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The Orsa of Terminus wish to claim twelve artifacts to release their imprisoned lord, known only as The Sealed One. The Patronus Guardians seek to keep these artifacts from the Sealed One and his generals.


Characters Aligned

14 Characters Aligned, played by 6 Players

Character Portrait: Neferata Lahmia

Neferata Lahmia played by Disdain

The former Queen of an ancient clan of vampires. A powerful sorceress driven mad by a curse, she dwells alone, stewing in her own hatred of the world until such a time as it can no longer be contained.

Character Portrait: Red Drake

Red Drake played by Tiko

Character Portrait: The Sealed One

The Sealed One played by Patcharoo

< When you see this, it means trouble.

Character Portrait: Kaitlynn Lessard

Kaitlynn Lessard played by Imehal

Daughter of Vincent Lessard and sister of Sanina.

Character Portrait: Orsa

Orsa played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Terminus

Terminus played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Andrea Lessard

Andrea Lessard played by Imehal

Psuedo-alter ego of Kaitlynn Lessard. In actuality, is a malevolent spirit who is leeching off her negative emotions, phobia of blood and vampirism.

Character Portrait: Architect

Architect played by RolePlayGateway

"Our twisted creation is no longer an instrument of death at his Masters behest; no, now he is the Architect and all hope is lost."

Character Portrait: Lucien Athugtl Amorskr

Lucien Athugtl Amorskr played by RolePlayGateway

A warped, corrupted lord

Character Portrait: Fade

Fade played by Daimayo

The forgotten king of an ancient realm, left only with the magic of his people and his own despairing madness

Character Portrait: Ophelia Naeniere

Ophelia Naeniere played by Disdain

"I don't find satisfaction in killing ... it's everything before you die that's the fun part. I wonder how many pieces you can lose before you stop breathing?"

Character Portrait: Nae'shiara

Nae'shiara played by Disdain

"There is not a glimmer of life in this realm that has any hope to stand against Him. I am His envoy, His hand. Submit to your doom now, lest you find a worse fate when He is finally free."

Character Portrait: Aerona Graves

Aerona Graves played by Disdain

The faceless and officially non-existent leader of those that worship the Sealed One. Hateful, pitiless and jaded, Aerona truly desires the destruction of all that inhabits the world.

Character Portrait: Kyle Drakinson

Kyle Drakinson played by Tiko

The Head of Security for the Lessard family manor. Though youthful, he is reliable and skilled at what he does.

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