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The Multiverse » Groups » The Patronus

A group of battle-hardened veterans. These legendary champions came from all walks of life before banding together in the defense of Terra.


Bound together by a common cause, The Patronus grew to its prime at the peak of the Orsa of Terminus' rise to power. With its sworn foe defeated these legendary warriors have scattered across the verse to resume their lives, but old ties are not easily severed. With a kinship forged through blood and sacrifice, perhaps these champions of old only await a time when Terra might have need of their strength once more, a time where one might call them back.

The call has been sounded across the realms for all with a heroes heart. Whether you be old, young, veteran, novice, or wayward soul in need of new beginnings, all with the seed of a champion within them will feel the tug of the resonating call. The compulsion to seek out the temple from your dreams calls you northward into the icy peaks of Aslund on the planet of Terra.

The Patronus is an order of peace keepers sworn to the defense of Terra. Warriors, scholars, ambassadors, teachers, heroes and even reformed criminals, the patroni come from all walks of life before swearing off home and country in favor of a deeper purpose. Though The Patronus exists outside of the authority of any singular governmental body and maintains a stance of neutrality on matters of political strife, its members frequently serve in the capacity of ambassadors and negotiators to assist in stemming conflicts.

The Patronus is comprised of several branches and splinter groups all across Terra; though, its primary place of operation is located within the Icy Peaks of Aslund. The temple situated atop the snowy mountains was built to honor the fallen heroes who lay down their lives for Terra and it serves both as a place of remembrance and as a symbol of hope where new patronri are trained to one day join the ranks of these venerable champions.

Though once a prominent and revered order, The Patronus has only just begun to regain its former presence within Terra. With a life-long service that spans generations of blood and sacrifice, this order still commands a great deal of respect, but its global influence has waned with the years. Will this ancient and archaic order rise to the challenge of claiming a place for itself in a changing world, or will it succumb to the ravages of time and fading memories.

Affiliates and Allies

Sovereign Nations that Recognize the Patronus

Characters Aligned

66 Characters Aligned, played by 31 Players

Character Portrait: Aeryn

Aeryn played by Script


Character Portrait: Kento

Kento played by Daimayo

A blacksmith-turned-swordsman who is employed by one of the Patronus and works to become a member himself.

Character Portrait: Anria

Anria played by Disdain

A blunt and boisterous warrior maiden, proud of her heritage and quick to rise to any challenge.

Character Portrait: Namira

Namira played by Script


Character Portrait: Aiedai

Aiedai played by Disdain

A spark of a young girl, misguided and more powerful than any little girl should safely be. Currently in the custody of Sylvire Nasazura.

Character Portrait: Marxan Green

Marxan Green played by Conumbra

A man gifted with two symbiotic worms that allow him to control the elements but also ripped away any personality he had. He gets a new and different personality everytime he controls a different element.

Character Portrait: Faris Chevalier

Faris Chevalier played by CHain_Way

Honourable and eternaly loyal, yet abandoned by his king. Now a mere rogue knight he seeks to find a new place in the world, a use for his blade that has remained sheathed for far too long.

Character Portrait: Sylvire Nasazura

Sylvire Nasazura played by Disdain

Benevolent and kindly in an appearance, nature and acts - this powerful elven sorceress has duelled with evil over the millennia. Something wicked stirs on her horizons, now, and need is great. Heroes must be found...

Character Portrait: Aliana Chevaleux

Aliana Chevaleux played by Disdain

A beautiful and dextrous bard of the lyre, gifted in the art of channelling her magic to aid allies in battle. Bastard daughter of a king and half-sister of Arrow Flight.

Character Portrait: Natalie Oldburn

Natalie Oldburn played by Imehal

Patronus - Guardian.

Character Portrait: Dinaeus

Dinaeus played by Din

Who swore to destroy fate

Character Portrait: Elante Vadrillion

Elante Vadrillion played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Dallas Reiger

Dallas Reiger played by MgeoftheWhtBst

A powerful priestess and the last of her clan, she seeks to rebuild what has been lost.

Character Portrait: Taima

Taima played by Tiko

As a mortal, Taima was an awe inspiring champion of Terra, as a demi-god she's a torrential storm of divine retribution.

Character Portrait: Ayasha Ziedins

Ayasha Ziedins played by Ylanne

"Get the press the hell away from me. I don't give a rat's ass what you want. I'm here in the name of justice and I'ma do my job whether you like it or not. Being Director doesn't mean sitting behind a fancy desk - I'm armed and I'm certified."

Character Portrait: Scarlet Dae

Scarlet Dae played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Narruk Skinn

Narruk Skinn played by Moonscar


Character Portrait: Arrow Flight

Arrow Flight played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Parlina

Parlina played by Imehal

In all outward appearances, quite a normal, everyday human, excepting the small - one and a half foot long - oaken sceptre she carries on her at all times. From Terra. Of course. Patronus - Guardian.

Character Portrait: Katarina Blackheart

Katarina Blackheart played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Tessa Cartner

Tessa Cartner played by Tiko

DECEASED Age 19 - Shot by Taiyou Sniper

Character Portrait: Rhea

Rhea played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Rynhart

Rynhart played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Alair

Alair played by DemiKara

A half dragon who is always cold.

Character Portrait: Liam Oldburn

Liam Oldburn played by Imehal

A talented, vibrant young man who seems to have a way with animals.

Character Portrait: Adriaan Kavaki

Adriaan Kavaki played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Kirae Tzilia

Kirae Tzilia played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Lucas Remington

Lucas Remington played by RedRaine

A passionate magician built for battle.

Character Portrait: Oriel Garcia

Oriel Garcia played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Naia Starfall

Naia Starfall played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Niv

Niv played by Zephyr

..:: The Arrogant Asshole ::..

Character Portrait: Aiedai Nasazura

Aiedai Nasazura played by Script


Character Portrait: Ravenlock

Ravenlock played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Jeremiah Snow

Jeremiah Snow played by RolePlayGateway

A pyromancer with a streak of vigilante justice

Character Portrait: Tarael Vaynell

Tarael Vaynell played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Maria Raghild

Maria Raghild played by Tiko

A lycanthrope turned feral. Volatile and dangerous.

Character Portrait: Spyri

Spyri played by lostamongtrees

Princess Spyri the Brave, Bearer of Cha'tlag, Patronus Member, Swordsman, Tomboy

Character Portrait: Myst, Son of Goliath

Myst, Son of Goliath played by RolePlayGateway

The son of Goliath, expert prowler and proud progeny.

Character Portrait: Verissa

Verissa played by Alasund

A Wild Elf Shaman

Character Portrait: Roan

Roan played by Ranger

Character Portrait: Gabriel Taylor

Gabriel Taylor played by Leb

You can fight; You can shout and you can scream but in the end, some things are going to leave you. That's certain, concrete. The question is, what will become of you once they're gone?

Character Portrait: Saryth

Saryth played by Wraith

Character Portrait: Talon Falcon

Talon Falcon played by Sick Puppy

The Charmer Elf

Character Portrait: Ai, Dragonsoul

Ai, Dragonsoul played by Shpleem

"I suppose you hate me too."

Character Portrait: Sahlie Bikan

Sahlie Bikan played by HitoriRaven


Character Portrait: Kushin Zetsumei

Kushin Zetsumei played by RolePlayGateway

I still had so much to do when they killed me. Too bad I didn't stay down. For them.

Character Portrait: Anzo the Bright

Anzo the Bright played by NotAFlyingToy

Character Portrait: Loyahl 'Sentry' Zpolebh

Loyahl 'Sentry' Zpolebh played by RolePlayGateway

"Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as eternity; speech is shallow as time."

Character Portrait: Strahga Darkpyre

Strahga Darkpyre played by duramon

A tall Scythe Weilding Elf,A fond drinker and fighter,Although he's overly cheery he's halted by body wracking pain and has a curious tattoo.

Character Portrait: Noah Aldwell

Noah Aldwell played by Script


Character Portrait: Aperture Science Sentry Turret

Aperture Science Sentry Turret played by Jo_Tunn

Character Portrait: Cináed

Cináed played by Script


Character Portrait: Neera Sol

Neera Sol played by FizzGig

A mysterious traveler with an unusual connection to the natural world

Character Portrait: Haldor Hallbjorn

Haldor Hallbjorn played by RolePlayGateway

From the Earth we rise, to the Earth we shall return.

Character Portrait: Anaiya Thorn

Anaiya Thorn played by Disdain

Doctor and medicine woman of Windcrest.

Character Portrait: Vule

Vule played by RolePlayGateway

[Dead] A Dwarven blacksmith and Nedra's wife.

Character Portrait: Nedra

Nedra played by RolePlayGateway

[Dead] A Dwarven blacksmith and Vule's husband.

Character Portrait: Jon Silvers

Jon Silvers played by Gasmask

A wandering satyr cartographer.

Character Portrait: Mieren Fairleaf

Mieren Fairleaf played by Disdain

Air-headed druidic sorceress with an affinity for animals.

Character Portrait: Talren Cathos

Talren Cathos played by Disdain

Half-elf sellsword with a penchant for gambling and drink.

Character Portrait: Tahlia Bishop

Tahlia Bishop played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Makya

Makya played by Tiko

A young warrior of the Ra'shak Clan. Makya is an image of dignity, honor, and courage, but he is young yet and is prone to youthful zeal and impulsive decisions.

Character Portrait: Leonis

Leonis played by Tiko

Shief of the Ra'shak Clan. Leonis is both tempered and aged, but this fierce warrior has bite in him yet.

Character Portrait: Sha Li

Sha Li played by Zarhara

Mage recently trained by the Patronus

Character Portrait: Jasmira Orlock

Jasmira Orlock played by Arluar

Never trust a trickster...

Character Portrait: Kynan Tierney

Kynan Tierney played by Zarhara

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