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The Multiverse » Groups » The Erutin Empire

An empire of shapeshifters, the Erutins value their twin above all. Largely peaceful, they remain prepared for war.


The Erutin Empire



Official Name: The Empire of Erutin Systems

Other Name(s): The Erutin Empire

National Color(s): Grey and Red

National Slogan:

Ever Forward


Government & National Population



Imperial Autocracy

Democratic |-------------------|--| Authoritarian

Political Left |-------------------|--| Political Right

Social Left |-------------------|--| Social Right

Open Society |---------------|------| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |--------|-------------| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |--------------|-------| Isolationism

Nationalist |--------------|---------| Pacifist

Modern |-|----------------------| Obsolete

Key Members of Government:

First Light - Wing Kampf, First Among Lights, Blessed of Lona
First Dark - Josef Kampf, First Among Darks, Blessed of Skrona, deceased

Noble Council:
Prime Minister: Wave Steeltooth
Minister of Defense: Duke Flint Starguard
Minister of Armaments: Quill Bloodoath
Minister of Commerce: Clover Blackheart
Minister of Religion: Petal Puresong
Minister of Foreign Ministry: Storm Wayfarer
Minister of Security: Fang Starstride
Minister of Intelligence: Tin Firefoot
Minister of the Interior: Soil Hearthhand
Minister of Culture: Banner Skyward

The Erutin Imperial Family

Homeworld: Dev Eru


Population Breakdown:

127.7 trillion total
  • Erutin - 44.4%
  • Belkan - 22.1%
  • Azrik - 8.02%
  • Assorted Scatteran Cultures - 12.0%
  • Belko-Azrik - 7.02%
  • Heshi - 3.49%
  • Other races - 1.50%
  • Nerun - 1.47%

Erutin: The Erutin themselves are a feline shapeshifting race whose core belief is to blend in with those around them. An aggressive species, they usually have no problem eating the flesh of other sentient beings. Because they, like all the people from their original planet, can shapeshift, they often hide their natural form to all but those close to them.

Nerun: An aquatic based shapeshifting race, these people must sleep in saltwater at the least, especially at a younger age. At older ages, such as adulthood and beyond they tend to have developed the skill and the control to sleep out of the water. While many do travel the stars, most of their number do so either for military service or to settle on a new water heavy planet.

Heshi: Any Heshi is most comfortable in the skies, all of them having a naturally bird-like form, akin to that of an eagle. They prefer to soar the skies, though soaring through space is a second pleasure to many of them.

Other: The Erutin empire expands ever onwards, and has discovered other sentient species in its expansion. While many are simply obliterated some are intriguing enough or determined enough that the Erutin Empire let's many of their number live on, though often as second class citizens

Belkans: The Belkans are a human race, but perhaps more importantly noted, they are a Scatterran race. Humans hailing from the planet of Scatter, the Belkans have always been a haughty, proud people, founding one of the first civilized states on ancient Scatter since the times known to most as the cataclysm. They stand, like most Scatterrans, roughly half a foot taller that a typical Terran, at the least, and often sport fair-toned skin.

Other Scatteran Peoples: The Belkans were not alone when they were ousted from their home in the mid 21st century, as several other nations stood against what would become the UCON, only to be forced to the stars when the war took a turn for the worse. Azricans, Hykans, Soruks and many more now call the Hegemony their home. However, they long ago abandoned their racial differences and through extensive selective breeding programs have become, for all intents and purposes, racially Belkan, but culturally their own.

Language(s) Spoken:

Galactic Common - 98 % Taught in Public Education
Erutino - 82% Taught in Public Education, official language
Belkan - 63% Taught in Public Education, official language
Scatterran tongues - 31%
Estonisch - 30.5%
Azrelk - 16%
D'jinn - 5.55%
Other - Data unavailable



Religion(s) Practiced:
Twenty Goddesses - 34 %, official religion of imperial family
A highly ritualized religion, this is practiced by the majority of the Erutin populace, and is the official religion of the throne. It is based on the believe that an overgod, who created everything, imbued the first ten Erutin twinsets with deity status. These immortal twenty proceeded to create the rest of the Erutin people and Erutin lands, and are holy in their own right.

First Twins - 7.5%
A lightly ritualized religion, this is characterized by weekly religious teachings for the followers. It holds to the believe that the first twinset were created by a divine being.. It believes that these first twins created basic tenets by which all Erutin should live, and gifted the Erutin with rules by which they should live today.

Absenism - 3.5%
A lightly ritualized religion, this is characterized by the belief that the original Erutin were not originally a twinned race, but that twins were created by divine intervention from a non-Twinned race. In recent times, with the discovery of the Scatterrans, followers of Absenism believe their beliefs are vindicated. They believe a messiah will one day come to rejoin the two races.

Followers of the Way - 4.5%
A highly ritualised religion, this is characterized by the belief that the Erutin must seek war in order to find a divine home in the afterlife. Followers of this religion believe that the only truly fulfilling afterlife can be found by dying in battle for the glory of the Erutin people. Many members can be found in the armed forces. It is the believe that those who are unable to fight must devote their life to the support of warfare.

The Ancient Path - 8%
This religion, which has a medium level of ritualization, is characterized by twice weekly religious teachings, and the belief that the Erutin were created not by a divine being but by another race of people. They believe that the Erutin were created for a higher role in the universe than other lesser races, and firmly believe that non-Erutin ought to be enslaved.

The Greater Scatterran Faith - 40.5%
This religion has a lower level of ritualization, and is characterized by one weekly religious meetings, and fanatically devotion to the Patriarch and Matriarch. It is heavily emphasized in Scatterran zones of the empire. They believe that Josef Kampf is the patriarch, their living god and father to the people, and that Wing Kampf is their Matriarch, the living goddess, mother to the people. They believe that a fulfilling life can only be led in service to the emperor.





Primary Tech: Interstellar Travel

Secondary Tech: Medicine, Reproductive

Tertiary Tech: Agricultural


Military of the Erutin Empire


Imperial Army


The lion's share of the Erutin military presence on worlds, the army lacks the aggressive nature of the marines, though they certainly make up for it in numbers. Often garrisoned across the Empire, the army serves more to hold that which is won than to take anything anew.

Tactics of the Imperial Army:
The Imperial Army when pressed to defend often results to guerilla warfare in order to meet their enemy. This combined with their ability to shift makes them dangerous enemies. They are known to spoil any supplies that their enemies have brought with them through any means they can think of, so that they have the clear advantage. Open warfare is only committed when it is clear that they have a very large advantage to the other side.

Ranks and Insignia of the Army

The Erutin Navy


Collectively concerned with matters regarding that territory held by the empire between islands, both literal and figurative, the Imperial Navy fields forces both on the waves of worlds held and vessels in the depths of the vacuum. Those ships that still sail on the waters of the worlds prove to be one of, if not the, smallest branch of the Erutin armed forces. Those ships that sail among the stars are among the largest of the forces.

Tactics of the Erutin Navy -
Planetside- Planetside naval tactics are limited in their military use, as so few naval sea battles occur. The Erutin Sea Navy is use more for emergency response and to deal with any possible pirates attacking merchant vessels.

Space based - The battle carriers of the Erutin Navy are giant carriers, with relatively small docking bays for any ships coming in. Instead, the outer armor of the ship is covered in fighter ships, scouts, and other ships of battle. Carriers will often deploy two or three lightyears from the battle and send in the fighters. Fighters employ swarming tactics, and rarely take on an enemy without having a second fighter engaged as well, if not multiple fighters. Smaller scout ships often employ guerrilla warfare using Marines of Travelers onboard to port onto enemy ships, cause as much damage to the interior systems as possible, and then port off.

Ranks and Insignia of the Navy



Those soldiers who prove a bridge between worlds, the marine corps are a hybrid of the branches. Footsoldiers who find themselves carried about the stars by the interstellar fleet, the marines carry the will of the Empress to lands both near and far, landing from air, sea and the stars.

Tactics of the Marines - Marine tactics believe in overwhelming force. This is the heaviest armed of all the forces and the only one that regularly engages in direct combat rather than guerilla warfare. They stress intimidation and brute force in their engagements.

Ranks and Insignia of the Marines

Air Force


Those that take to the skies in the name of the Empress, the Erutin Aerial Forces are the first to guard those worlds who the Empire claims from intrusion.

Tactics of the Air Force -
Similar to the Imperial Space Navy, the Erutin air force prefers swarm tactics. There will always be multiple enemies, and often night time bombings raids occur in the days before a planned aerial battle, in order to limit their own casualties and maximize harm to their enemy. Often, the air force is the first and based force to respond to a land threat. Certain planes can be dropped through the atmosphere to clear an area for the ground troops to land.

In defense the Erutin Air Force relies on a heavy CAS focus, working in conjunction with the planetary army in order to achieve victory. From supporting their ground forces with direct ground attack or tactical strikes, to hampering the enemy’s ability to move or operate with logistical interdiction and installation strikes, the Erutin aerial forces place a high importance on combined arms.

Ranks and Insignia of the Air Force

Traveler Corps


Imperial explorers and shock troops, the Erutin Traveler Forces are used to infiltrate and explore new unknown lands.

Tactics of the Travelers - Erutin Travelers are known for their guerilla warfare. Often aboard scout ships, to aid in the exploration of the universe, Erutin Travelers when engaged in battle will prefer to flee. If forced to remain, then individual Travelers will port onto the enemy ship, and attempt to disable it from aboard the ship. If this is not possible, Erutin travelers will largely attempt to evade while calling for backup. They are the least armed of the forces except in times of dire war.

Technology of the Travelers
Travelers rely on a combination of a genetic predisposition and a cybernetic implant in order to engage in a long distance jump of their ship. With the ability to link up, and an exponential ability to carry weight, Travelers are found on all military vessels. They are the transporter for the nation’s military. Travelers are known to wear armor at all times, and have specially engineering goggles that protect their eyes while in the Dark Between.

Ranks and Insignia of the Travelers




Currency: Tellin

Housed Under: House of Economic Prosperity

Economy Type: Command

Economic Tendencies: Raw Materials

Closed Market |----|------------------| Open Market

Command Economy |---|-------------------| Free Economy

Sustenance |------------------|----| Competition

Automated Production |---------|-------------| Manual Production

Modern Agriculture |-|---------------------| Simple Husbandry

Major Exports:
Raw Materials
Refined Materials
Consumer Goods

Major Imports:
Agricultural Machinery
Hydroponic Machinery

Unique Manufacturing:


Miscellaneous Information



Brief History:
The Erutin Empire has been an empire for a mere five generations of the imperial family, though the imperial family is long lived enough that it can be uncertain. They united the empire under their banner nearly 4000 years ago, creating a single empire out of a divided solar system. From there, they began to expand into the stars, with war and colonization dominating their history, absorbing many different cultures to become the colorful people they are today. It had only been twenty years since the joining of the Erutin Empire and The Hegemony of Aligned Systems, and less than five since the Erutin Empire simply took over the Hegemony entirely. Now, periodic racial strife dominates the home front for the Erutin, and they are largely focus inward to sooth their latest second class citizens, until they are of a small enough number they no longer need to be soothed.

Legal Stances:

Legal Drinking Age: N/A

Driving Age: 100, human age equivalent 15

Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification: 170, human age equivalent 25

Military Enlistment: 100, human age equivalent 15

Voting Age: No voting

Reproduction: Must be adult, Limited to three twinsets per family, restricted to one child for non-erutin, nerun, or heshi.

Status of Drugs: Mostly legal, little restriction, but high taxation

Firearms: Restricted for on duty personnel only

Death Penalty: Yes, sentenced to processing factory

Speed Limit: 50 mph in hovercraft, 40 mph in landcraft

Religion: State religion encouraged

Pornography: Limited access to darks

Prostitution: Illegal

Polygamy: Illegal, punishable by death

Homosexuality: N/A, genderless species

Stem Cell Research: Legal

Cloning: Illegal

Slavery: Legal for non-Erutin citizens, especially those of a conquered race. Debtors may be seven year slaves.

Hunting: Legal in all cases except of other Erutin

Consumption of Meat: Heavy part of diet

Litter: Punishable by 1000 Tellin fine

Suicide: Legal only on state sponsored farm

Gay Marriage: Inapplicable

Abortion: Legal, penalized.

Sexual Activity: Legal within marriage only

Obscenity: Illegal for Lights, Legal for Darks

Taxation Systems:

Prerequisites for Citizenship: Able to speak Erutin language, Oath of fealty to the crown.

Automatic Citizenship: Birth

Partial Citizenship: Marriage

Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Religious leaders, unskilled laborers, any exiled citizens

Censorship of Media: High, state facilities only, monthly inspections

Geography of the Empire

The Erutin society is divided into geographic rings of settlement about the center district. Each ring, except for the first two, is then divided into ten sectors. As planets in each sector advance, a new census of the planets is taken the the sectors are redistricted to reflect their levels of development. The closer to the center a ring is, the higher the level of development experienced.

The relative layers of development also tend to follow along poverty lines. The outer most sectors are far below the poverty lines, while sector one consists largely of the sprawling estates of the most affluent families in the Erutin Empire.

The Sectors

Ring 1, Sectors 1

The most affluent of the sectors, the denizens of this sector are either hyper rich or work for the hyper rich in a service industry position. Much of the revenue from this sector is passive revenue, from investments that the people here have made. These are the movers and shakers of the Erutin economy, those who expect their opinion to be heard when they speak.

These planets often include sprawling estates, many of which might include forests, for light game hunting. Small, affluent resorts exist on some planets. For the most part, planets in this sector are pleasure planets or leisure planets, if they don’t contain the homes and estates of the super rich.

Ring 2, Sectors 2-10

Ring 2 contains the noveau rich, the affluent who either worked their way up from the upper middle class to the rich, or more likely, inherited their parents money and status. These people are movers and shakers, patrons of art and music, but less important than those in sector 1. Sectors 2-10 may contain business parks for these people to run their companies from, and contain a heavy service industry.

Planets in this sector often have sprawling megalopolises and only the minimal green area needed to maintain atmospheric and planetary integrity. Parks tend to be small and exclusively for those who can purchase membership.

Ring 3, Sectors 11-20

Strictly upper middle class, people in these sectors are mostly to be engineer, businessmen, or from other well paying jobs. Some factories will be in these sectors, but this is not common. Otherwise, Ring 3 contains a mix of leisure resort planet, business and service industry. Many of the best universities are in Ring 3.

Planets in this sector are a healthy mix of greenery, city, and industry. Population tends to be closely concentrated around business districts. There is usually an excess of greenery in the area for the denizens of the planets to enjoy while vacationing, or wanting to get away from city life.

Ring 4, Sectors 21-30

Many of the people in this ring are firmly in the middle class. Ring 4 contains some of the best medical universities, and is a research intensive ring for the most part. It is the most class-mixed of rings, with service sectors forming a large base for the large middle class to live off of. Factories are common here.

Planets in this sector tend to be relatively pleasant. Public parks and public libraries are common here. Planets tend to have a larger than needed amount of greenery. Businesses and the poor congregate in cities, but middle class workers tend to live in suburbs. Some rural agriculture still exists for basic foods.

Ring 5, Sectors 31-40

Upper lower class, the economy on these planet is dependent largely on stripping planets of their useful natural resources. Mining is a very common way of life here, and where mine aren’t, large agriculture plantations are. Agricultural planets tend to be the site of experimental techniques in this Ring. Despite this, mining is still the preferred form of work on these planets.

Many of the families on these planets do not have excess capital for vacation times, or many ‘basic’ forms of entertainment. The atmospheres in these planets tend to be clogged with the aerial byproducts of mining and refinement. While all basic needs may be met, families and persons in these sectors may not be able to afford excessive entertainment devices, such as console gaming platforms, and many only have public entertainment, such as public TV. Few from here attend universities.

Ring 6, Sectors 41-50

Consisting of more farms than mines, Ring 6 provides the majority of the Erutin’s food sources. This marks it as the beginning of the less developed planets. While often mostly, if not fully tamed, these planets remain teetering at the edge of what is considered civilized Erutin society.

Largely agricultural in nature, these planets feature large swaths of forest and natural areas. Often, the atmosphere remains planet, however denisons aren’t often able to take advantage of the natural wonders due to their need to work. Child labor is employed here. Children may not be able to finish their secondary education due to the need of their work on the farm.

Ring 7, Sectors 51-60

The beginning of ‘uncivilized’ Erutin society, Ring 7 often has the largest concentrations of subdued alien races, many of which are rapidly shrinking in population size. The sectors in this ring often include recently conquered worlds that have been properly ‘colonized’ by the Erutin people. That is, they have been fully integrated into Erutin infrastructure. Economy here largely consists of a military presence and the service industries consistent with this. Planets here may still be in the process of being fully categorized for their natural resources, including those of the natives.

Education systems tend to be piecemeal here. Children often travel long distances, so that they need not be in contact with any lesser species. The planets tend to be in much the same shape as when first taken over, if not severely damaged by war.

Ring 8, Sectors 61-70

Bearing a heavy military presence, planets in this ring are not yet fully categorized. Despite this, colonization is well underway and infrastructure is the name of the game here. Settlements here largely consist of subsistence farming, and the beginnings of service industries geared for the soldiers.

Planets in these sectors have scars of war clearly visible. Students in the sector rarely finish their full primary and secondary education, as construction work doesn’t necessarily require the full education spectrum. Planets tend to be left as they were found, with small Erutin civilian settlements, but large military ones.

Ring 9, Sectors 71-80

Bearing a heavy military presence, planets in this rings are not yet fully categorized. Colonization is often just beginning here, and conflict with the natives is common. Native sentients here are not yet subdued, and often give trouble to the Erutin who have come to conquer them.

Planets remain largely in their natural state here, if they have no sentients already on there. Settlements are small, and dotted with first wave colonists. Children are rare and often tutored at home. On planets with natives, conflict with the natives is very common.

Ring 10, Sectors 81-90

Planets in this sector have little economic value. Often, they are in the beginning stages of colonization and exploration of the planets. Many scientific research stations are in this area, as part of the effort to categorize the native flora and fauna and resources of the planets found. Militarization is medium, focused more on keeping territory than suppressing the natives.

Science stations tend to be space based. Planets without natives are untouched except for initial planetside explorers and very small settlements. The settlements tend to be widely spaced, and dependent on space travel to get needed supplies. Any students are tutored via distance learning.

Ring 11, Sectors 91-100

The true Frontier of the Erutin Empire, settlements here are very sparse, except along the border with the former Hegemony of Aligned Systems. There, a buildup and business and pleasure locations has occurred, along with a military presence along the outer edges of this ring. Here is where First Contact most often occurs. There is little active economic value in these sectors, except for those against the Hegemony border.

Planets may or may not have settlements, and many are still being discovered. Most have not had even the beginnings of exploration begin. Families are very rare, except in the most populated places, such as along the border. These planets show signs of rapid settlement expansion to cope with the new alliance with the Hegemony.

Ring 12, the former Hegemony of Aligned Systems
Unlike much of the Erutin Empire, the Hegemony of Aligned Systems lies outside the usual ring system, having once been it’s own empire, equal in size and might to the Erutin. Ring 12, then is a mishmash of industrial and pleasure planets, agricultural and business planets. It has a heavy military presence but high economic value in general.

Most of the planets have large cities on them, the former Heg occasionally not even keeping enough greenery to satisfy keeping the air of the planet relatively clean to breath. Presence of biological erutin is rare, given the xenophobic nature of the populace, but increasing as the rights of population of the scatterrans go down steadily.


Erutin, Nerun, and Heshi General Facts

Naming conventions

Erutin citizens, normally referred to as erutin regardless of actual species, are often named after something that can be tattooed, with names such as Flower, or Stone being all too common. This is done simply because on birth, all erutin are tattooed with their twin's name on the back of their left hand. Last names are not often granted, except in cases of nobility, or extreme heroics. Nobility is granted based on merit, and does not pass down more than a single generation. This includes the imperial family who must prove on the day of their birth that they are deserving of being an heir to the empire, via the ability to shift on the day of their birth.

An Erutin, regardless of species, can not shift into a creature s/he has never seen. They have to understand the basic of that creature's anatomy in order to shift. Because of this, anatomy is taught in the basic schools. Talented erutin are able to understand the patterns of anatomy and shift into whatever they see. By species, Erutin tend to prefer land beings more, Nerun tend to prefer aquatic beings, and Heshi prefer airborne beings.

Often Erutin citizens stick to a humanoid form, though the color, size, and feature may be different. The ability to shift into inanimate non living objects, or into non-sentient creatures is greatly restricted. Only the oldest of erutin can manage inanimate objects. Generally, this is possible after 750 year mark, though it is very difficult and energy consuming. As most erutin don't make it past 200, due to the nature of their species, this is a very rare occurrence.

Directly after shifting into an unfamiliar form, an erutin experiences a loss of balance. Even shifting to a familiar form can cause a loss of balance if the size discrepancy between the two was vaste, or the shape shares very few similarities.

Shifting form that walks on four legs, to an upright form that walks on two legs is often very disconcerting and takes a minute or two to orientate the balance. It is wise to stay still for this minute, though not necessary. Recovery time can be shorter, though no shorter, for such a drastic change, than thirty seconds.

Erutin tend to choose one gender and stick to it, if only for ease of identification. Because of this, they also tend to stick to one form, though of course there are some rebels.

Shifting can be exhausting. It takes energy to shift and because of the energy consumption, there is a limit to how many shifts can be made in one day. Over shifting can lead to death.

Oddly enough, in their natural form, an erutin, regardless of species, does not stop growing. They are generally born between 14-20 inches long, not including tail length, and grow at a rate of 3 inches a year on average, until the age of 22. At this point the growth rate slows down to half an inch per year. Above the age of 200, it has been observed to slow down to 1/4th an inch per year, though it is never smaller than that.

This makes Empress Wing, arguably one of the oldest erutin currently alive, a staggering 218 in long (18ft 2 in or 5m 37cm). Hope is 186 in long (15 ft 6in or 4m

Life cycle

Children of erutin are known as kits or as cubs, regardless of actual species. The terms are widely interchangeable. When used in the singular form, kit has the connotation of a Light twin however, and cub has the connotation of a Dark twin.

Erutin go into heat four times a year. Nerun are able to give birth at any time. Heshi go into heat twice a year. During this time only very powerful contraceptives will work. Heat lasts for two days long, and the gestation period is a mere two weeks long. While they are able to conceive at other times, it is difficult, seen in perhaps 1 out of every ten million-million births, and rarely results in healthy offspring.

After gestation the short gestation period of two weeks, live birth occurs. It does not take long for the offspring to be able to move in their natural form. They can shift, with copious assistance from their mother after three weeks. By two years of age, a child is highly independent. By five years of age, most mothers, over run with cubs, tend to insist their still juvenile child move out, and into the dorms, if they have not 'insisted' much earlier.

After leaving the home, the juvenile will have little to do with its birth family, outside their immediate litter. Littermates may help each other survive for many years, often having a close relationship until age twenty. Litters range in size typical from two to size cubs.

At age 50, reproduction becomes possible for shifters. Usually around this age, an erutin will choose their life mate, though they may wait til age 100.

Because shifters desire a high level of thrills in their life, they tend to die much sooner than their natural life span. Fifty-eight percent of shifters will die before they are one hundred. However, a shifter is fully capable of living until they are 3,000 years of age, though this phenomenon has only been recorded a total of five times over thousands of years of history. Even elderly shifters tend to not live past 500.

Because of the culture, usually one twinset mates with another twinset, Dark to Light.



Erutin are natural shaped very similar to a mountain lion, with rounded ears, and long tail roughly 2/3rds the length of their main body. The tail assists in balance, and often showcases their mood. It is considered polite to keep it wrapped around your body when sitting down.


Erutin range in different shade of brown, from a tawny color to a dark black. They may have spots similar to a jaguar, a lighter underbelly, and occasionally a small mane. Shifters tend to grow darker as they age, though some shifters are born black.

Albinoism is rare, but possible


Because erutin are essentially just large cat, they tend to have cat like reactions in all of their forms. Cat nip produces the same effects in a shape shifter as it does in a house cat, and they consider rather like a human considers marijuana.

Many drugs that affect humans do affect the erutin as well. When they change shape, anything that can affect that creature can affect them. If an erutin becomes a snake, for example, then they will have the same reaction to the cold that a snake will.



Nerun are aquatic beings, who tend to spend the first year or two of live in water, before joining others of the empire on land. Naturally aquatic, children often revert to their natural form when they sleep until they are around 7 or 8 years old. For this reason, it is dangerous for a nerun child to be out of the water for long period until after this age.

Nerun run a gamut of colors, dependent on where they are from, from grey to blue to teal to white. Some are even naturally orange or red or yellow colored, though they have to be born in tropical waters for this.

Nerun are the shyest of the erutin empire, often not coming out of their aquatic abodes and avoiding strangers. They tend to have very small communities and are not likely to be found in military positions, or positions that put them into contact with many people.

Many drugs that affect humans have no effect on nerun at all. When they change shape however, anything that can affect the being they turn into can affect them as well.



Heshi are bird like beings, who spend much of their lives high in the skies, flying. Able to fly at only a few months old, they tend to stick to high up places, or cliff faces. When shifting shape, heshi tend to go for shapes that can also fly. They often find two legged forms like a human to be difficult to master.

Heshi come in a variety of colors. Female heshi tend to be duller in color than their male counterparts. Many come in shades and combinations of neutral colors though some prefer brighter more tropical combinations and shift into this, regardless of their own natural coloration.

Heshi tend to be very outgoing and friendly, and very loud and vocal as well. The like large communities, high in the air, and flourish in megacities. Some have a more pacifistic nature, but many enjoy the traveler corp or the military.


Almost identical in anatomy to humans, Scatterrans tend to live for closer to 200 years, tend to be several inches taller than most humans, and are hardier in general. The culture is very rigid and militaristic, religion playing a large part of their life. All Scatterrans in the former hegemony have a picture in their home of Josef and Wing Kampf.

They tend to be married by 30. Women are considered as capable as men in their society, however the ultimate goal for a woman in that society if childbirth. Used to regimented life, with the government controlling almost all aspects, the erutin don’t expect much trouble in downsizing their society, when already they are used to requiring reproduction permit to have a child.

Characters Aligned

72 Characters Aligned, played by 15 Players

Character Portrait: Otto Kampf

Otto Kampf played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Otto Corbett

Otto Corbett played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Siegfried Schtauffen

Siegfried Schtauffen played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Sylvia Brenner

Sylvia Brenner played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Matthias Rueger

Matthias Rueger played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Radegast

Radegast played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Hope Anona

Hope Anona played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Blade Ulenna

Blade Ulenna played by Colyo

Four hundred year old Reagent Lord and Commander of the Erutin Remnant. He's back, and he's pissed.

Character Portrait: Bow Ulenna

Bow Ulenna played by Colyo

Servant to the Queen of the Shapeshifters, and Light to Blade Ulenna. She just wants everyone to be happy!

Character Portrait: Winnie Erutin

Winnie Erutin played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Snow Grey

Snow Grey played by Imehal

Wife of Steph Grey and Grey of Hope Anona. Protector of all they both hold dear.

Character Portrait: Whistle Vatidor

Whistle Vatidor played by Colyo

Shapeshifter. Dark twin to Brass, member of the Royal Elite Guard and confidant of Commander Blade Ulenna. One of the scariest, saddest girls you will see in your life.

Character Portrait: Henry Anona

Henry Anona played by DemiKara

Tora nodded, "Of course, of course. And Henry? He's...a terrorist. He really is."

Character Portrait: Rachel Anona

Rachel Anona played by RolePlayGateway

Adopted daughter of Hope and Kendra Anona. Four years old, adorable and likes watching things go boom. Fond of her Uncle Ssassin.

Character Portrait: Halo Zhang

Halo Zhang played by DemiKara

Blonde haired, blue eyed man,

Character Portrait: Claire Angelique-McGregor

Claire Angelique-McGregor played by Absenthia

You thought this was a good idea.. how?

Character Portrait: Wave Tyranus

Wave Tyranus played by Colyo

Shapeshifter. Battle mage of the Imperial Erutin Royal Guard. Decently tall woman with long blue hair usually kept up in a pony tail.

Character Portrait: Josef Kampf

Josef Kampf played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Spiral

Spiral played by DemiKara

A Traveler, Spiral serves the Queen.

Character Portrait: Fedora and Trilby

Fedora and Trilby played by Gasmask

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Peschke

Elizabeth Peschke played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Liese Redwing

Liese Redwing played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Bamboo

Bamboo played by DemiKara

First Contact Traveler and Diplomat

Character Portrait: Laura Rosalind

Laura Rosalind played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Grape

Grape played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Thistle Erutin

Thistle Erutin played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Steel Erutin

Steel Erutin played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Marcus Sheffield

Marcus Sheffield played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Josef Wagner

Josef Wagner played by RolePlayGateway

The monster unleashed...

Character Portrait: Erich Brenner

Erich Brenner played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: The Abducted Ones

The Abducted Ones played by DemiKara

A Erutin children abducted from the streets.

Character Portrait: Linde Redwing

Linde Redwing played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: The Director

The Director played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Nixie Conner

Nixie Conner played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Ilsa Reinhardt

Ilsa Reinhardt played by youplaythisgamewell

Belkan who works for the Landwachter and side-by-side with Matthias Rueger.

Character Portrait: Leopold Diesing

Leopold Diesing played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Adam Hoffen

Adam Hoffen played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Monika Sheffield

Monika Sheffield played by RolePlayGateway

The woman known World Wide as Eos Paradigm, Liberator of Terra and Former Leader of the Liberation Front.

Character Portrait: Baron Konrad Stier

Baron Konrad Stier played by XavierDantius32

Character Portrait: Devika

Devika played by Sambea

Change is for the better...even if it is for the worst.

Character Portrait: Sommer Ehrt

Sommer Ehrt played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Key Erutin

Key Erutin played by DemiKara

Duchess of House Erutin of the former Erutin Empire. Niece of Wing Erutin.

Character Portrait: Corin Arnheim

Corin Arnheim played by XavierDantius32

Soulless? Pah. I gave my soul to the Hegemony, along with the blood of its enemies.

Character Portrait: Lock Erutin

Lock Erutin played by DemiKara

Dark to Key Erutin and Duke of the former Erutin Empire, nephew to Wing Erutin.

Character Portrait: Dusk Erutin

Dusk Erutin played by DemiKara

Duke of the former Erutin Empire and Dark to Dawn Erutin.

Character Portrait: Dawn Erutin

Dawn Erutin played by DemiKara

Duchess of the former Erutin Empire and Light to Dusk Erutin.

Character Portrait: Shepherd

Shepherd played by Architect

Erutin Combat engineer

Character Portrait: Kissaki

Kissaki played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Kashira

Kashira played by Absenthia

Character Portrait: Tide Torroth

Tide Torroth played by RolePlayGateway

An Erutin of House Torroth. Light to Tempest Torroth. Terran Colonist.

Character Portrait: Tempest Torroth

Tempest Torroth played by RolePlayGateway

An Erutin of House Torroth. Dark to Tide Torroth and Medic.

Character Portrait: Sisal

Sisal played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Wolfy

Wolfy played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Maria Zhang

Maria Zhang played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Augustus

Augustus played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Annabelle Dollmann

Annabelle Dollmann played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Josef Gottschalk

Josef Gottschalk played by DemiKara

A Landwachter soldier on Terra.

Character Portrait: Miroslav Salazar

Miroslav Salazar played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Maxi

Maxi played by SlightlyIrregular

Erutin child of Caleb

Character Portrait: Grin Brown

Grin Brown played by LawOfTheLand

Character Portrait: Walther Khon

Walther Khon played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Wing Kampf

Wing Kampf played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Leoni Khon

Leoni Khon played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Viktoria Kampf

Viktoria Kampf played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Craig Nichols

Craig Nichols played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Alyssa Hofmann

Alyssa Hofmann played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Milan Ezra

Milan Ezra played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Dust Erutin

Dust Erutin played by Ottoman

Character Portrait: Shine Erutin

Shine Erutin played by DemiKara

Princess Regent of GIH

Character Portrait: Andarta Heller

Andarta Heller played by Saarai

The Blue Angel. The Sword of Kampf.

Character Portrait: The Hessian

The Hessian played by Saarai

"The Hessian? He's an urban legend to scare our enemies."

Character Portrait: Dr. Leaf

Dr. Leaf played by Arceius

A ruthless scientist chasing a mad dream bound in science, magic, and love.

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