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The Multiverse » Groups » The United Citizens Federation

The United Citizens Federation, a spacefaring government intent on finding new habitable worlds.


The UCF is a spacefaring government intent on colonizing new worlds and gaining allies in the other powerful governments of the Multiverse. They currently only have one colony in RA-619, a star system, and only on the planet Klendath. Their race much resembles that of a Terran or Aschen human, but are known as the Oberon. They are a mostly peaceful race, but are ready if attacked or provoked. They only very recently have discovered other life in the multiverse, and are very cautious in their approach and probing of the others.

Democratic |--------I-------------| Authoritarian

Political Left |--------------I-------| Political Right

Open Society |-----------I----------| Closed Society

Hawk Lobby |------------I---------| Dove Lobby

Interventionism |--------I------------| Isolationism

The militia consists of the Mobile Infantry and their Navy, of which is around 300 ships strong, consisting of smaller fighters and troop carriers. They only operate on Klendath, the colonial planet, and are poorly trained and equipped compared to that of the CDF or Colonial Union.

Mobile Infantry: universes/the-multiverse/groups/the-mobile-infantry

The Oberon.
The main race of the UCF is known as the Oberon. They have been stranded on a desert planet for the last 600 years, forced to recreate their technology and survive despite the harsh climate.
The CU and CDF soldiers.
The Oberon are extremely protective of their people, and see no reason for the loss of Oberon lives. They are a rather formidable military force, as they have been raised to not fear death. An interesting fact about the Oberon colonial military force is that only Oberon of the age 65 and older can enlist, and that they don't live in their own bodies for that time. The older an Oberon is, the wiser they are considered to be, so the Colonial Defence Forces (hence referred to as the C.D.F) allow only the oldest and most intelligent of their men and women to enlist. What the CDF does is create a modified body of the enlistee at the approximate Earth age of twenty-five, with increased strength, speed, and durability. Their skin is also a solid green, a scientific breakthrough in chlorophylic energy making, allowing the newly made soldier to photosynthesize to create energy, allowing them to go longer with less sleep. The brain of the Oberon enlistee is mapped to see how they respond to different stimuli, and then the consciousness is transferred to that of the 'Greenie,' as the soldier's new bodies are known. The body of the Greenie is outfitted with a BrainPal© which allows the soldiers to communicate with each other through them, as well as give them access to any information they wish to possess, including informational debriefings, and pictures and video of the terrain they are being deployed to, as well as SmartBlood© that contains nanites to carry more blood and oxygen from the heart, as well as extremely fast clotting. After the time of service for the enlisted person is up, their consciousness is transported to that of an de-militarized clone of the Greenie, lacking the green skin, and they are allowed to live out their lives among civilians once again.

The average life span of an Oberon female is approx. 80-90 Earth years, while that of a male is 70-90 Earth years. Very few non-enlisted Oberon live past the age of ninety.

The military and militia of the Oberon.

The CDF and Mobile Infantry are quite different. The Mobile Infantry is a militia, and operate only on Klendath, as a defenses for the poorer colonies there. The CDF is a much more powerful defense, and have much better training and equipment. They are the warfaring force of the Oberon, and get involved in alien threats.

Basic CDF soldier info.
Standard equipment for Colonial Union/CDF soldiers.

MP-35 rifle, a rifle that uses nanotechnology to assemble the ammunition or provide power for what it is firing, such as scatter/shot, rifle ammunition, explosive rockets, hollowpoint ammunition, and even a microwave beam, which melts its target from the inside. This technology has it's limits, however, as the block of nanites that serve as reconstructing ammunition/power sources are limited and can become depleted.
Nanotechnology bulletproof vest. This is basically a combination of plate and kevlar projectile-proof armor, with nanites gathering at the point of impact of a projectile to redistribute the blow. It does decently against energy weapons, but can take very few shots from one. Helmets provide limited protection.

Most of the ideas I got for the Oberon must be credited with the series of books starting with Old Man's War, a book by John Scalzi. Please read his books, as I found them a great inspiration and wish I had found them sooner.

Characters Aligned

3 Characters Aligned, played by 1 Players

Character Portrait: Maxus Sywell

Maxus Sywell played by Joseph_Bennett

The leader of the Colonial Defense Forces.

Character Portrait: Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke played by Joseph_Bennett

Oberon exploratory astronaut.

Character Portrait: Colonial Union Soldier.

Colonial Union Soldier. played by Joseph_Bennett

Generic Colonial Union Marine.

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