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The Multiverse » Groups » The Invictus

Built and bred for war. The Invictus are an elite paramilitary company.



Name: The Invictus.

Other Names: The Invicta, Unconquerable Ones, The PMC, Da Vicz.

Founder: Alexius Androcles.

Leader(s): Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi (Commander-In-Chief), Mary "Phinx" Munroe (Second-In-Command)

Date Founded: The 1600s (Original). Early 1960s (Current). Various incarnations over years.

Public Status: Now a brand name. Officially recognized by many governments for their steep rise in power and influence. Though still considered terrorists and criminals by some.


  • UCON - Business/Friendly
  • Terran National Government - Uneasy
  • The Patronus - Friendly
  • Horne Family Loyalist - Allies
  • The Taiyou Empire - None
  • UDW - None
  • The Aschen Empire - None
  • Ereb Industries - None
  • CONCORD - Friendly
  • SEC - Neutral

Key Members:

Jessamine "Shavi" Dyer: Senior member of the Invictus.

Henry "Tommy" Jones: The acting leader of the Custodicus Benevolentia in Stryfe's place.

Jeremiah "Swift" Swiftluger: A member of the Custodis Custos and more recently, a member of the Invictus' Enforcer squad. Usually in charge of demolition assignments.

Yuriko "Yuri" Izumi: A ranking member of the Invictus, seems tasked with assisting Fatin Alfarsi in her daily affairs.

Camma: One of Stryfe's personal assassins and a member of the Enforcers.

Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi: Leader of the Custodis Benevolentia and the current leader of the Invictus. Handles the most important political meetings. Oversees most military operations with Phinx.

Mary "Phinx" Munroe: Current leader of the Custodis Custos and leader of the Enforcers. Serves as Stryfe's lieutenant and oversees most military operations with her.

Mikhail "Punky" Dragunov: A member of the Custodis Custos, one of the Invictus' most skilled snipers.

Anodyne "The Ripper": Another skilled Invictus sniper, she also serves as Stryfe's bodyguard and one of her assassins. Currently working with Terran Militia where she has become somewhat of a celebrity.

Viktor Vetrano: An Invictus liaison, coordinator, and investigator. He helps to make sure the Invictus is running smoothly, works internal affairs, and helps keeps the peace between the factions within the Invictus, as well as those factions outside of the organization.

Kane Horne: The older brother of Kazen Horne and former lieutenant for The Commander within the Custodis Carmen. His position in the Invictus, if any, is unknown at this time.

Sonia Hughes: A member of the Custodis Lamia, she currently helps to lead the Custodis branch with other members that have proven themselves. She is a former member of the Custodis Benevolentia.

Masaru "Scorpio" Saito: A sniper and one of the Invictus' most skilled spies. Saito is an engima, barely seen in public. He is considered a master of disguise.

Lawrence Cyrus Goldberg: A member of the Custodis Benevolentia and one of Stryfe's bodyguards. He usually goes by his middle name. (NPC)

"Bishop" Kalil ibn Fathi: Another member of the Custodis Benevolentia and one of Stryfe's bodyguards, always close to her and with Cyrus often. (NPC)

Nikolaj Dragovic: An Invictus sniper and member of the Custodis Benevolentia. He is also a member of the Eastern Block, a group of soldiers considered to be Stryfe's personal team of bodyguards and assistants. They are made up of only people from Eastern Europe and some areas of west Asia.

Jade Emile: Second-in-Command of the Invictus' Custodis Benevolentia, she also heads the organization's Spanish and French branches.

Lionel "Sandman" Hope: A skilled sniper and designated marksman working as a member of the Custodis Benevolentia and Team Ripper. He is known for being extremely quiet and not very social in most situations.

Preston Emile: One of Anodyne's handlers and a high-ranking member of the Custodis Benevolentia's Team Ripper. His cousin is Jade Emile, leader of the Invictus' Spanish and French branches.

Natasha Zolner: An Invictus weapons expert, or Quartermaster, she serves as one of Stryfe's personal bodyguards. She is also a member of the Custodis Benevolentia. She is a member of the Eastern Block.

Arya "Bones" Sloane: A high-ranking member of the Invictus' Custodis Caeleste, usually acts as field commander of the group.

Matthew "Taco" Nicks: An Invictus medic, he's also one of Anodyne's handlers and a member of the Custodis Benevolentia's Team Ripper.

Christian Vidal: A member of the Invictus Custodis Benevolentia's Team Ripper and a sniper. He tends to handle most driving and piloting as well. He also serves as one of Anodyne's handlers.

Nina Sekova: An Invictus rifleman. She has specialized in CQC and prefers to fight up close. She is a member of the Eastern Block and works as one of Anodyne's handlers in Team Ripper. She's also assigned to train and evaluate new recruits.

Robert "Chemo" Jimenez: An Invictus rifleman. He is a member of the Custodis Benevolentia's Team Ripper as their second-in-command and one of Anodyne's handlers. More recently, he's been assigned to recruitment.

Vanessa "Mulan" Le: The newest addition to the Custodis Benevolentia and to Team Ripper, Mulan is a former intelligence agent for the People's Liberation Army's special forces. She is a designated marksman.

"Agent Church" An Invictus intelligence agent, he works closely with the Custodis Veritas to the point where some might consider him a member of the branch despite his official membership in the Custodis Belua.

Custodis Branches:

The Custodis Custos: When you need soldiers, bodyguards, escorts, or fighters for any occasion chances are they come from the Custodis Custos when the Invictus are hired. The Custodis Custos makes up nearly all of the Invictus' combat forces and are usually on the frontlines of war or other combat assignments,

The Custodis Benevolentia: Stryfe's personal squad of soldiers and warriors. They are said to be made up of some of the best warriors throughout the Multiverse and are said to prefer melee over ranged weapons. They are best known for a strict rule which prohibits them from killing their enemy.

The Custodis Caeleste: The Custodis Caeleste are a team of elite soldiers and fighters specializing in combat against and the capture of supernatural threats and beings. This branch has no one leader, but answer to Phinx on most occasions. They are replacing the Custodis Carmen, a similar team that defected a year prior.

The Custodis Medicus: The doctors and surgeons of the Invictus and the PMC, they are also medics in battle and know how to hold their own in combat. Many of the other Custodis branches has at least five in the field with them.

The Custodis Veritas: They handle the intelligence side of the Invictus. Providing the Invictus with intelligence on their enemies and other people of interest. As well as for locations and mission briefings. They consist only of a race of beings known as Misery Angels.

The Custodis Lamia: Known for their witchcraft inspired approach to combat, they are made up witches, sorcerers, warlocks, and necromancers. They have been dubbed, "The Coven" by most. They are one of the most secretive branches of the Invictus.

The Custodis Vita: This Custodis group earned their name because they preserve the history of the Invictus and it's members. Anything of merit is written down by them. There isn't much they can't tell you about the Invictus and all those part of the organization. They also protect the Invictus' history from enemies.

The Custodis Umbra: The assassins of the Invictus. They are one of the only Custodis branches that are made up of members with duties with other branches within the Invictus.

The Custodis Belua: The Custodis Belua have a purpose known only to the Veritas and higher ranked officers of the Invictus. Rumors say that they conduct experiments on members of the Invictus in order to make super-soldiers, others say that they are in charge of keeping a monster, or several, locked up and under control until use in combat.

Other Branches:

The Enforcers: An Invictus branch made of the most sturdy members of the group. The Enforcers are usually in charge of security and operate using the structure of western street gangs mixed with the structures of organized crime gangs. They are headed proudly and handpicked by Phinx Munroe.

The Pack: An elite team of shapeshifting soldiers who are known for their brutal efficiency and ability to hunt down even the most elusive of men and women. They are usually tasked with security and covert assaults. They are the Invictus equivalent to a black operations team.

The Eastern Block: While not an official team, the Eastern Block is made of Invictus soldiers and members hailing from Eastern Europe, West Asia and Russia. They also consist of those from certain areas in south Europe like Bosnia and areas such as Greece.

Team Ripper: Made up of entirely members of the Invictus' Custodis Benevolentia, Team Ripper oversees and assists Anodyne in all of her duties as a member of the Invictus and now as a member of the Terran Militia. They were chosen for being able to connect and relate to Anodyne much easier than everyone else, and for their adherence to using words to diffuse a situation before fighting.

Thousand Mountain Records: A music company owned by the Invictus in order to give members of the Invictus and other talented individuals a chance at a peaceful life. The company doesn't specialize in one or few genres of music, they are known for encouraging the melding of each.

Uniform And Colors: The Invictus do not have one uniform, allowing each of their members to wear whatever makes them more comfortable or effective in and out of combat situations. In order to identify each other they often sport the colors red and black or orange and black as well as the Invictus logo. Members who aren't fans of those colors sport their own with a modified Invictus logo matching their preferred colors.

Despite this, members of the Invictus are still given the option of wearing a standard operations uniform which usually consists of black fatigues or a black jumpsuits, a combat vest, and sometimes body armor.

Members of the Invictus are also encouraged to don personal patches and insignia on their uniforms and clothing. The patches and insignia are meant to showcase different things about members. Including their religion, likes, specialties, or specific branch within the organization.


- Heavily modified Heckler & Koch HK416.
- Heavily modified Colt M4A1 Carbine. (Most common primary weapon)
- Heavily modified IMI Tavor TAR-21.
- Heavily modified FN P90.
- Heavily modified G5 Rifle.
- Heavily modified Robinson Armament XCR-L/M.
- Heavily modified Heckler & Koch MP5.
- Heavily modified FN SCAR.
- Heavily modified Glock-30 .45 (Most common sidearm)
- Heavily modified Beretta 92FS.
- Heavily modified Glock-17.
- Heavily modified Mk.14 EBR.
- Heavily modified Jericho 941.
- Heavily modified AK-103.
- Heavily modified SIG Sauer P220.
- Heavily modified Walther P99.
- Heavily modified Franchi SPAS-12.
- Heavily modified Mamba Pistol.
- Heavily modified McMillan Tac-50 sniper rifle.
- Heavily modified Mossberg 500 shotgun.
- Heavily modified Ithaca 37 Stakeout shotgun. (Used mostly by the Enforcers)

Ground Combat Vehicles (All Heavily Modified):

- IAV Stryker. (70 in use)
- Leopard 2. (82 in use)
- GTK Boxer. (95 in use)
- VAB. (200 in use)
- VBCI. (1550 in use)
- Antonov An-225 Mriya. (156 in use)
- Antonov An-124 Ruslan. (130 in use)
- Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. (100 owned, 95 in use)

Space Combat Vehicles

- Ripper-class Gunship. (170 owned, 150 in use)
- Titan-class Gunship. (180 owned, 169 in use)
- Lucien-class Gunship. (160 owned, 147 in use)

Spacecraft Weaponry

Invictus weaponry on spacecrafts is very basic and straightforward. Turrets, missiles, directed energy weapons, and advanced shielding for space combat and elements. Kinetic rounds fired from Invictus craft is made from several metals and other elements to form a new, extremely strong, alloy. Identified as being used to create the shells and rounds include tungsten, hyperdiamond, steel, impervium and iron.

Invictus spacecrafts make use of several forms of shielding at once, something the scientists within the Invictus called Aegis. Official name is unknown. Listed below are the more innovative, and destructive, of the weapons in use.

- The Hose: The Hose is an energy based weapon located on all Invictus spacecraft in various sizes, resulting in various amounts of damage according to size and ship. It earned it's name for being a directed beam of energy that can be fired at an enemy and sustained for long periods of time dependent on power available in the ship. The energy can also be fired like a projectile. It's goal is too completely overload or bypass shielding, cutting through an enemy craft's hull like butter. It's effects on land and buildings is more devastating than on ships.

- Gravity Well: A gravity well projector is an apparatus used to create interdiction fields. By simulating the gravity shadow of a planet or other celestial body, often called a gravity well, a ship's travel through hyperspace could be halted or their jump to hyperspace could be rendered impossible within the simulated gravity shadow. These generally large gravity well generators were most often used to counteract hit-and-run tactics and pin outmaneuvered or outnumbered enemies in place.

The Invictus' history goes back to the crusades. During the 1600s, they were officially formed by a man called The Oro in order to combat the forces of the Christians across the holy land. Because of the Invictus' appeal and the numbers they were able to gain in a short amount of time, they were able reclaim the holy land for the Muslims. As the years passed, their influence and numbers increased, expanding Islam to other planets and even realms.

Eventually the Invictus strayed from their religious roots, various incarnations of the organization have existed under different leadership or as a result of the issues going on in their neck of the woods. Today the Invictus lives on as a business and mercenary company.

Primarily the Invictus is made up of many different sub-genus' of Human, though different races and species tend to join their ranks. They range from wizards, shapeshifters, vampires, witches and everything in between including non-powered individuals. Human and otherwise.

Members of the Invictus usually wear light chest body armor unless there's a specific need, or preference, for anything heavier. Members are usually armed with various weapons depending on their personal wants.But, the most common among the Invictus are Glock-30 .45s and Colt M4A1s.

The armor they use is made from an unknown alloy that has made it more than capable to withstand all types of damage, though the armor is sometimes more susceptible to energy based weapons. Personal shield generators help to balance this out.

Their weapons and bullets are made from the same alloy. The bullets also have clear tips which clearly holds a lightly glowing highly acidic and highly toxic teal liquid. When the bullets come into contact with a person the tips of the bullets explode in a sense, sending the teal liquid out to burn the flesh and bone completely, also infecting the wound with it's toxic properties within minutes.

Characters Aligned

31 Characters Aligned, played by 4 Players

Character Portrait: Johnny Izumi

Johnny Izumi played by Saarai

"We saw him die. And then you tell me he's mercing on some backwater planet?"

Character Portrait: Camma

Camma played by Saarai

An Invictus Heavy Hitter, she's known in many circles for her skills as an assassin and godly strength.

Character Portrait: The Invictus

The Invictus played by Saarai

A mercenary organization attempting to shed much of their past for money, power, and movie deals. Easier said than done.

Character Portrait: Kroger Haggai

Kroger Haggai played by Saarai

The former leader of the Invictus PMC and member of their parent organization. Now working to "get a life" at the behest of his family.

Character Portrait: The Custodis Veritas

The Custodis Veritas played by Saarai

An elite intelligence network for the Invictus under the direct command of Mary "Phinx" Munroe and Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi.

Character Portrait: Vespillo

Vespillo played by Saarai

A famous fashion designer and music producer. He is currently working an unknown position within the Invictus.

Character Portrait: Yuriko Izumi

Yuriko Izumi played by RolePlayGateway

The twin sister of Johnny Izumi.

Character Portrait: Phinx Munroe

Phinx Munroe played by Saarai

A former gang member turned Invictus leader, recording artist, and head of the Invictus media division.

Character Portrait: The Custodis Benevolentia

The Custodis Benevolentia played by Saarai

Led personally by Fatin "Stryfe" Alfarsi, the Custodis Benevolentia serve as her personal guard. Known for their prowess as a team and rules against killing and revenge.

Character Portrait: Stryfe

Stryfe played by Saarai

The current leader of the Invictus, known for her prowess as a tactician.

Character Portrait: Viktor Vetrano

Viktor Vetrano played by Saarai

Once a soldier for the Italian Armed Forces and a detective, now a recovering alcoholic struggling with sobriety.

Character Portrait: Anodyne, The Ripper

Anodyne, The Ripper played by Saarai

Infamous sniper and unexpected celebrity known for her heroic efforts with, and without, the blessing of the Terran government.

Character Portrait: Kane Horne

Kane Horne played by Saarai

The missing brother of Kazen Horne. The reasons for his disappearance and now reappearance are unknown. But rumor has it, he's out for blood.

Character Portrait: Swift

Swift played by Saarai

Former Nazi Turned Immortal Soldier For The Invictus.

Character Portrait: Sonia Hughes

Sonia Hughes played by Saarai

The acting leader of the Custodis Lamia and scientist. She is a former member of the Custodis Benevolentia and of the United Kingdom's SIB.

Character Portrait: Masaru Saito

Masaru Saito played by Saarai

A specialist with the Invictus, a master of disguise and a master at espionage

Character Portrait: Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones played by Saarai

Ex-SAS and currently acting leader of the Invictus' only non-lethal group of elite soldiers the Custodis Benevolentia.

Character Portrait: Dennis Riley

Dennis Riley played by Saarai

A former Delta Force soldier and werewolf, working with the Invictus as a covert operative.

Character Portrait: Jade Emile

Jade Emile played by Saarai

Acting second-in-command of the Invictus' Custodis Benevolentia and current head of the Invictus' French and Spanish branches.

Character Portrait: The Geek

The Geek played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Shavi

Shavi played by Moonscar

"Please, just do as I ask."

Character Portrait: Chemo Jimenez

Chemo Jimenez played by Saarai

A member of the Invictus' elite Custodis Benevolentia, currently working recruitment

Character Portrait: Nina Sekova

Nina Sekova played by Saarai

A member of the Invictus' elite Custodis Benevolentia. She is also a member of it's recruitment and training divisions.

Character Portrait: Preston Emile

Preston Emile played by Saarai

A member of the Invictus' elite Custodis Benevolentia and the leader of Team Ripper.

Character Portrait: Arya Sloane

Arya Sloane played by Saarai

A former member of the Invictus' Custodis Lamia, she is now working with the newly formed Custodis Caeleste.

Character Portrait: David Munroe

David Munroe played by Saarai

Once a great pirate in the late 1800s, turned gun for hire in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Character Portrait: Taco Nicks

Taco Nicks played by Saarai

Rifleman and medic for Team Ripper, known for his horrible sense of humor.

Character Portrait: Ariadne Kale

Ariadne Kale played by Saarai

The cold head of the Invictus' enigmatic Custodis Belua, taking a more active role in the day to day operations.

Character Portrait: Tyler Goodnight

Tyler Goodnight played by Saarai

"I built the wall that keeps injustice at bay. I am the architect of justice."

Character Portrait: Vanessa Le

Vanessa Le played by Saarai

A former intelligence agent for the Chinese special forces turned freelancer.

Character Portrait: Evelyn Boone

Evelyn Boone played by Knosis

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