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The Multiverse » Groups » The Observers


There is a group of Observers
Sentinels, not quite Angels
Who Live to Learn, and Learn to Live
Traveling through Time and Space so that Earthbound Mortals
Might not repeat Mistakes so frequently overlooked
Traveling Mortal realms can only be tolerated for some Time
For even Observers can forget who they Truly are...


The Creed of the Observers
States that All exist for the Benefit of Creation
But like Shadows, and Memories
Can only exist, and not Intervene
Lest great Calamity succeed to Destroy

Characters Aligned

10 Characters Aligned, played by 2 Players

Character Portrait: Lorn Delani

Lorn Delani played by FizzGig

A Traveling Healer

Character Portrait: Lexi Holton

Lexi Holton played by FizzGig

Are they nightmares? Or vivid memories....

Character Portrait: Jaryd Foster

Jaryd Foster played by FizzGig

Walk by faith. Not by sight.

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Fern

Elizabeth Fern played by RolePlayGateway

Rain down, these memories of mine

Character Portrait: Railynn Neyamateth

Railynn Neyamateth played by FizzGig

An outcast wood elf with a knack for training dragons...

Character Portrait: Elliot Bordeaux

Elliot Bordeaux played by FizzGig

Your wish is my command...

Character Portrait: Shei Lin

Shei Lin played by FizzGig

Reality is in her hand...

Character Portrait: Casey Delancy

Casey Delancy played by FizzGig

WCPD's newest Chief of Police

Character Portrait: Sien Sciannar

Sien Sciannar played by RolePlayGateway

A young man of simple tastes, he has an affinity with the world around him that goes far beyond simple appreciation of nature.

Character Portrait: Neera Sol

Neera Sol played by FizzGig

A mysterious traveler with an unusual connection to the natural world

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