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The Multiverse » Groups » The Crucible

A group of highly specialized foot soldiers who's sole purpose is to complete the objective. They are not restricted by rules or regulations, and are simply given the order to 'Fetch'. They will complete their mission objectives by any means necessary.



Welcome to the Crucible:

In the Third Era of the Alagasan Empire, the Crucible was formed to be a Special Task Force of highly trained troops to protect, infiltrate, and kill for the Alagasan Empire. They were first formed to be nothing more than an infiltration unit, however as time progressed they became a military branch all on their own. Any one that showed heroism, bravery, strength and had something unique to bring to battle, they were put into the Crucible. However toward the Fifth Era, and downfall of the Alagasan Empire, they were reverted back into a special task force and used to infiltrate, sabatoge, and destroy enemy bases and operations. They were also used as an intelligence unit and told to gather intel from enemy units and bases and perform preemptive strikes against them. However, at the end of the fifth era, Alagasa had fallen and the Crucible was practically destroyed. Now a shell of their former self, the Remnants of the Crucible look to rebuild in Wing City as a group of Specialized Mercenaries lead by Icarus Fargo, Codename: Cicatrix.

All members of The Crucible carry Latin Code names.

The Crucible only has one rule: Don't. Fuck. With Icarus. Other than that, the team can do whatever they deem necessary to complete a mission.

Standard Issue Crucible Armor: Tactical Combat Armor version 224 (TCA - 224) ::

Medium combat armor with intergrated Heads Up Display, within helmet. Shows vital signs of self, team members and also shows distance between the individual, his team mates, and the Objective. The armor itself can prevent up to 60% melee damage and 78% bullet/ laser damage. Addidionally, the suit has a built in EMP shield that protects it from any electro magnetic pulses that would deactivate visuals and other operation systems within the suit itself. The suit also carries an Emergency Revival Unit, or ERU, that shocks the controller back into reality or pumps them full of adreneline of their heart rate falls below a certain number.

Roles: (Filled roles will be marked with an Asterisk " * ")

- The Leader* - Commands loyalty of his troops and gets the job done (Cicatrix/Icarus)

- The Soldier - Multi-purpose unit, can go anywhere he's needed

- The Veteran - Seasoned commando, provides experience and advises The Leader.

- The Infiltrator - Unlocks doors, retrieves information and keeps pathways clear. Usually given hacking gear and is a master of disguise.

- The Heavy - Explosives, heavy weapons, and heavy armor expert. You need something blown up, this is your trooper.

- The Tech Expert - Inventor and provider of intel. Provides the group with the latest weapons, armor and equipment.

- The Medic - Keeps the health of the Unit intact. Makes sure everyone is healthy and keeps them alive in the field.

- The Pilot/Driver* - Driver of the air vehicles, ground vehicles, and sea vehicles. Provides quick get away when needed. (Gaige)

- The Scout/Sniper - Provides cover from afar. Takes out targets from a distance and clears pathways for the primary fire team.

- The Navigator - Aids the Driver and can also be found on the ground. Provides the team with maps and how to navigate through areas.

- The Operator - Keeps the team informed and makes sure that if fital signs fall below certain level, they activate emergency systems if they don't activate themselves. Can also hack into enemy cameras and tech and provide minute by minute intel on the enemies operations.

- The Close Quarters Expert* - This guy charges in head first not giving two shits about his own or another's safety. This trooper can provide distractions and is a heavy hitter when it comes to Melee and short range combat. (Rhemora)

Characters Aligned

4 Characters Aligned, played by 4 Players

Character Portrait: Rhemora

Rhemora played by EarthWanderer08

I am your worst nightmare. A newcomer into these lands... The subtle scent of death and purpose faintly clings to this being, stinging like the most pugent of orders the noses of the innocent and pure.

Character Portrait: Gaige

Gaige played by Rougeshadow

The Mechromancer Extrordinare

Character Portrait: Cicatrix

Cicatrix played by EmperorCaesar

"Torture and Espionage are my team's specialty."

Character Portrait: Izzy Ashba

Izzy Ashba played by Zenia

how did you hurt yourself this time?

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