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The Multiverse » Groups » The Lessard Family

An up and coming family that seeks to spread its influence. As individuals they have their own goals and desires for the family and Wing City, but as a group, power is the name of the game.


The Lessard Family Tree


The Brood

These are the direct descendants of Vincent Lessard. This includes anyone that was turned by Vincent Lessard or by a descendant that was likewise turned by one of the his line. Special note should be made that vampires cannot breed, and as a result no further children will be born into Vincent's line that weren't already born prior to joining the ranks of the undead; however, Quintus' descendants still carry on the Lessard's mortal line.

Vincent Lessard (Patch): Patriarch -deceased-
Sanina Lessard (Tiko): Matriarch of the family. Birth daughter to Vincent and sister to Kaitlynn, turned by Vincent.
Jezebell Lessard: Daughter to Sanina. -deceased-
Kaitlynn Lessard (Imehal): Daughter to Vincent and sister to Sanina, turned by Vincent.
Parson Brandon-Lessard (Karato): Adopted son to Sanina, turned by Kaitlynn/Andrea. -deceased-
Bethany Jane-Lessard (Cloasse): Adopted daughter to Sanina, turned by Sanina.

Bri Beauchene (Tiko): Nanny to Alice and Sarah Bentley-Lessard, turned by Sanina.

Viktor Thrice (Tiko): A bit of an enigma, it's not quite certain how Viktor fits into the family. Turned by Sanina.
Varia Vulpes (Tiko): Turned by Viktor.
Kyle Drakinson (Tiko): Head of Security, turned by Viktor. -deceased-
Christian Belock (Tiko): Necromancer, apprenticed to and turned by Sanina.

Kaelin Tiernan (Script): Turned by Viktor.
Arien Valentine (Script): Turned by Vincent.



These are individuals that are in the service of or loyal to the Lessard Brood.

Fade (Daimayo): Companion to Sanina, loyal servant and bodyguard.
Nicolas Briand (Gasmask): An artist and assassin in the service of Sanina.
Andrea (Imehal): A malevolent spirit that resides within Kaitlynn Lessard.

Sarah Bentley-Lessard (Tiko): Adopted human daughter to Sanina, younger sister to Alice.
Alice Bentley-Lessard (Tiko): Adopted human daughter to Sanina, older sister to Sarah.

Isiah Garronde (XavierDantius32): Friend to Parson and resident guest of the Lessard family.



These are individuals that are closely affiliated to the Lessard Brood.

Torrential (NotAFlyingToy): Companion to Varia.
Nare Titor (EmeraldStag): Agent of Sanina.



The origins of the Lessard line set them apart from many of their kin. Through necromancy and exploration of the macabre, Vincent Lessard discovered the answer to immortality and unlike others of their kind they were not granted the gift of undeath, but rather, they seized it for themselves.

Tainted by their necromantic ways, the Lessard line is far more heavily attuned to matters of death and the grave than many others of their kind. Necromantic style abilities are common among this clan.

In addition to their natural affinity for all things deceased, those of the Lessard line are also gifted with many innate traits that are passed from individual to individual.


Typical Brood Traits

  • Augmented senses: Enhancement of the physical senses. Vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch are typically augmented well beyond the human spectrum.
  • Augmented physique: Enhancement of the physical form. Strength, reflexes and speed are greatly augmented well beyond the human spectrum. Both durable and strong, they're well equipped to take as much as they give.
  • Shapeshifting: The ability to assume alternate forms of one or all of wolf, bat or rat.
  • Regeneration: Enhanced regenerative capabilities permit recovering of most mundane wounds almost instantaneously. More severe wounds can be taxing, and those inflicted by supernatural means are the most difficult to regenerate.
  • Resistances: Due to their undead nature and the lack of a need for a functional circulatory or nervous system, those of the Lessard lines share a strong resistance to cold and electricity.


Uncommon Brood Traits

  • Necromancy: A natural affinity to matters of the dead is inherent in most of the Lessard line. However, active necromantic manifestations are less consistent from individual to individual.
  • Domination and Mental Fortitude: Matters of domination, hypnosis and mental fortitude, while common place, are not consistently inherent.
  • Animal Affinity: The ability to summon animals with which an individual shares affinity to is common place, but not consistently inherent.
  • Clairvoyance: A rare ability that can take on varying manifestations from individual to individual. This ability seems to be an evolution of Sanina's innate seer abilities, and as such has only been known to present in those that are descendant from Sanina Lessard.
  • Spiritual Affinity: Description pending. Evolution of Kaitlynn's abilities.
  • Blood Magic: Description pending. Evolution of Vincent's abilities.


Brood Weaknesses

  • Sunlight: Though those of the Lessard line do not burst into flames or die from sun exposure, it does have negative effects over them. Daylight hours leave their innate vampiric talents subdued and weakened, and extended exposure can be harmful due to it's draining influence. All of the Lessard line are typically nocturnal by nature, and even those that aren't effected as strongly by the daylight hours frequently avoid it due to the harshness on their highly enhanced vision that is more acclimated to the dark.
  • Silver: Though silver will not in itself kill one of the Lessard line, it takes great fortitude to heal injuries inflicted by it. Without assistance, these injuries will frequently heal almost humanly slow.
  • Necromancy: Despite their affinity to necromantic abilities, the Lessard's are themselves undead. This leaves them vulnerable to necromantic magic.
  • Divinity: Perhaps more true than many of their kind, the Lessard's undead nature, paired with their close affinity to necromancy has left them all the more vulnerable to such things. As with silver, injuries inflicted by divine sources will heal almost humanly slow. However, unlike with silver, enough exposure to divine energy can prove fatal.

Characters Aligned

36 Characters Aligned, played by 27 Players

Character Portrait: Vincent Lessard

Vincent Lessard played by RolePlayGateway

A nosferatu like no other...

Character Portrait: Sanina Lessard

Sanina Lessard played by Tiko

The matron of the Lessard family household. Though daughter to Vincent, there is little question as to who really heads the family affairs.

Character Portrait: Kaitlynn Lessard

Kaitlynn Lessard played by Imehal

Daughter of Vincent Lessard and sister of Sanina.

Character Portrait: Andrea Lessard

Andrea Lessard played by Imehal

Psuedo-alter ego of Kaitlynn Lessard. In actuality, is a malevolent spirit who is leeching off her negative emotions, phobia of blood and vampirism.

Character Portrait: Bethany Jane

Bethany Jane played by Cloasse

"This is Kittens. He's sleeping... Shh, don't wake him up!"

Character Portrait: Parson Lessard

Parson Lessard played by DemiKara

A ten year old sociopathic vampire

Character Portrait: Fade

Fade played by Daimayo

The forgotten king of an ancient realm, left only with the magic of his people and his own despairing madness

Character Portrait: Avril 'Annie' Conners

Avril 'Annie' Conners played by chocolateloversuntie

"Have you seen my cat?"

Character Portrait: Isiah Garronde

Isiah Garronde played by XavierDantius32

Character Portrait: Nikolai Valenza

Nikolai Valenza played by Saviarre

Character Portrait: Viktor Thrice

Viktor Thrice played by Tiko

A bit of an enigma, it's not quite certain how Viktor fits into the family.

Character Portrait: Varia Vulpes

Varia Vulpes played by Tiko

Sired by Viktor. Varia is both wild and independent.

Character Portrait: Christian Belock

Christian Belock played by Tiko

A prodigal necromancer. Sired by and apprentice to Sanina Lessard.

Character Portrait: Sarah Bentley-Lessard

Sarah Bentley-Lessard played by Tiko

Sanina's adopted daughter and the younger sister of Alice Bentley-Lessard.

Character Portrait: Alice Bentley-Lessard

Alice Bentley-Lessard played by Tiko

Sanina's adopted daughter and the older sister of Sarah Bentley-Lessard.

Character Portrait: Kyle Drakinson

Kyle Drakinson played by Tiko

The Head of Security for the Lessard family manor. Though youthful, he is reliable and skilled at what he does.

Character Portrait: Bri Beauchene

Bri Beauchene played by Tiko

In the service of the Lessard family. Nanny and tutor to Alice and Sarah Bentley-Lessard.

Character Portrait: Torrential

Torrential played by NotAFlyingToy

Wolf in Wolf's clothing.

Character Portrait: Nicolas the Painter

Nicolas the Painter played by Gasmask

A painter by day, a killer by night.

Character Portrait: Kaelin Tiernan

Kaelin Tiernan played by Disdain

"And you thought people talked shit, you don't know what they think about ..."

Character Portrait: Arien Valentine

Arien Valentine played by Script


Character Portrait: Nare Titor

Nare Titor played by EmeraldStag

A human male Zombie out on an important task.

Character Portrait: Casper Lessard

Casper Lessard played by Nemo

"Death is the beginning of something beautiful."

Character Portrait: Mariska Illes

Mariska Illes played by Moonscar

"Fear has become something of a terminal illness."

Character Portrait: Jacques Lessard

Jacques Lessard played by Patcharoo

Violinist Within The Storm

Character Portrait: Uriah Lessard

Uriah Lessard played by Zarhara

Nephew of Marius Lessard, Well known artifact dealer and collector.

Character Portrait: Maxwell Lessard

Maxwell Lessard played by Lialore

Character Portrait: Kristan Veillon

Kristan Veillon played by Nevan

Kristan is an illegitimate Lessard who holds his mother's family in high esteem for not abandoning him like his father.

Character Portrait: Katherine Lessard

Katherine Lessard played by Script


Character Portrait: Lucas Lessard

Lucas Lessard played by Architect

"I am Lucas Lessard, welcome to my shop, Lessard's Lament. Please feel free to look around, and keep in mind, if it looks viscous, it probably is."

Character Portrait: Terun Veillon

Terun Veillon played by lostamongtrees

"Forever young."

Character Portrait: Vivian Lessard

Vivian Lessard played by Knosis

Character Portrait: Florence Illes

Florence Illes played by Ironman11

Greedy Spirit Medium with a degree in Law.

Character Portrait: Rémy Lessard

Rémy Lessard played by Leb

Each morning I hope to be less vain, each night I pray to be less vile.

Character Portrait: Édouard Lessard

Édouard Lessard played by Dashmiel

"The boundaries and rules of life and death are there to be broken!"

Character Portrait: Marius Lessard

Marius Lessard played by Ruanzilla

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