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The Multiverse » Groups » The Federation

A nation under UCON that is primarily made up of non-Scatterran Immigrants into the Coalition that settled into the Azrican Corridor.



" The steamer began to move slowly away, but on the landward horizon appeared the silhouette of a fighting machine. Another came, and another, striding over hills and trees, plunging far out to sea and blocking the exit of the steamer.

Between them lay the silent, grey ironclad, Thunderchild."

- H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds


Official Name: The Terran Federation

Other Name(s): The Federation, Terran Federation, The Terran Remnant, Coalition Terrans

National Color(s): White/Purple/Black

National Slogan: Terra Firma


Government & National Population


Government type

Autocratic Military Dictatorship

Democratic |--------------------|| Authoritarian

Political Left |----------|----------| Political Right

Open Society |--------------------|| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby ||---------------------| Dove Lobby

Interventionism ||--------------------| Isolationism

Nationalist ||---------------------| Pacifist

Capital: Metropolis City, Eden Prime, Regnant System

Key Members of the Federation:
  • Grand Admiral: Monika Davis-Sheffield
  • Minister of Fleet Armaments: Cara Johnson
  • Minister of Terran Affairs: Randy Herner
  • Minister of Naval Security: Mara Grezal
  • Minister of Naval Intelligence: Juda Campbell
  • Joint Chief of Staff: Scottim Walking
  • Marshall of the Corps: Liane Gonzal
  • Leader of the Federation; Johnne Rodre
  • Lady of the Federation; Kathra Jackson (Rodre)
  • Director of Defense; Sandra Loper
  • Director of Intelligence; Jimmy Russon
  • Director of Colonization; Willie Liamson
  • Director of Foreign Affairs; Randy Herner
  • Director of Finance; Thera Cookins
  • Director of Domestic Affairs; George Whardson
  • Director of Research and Development; Jeffry Barnels
  • Director of Security Forces; Arler Bertson

    • Regnant System
      • Eden Prime; Habitable
      • Oniad; Mining
    • Tau Stor System

    Naval; 4 Trillion
    Interstellar; 5 Trillion

    Major Race(s):

    a. Caucasoid ; The Caucasian race, sometimes the Caucasoid race, is defined as "relating to a broad division of humankind covering peoples descending from Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia, North Africa and South Asia" or "white-skinned; of European origin" or "relating to the region of the Caucasus in South East Europe".

    b. Negroid ; Negroids are a race of people, generally descending from Sub-Saharan Africa but with descendants in various parts of the world, particularly the Americas. The term is most commonly applied to the peoples who speak the Niger-Congo languages (Congoids). Groups such as the Khoisan (Capoids) are regarded by most as related, though they have a different anthropological structure. Certain groups widely regarded as Black Africans, descending from around the Horn of Africa, have a degree of Hamitic admixture, particularly some of the Ethiopians and Somalis.

    c. Mongoloid ; The Mongoloid race (also refered to as the East Asian race or Far East race) is the race descending from East and South East Asia, including the Han Chinese and other Chinese races, the Mongolians, the Japanese, the Vietnamese and the Koreans. Mongoloid strains penetrate into central asia. American Indians are a mixture of caucasoid and mongoloid people. Mongoloid traits are found in combination with caucasian ones, through lagodan influences. The Saami people of northern Scandinavia are thought to be slightly mongoloid in nature, although this hypothesis is contested.

    d. Scatterran; [need desc.]

    Language(s) Spoken:
    • English; taught in public education as Official language.
    • Interstellar;taught in public education.
    • Trade; taught in public education.
    • Russian; taught in home and public education.
    • Spanish; taught in home and public education.
    • Arabic; taught in home and public education.
    • Chinese; taught in home and public education.
    • German; taught in home and public education.
    • French; taught in home and public education.
    • Japanese; taught in home and public education.
    • Portuguese; taught in home and public education.
    • Dutch; taught in home and public education.
    • Other; various Scatterran languages taught in military specialty education or paid colonization education.

    Religion(s) Practiced:
    • Christian; 49%
    • Islam; 13%
    • Buddism; 2%
    • Judaism; 1%
    • Neo-Paganism; 1%
    • Agnostic/Aethism; 22%
    • Unitarian-Universalism; 32%
    • Other; 2%




    Primary Tech: Terra-Forming - The process of taking an inhabitable planet and making it habitable for human life, while challenging natural forming xenolife and geographics of the aquisitioned planet. This includes freezing or heating an atmosphere, introducing elements such as atmospheric gases, water, biological lifeforms (plants), and/or exterminating hostile xenospecies (unintelligent). There are four classfications to terraforming:

    • T0 - Planet is uninhabitable; human life unsustainable outside of atmospheric shields. Natural geological phemonenon occurs often and poses a large threat; high tempatures, unexplained plate shifts, volcano eruptions, electrical/plasma storms, atmospheric gas storms.
    • T1 - Planet is inhabitable; prehistoric lifeforms such as plants, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. No spontaeous intelligent lifeforms. Reasonable atmosphere for native species, temperate. Unexpected weather and natural phenomenon.
    • T2 - Planet is inhabitable; human life sustaneable with stable atmosphere, almost breathable. Some sponteneous intelligent xeno-lifeforms, and unintelligent xeno-lifeforms, including plants. Docile weather systems and less occuring natural phenomenon.
    • T3 - Planet is Terran inhabitable; perfect atmosphere for human sustainability, no atmospheric shields required. Temperature reflects Terran Homeworld as well as native plants and xenospecies. May or may not have naturally occuring intelligent xeno-lifeforms.

    Secondary Tech: Replicant Production - A replicant is a synthetic human with paraphysical capabilities. It is a genetically engineered creature composed entirely of cybernetic and organic substance. Animal replicants were developed first for use as pets and beasts of burden after most real animals became extinct. Later, humanoid replicants were created for military purposes and for the exploration and colonization of space. They are much stronger, faster, and indistinguisable from real human beings outwardly. However, they lack empathy and do not have emotions. They have a fifteen year life span after activation.

    Tertiary Tech: Interstellar Space Travel - Facilitating their rapid expansion into the stars, the Terrans have logically invested heavily in developing technology to carry them across their domain. The theories of Miguel Alcubierre were finally realized decades after his death as both the opportunity and ability to put them to the test came about, many a ship in the Federation utilizing such drives as the Federation both plots its course and carves its swath from among the stars.




    Federal Colonial Marine Corps

    • HADT, or High Atmosphere Drop Troops, whom served as the heavy force of the Federation's infantry military. They were transported by the Interstellar Fleet from planet to planet, despite mission classification, and dropped from high tier atmosphere layers onto the ground in multi-use capsules. They are equipped with the most advanced heavy operating mechanized power armor and arsenal to match. HADT was widely known throughout the Terran Federation as "Boomer Babies", due to the nature of their field tactics and purpose.
    • CI, or Colonial Infantry, were the main force of the Federation's infantry military. They were transported by the Interstellar Fleet—just as HADT—on low mission classification. They are not dropped from atmospheric heights like their cousin division but deployed on ground by shuttles detached from the Interstellar Fleet. CI was the more versatile force and had a wider range of allocated resources than their orbitally dropped cousins.
    • RRF, or Replicant Reconnaissance Force, whom served as the special forces and black operations portion of the Federation's former military. They lack the ability to have emotional ties to targets and eradicating obstacles during all mission classifications—usually top tier—and follow orders without resistance. RRF was the main stealth force of the Corps, and proved very successful even until the close of the war.

    Tactics of the Corps

    • HADT; Troopers are dropped from high-altitude atmospheric distances using capsules dropped from the Interstellar Fleet Carrier Ships. Individual drop sites are spread apart from each other at distances up to a mile long. They serves as the front lines, by the motto of "First In, Last Out", and are the very last soldiers to leave the combat zone. Typically deployed when large enemy forces are on ground, or extremely hostile xenospecies, the heavy soldiers are sent in to clear most of the danger before GI units are deployed on ground.
    • CI; Light planetary forces are deployed on ground by shuttle or on low-altitude drops in mass numbers, usually a battalion. They are sent after HADT has secured the area from large or numerous hostiles on ground. CI is primarily used for situations where HADT is not logical. Such circumstances would be: underground where satellite or radio communication cannot penetrate, dealings with intelligent xenospecies or humanoid species, or dangerous terrain such as steep mountain passages where the CPA—Combat Power Armor—suits literally cannot travel or maneuver.
    • RRF; Replicants—who hold no rank or title—are sent on special operation missions in order to eradicate either a singular high profile target or to infiltrate posts or bases on enemy territory. They are also used to collect information which is relayed back to Intelligence Division in the Mechanized Infantry Force. Training is unneeded for the drones due to their artificial minds. Orders can be downloaded directly through hard or soft link to protected computer mainframes. Their orders are delivered by RRF technicians, usually Interstellar Fleet Command Officers with advisory from high ranking officers.

    Technology of the Federal Colonial Marine Corps

    • HADT; Drop troops have mechanically advanced high powered armor and explosive arsenal, ranging from incendiary rounds to miniature nukes. Their CPAs—Combat Power Armor—are one-person manned tanks which have the ability to hold anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank rounds, RPGs—rocket propelled grenades—and are essentially heavy artillery suits which a man or replicant can pilot from the inside safely. It is protected with ballistic plates which can survive heavy fire from tanks or small aircraft munitions. However, their downfall is their size and weight. They have exceptional maneuverability in wide open spaces while lacking in close quarter terrains such as convoluted caverns or underwater. Human manned CPAs are controlled side-by-side with an internal AI while replicant models have no need for the AI.
    • CI; The ground Infantry of corps have many toys in their box. Their artillery and arsenal can range from small arms and rifles to mortars and tanks. Each company has their own specialization when it comes to field arms, most using high-powered rifles and propelled explosives. The adept and trained Combat Engineers can use more destructive weaponry such as nuclear charges and anti-artillery or anti-aircraft missiles. CI weapons utilize the "mass accelerator" technology which allows a very small caliber bullet to be fired at a high velocity rate; supersonic rates. However powerful, the rifle technology is highly limited by its overheating problem. Weaponry that uses mass accelerator technology cannot be rapid-fired for more than two seconds, giving reason why most CI do not use mass accelerator technology unless specially trained to handle the fickle nature of the overheating obstacle.

      • A mass accelerator propels a solid metal slug using precisely-controlled electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The slug is designed to squash or shatter on impact, increasing the energy it transfers to the target. If this were not the case, it would simply punch a hole right through, doing minimal damage. A slug lightened by a mass effect field can be accelerated to greater speeds, permitting projectile velocities that were previously unattainable. If accelerated to a high enough velocity, a simple paint chip can impact with the same destructive force as a nuclear weapon. However, mass accelerators produce recoil equal to their impact energy. This is mitigated somewhat by the mass effect fields that rounds are suspended within, but weapon recoil is still the prime limiting factor on slug velocity.
      • RRF; The special operation division known as the replicant Reconnaissance Force holds many specialized and unique weapons outfitted and designed specifically for replicants; cybernetic androids with some human genetic traits. Their sniper rifles are slow and usually overheat after two shots in quick succession. However, they make up for this in range and damage. They retain accuracy at incredible ranges, and they will often kill enemies in one shot. Being replicants, they have internal AI which allows them for targeting assistance as well as a much longer range of vision without the aid of binoculars as would a human being or other xenospecies with human-ranged vision. At close ranges, replicants in the RRF resort to more logical weaponry such as knives, razor wire, or silenced pistols which also use the mass accelerator technology.

      Uniforms of the Federal Colonial Marines

      Everyday Uniforms:

      The multicam BRUs are currently made from bullet-resistant fibers made from a ferrofluid smart material composed of iron particles suspended in a silicon oil that harden within milliseconds when a current is applied. They are also made from a material called M5 Fiber which is much stronger in the fields of slash, ballistic, and fire protection and is much lighter. These highly resembled the ACU which was worn by United States Army soldiers in the early 2000's.

      MultiCam has background colors of a brown to light-tan gradient and lime green blending in between, the main part consist of green to yellowish green gradient and finally dark brown and light pinkish blotches spread throughout the pattern. This allows for the overall appearance to change from greenish to brownish in different areas of the fabric, while having smaller blotches to break up the bigger background areas. MultiCam hides volume and form by tricking the human eye's perception of color. MultiCam allows the object it covers to blend into the background with the camouflage pattern.

      Combat Uniform

      The marine is provided with a full-body bullet and fragmentation protection. It is subdivided into three layers, the Protective Outer Layer, the Power Centric Layer, and the Life Critical Layer.

      The Headgear Subsystem is a situational awareness hub of the system. It includes integrated tactical processing by providing maps, routes, and data with a 180° emissive visor display, high bandwidth wireless communications, microelectronic/optics combat sensor suite that provides 360° situational awareness, and integrated small arms protection. It allows for psychological evaluation, and shot detection (the direction a shot was taken).

      Lethality Vision proposes an integrated, advanced, lightweight weapons system with fire control software and hardware that is optimized for urban combat. The infantryman is able to synchronize direct and indirect fires from Combat System and other networked platforms. this subsystem is labeled Sensors and Communications Vision. Its current capabilities would provide network-equipped small units with robust team communications using JTRS Cluster 5 Soldier Radio Waveform, state-of-the-art distributed and fused sensors, organic tactical intelligence/collection assets, enhanced situational understanding, embedded training, on-the-move planning, and linkage to other Combat System assets.

      WPSM is an on-board physiological and medical sensor suite that would collect and monitor information regarding vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, hydration and stress levels, sleep status, body positioning and workload capacity of the warrior. If necessary, the WPSM can notify medics and commanders if the soldier has been wounded or has become fatigued.

      The Micro-Climate System, built into the Life Critical Layer, is a network of narrow tubing that would provide one-hundred watts of heating or cooling to the soldier.

      The Power Subsystem, built into the Power Centric Layer, is fed by the Duration Central, a two to twenty watt Micro Turbine fueled by a liquid hydrocarbon fuel pack. According to the concept, ten ounces of fuel would power the soldier's integrated electronics ensemble for up to six days. Polymeric nanofiber battery patches embedded in the headgear and weapon provide back-up power for three hours.

      Rank Structure of the Federal Colonial Marines:

      First Sergeant
      Master Sergeant
      First Lieutenant
      Lieutenant Colonel
      Brigadier General
      Major General
      Field Marshal
      Air Marshall [Supreme commander of all airborne forces, works alongside the Field Marshall]

      Federal Interstellar Navy

      The Federal Fleet a galactic exploratory and defense service fomerly maintained by the Department of Defense of the Terran Federation. Its principle functions included the advancement of Federation knowledge about the galaxy, expansion into other systems through colonization, advancement of science and technology, military defense and diplomatic service. Many officers once served as representatives of the entire Terran nation when first contacting other xenospecies and peoples. An on-going joke by the Federal Marine Corps is the nickname "Support and Transport", which was the main use of the fleet. They were widely used to carry ground and sea support vessels for the FMC, and ferry diplomats to other nations.

      However, the FIN is more than capable of defending or attacking in hostile space territory or when Terran territory is invaded. Divisions in the Fleet are called Sectors, and most are part of a balance-powered flotilla of around fifty to one hundred different classes of ships. Smaller, stealth classes in Reconnaissance Sectors, do not follow the flotilla but remain singular for diplomatic transports, intelliegence gathering, or tracking down single, high profile, hostilities in Terran territory. There are five sectors which are divided into several battalions. Flotillas are made up of different battalions from the five sectors.

      Nomenclature: The naming convention of vessels for the fleet is after historical figures, locations, or infamous battles on Terra before the Federation was assembled. In example, Eos Paradigm's Command Ship was named the Alpha-Four-Alpha (A-4A-1) Lexington Concord, after the skirmishes between British and North Americans which ultimately kicked off the American Revolutionary War and was the largest ship, prestigious to Terran technology.

      Designations: A-4A-1; The first "A" denotes which Sector the ship belongs in and the addition "A" denotes which battalion within the Sector it is assigned. The structure of the Fleet is based off of NATO nomenclature for Sectors, Battalions, Companies, Platoons, and finally Squads. The numeral four in front of the Lexington Concord's designation tells how many Alpha positions it holds. Four is the most a ship can hold and one is the least. A more complicated ship name would be, in example, Echo-Two-Bravo-Two-Alpha (E-2B2A). That ship belongs to Echo Sector, Bravo Battalion, Bravo Company, Alpha Platoon, Alpha Squad. Due to overlap, another numeral is tagged onto the end of each designation which shows if that ship had the designation first. E-2B2A-35 would have been named before E-2B2A-67, and ect. The full name of a ship is hardly used unless in official records and/or communications.

      Tactics of the Federal Navy

      • DSA, or Defense Sector Alpha; The Alpha Sector of the FN focuses primarily on arms and armament on their vessel ships. Their main purpose is to provide safe travel through the galaxy and serve as escort for the flotilla which is compromised of other Sectors, flying side-by-side. In the flotilla, the Alpha ships are mainly encircling the flotilla with a few strategically placed ships within the formation; the Defense Command Ship being dead center, if applicable.
      • TSB, or Transport Sector Bravo; The Bravo Sector provides the flotilla with planet-side and support vessels, along with HADT troops, CM troops, RRF troops, and carriers for smaller Alpha Sectors. These carriers range from the ratio of one-third of the flotilla to one-forth, and are scattered between the Command Ship and the other Alpha Defense.
      • CSC, or Colony Sector Charlie; The Charlie Sector holds the civilians of the Terran Federation who seek out new territories to colonize. The ships are mostly civilian carriers or GHSs—Green House Satellites—which will remain with the colonized planet for terra-forming. These ships tend to make up a wide portion of the flotilla, ranging from one-third to one-fourth of the flotilla, in non-combat zones.
      • DSD, or Diplomatic Sector Delta; The Delta Sector held diplomats from the Terran Federation of lesser scale. Politicians with higher rank are usually stationed on the Command Ship, which is more heavily armed and fortified. However, for lesser politicians and through non-hostile, Terran Space, they are assigned to the sleek and smaller Delta Ships. They mak=de up a fraction of the flotilla, and usually there are only one or two. Their location is generally close to the Command Ship, or centralized within the flotilla.
      • RSE, or Recon Sector Echo; The Echo Sector is the reconnaissance force of the TFIF. Their numbers can range from five to fifty ships depending on the size of a flotilla and the mission of the flotilla. They outskirt the formation in long distances; outspread from the main ships. Their stealth capabilities allow them to gather intelligence on other fleets, armadas, or even singular ships. Their main purpose is to ward off potential hostiles, destroy pirating ships, guide the flotilla through convoluted space, and patrol around the flotilla. Not all Echo Sectors travel with flotillas, however, and resort to singular missions authorized by the Admiral.

      Technology of the Federal Navy

      Federal ships use electromagnetic ion engines—Hall Effect Thrusters—which are powered by either solar energy when close to a star, or, fusion powered when lacking a direct solar source of light. They utilize space folding technology through the Alcubierre Drives, which create a bubble that allows the ships to pass through space without relative time and achieving FTL—faster than light—speeds.

      Common weaponry on Federal ships include laser and beam weapons. Heavy class laser weapons are primarily used to puncture the pressurized hull of a ship at a precise point. Light class lasers are used to disrupt sensors or critically important equipment, making them unable to function. However, intel is needed on other enemy vessels in order to pinpoint which areas on the target ship would be most effective to fire lasers upon.

      The Federal Navy also uses missiles from small explosives to nuclear missiles. These weapons are used when in close combat quarters in space, or, bombardment suppressive fire from larger ships. The larger missiles are reserved for the ships which can carry them, either battleships or cruisers. All other ships are equipped with the more common munitions.

      Mass weapons are also used by the FIN. However, their munitions for mass cannons are very small, but traveling as such high velocities due to their mass accelerator technology, a fist-sized rock can crush a ship's hull inward, crippling it. Even with such a small mass, traveling at the speed of thousands of kilometers per second, the small munitions can easily destroy shuttles. Mass cannons are primarily used as counter-measures in space combat. 'Buck Shot' is used to fire on an incoming missile in order to destroy it. When planet side, the mass cannons are used an offensive weaponry, only those without atmospheres, and caused massive planetary destruction.

      The Federal Navy was also notorious for protecting their borders shared with hostile nations with radiation fields; fields of space literally dotted with radiation mines. They are laid in out a strategic net which is detonated at the same time producing a massive dose of deadly microwave, radiating and electrocuting an unprepared or protected ship.

      The only shields that the FIN have effectively sported are mini-magnetosphere ion shields. The engines for the shields are held within two satellites located outside of the ship and are powered by controlled fusion. If there is an increase in solar wind flux or an approaching source of energetic particles from a flare and/or coronal mass ejection, the ion shields can be activated and deflect the solar ions away from the space ship. This protects the ship almost completely from destruction of sensitive electronics and the humans crewing the ship against the radioactive effects near solar storms.

      Uniforms of the Federal Navy

      The TFIF uniforms are quite simple. They do not change from combat to every day wear. Officers are adorned in starched pants and coats with a high rising collar. It is tailored to fit their form perfectly and dyed completely white. Silver merits and insignia are worn on the collar and the peaked hat, which has a black visor. Their service bands which encircled the lower end of their sleeves are colored royal purple. Their dress shoes are black and always polished to a perfect shine.

      Uniforms for NCOs and enlisted personnel are simple black flight suits, tailored for either a male or female. They have black boots and the legs are always tucked inside the working boots. They do not wear their berets inside the ship but when off deck, they must adorn them lest an officer catch them. The dress uniform of the NCO's and enlisted is similar to that of an officer's, however, colored black.

      Rank Structure of the Federal Navy:

      Grand Admiral
      Fleet Admiral
      Vice Admiral
      Rear Admiral
      Lieutenant Commander
      Lieutenant Junior Grade




      Currency: CRT; Terran Federation Credit

      Gross Domestic Product: 160,000,000,000,000 CRTs.

      Formerly Housed Under: Department of Finance, Department of Domestic Affairs, Administration of Research and Development.

      Economy Type: Absolute Command Economy

      Economic Tendencies:

      System; Regnant
      • Agriculture
      • Consumer Goods
      • Manufactoring
      • Light Industry

      System; Tau Stor
      • Agriculture
      • Scientific Research
      • Light Manufactoring
      • Light Industry

      Major Exports:
      • Cybernetic Enhancements.
      • Replicants; Android Technology; non-military grade.
      • Food; Consumer Goods.
      • Raw Materials.

      Major Imports:
      • Raw Materials.
      • Manpower.
      • Scientific personnel.
      • Ammunition.
      • Military Grade Weapons; Armament.

      Unique Manufacturing: Replicant Technology, which is the manufacturing of androids who mimic the physical traits and genetic makeup as real human beings outside of their cybernetic parts. They are used for military, colonization, business, and personal purposes. They are the first front when it comes to exploring unknown reaches of space, terra-forming a new planet, or for physical conflict during times of war. Replicant technology is highly expensive and is not auctioned off. It remains to have a fixed price, and is produced by independently owned corporations; not the military.


      Miscellaneous Information


      Legal Stances:
      Legal Drinking Age: 21; civilian. 18; citizen.
      Driving Age: 18; civilian family. 16; citizen family.
      Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification: 15
      Military Enlistment: 17, D.E.P., 18.
      Voting Age: There are no elections in the fleet.
      Reproduction: Legal; encouraged after the sacking of Terra.

      Status of Drugs:
      • Marijuana - legal with state-assigned permit.
      • Tobacco - legal, adult age restrictions apply.
      • Cocaine - illegal, outside of applied use by the state.
      • Alcohol - legal, adult age restrictions apply.
      • LSD - illegal outside of applied use by the state.
      • Caffeine - legal, no restrictions.
      • Heroin - illegal outside of applied use by the state.
      • Opium - illegal outside of applied use by the state.
      • Methamphetamine - illegal punishable by military draft; no citizenship earned.

Firearms: Everyone in the fleet is armed and trained, civilians included. Proficiency with an assault rifle is mandatory for legal classification as an adult.
Death Penalty: Legal.
Speed Limit: Speed Limit ranges with each ship.
Religion: Freedom of Religion supported by state and encouraged.
Pornography: Legal, age restrictions apply.
Prostitution: Illegal save for state sponsored brothels maintained for civil service and the armed forces. Private practice punishable by military draft; no citizenship earned.
Polygamy: Legal if classified as a colonist.
Homosexuality: Illegal if classifed as a colonist. Legal of civilian, military, or citizen.
Stem Cell Research: Legal; state sponsored.
Cloning: Legal; Military use: clones not eligible for citizenship until military service contract completed. Business: clones hold all entitlement to company or corporation. Colonist: not eligible.
Slavery: Illegal.
Hunting: Legal if non-intelligent xenos or wildlife.
Consumption of Meat: Legal.
Litter: Illegal, fines ranging from 1,000 CRT to 5,000 CRT.
Suicide: Illegal, punishable by forced draft; no citizenship earned.
Gay Marriage: Legal if non-colonist.
Abortion: Illegal.
Taxation Systems: Citizenship, Non-Citizenship, income, sales, property holdings, importing, exporting, and firearm possession. Taxation Rate Maximum: 65%.
Prerequisites for Citizenship: Minimum military enlistment for five years.
Automatic Citizenship: N/A.
Partial Citizenship: N/A.
Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Consortium citizens and members of their respective military, or any Terrans who acknowledged the Peace Accords of 2707.
Censorship of Media: "Freedom of Speech", open media but state-regulated pending improper propaganda against the Federation or negative light thereof.

Characters Aligned

5 Characters Aligned, played by 2 Players

Character Portrait: Valerie Chambers

Valerie Chambers played by Prose

A corporate mogul in a secret relationship with a very prominent eligible Aschen bachelor.

Character Portrait: Jeane Remington

Jeane Remington played by RolePlayGateway

A Coalition Terran Capsuleer serving a joint military service in the Terran Federation Fleet and in the UCON military.

Character Portrait: Monika Davis-Sheffield

Monika Davis-Sheffield played by RolePlayGateway

The Leader of the Federation Fleet and also known as Eos Paradigm, Liberator of Terra.

Character Portrait: Jack Mercer

Jack Mercer played by RolePlayGateway

A Federation Terran who earned his citizenship and is the COO of Daedalus Enterprises.

Character Portrait: Xia Zhang

Xia Zhang played by RolePlayGateway

The Director of Replicant Research for Daedalus Enterprises and a Taijhan Scatterran.

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