the weapons deadly. So sharp in fact are they, that they can pierce through most armor and can slice through human flesh like a razor through parchment. But their greatest power is the ability to touch others and heal their mortal wounds through the use of Will.

    There is always a weakness that comes with weapons of great power. Those who adorn the gauntlets and use its abilities will soon find their eyesight failing on them over a long period of time. All those that have ever used them—even once—have gone blind with age. And when they are used to heal, the adorner will find themselves very drained as if their own life-force had been passed into the other in order to save their life

  • Maelstr the Waker Staff
    wielded by Sol Siegmund
    Maelstr is one of the seven legendary weapons that shaped the world of Gaia as it is today. It was wielded long ago by a woman known as The Gate Keeper; Solara Siegmund. It hums with a great power over the water element. It is a staff that gave Gaia the Emyrean Sea and had trapped a great foe within the sea.

    The staff is made from a strange material of which the knowledge has died with Those Who No Longer Roam. It is approximately three feet in length and it is not made of metal or wood but of stone. It is not heavy as one would assume but very light for its Bearer. One cannot become the Bearer of Maelstr unless it is won fairly in a dual or if it decides to give itself to another.

    The staff is colored several different hues of blue and green ranging from sea-foam and almost white to midnight blue and almost black. The colors are ever swirling and changing as the sea. It almost seemed as if a part of the sea is trapped within the staff itself but maybe it is a trick of the eye …

    The staff will take whatever form that the Bearer wishes and is extremely malleable to their mind and Will. It is a very compromising weapon and yielding but as with the sea, Maelstr can be very fickle and rage unexpectedly. The staff grants elemental power over water and not just in being able to manipulate it. The wielder is able to conjurer water at his or her whim through the use of very little Will. The power of the Empyrean Sea lays at the hands of the Bearer which is great and powerful.

    And yet there is always weakness that comes with weapons of power. The Bearer will become far more susceptible to fire magic and if used for a very long period of time, even the sun’s rays will become too much to bear. Maelstr also bonds very strongly with its Bearer’s emotions and eventually, their emotions will become one entity, and Maelstr will have partial control over its Bearer’s

  • Ni’thorne the Spear of Thorns
    wielded by Alistair Nahan
    Ni’thorne was once wield by a legendary woman named Lothilir Elorith. She was a great and powerful figure in the creation of Gaia. Earth was moved with barely a whisper of Will. She forged the soil of Gaia; raised mountains for protection, smoothed plains for crops and cattle, and sloped the edge of the world into the seas.

    The shaft of the spear glows with wood from the trees of the Whispering Woods. It vibrates with great power; power enough to move the earth. At the tip of the spear is a long, sharp, and deadly green blade that oozes with a poisonous sap. It coats the blade and just one knick from Ni’thorne will render an opponent paralytic over a short time and only for a short time. Stones and gems hang from the shaft of the spear but serve only as decoration being tokens from the earth.

    Ni’thorne gives manipulating power over the earth element on Gaia. However, it is a very unyielding, stubborn, weapon. It will not be mastered by just any Bearer. When first gained, Ni’throne will not respond to any magical prod nor poke. It’s unwavering loyalty must first be earned as with any human woman. It’s true potential will never be tapped unless wielded by Lothilir herself, for the woman had bound most of the weapon’s power. Only someone with a stronger heart and Will than she will be able to unlock the potential.

    Otherwise, the Bearer will only be able to summon up weak and small shields of earth or even be limited to just stirring up dust.

  • Zephras the Whispering Bow
    wielded by ?
    Zephras was once wield by a legendary elf of unremembered name. They remained quiet as Gaia was formed, breathing great winds across Gaia and influencing the climates thereof.

    The curve of the bow grows to the appropriate size to suit the bearer, the string itself seeming to be made of starlight. Upon the curve are set swirling clear stones. Whenever the bow is fired they flash the seven colors of the rainbow. When not in use, Zephras the Whispering Bow collapses to be worn as a silver bracelet.

    Zephras gives manipulating power over the air element on Gaia. When first obtained the bow will always be in bracelet form. Only those who see true value will be drawn to the bracelet, and only those who think before they speak will ever be able to master the weapon. It’s loyalty is with none other than the present moment. It’s true potential will only be unlocked by someone who fight is one of the heart, not the mind. Only those meant to bear it will notice that every fired arrow lands true. Only those meant to bear it will have no need for arrows - they will manifest upon firing.

    Otherwise, the Bearer will only be able to fire arrows they've acquired, with accuracy predictably correlated with their skill level- that's if they can get it to transform from being a bracelet.

  • Skuldrim the Sword of Eternal Flame
    wielded by Gary Mandolera
    Skuld, a great sword that wreaths itself in flame at the wielders Will.

  • Ignabolg the Breaking Mace
    wielded by ?
    Ignabolg was once wield by a nobody who made themselves into a somebody, Knight Redegani.

  • Eshatt the Hammer
    wielded by Mikhail Kahldmek
    Eshatt. A Hammer of great power.

  • Trident of Empyrea
    wielded by ?, presently on Siv'en

    Legendary Trident of Empyrea, forged by Empyrea in the magmatic depths of Gaia's Empyrean Sea.

  • Claymore of Sagittae
    wielded by ? Presently in Dorant Valley
    Channeling the celestial power of Sagittae, this claymore was forged from starlight.

  • Wyrm the Hammer of Eruption
    wielded by Sheodin Thundermane

    Able to channel the forces of the very magmatic surrounding core of Gaia. Those who were able to withstand it's power as it coursed through them, hot as the fires beneath the realm, were few and far between. This ancient hammer has stones up the entirety of it's handle rendering it less than comfortable to weild, and glows faintly.

    Most who attempt to weild the Wyrm of Eruption are weakened to an extreme degree, and will be struck with a fever whenever it came time to equip.

  • Farralon's Spear
    wielded by ?
    This spear is imbued with the spirit of one of Gaia's greatest heroes, a slayer of titans denied godhood for his betrayal of the council.

  • Rapier of Tartarea
    wielded by AUK-53, a robot.
    Legendary Rapier of Tartarea, forged by Tartarea in the swirling snow of the Weargtooth Mountains. Also imbued with the light of Saggitae, summonable under circumstance and her light.

Defeating Eras

Ni'thorne was defeated by Sheodin Thundermane, Sheodin being blessed by their own Gods as well as those of Gaia yet unaided by a weapon.

Hoargraskr was driven out by Sigurd, the Vikings, and lured away by the Taiyou- the Titan found an irresistible portal and no longer has a grip on Gaia.

Tenebyxrests in a crypt, awaiting the first party to stumble deep enough into their lair to challenge them.

Artrea attempts to bring new life to old corruption in the crypts.

Characters Aligned

38 Characters Aligned, played by 24 Players

Character Portrait: Gary Mandolera

Gary Mandolera played by LawOfTheLand

A paladin in the traditional sense, but following the faith of the sun god Pelor, Gary travels the land looking for shadows to vanquish.

Character Portrait: Paul-Henri Chevalier

Paul-Henri Chevalier played by CptxMorgan

Male prostitute turned knight, turned playboy.

Character Portrait: Zeblithtlar

Zeblithtlar played by RolePlayGateway

Drow 'exotic dancer' working at a sleezy strip club at the seedy underbelly of the city.

Character Portrait: Robbie Wings

Robbie Wings played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Karasaad Vidathari

Karasaad Vidathari played by Konstantein

"Greetings, I am Karasaad Vidathari, magician.

Character Portrait: Orion Draketh

Orion Draketh played by DiamondJack

"Yeah, I can hit any target, stop asking."

Character Portrait: Houpetorlivaij

Houpetorlivaij played by Marcus

Beguiler, Theif Lord, Spymaster, you decide for yourself when you come across this Black Dragon.

Character Portrait: Ry'nn Traeger

Ry'nn Traeger played by RolePlayGateway

A mage with a great power over the elemental flame who seeks a powerful artifact.

Character Portrait: Rham

Rham played by RolePlayGateway

Castle of the Wolf's Rham

Character Portrait: Sol and Ebony

Sol and Ebony played by lilyWhite

A pair of lovestruck priestesses whose power is greatest when united.

Character Portrait: Jack Krutz

Jack Krutz played by Namaru

Character Portrait: Demi Edenhelm

Demi Edenhelm played by Arcayne

A woman who seeks powerful artifacts that have remained hidden in Skyfall for eons.

Character Portrait: Morim Ithlond

Morim Ithlond played by RolePlayGateway

A dark elf with intentions that yet remain to be discovered concerning the artifacts in Skyfall.

Character Portrait: Mikhail Kahldmek

Mikhail Kahldmek played by xTheSmokex

A former military general and tactician. Now an adventurer of sorts.

Character Portrait: Emys'i

Emys'i played by Nevan

Character Portrait: Medya

Medya played by HitoriRaven

There's a fifty percent chance I kill you, fifty percent I help you, and fifty percent I just don't care.

Character Portrait: The GM

The GM played by RolePlayGateway

Game Master Profile for Gaia Stones Adventure Plot.

Character Portrait: Brickel

Brickel played by PolarOpposites

"Eyes on the Prize"

Character Portrait: Alistair Nahan

Alistair Nahan played by HitoriRaven


Character Portrait: The Precursor

The Precursor played by Nevan

An ancient legend of Gaia. Many thousands of years ago, he defeated the Colossi with his weapon the Titan Spear; the results forever altering the landscape and allowing civilisation to flourish.

Character Portrait: Jess Thresher

Jess Thresher played by RolePlayGateway

A notorious pirate that has sailed the Empyrean Sea and conquered its treachery. Keep an eye on your purse when this thieving woman makes her appearance!

Character Portrait: Ferno Vlade

Ferno Vlade played by RolePlayGateway

A legendary man who has earned his name sake left behind by his father. Ferno is the High General of Skyfall and War Advisor.

Character Portrait: Sol Siegmund

Sol Siegmund played by RolePlayGateway

A legend on Gaia newly awoken in order to protect the Champions of Gaia through sacrifice of life if necessary for The Gate Keeper

Character Portrait: Axinn Sparkcross

Axinn Sparkcross played by RolePlayGateway

The God-King holds my loyalty, but my people do not.

Character Portrait: Saxom

Saxom played by Architect

Character Portrait: Ealan

Ealan played by Nevan

An old, wise wizard of an extinct order who now travels the world with his 15 year old Daughter.

Character Portrait: Elysia

Elysia played by Nevan

A 15 year old sorceress-in-training, who travels with her Father.

Character Portrait: Sheodin Thundermane

Sheodin Thundermane played by TheNoremac42

An extremely powerful Arch-mage, head of the University of Alphaniat, advisor for King Neodin Shadowslayer, and ambassor of the Kroniktan Alliance

Character Portrait: Bjorg Folkvar

Bjorg Folkvar played by TheNoremac42

A Nord warrior and denizen of Skyrim. He is a mighty Dovahkiin that wanders the land in search of fame, fortune, and wisdom as he grows his skill.

Character Portrait: Yukiko Takayama

Yukiko Takayama played by barney_fife

Crown Princess of the Taiyou Empire

Character Portrait: Thane Riak Steelheart

Thane Riak Steelheart played by Yvandír

the elder's son and the Champion of the clan

Character Portrait: Sinfrost

Sinfrost played by lostamongtrees

A large dragon with frost powers. Born after the breaking of Gaia and the defeat of the first titans. Prefers solitude.

Character Portrait: Sigurd Hring

Sigurd Hring played by Sigurd

Sigurd Hring is a legendary viking war strategist and king made famous for killing Ellrulf Trygvirsson and Harald Wartooth at the Battle of Bravellir, and for defeating the Taiyou emperor Shimizu Takayama at Iskjerne Bay.

Character Portrait: Aerlinde Ithildin

Aerlinde Ithildin played by Revenant Sorrow

Elven Songstress thrust into a leadership role

Character Portrait: Frendor Falcon-Wind

Frendor Falcon-Wind played by LukeShepherd

Journeyman Elf-Wizard, disciple of the Arch-Wizard Elvaron, affiliated to the Fellowship of Light

Character Portrait: Malgerius Corven

Malgerius Corven played by Marcus

A knight of the Realm who is something more than a simple sword for the King's Land.

Character Portrait: Lucille Strommheim

Lucille Strommheim

Noble young knight from House Traeger.

Character Portrait: AUK-53

AUK-53 played by Joseph_Bennett

A drone soldier, on a quest for purpose.

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