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These are the passengers on board the Orbus, as it departed the Wing City Spaceport for its maiden voyage.


Characters Aligned

12 Characters Aligned, played by 10 Players

Character Portrait: Master

Master played by Remæus

As an immortal, Master is strong, silent, and solemn; driven by that which extends his life: the construct of the first fallen archangel.

Character Portrait: Cryoface

Cryoface played by LawOfTheLand

A Snow Warrior from the land of Lore, Cryoface is skilled in the art of melee combat, but is also learning how to control the ice magic inherent in his creation.

Character Portrait: Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet played by RolePlayGateway

Sister to Remilia Scarlet.

Character Portrait: Winnie Erutin

Winnie Erutin played by DemiKara

Character Portrait: Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson played by barney_fife

Special Agent in the IIA

Character Portrait: Fool

Fool played by lostamongtrees

a fool

Character Portrait: Sukarma

Sukarma played by lil_kreen

Born inside a singularity bent on helping the human race but ended a surprise pioneer.

Character Portrait: Ilroraniel

Ilroraniel played by RolePlayGateway

An Eldar born on the craftworld of Authrindor, Ilroraniel has made it her lifes work to find a place for her people far from the endless war and strife that has long afflicted it since the fall.

Character Portrait: Arctarial

Arctarial played by DevilishFae

The Bringer of hope, and divine wrath.

Character Portrait: Forscher

Forscher played by TheHaze

Character Portrait: Alek Jackson

Alek Jackson played by Yvandír

"if it flies, I can pilot it" famous not so last words

Character Portrait: Max Montegue

Max Montegue played by RolePlayGateway

They call him the breeze, he keeps blowin' down the road.

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