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The Multiverse » Groups » The C'ran Meritocratic Republic

A newly risen nation discovered in the depths of the Onyx Galaxy, they seek to make a place for themselves in the Multiverse.




C'ran, land of the equal, land of prosperity. Rising from the ashes of war and chaos, they have formed themselves into a large republic spanning a section of the Onyx Galaxy. Thousands of years before the current date, the C'ran people experienced an event known simply as The Reckoning. A collapse of a nearby star tore open dimensional barriers for dozens of light years in all directions, releasing massive amounts of radiation as a side effect. With this came confusion and conflict, engulfing the fledgling nation of C'ra in strife for hundreds of years. As the war died down, the Covenant of Lara was reached, ending the tensions between the different people of the C'ran Republic. Establishing a meritocratic election system, C'ra was launched into a golden age that has lasted to this day.

Through this new system, all became equal under the law, both in theory and in truth. Balanced sections of government operating under the idea of absolute rule for the common good brought the people closer together. All aspire to reach the highest level of society, the Council of Enlightened; these rulers have led the C'ran people through the many thousands of years of expansion. As equality was established, one group came to hold influence almost equal to the government: The Etharias Consortium. Controlling a majority of C'ra's economy, they are composed mainly of T'autha-avar, more commonly known as Kethan. A branch of the C'ran people lost during the Reckoning, they evolved into a slightly different. Upon rediscovery, they accepted entrance back into the Republic, becoming the primary economic force. Along with the A'varians, an insectoid species known as the Grecca joined C'ra.

Even though divisive forces do exist, they are efficiently and quietly suppressed by the Inspectorum, an Inquisitorial branch of the Republic that also oversee the functioning of the other branches. They have the power to do whatever is necessary in the advance of the common good, a principle tenet of the C'ran people.

Recently discovered by the rest of the Multiverse, they seek to bring peace and prosperity to all peoples, whether this is done through cooperation or military force.



"From the ashes, strength. From strength, peace. From peace, transcendence."


Official Name: The C'ran Meritocratic Republic

Other Name(s): C'ra, The C'ran Republic

Capital City: Saresh
Capital Planet: Allaris
Currency: C'ran Dranna, C'ran Trentum (230 trentii are worth one dranna)
National Animal: Phoenix
Population: 3.1 trillion

National Color(s): Black and Blue

National Slogan: "For the good of all."


Government & National Population


Meritocratic Republic

Democratic |---I-----------------| Authoritarian

Political Left |-------I-------------| Political Right

Open Society |----------I----------| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |--------------I------| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |----I---------------| Isolationism

Branches of the Government:

The Inspectorum: Part Internal Affairs and part Inquisition, the Inspectorum oversees the other branches and conducts the clandestine operations of the Republic. They have the power to do whatever is necessary for the greater good of the nation, no matter the cost in lives or resources. A majority of the members come from the Kethan species.

The Judicial Committees: The Judicial branch of the Republic, they advise the other branches and settle laws.

The Executive Committees: Led by the Council of the Enlightened, they oversee the running of the Empire, executing directives of the other branches as well as conducting their own policies.

The Administrate: The general policy-making and management body of the Republic, they are responsible for most of the day to day functions.

The Arcaness: In charge of military and supernatural affairs, they conduct much of the C'ran Republic's research.

The Extranus: Responsible for commerce and some foreign policy, the Extranus is unique in that half of the branch is composed of members from the Etharias Consortium, a highly influential conglomerate in C'ran space.

Key Members of Government:

The Enlightened: Daius, Omus, Orsena, Vedius, Autilius, Caspia, Elamian, Raiusus

Prime Judiciar: Zaran Tureg
Prime Inspectus: Yliss Roman

High Seer Arcaness: Al'za Kail
High Lord Administrate: Jon Gol'har
High Lord Extranus: Marek Sen

Representative of the Etharias Consortium: Jagar Hais


Population: 3.1 Trillion

Core Worlds: 105 (Population: .8 trillion people)
Middle Territories: 262 (Population: 1 trillion people)
The Rim Worlds: 211 (Population: 1.3 trillion people)

Major Race(s):

Population Breakdown:

Sakar- 61%
Kethan- 27%
Grecian- 8%
Other- 4%

Sakari in military uniform

A long-lived species, the average lifespan being, even without the technological advancements that would allow extension beyond biological means in current conditions, approximately 200 Earth years. Due to the harshness with which their planet developed, Sakari have become naturally resistant but not immune to certain toxic gasses. Able to breath in atmospheres of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases, Sakari can survive on many worlds without breathing apparatus in constant use. About the same height and build as a person, their skin takes a bluish tinge from chemicals on their homeworld, with not enough time having passed for those in outer colonies to have lost the pigmentation. Eye color is normally a blue iris with black pupils.


An overview of the Grecians, still a WIP

Language(s) Spoken:

C'ri-lu (Low C'ric) - 67%
C'ri-bal (High C'ric) - 35%
Common (English) - 13%

Religion(s) Practiced:

Taya'ca-Suva (Path of the Greater Good, is an ideology) - 93%
Mixed Religions- 68%


Culture (WIP)

Overview: Sakari culture values athleticism and fidelity above anything else. Competitions are a common sight and, while respected and conducted often, remain private affairs between the competitors. Results are only released if both groups agree to such an action. Sakari architecture is designed to complement the surrounding area rather than dominate it. Buildings are shaped with curves and natural materials and powered by renewable sources. Those near mountainous or hilly areas are tall and slim, while those in flatter regions follow the gentle slope of the land, curving around natural areas. Clothing is simple yet elegant, designed to monitor health via small telemetry sensors. Made out of synthetic fibers, each style is specific to a family or guild, with color, marking, and cut denoting certain achievements, relations, or status.

Food takes a similar approach as architecture, utilizing subtle herbs to accentuate the natural flavor of the main meals. Meals are always provided as one large serving as each dish is meant to complement the whole. Art is quite prevalent in Sakari culture, most often displayed in the mode of sculpture or music/dancing. Artists are respected throughout the Meritocracy, given higher social standing than most other people.

The Kethan share almost all cultural traits with the Sakari despite having diverged millenia ago. The Grecian's, despite the drastic difference, have also adopted Sakari culture heartily.

Magic: Magic in C'ran is quite common-place with pseudo-magical and magitech devices available to many, even those that are not particularly wealthy. While the presence of mages is proportionally low when compared to that of many other magic nations, they make up for this numerical disadvantage in skill and strength, with many mages being able to easily match their fellows of other species. Outside of combat applications, magic is most often used for entertainment or general daily-use, especially at large ceremonies where technology is unable to achieve certain displays or forms due to the limitations of the systems.

Religion: (under construction)




Primary Research: FTL Travel: The C'ran have developed an extremely advanced form of faster-than-light travel, which works on the basis of both manipulating space-time and going outside of it. Spurred by the need to escape a collapsing star in their home system, they combined various technologies in an attempt to discover something. They succeeded. Through constant development and innovation, the C'ran have managed to reach their current stage of FTL travel: The anti-space warp drive. Allowing them to cross the Milky Way in 30 minutes, the device works by first creating an Alcubierre Metric, or extending the space behind the craft while shortening the area in front. This alone allows travel faster-than-light. Secondly, it creates a bend in space which allows two locations to be brought closer together in a relativistic sense. Because of this, they can use it for in-system travel as easily as trans-galactic travel. On long journeys, such as a trans-galactic travel, warp field will be opened into another dimension known as the Fell Plane. While dangerous to some degree, it allows for distances to be crossed much faster. Currently, researchers are pursuing applications that do not require the use of a starship-sized vessel to operate.

Secondary Research: Time Dilation Manipulation: Among the studies in the early period of the Meritocracy was space travel. It was determined that travelling at relativistic speeds would cause distortions in time, causing those in the object to age more slowly than those outside. This would create problems, as fluctuations in population and age distribution would be constantly occurring. To solve this problem, researchers began studying means of time manipulation through physical means. While time was subject to the whims of mages, not everyone could manifest these powers; even then, only powerful ones could do such a thing. With the discovery of the Fell Plane, great advances were made in this. Using energy from this dimension, it was possible to change the flow of time in a particular area to a small degree. As technology advanced, it was made quite common to implant these time devices on ships. Now, virtually all ships have these devices on them, and some have access to prototypes that are weildable by a single-person.

Tertiary Research: Molecular Recombination: C'ran molecular recombination works on the basis of nuclear fusion and fission, as well as other basic quantum means. While still in a fledgling state, the C'ran have long worked on manipulating individual atoms and molecules. This is viewed as the next step. Rather than having to use large, elaborate machines to conduct these things, the experimental Molecular Recombination Device, or MRD, would allow such processes to be done anywhere. The impact of such an advent would be astounding, allowing factories and even individual people to produce anything they want. However, power and miniaturization problems currently prevent the technology from being fully developed.


Military of C'ran


The Oberum Costaro Milita: The Oberum Costaro Milita, Military High Command in English, is the center of all C'ran military operations across the republic. Coordinating all operations with the Extranus and the Administrate, they ensure the securing of supply lines and establishment of military bases as well as providing military aid to any requiring such assistance. Under direct command of the High Seer Al'za Kail, a long-time general and psionicist, they conduct all of their operations efficiently.

Uniforms of the Milita


Enlisted Uniform:

The uniform worn by Enlisted personnel is simple, relatively unadorned, and made for nothing other than a covering. Made of synthetic materials with kinetic and heat-resistant properties, the uniform can work as light body armor under an assault. As a one-piece uniform, military personnel use this uniform as their basic clothing option, wearing it as a badge of pride for their service to the C'ran people. A silvery color, the fiber is metallic in look and zips across the back. To distinguish ranks, personnel wear badges on the collar. The only other adornments are unit patches on the arms and ribbons on the chest to indicate what awards they have received and which operations they have taken part in. Rank insignias are stitched in navy blue.

Enlisted Body Armor:

C'ran enlisted personnel wear an exo-suit, in effect power armor. Completely encasing the body, all suits are usable in vacuum and can shield the user from radiation temporarily. The suit is modular in design, conforming close to the body. Powered by small quantum reactors the size of fists, all suits feature shields, a HUD, radar, communications suite, range finder, cloaking module, jump-jet device, servo enhancers, infrared and ultraviolet vision, and EMP hardened systems. Composed of a Ratheum-telserum super-alloy with trace amounts of pretahydride and a jarun-crystal lattive overlay, the suit is extremely resistant to all forms of attack even without shields. External equipment is attached to the suit via magnetic strips or molecular bonders. Ranks are distinguished via the HUD so it is not apparent to the enemy who leads.


Officer Uniform:
The officer uniform is completely identical to the enlisted uniform except in the areas of rank insignias, which are worn on the shoulders and chest as well as the collar, and color, which is black compared to the enlisted silver. Rank insignias are stitched in white.

Officer Body Armor:
Identical to the enlisted body armor, these suits feature a few additional pieces of equipment. The command module allows the officer to direct his or her forces. In addition, these suits have psionic dampeners installed, shielding those in a small area from psionic effects. More pretahydride is used in these suits so as to make them stronger, lighter, and more adaptive, but as such makes them more expensive. An x-ray vision and portal module are included as well.

Wraith Corps:
Wraith Body Armor:
Information Classified
Wraith Soldier
Dark Wraith

Holy Eidolon
Fallen Eidolon

Branches of the C'ran Military

C'ran Expeditiorum Milita (C'ran Army- Approximately 28 billion personnel)

C'ran Volus Milita (C'ran Flight Units- Approximately 42 billion personnel): Divided into the Naval Branch, the Relief and Resupply Task Forces, and the Incident Pacification Command

C'ran Utgeist(Wraiths- 620,000 personnel)

C'ran Eidolon(Eidolons- 100,000 personnel)


Rank Structure of the Milita:

Enlisted Ranks

Junior Enlisted;
Private/Crewman Recruit
Specialist/Crewman Apprentice
Lance Sergeant/Crewman
Sergeant/Adept Major

Senior Enlisted/NCO:
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Petty Officer 1st Class
Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer

Officer Ranks

Aspiring Officer:
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Junior Officers:

Senior Officers:
Lieutenant Colonel/Warden Officer
Colonel/Admiral Aspirant
Commander/Rear Admiral
Force General/Admiral
Army Sovereign/Fleet Sovereign
Chairmen of the Oberum Costaro Milita
High Seer Arcaness

Non-standard Ranks
Lord Komesar




Synopsis: C'ran operates under a loose system of corporate socialism. The corporation side comes from the Etharius Consortium, a gargantuan conglomerate of various Grecian, Sakari, and Kethan companies. Usually working under government contract, Etharius produces a majority of C'ran's goodds. Small businesses represent another small portion of production, approximately one-third, and with the government accounting for 7% of all production. Socialist aspects come from government control of most of the services in C'ran, extending free assistance to many. Money in C'ran is handled via the psy-network links, although bartering still occurs in many areas, especially when dealing with Grecians.

Currency: Dranna(e), trentum (trentii)

Gross Domestic Product: 3.225 quintillion drannae

Economy Type: Mixed market

Economic Inclination

[Private Sector] -----------I--- [Centralized]

[Competitive] -------I------ [Sustenance]

[Open Market] ---------I----- [Closed Market]

[Automated] ------I-------- [Manual]

[Modern Agriculture] ---------I----- [Simple Agriculture]

Characters Aligned

8 Characters Aligned, played by 3 Players

Character Portrait: High Lord Aleron Kalzerius

High Lord Aleron Kalzerius played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Jagar Hais

Jagar Hais played by Durandal

Let's do business, shall we?

Character Portrait: Marek Sen

Marek Sen played by Durandal

I've learned a few things in my time. You should listen to what I say.

Character Portrait: C'ran Oberum Costaro Milita

C'ran Oberum Costaro Milita played by Durandal

High Command of the C'ran armed forces.

Character Portrait: C'ran Expeditionary Infantry

C'ran Expeditionary Infantry played by Durandal

Standard C'ran infantry unit.

Character Portrait: Sura Kintareg

Sura Kintareg played by Durandal

Character Portrait: Rim Fleet Activion

Rim Fleet Activion played by Durandal

C'ran fleet assigned to exploration and first contact

Character Portrait: Commander Zerrinova

Commander Zerrinova played by EnigmaticallyEerie

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