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The Multiverse » Groups » The Mira

Feral and with a ferocity matched by few, the Mira are worthy of both respect and caution. Though of a culture steeped heavily in tradition and honor their lifestyle is one of violence and war.


The Clan Leaders

Leonis, Shief of the Ra'shak Clan.
Clan Location: Veshrac Jungle, Terra

Guruk, Shief of the Elderwood Clan.
Clan Location: Elderwood Forest, Aelora

Raast, Shief of the Ironclaw Clan.
Clan Location: Avenpeak Mountains, Aelora

Varin, Shief of the Orelan Clan.
Clan Location: Orelan Forest, Orlesia

Salal, Shieftess of the River Clan.
Clan Location: Painona Rainforest, Aelora

Goliath, Shief of the Legacy Clan.
Clan Location: Forest of the Fall, Aelora

The Mira are a race of catfolk characterized by their dominating physique and fiery temperament. Like all catfolk, the Mira are easily distinguished by their feline features. Typically speaking, Mira come in the same wide variety of colors and fur patterns as are typically found among the rest of their species, save for white. White Mira are pointedly rare, and frequently only presenting once or twice per generation. This coloration is typically viewed as a spiritual sign.

In sharp contrast to the rest of their species, the Mira are characteristically larger than their native Terran counterparts. The males among the Mira typically range between 5'8 feet and 6'6 feet tall. Females are significantly shorter, ranging between 5'4 and 6 feet in height. The weight of the Mira is far more subject to variable, ranging greatly in width and shape, from lithe to broad of shoulder.


The Mira are a tribal people and one of the last of the native Aeloran species. The Mira people typically can be found in the woodlands of Aelora, having begun to make a comeback from the brink of extinction. The Ra'shak Clan is the only known Mira clan to make its home on Terra - having migrated there from Aelora in recent years.

The Mira have no written language and much of their lore and legend has been preserved through stories and word of mouth. They pride themselves on their heritage, and even in the face of great adversity the Mira have never wavered in strength of heart or perseverance. Few can match the sheer ferocity of the Mira in battle, and they are well renowned for their combat prowess.

Though a culture steeped heavily in combat and violence, one must never assume the Mira to be savage or bloodthirsty. The Mira are a proud and noble race who greatly value discipline and self-control - a far stretch from their rowdier Terran cousins.

Mira culture is subject to variation from clan to clan, but there are several aspects that are typically found across all clans. Among these are the following.


Children of the Mira are not raised individually by any one parent, but rather in groups and by the entirety of the tribe. It is a shared responsibility to maintain the education and rearing of the young. This nature of upbringing builds strong ties between the young and their caregivers, such that the tribe is parent to them all.

Raised in the ways of combat and war from the age they can walk, there is little room for traditional play among the children of the Mira. In a society where only the strongest survive little is spared in their education.

Honor and tradition is paramount to their rearing and diligent care is taken in teaching them the values that every Mira must uphold.


The Mira are led by the Shief - a tribal leader - whose word is law in all matters save for those of the spiritual in which he must give way to the words of the Shamana - a spiritual leader. At his right hand stands his second and at his left his mate. Though a predominantly male dominated hierarchy, females with the combat prowess to do so have been known to claim the Right of Power.


The Mira as a culture typically utilize primitive technology. Their weapons of choice are spears and composite bows. Bone, stone, wood, sinew and leather are their usual choice of materials, but they are also known to trade with neighboring regions to acquire iron and steel weapons - or even more advanced technology in the case of the Mira on Terra.

Notable Traditions:

Right of Blood:
The Mira hold several traditions in very high regard - the very highest being that no Mira shall kill another Mira. This tradition came about during a period of great turmoil in which complete extinction of the Mira was very narrowly avoided. This right is to alleviate ceaseless internal killing so as to maintain their numbers and their war-like, combat-fueled nature.

Right of Succession:
Among the oldest of Mira traditions is the right of succession, that a Shief's offspring will inherit the Sheif's duties and responsibilities once they are of age and the Sheif has passed on. In the event of an overthrowing, or a successful challenge of the Sheif's skills in combat, his offspring are expected to challenge the power of the usurper upon coming of age. However it is not uncommon for a successful challenger to force the offspring of the old Sheif into exile for fear of facing an inevitable challenge.

Right of Power:
The Right of Power is another that also dates back to their early years. The Mira respect prowess over all else. Every Mira has the right to hold that which they can seize through power and experience - even the status of Shief. A strict hierarchy is determined through combat prowess and the right for any Mira to challenge another for status and renown. However, the Right of Blood supersedes this and to yield is honorable.


Le'thorian's Blessing: Mira are characterized with damage resistance and immunity to various direct metaphysical and magic based attacks. This has the counter effect that Mira in turn can't utilize magic themselves. The exception to this is Mira born without the effects of Le'thorian's Blessing as in the case of the clan Shamanas. These individuals typically present only once or twice per generation and are able to utilize magic, but they don't possess the blessing that protects them from it either.

Legend tells of a time when the Mira's need was great and their numbers few.

Beset upon by great enemies and with their clans shattered the scattered tribes came together to make a stand. The last of the shamani joined in earnest prayer to beseech the ancestors aid them in their time of need. Such a joining of shamani that had not occurred since the dawn of the Mira and their voices did not go unnoticed.

As the days darkened and all hope seemed lost, the Mira stood strong through the trials of fire and blood. Even as their days became numbered and the last of their kin wavered beneath the dark magic that ravished the lands, it is said that not one of the Mira broke. Strong of spirit and brave of heart, the Mira met their foes with a ferocity never before seen.

A ferocity of the likes to capture the heart of Le'thorian, last of the ancient woodland spirits and lady of the wood. It is said that she came to them from the Light itself, an answer to their prayers and with her touch a blessing was placed upon the Mira. No longer did the Mira suffer claw and fang for the bite of both upon their hide was turned away. No longer did the Mira fear the void and arcane trickery for every manner of spell and magic placed upon them washed away as if beneath the spring rains.

And so goes the legend of Le'thorian's blessing.

- Leonis the Wise

Characters Aligned

25 Characters Aligned, played by 13 Players

Character Portrait: Goliath

Goliath played by NotAFlyingToy

Blink. And you'll miss him.

Character Portrait: Shamana Fiera

Shamana Fiera played by Tiko

Fiera is both mate to Goliath, and Shamana to the Mira.

Character Portrait: Gremroth

Gremroth played by RolePlayGateway

Gremroth is both brother and Second to Goliath. [DECEASED]

Character Portrait: Myst, Son of Goliath

Myst, Son of Goliath played by RolePlayGateway

The son of Goliath, expert prowler and proud progeny.

Character Portrait: Saryth

Saryth played by Wraith

Character Portrait: Baako

Baako played by DiamondJack

"What to do with you?"

Character Portrait: Kahl

Kahl played by Gasmask

A young Mira who migrated to a safer plane.

Character Portrait: Makya

Makya played by Tiko

A young warrior of the Ra'shak Clan. Makya is an image of dignity, honor, and courage, but he is young yet and is prone to youthful zeal and impulsive decisions.

Character Portrait: Leonis

Leonis played by Tiko

Shief of the Ra'shak Clan. Leonis is both tempered and aged, but this fierce warrior has bite in him yet.

Character Portrait: Guruk

Guruk played by Tiko

Shief of the venerable Elderwood clan. Guruk is both a fierce and proud warrior.

Character Portrait: Raast

Raast played by Tiko

Shief of the outcast Ironclaw clan. Raast is as feral as he is ruthless.

Character Portrait: Salal

Salal played by Tiko

Shieftess of the River clan. Salal's spitfire temperament is a credit to her claim as the only known female Mira Shief.

Character Portrait: Varin

Varin played by Disdain

Character Portrait: Tapu

Tapu played by Tiko

A seasoned warrior of the Ra'shak clan.

Character Portrait: Shamana Ryth

Shamana Ryth played by Script


Character Portrait: Meke

Meke played by Tiko

A dishonored Mira, Meke wanders Terra as a clanless rogue.

Character Portrait: Hebeny

Hebeny played by CrystalRose

Character Portrait: Tila

Tila played by Arluar

One curious kitty...

Character Portrait: Surniph

Surniph played by NotAFlyingToy

I am alive.

Character Portrait: Kolo

Kolo played by NotAFlyingToy

Talented hunter of the Ra'shak clan.

Character Portrait: Apiya

Apiya played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Kuruka

Kuruka played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Varden A'rak

Varden A'rak played by Architect

Character Portrait: Jumbella

Jumbella played by ncfwhitetigress

A lioness woman of the Elderwood Mira clan and daughter of the Shief.

Character Portrait: Skorne

Skorne played by lostamongtrees

A middle aged Mira of the Ra'shak

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