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We didn't ask to be made into science projects.


A group of Aonians, the native feline race of Aonia, who were used as test subjects for test being performed by Tel Max labs. These tests were ordered by the Emperor of the Eurythmia in the hopes of creating new super soldiers. A very gifted and insane scientist created a serum to mutate their DNA, effecting each one of them uniquely and gave all of them unique powers. They escaped and ran away in search of freedom. While most of them would rather not use their powers for fighting, they have no issue with defending themselves or using their powers for good.

Characters Aligned

4 Characters Aligned, played by 1 Players

Character Portrait: Meeko Maow

Meeko Maow played by SugarNspikeS

"What was done cannot be forgiven."

Character Portrait: Ichero Fenix

Ichero Fenix played by SugarNspikeS

"I'm the best at Hide and Seek."

Character Portrait: Nariko Djin

Nariko Djin played by SugarNspikeS

"I don't want to be a weapon."

Character Portrait: Aneko Tala

Aneko Tala played by SugarNspikeS

"Now you see me..."

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