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The Multiverse » Groups » The People of Origin

People who are often involved in Origin, generally living there, doing business there, or such.


People who are often involved in Origin, generally living there, doing business there, or such.

Origin Currency Name: Rozan (RZN)

Small Copper Rozan Coin = 1
Large Copper = 10
Small Silver = 100
Large Silver = 1000
Small Gold = 10000
Large Gold = 100000
Small Platinum = 1000000
Large Platinum = 10000000
Mithril = 100000000

Note that Origin does have digital and paper versions of their currency as well, and also accepts things such as bartering and .

(Group page will be worked on more later)

Characters Aligned

91 Characters Aligned, played by 20 Players

Character Portrait: Melthandon Aldavathar

Melthandon Aldavathar played by Marcus

Elven adventurer who longs for more.

Character Portrait: Ulviir Ithravyr

Ulviir Ithravyr played by Marcus

Drow Wizard on the run.

Character Portrait: Hfahn Klorduum

Hfahn Klorduum played by Marcus

A dwarven Knight who has grown to a point in his life where the only thing he wants to do with his life is serve ale to the fine citizens of the realm and tell a good tale or two.

Character Portrait: Immund Coppertop

Immund Coppertop played by Marcus

Dwarven wizard of house Havelshield.

Character Portrait: Torggrim Argaald

Torggrim Argaald played by Marcus

Character Portrait: Nimsirril

Nimsirril played by Marcus

Elf who reached status as a Demigod. Now wishes to attain his rightful place among the gods.

Character Portrait: Ilx'ilthervix

Ilx'ilthervix played by Marcus

A mindflayer steps out from the Fray only to gaze upon you with his blue orbs and a sudden presence seems to disturb your minds boundaries.

Character Portrait: Jorn Gareif

Jorn Gareif played by Marcus

Dwarf Noble who has his hands in every pot of gold.

Character Portrait: Bigsby Big Hat

Bigsby Big Hat played by Marcus

Master Wizard and explorer of realms.

Character Portrait: Inikhethadaternock

Inikhethadaternock played by Marcus

Sand Dragon of the southern sands and master cook.

Character Portrait: Aurora Urthador

Aurora Urthador played by Marcus

Fiery monk of the southern sands.

Character Portrait: Benjamin Crux

Benjamin Crux played by Marcus

An old merc whose specialty is transmutation spells and stories. Get a few rounds into him and hear a tale.

Character Portrait: Shabot-Urn

Shabot-Urn played by Marcus

Lord of Shadows and Divine being of the Cosmos.

Character Portrait: Symir Urthador

Symir Urthador played by Marcus

Character Portrait: Akanatur

Akanatur played by Marcus

The Fire Lord seeks new worlds to conquer and divide.

Character Portrait: Serratz

Serratz played by Marcus

The Feline Provacative.

Character Portrait: Loa Racine

Loa Racine played by Marcus

"I awoke from the earth as a sproutling and my eyes were open from the first day. I speak now and offer wisdom."

Character Portrait: Forna Big-Hat

Forna Big-Hat played by Marcus

The Old wizard thought he could keep me locked up for an eternity! I've shown him wrong before so what makes this time so different.

Character Portrait: Ezvin La Roux

Ezvin La Roux played by Marcus

Iron Lich of refined class and dapper demeanor

Character Portrait: Theodard Hornwood

Theodard Hornwood played by Marcus

Character Portrait: Cedric Valentine

Cedric Valentine played by Chuckles

Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon

Lady Vitas Warmoon played by Awinita

Character Portrait: Agatha Bizzenghast

Agatha Bizzenghast played by Marcus

Character Portrait: Ayla Kayama

Ayla Kayama played by RolePlayGateway

"You thought I was a problem before? Just try to keep up now."

Character Portrait: Sora Lake

Sora Lake played by LookingAtPerks

Subject Sigma. "What is up becomes down, what is left becomes right, what moves forward now moves back, so be ready in a fight".

Character Portrait: Alexandrius Verrevia

Alexandrius Verrevia played by LookingAtPerks

King Alexandrius of the largest nation on Origin, the Kingdom of Rosetta which takes up the largest continent on Origin.

Character Portrait: Atrinix Joore

Atrinix Joore played by LookingAtPerks

"As a Knight Commander of the Royal Knights, it is my job to bring peace and life to the empire, and death to it's enemies.

Character Portrait: Zeebee Elestria Lake

Zeebee Elestria Lake played by LookingAtPerks

Subject XIV. "I was just an extra they discovered at the end, but that doesn't mean I am any less powerful!"

Character Portrait: Zakar Verrevia

Zakar Verrevia played by LookingAtPerks

One of the King's Grandchildren, and one born with the potential to be a Hero, Zakar has a lot of training and abilities, but tends to favor swords and fire magic. Though, he was also trained to use firearms.

Character Portrait: The Rosetta Dragon Knights

The Rosetta Dragon Knights played by LookingAtPerks

Clad in power armor, riding Dragons also clad in power armor, with advanced shielding, magic barriers, deflectors, and enchanted weaponry such as lasers, these Knights are capable of fighting on equal footing against Starships even.

Character Portrait: Atrix Akir

Atrix Akir played by LookingAtPerks

"Where I am from and who I am does not matter...I have to succeed!"

Character Portrait: Dr. Simon Azler

Dr. Simon Azler played by LookingAtPerks

Director, Principle, Headmaster, and so much more of Astrius Academy.

Character Portrait: Millen

Millen played by LookingAtPerks

The Demon King that was slain 1000+ years ago....or at least, was supposed to?

Character Portrait: Meeko Maow

Meeko Maow played by SugarNspikeS

"What was done cannot be forgiven."

Character Portrait: Primaris

Primaris played by claw

"In the Alovai's name."

Character Portrait: Monster Encounter

Monster Encounter played by LookingAtPerks

A placeholder to use when encountering monsters if needed, typically large swarms of them.

Character Portrait: Proxima Centauri

Proxima Centauri played by Ersatz Creed

"There are Dragons that still need wings to fly?!...Primitive...but adorable."

Character Portrait: Hayden Oakley

Hayden Oakley played by SugarNspikeS

"I got the tech touch."

Character Portrait: Ruuka

Ruuka played by LookingAtPerks

"Older then time itself, I take whatever form I choose...and I choose this one!"

Character Portrait: Professor Barnable Mallberry

Professor Barnable Mallberry played by TheHaze

Character Portrait: Cynthia Graves

Cynthia Graves played by Butterfly Effect

Character Portrait: Ebba Moore

Ebba Moore played by Sambea

To the shore I must go!

Character Portrait: Halitrax

Halitrax played by SugarNspikeS

"Yours is not the only planet with Demons"

Character Portrait: Minsu

Minsu played by Specmarine

"Raised by the best, so expect the best."

Character Portrait: Acara Verrevia

Acara Verrevia played by LookingAtPerks

One of the prince's of the Rosetta Kingdom of Origin, and also a user of magic and spellcraft.

Character Portrait: Lady Spike

Lady Spike played by Awinita

Second in command of the Warmoon Estate

Character Portrait: Cyric

Cyric played by Doubleshot

Cyric travels with his sister, in hopes of finding answers about their past.

Character Portrait: Jira

Jira played by Eyeofthenyte

Traveling gem cutter and enchanter, with her brother seeking answers to the questions of their past.

Character Portrait: Davien Kietrasun

Davien Kietrasun played by RolePlayGateway

A small cloaked figure like you've probably never seen.

Character Portrait: Valentine Inc

Valentine Inc played by Chuckles

"We Exist to Grow."

Character Portrait: Kaikane Ceterum

Kaikane Ceterum played by Sambea


Character Portrait: Thierri

Thierri played by SapereAude

A young Tiefling Tarocchi with a habit of swindling people in card games.

Character Portrait: Danton Kavera

Danton Kavera played by Draruto

Originating from Origin, he has become a bounty hunter willing to do anything for money and accepts even the darkest of contracts.

Character Portrait: Dread Pirate Captain Blackheart

Dread Pirate Captain Blackheart played by Sepokku

"No relation..."

Character Portrait: Arcanus Tavar

Arcanus Tavar played by LookingAtPerks

A native of the planet Origin, Arcanus is a master of magic that has learned to intigrate it with a good degree with technology. He is an Adventurer, but he is not afraid to do an odd job on the side.

Character Portrait: Finnias Dakron

Finnias Dakron played by LookingAtPerks

The head of a Noble Household on Origin, the Dakron Crest is that of a Blue Dragon. They are well known as producing various strong and valient Dragon Knights, and also have quite the wealth, power, and influence on the Rosetta Continent.

Character Portrait: Asyrria Delura

Asyrria Delura played by LookingAtPerks

A rather strange scientist with a warped sense of right and wrong and a weird common sense. A good person who can do bad things.

Character Portrait: Rosemary Valentine

Rosemary Valentine played by Floor

Aggressively magic gay pink nurse girl who brags about her mom a lot.

Character Portrait: Dungeon

Dungeon played by LookingAtPerks

This is the entity that represents the will of a dungeon. It should not be underestimated.

Character Portrait: Lilian Valentine

Lilian Valentine played by Floor

A powerful healer with a dark secret.

Character Portrait: Ellie Sinopa

Ellie Sinopa played by Lilyfloof

Student at Astrius academy

Character Portrait: Aeryn Jace

Aeryn Jace played by LookingAtPerks

"I am my own person, so stop refering to me as just my father's son".

Character Portrait: Virgil Lacroix

Virgil Lacroix played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Rio Aran

Rio Aran played by Ersatz Creed

A student of Astrius Academy, he originates from the Sevrianna Continent but moved to the Rosetta Continent after his family "mysteriously disappeared" after crossing the Jace Noble Family.

Character Portrait: Cliff Lyco

Cliff Lyco played by LookingAtPerks

"Yeah. I am a werewolf. There are perks, but there are also downsides....some kinda embarrassing..."

Character Portrait: Ezzan Lyco

Ezzan Lyco played by oreoxangel

Older brother to Cliff and many others of the Lyco Werewolf Clan, Ezzen is someone who is not only strong, but also rather headstrong in whatever he does.

Character Portrait: Emril Desser

Emril Desser played by Ersatz Creed

An Astrius Academy student who is an exceptional prodigy of calculations, whether they be for normal stuff, advanced science, or arcane magic, he has a good grasp on what things are.

Character Portrait: Oza

Oza played by LookingAtPerks

A student at Astrius Academy, and also a materialized AI.

Character Portrait: Therion Judex

Therion Judex played by Sepokku

"The more magnificent your hair, the better Magi you are"

Character Portrait: Ollie Luna

Ollie Luna played by LookingAtPerks

"Dont let my appearance fool you. I am quite strong!"

Character Portrait: Asti Sorren

Asti Sorren played by SugarNspikeS

"I'm the cute one"

Character Portrait: Asta Sorren

Asta Sorren played by LookingAtPerks

"I am the adorable one!"

Character Portrait: High Wizard Traf Uchini

High Wizard Traf Uchini played by Awinita

A high wizard, emphasis on the high, and no, he may sound like a pasta, biut he's not

Character Portrait: Calvance Stelare

Calvance Stelare played by SugarNspikeS

"I'm not that kind of angel."

Character Portrait: Linda Perrault

Linda Perrault played by Awinita

Character Portrait: Tessa Verrevia

Tessa Verrevia played by Sambea

Don't go bacon my heart. I couldn't if I fried.

Character Portrait: Skolr Iron-Heart

Skolr Iron-Heart played by Marcus

Barbarian of the wild!!!

Character Portrait: Cyrus Cybil

Cyrus Cybil played by LookingAtPerks

"Yes mother. I will remember to wash my hands after slaughtering the bad guys".

Character Portrait: Kallo Grax

Kallo Grax played by LookingAtPerks

An old, cranky Dwarf with a warm heart and a warmer belly.

Character Portrait: Aoi Azul

Aoi Azul played by LookingAtPerks

"Yes yes, both my names mean blue. Can we move on?"

Character Portrait: Nazku Nilus

Nazku Nilus played by LookingAtPerks

A powerful Sentinel, and wielder of Midorimaru

Character Portrait: Jaune Al'asfar

Jaune Al'asfar played by LookingAtPerks

"Don't be surprised by my name. Its all the rage, don't you know?"

Character Portrait: Shinku Rouge

Shinku Rouge played by LookingAtPerks

"Red was always my color anyways".

Character Portrait: Lyrian LeCross

Lyrian LeCross played by LookingAtPerks

A cool kid with a good spirit, and the wielder of Nekotsume Armor Spirit.

Character Portrait: Luna Bell

Luna Bell played by LookingAtPerks

"Just watch me, as I become the greatest made of all time! Stop giving me those pitying looks!"

Character Portrait: Allo Aurios

Allo Aurios played by LookingAtPerks

Oracle of Destruction

Character Portrait: Astral Aezro

Astral Aezro played by LookingAtPerks

"Prepare to face my ultimate power! Astral Disaster!"

Character Portrait: Aedrios Gael

Aedrios Gael played by LookingAtPerks

The Leader of the Mages Guild, and a powerful figure on Origin.

Character Portrait: Anon Valkier

Anon Valkier played by LookingAtPerks

"The only way to keep the world running is to balance the order of this world with chaos, and keep the money flowing between the two".

Character Portrait: Sola Arkan

Sola Arkan played by LookingAtPerks

"Its time to shine in the spotlight!"

Character Portrait: Momo Moryan

Momo Moryan played by LookingAtPerks

"Don't worry! I got this!"

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