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The Multiverse » Groups » The Kingdom of Skyfall

A nation on the continent of Siv'en. It is led by a King and six Jarls that rule the six districts of Skyfall from the Exalted Mountains down to the Empyrean Sea. Their numbers are large and their armies are mighty.


The House of Edenhelm and Kingdom of Skyfall
"Blood and Wine"
—instated by King Markus Edenhelm III


The Kingdom of Skyfall began as a small township, raised by two houses: House Edenhelm and House Traeger. After years of civil war between the two Houses, in the end it was House Edenhelm which laid claim to total victory through political influences, bloodline, economic stability, and man power. From there the township grew having been united beneath a single banner, growing into the kingdom that it is now.

Now with the looming death of King Ildrium Edenhelm and without a male heir, the two Houses were forced to combine through arranged marriage to create a new era for Skyfall; The Edenhelm Era. An era which aims to claim all the lands of Siv'en, beginning with uniting Skyfall beneath the banner of House Edenhelm.

Rulers of House Edenhelm
Former King; Ildrium Edenhelm, deceased. [NPC]
Former Queen; Valoria Edenhelm, deceased. [NPC]
King; Lesym Tharcey Edenhelm. [NPC]
Queen; Lorelei Ang'le Edenhelm. [NPC]

Edemhelm Relations, Traeger Relations, Markett Relations and Minor Houses Available to Play

Social Classes; King/Queen, Prince/Princess, Jarl, Baron/Baroness, Duke/Duchess, Lord/Lady, Noble/Knight, Military, Merchant, Artisan, Farmer, Peasant.
Natural Resources; Fresh Water, Fish, Lumber, Cattle/Domestic Animals, Coal, Produce, Small/Large Game, Minerals, Ore, and Stone.

Civilian Population; 15,496.
Citadel Guard Population; 5,048
Army Population; 50,836.

Major Exports; Leather, Mineral Ores, Metal Ores, Gems, Lumber, Stone, and Coal.
Major Imports; Linen, Spices/Herbs, Clay, Cattle/Sheep/Horses, Dye, Salt, Wine, and Oil.

The Citadel Guard
"Loyalty, Honor, Glory."
—instated by King Lesym Tharcey Edenhelm

The professional military of Skyfall, the Citadel Guard bear on their breasts the King's coat of arms and wield the finest arms the city has to offer. At their head ride the key of Tharcey's bid at power projection, the Vanguard, accompanied by the Skyfall Lancers and their legion of foot-soldiers.

The true body of any martial action undertaken by the Kingdom of Skyfall, the Citadel Guard is not the whole of their force, but the core, supported often by levies and militias, the supplemental forces often bolstering their number.

Formal Military Ranks; King, Commander of the Guard, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Armsman
Military Makeup; Heavy/Light Cavalry, Shock Troops, Pikemen, Longbowmen, Sorcery Support, Siege Support/Artillery, Clerical Support
Battalions; First/Second/Third Infantry, First/Second Archer, Mage, Ildrium's Fire, The King's Vanguard, Lances of Skyfall. In no particular order of strength

Characters Aligned

17 Characters Aligned, played by 10 Players

Character Portrait: Trent

Trent played by Marcus

Human ranger and guardian of the Verdent Grove. (WIP)

Character Portrait: Kalandriel

Kalandriel played by Jinx911

He is a mage, but no ordinary kind... he is also a vampire. He can be cruel as easily as he can be kind... Don't push him though. That could end badly...

Character Portrait: Karasaad Vidathari

Karasaad Vidathari played by Konstantein

"Greetings, I am Karasaad Vidathari, magician.

Character Portrait: Houpetorlivaij

Houpetorlivaij played by Marcus

Beguiler, Theif Lord, Spymaster, you decide for yourself when you come across this Black Dragon.

Character Portrait: Demi Edenhelm

Demi Edenhelm played by Arcayne

A woman who seeks powerful artifacts that have remained hidden in Skyfall for eons.

Character Portrait: Morim Ithlond

Morim Ithlond played by RolePlayGateway

A dark elf with intentions that yet remain to be discovered concerning the artifacts in Skyfall.

Character Portrait: Ferno Vlade

Ferno Vlade played by RolePlayGateway

A legendary man who has earned his name sake left behind by his father. Ferno is the High General of Skyfall and War Advisor.

Character Portrait: Sol Siegmund

Sol Siegmund played by RolePlayGateway

A legend on Gaia newly awoken in order to protect the Champions of Gaia through sacrifice of life if necessary for The Gate Keeper

Character Portrait: Sebastian Fllynn

Sebastian Fllynn played by Ironman11

Master Thief, Master Mason, Mastermind - Prominent in all fields in the Citadel of Skyfall

Character Portrait: Roderick the Baker's Son

Roderick the Baker's Son played by Ironman11

The firstborn of a humble baker, though not possessing the strength of a great warrior the young man holds great courage and conviction of a hero.

Character Portrait: The Shadow Stealer

The Shadow Stealer played by Ironman11

Wielder of the garment of legacy: The Star Weaved Cloak; This extremely elusive individual has stolen such fortunes that all the remains is larceny for sport.

Character Portrait: Una Markett

Una Markett played by Prose

Bastard daughter of King Edenhelm and central in the plot to usurp the Crystal Crown upon his death.

Character Portrait: King Paul Elupitser

King Paul Elupitser played by lostamongtrees

King of Skyfall | DECEASED

Character Portrait: Eloise Porenia Edenhelm

Eloise Porenia Edenhelm played by ncfwhitetigress

Eloise is a blue-eyed, blonde noblewoman of the House of Edelhelm.

Character Portrait: Trophonia of Skyfall

Trophonia of Skyfall played by lostamongtrees

Court Oracle of Skyfall | DECEASED

Character Portrait: Malgerius Corven

Malgerius Corven played by Marcus

A knight of the Realm who is something more than a simple sword for the King's Land.

Character Portrait: Lucille Strommheim

Lucille Strommheim

Noble young knight from House Traeger.

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