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The Multiverse » Groups » The UPL

The United Pokemon League is the federal government of Ruula and the governing force behind it's military.


The United Pokemon League is the congregation of every pokemon league on the planet Ruula.

The UPL is the federal government of the Pokemon Nation. It enforces federal law, coordinates the defense of its territories, and regulates most anything crossing region borders. Each region's individual league controls the police force and other such more regional affairs. They stand, or at least try to, for all that is lawful and good. The UPL exists to address national concerns including the possibility of war. Most smaller issues are handled by the region's individual leagues. Kanto and Johto share the Indigo league and Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova have individual leagues of their own that act on a region-wide level, maintaining their respective economies. Orre does not have it's a regional governing body, despite being part of the Pokemon Nation.

Unlike the smaller leagues, the UPL's champion/leader is not decided through direct conquest of the previous leader. Rather one must first become the leader of any of the four regional pokemon leagues, at which point they will have the option of challenging the UPL leader at any point and time. The citizens of the pokemon nation often heavily revere their leaders as paragons of their species. It is of strong belief that, in the context of pokemon training, physical strength in battle is a reflection of spiritual and mental strength. One is thought to be incapable of becoming the strongest without both these things. The UPL funds the nation's public school for pokemon trainers, The Pokemon Trainer's Academy.

Anyone who lives on Ruula or trains, battles, breeds, or otherwise spends a significant amount of time on Ruula working with pokemon belongs in this group. Note: This group does not imply the character's are in good standing with the government or that they work for the government, but rather that they are considered under The United Pokemon League's jurisdiction of authority as a government.

Faction Relations



Enemies (Non-Combat)

Enemies (Open-Combat)

Important Figures

  • UPL Grand Champion: Iris "The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons"
  • UPL Grand Champion's Advisor: Irvine Wallander
  • UPL Military Leaders: General Kimberly Bischof and Lieutenant General Maximillion Knight
  • UPL Bureau of Investigation Director: Director Jacob Foster
  • UPL Off-World Relations Department Leader: Ambassador Mallory Skipper
  • UPL System Ops Lead Engineer: Doctor Isaac Parker

  • Kanto/Johto Champion: Winter Sakkio
  • Hoenn Champion: Jake Coleman
  • Sinnoh Champion: Shirona
  • Unova Champion: Emiko Tukou
  • Kalos Champion: Rachel
  • Alola Champion: Hau
  • Orre Representative: Nate Brewster

  • Head of The Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Professor Pryce

Legal Stuff

  • Drinking Age: 20
  • Driving Age: 18
  • Age of emancipation: 14
  • Age of Consent/Marriage: 16
  • Eligible for Military Enlistment: 10
  • Voting Age: 15
  • Drug Culture: Drugs are only outlawed based on how dangerous they are to a ruulan's health, and these laws exist strictly to criminalize the people selling these dangerous drugs rather than the people taking them. Recreational drug abuse isn't all that common compared to the real world.
  • Firearms Culture: Anti-Personnel weapons are extremely rare, as they are far less effective than a decently trained pokemon in practice. As a result, there is no gun culture or strict laws on Ruula.
  • Death Penalty: Uncommon. Typically only invoked for when the alternative is a major risk to to human life.
  • Prostitution: Illegal, but you're unlikely to be hassled for it unless either party is involved in any human trafficking, in which case the UPL is very aggressive in tracking those involved down. Their aggression has only become more extreme since The Hand of Arceus started kidnapping people.
  • Gambling: There are, oddly enough, no laws restricting gambling. Almost anything can be won through pokemon battles.
  • Sexuality: The UPL, for the most part, is an open-minded society. Keep your pants on in public and most people don't pay much mind on who you love. There is a strong romanticism of platonic relationships among Ruula's youth.
  • Cloning: Controlled via license requirement. However, licenses are currently not being given out due to an ongoing moral debate.
  • Slavery: Pokemon slaves are not technically illegal; humans slaves on the other hand...
  • Hunting: Hunting pokemon is permitted, as they are the only source of meat on the planet that doesn't involve cannibalism.
  • Citizenship: Open Door Policy
  • Breeding Compatibility: Ruulans have difficulty breeding with other races, even humans. There is a relatively high rate of stillborn birth among children born to mixed species parents. This is because Ruulans only have what would be considered to be a fraction of a complete soul by most races standards.

Characters Aligned

74 Characters Aligned, played by 32 Players

Character Portrait: nico

nico played by xaurex

Character Portrait: Jennifer Harsdorff

Jennifer Harsdorff played by LawOfTheLand

A young woman who loves adventure, parties, and making friends. While she's no stranger to combat, she prefers to wage war through her trusted Pokemon partners.

Character Portrait: Vesna

Vesna played by ChaoticMarin

Vesna, a female mawile that enjoys the human lifestyle

Character Portrait: Tinora flamer

Tinora flamer played by tigergirl4life

Pokemon trainer with her 6 pokemon Charizard/Dragonite /a Raichu named Lightning/Houndour /a pokemon egg and a Totadile

Character Portrait: Nero Manilla

Nero Manilla played by RolePlayGateway

"It's over. Try paying attention next time."

Character Portrait: Titania Brightsmith

Titania Brightsmith played by LawOfTheLand

"There's a piece of hell stuck in me from when I went through it."

Character Portrait: Valorie Ryder

Valorie Ryder played by ChaoticMarin

Valorie is a young pokemon trainer out to become the best battler.

Character Portrait: Ryoko and Kimi

Ryoko and Kimi played by Archmage Chesh

Pokemon Trainers

Character Portrait: Jessica Stark

Jessica Stark played by ChaoticMarin

Jessica Stark is a laid back country style pokemon trainer.

Character Portrait: MacKenzie Quigg

MacKenzie Quigg played by ChaoticMarin

How hipster could a pokemon trainer be?

Character Portrait: Katherine Greyson

Katherine Greyson played by Disdain

Travelling writer, recently published author of "The Journey: Why roughing it with Pokemon beats a desk job", and ex newspaper columnist. A veteran trainer from years spent on the road.

Character Portrait: Nathan Miles

Nathan Miles played by Scorpion01

A Rayquaza that hides his existence by disguising himself as a human.

Character Portrait: Jerrod Ssih

Jerrod Ssih played by RolePlayGateway

Like my team? Yeah. They bite.

Character Portrait: Marcus Sinclair

Marcus Sinclair played by DiamondJack

"Well Hello there."

Character Portrait: Isaac Redono

Isaac Redono played by RolePlayGateway

"Way too many changes, way too quickly, but I'll roll with them, besides, I look badass!"

Character Portrait: Earl Knight

Earl Knight played by ChaoticMarin

The leader of the Ethereal Scholars, a man that is quite difficult to find.

Character Portrait: Ilene Evans

Ilene Evans played by ChaoticMarin

Ilene is a scientific prodigy that maintains the the Global Trade Station's hardware and the Pokemon PC system.

Character Portrait: Amni

Amni played by Sicariius

"The longer you have something, the stronger the bond. That's true with people as well as things!"

Character Portrait: Evrir (Zoroark)

Evrir (Zoroark) played by Klein

"I ain't going to be ayone's blasted pet so you better put that damned Pokeball away if you know whats good for ya."

Character Portrait: Lizzy "Flare" Blitz

Lizzy "Flare" Blitz played by ChaoticMarin

Flare, as she nicknamed herself, is a fire pokemon enthusiast with an appropriately fiery personality.

Character Portrait: Christine Lilly

Christine Lilly played by ChaoticMarin

Christine is an orphan of the pokemon world, living in an orphanage in hopes of one day finding a family. Lilly is actually her middle name.

Character Portrait: Diamond Royal

Diamond Royal played by Scorpion01

"Don't make fun of my name"

Character Portrait: Alakazam

Alakazam played by ChaoticMarin

An ancient pokemon from beyond written history itself. Alakazam is rumored to know everything there is to know.

Character Portrait: Belana (Lugia)

Belana (Lugia) played by Rougeshadow

This Pokemon is no Joke

Character Portrait: Myra

Myra played by ChaoticMarin

A gardevoir driven mad by the atrocities committed against her loved ones in front of her. She now seeks to bring about the rapture.

Character Portrait: Teo Ashbrook

Teo Ashbrook played by Script


Character Portrait: DIN-01 Blue

DIN-01 Blue played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-01, "Kanto General" Blue, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: DIN-02 Gold

DIN-02 Gold played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-02, "Johto General" Gold, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: DIN-03 Brendan

DIN-03 Brendan played by RolePlayGateway

Model DIN-03, "Hoenn General" Brendan, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: DIN-04 Platinum

DIN-04 Platinum played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-04, "Sinnoh General" Platinum, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: DIN-03 Ruby

DIN-03 Ruby played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-03, "Hoenn General" Ruby, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: DIN-00 N

DIN-00 N played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-0, "Perfect King" N, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: Champion Iris

Champion Iris played by ChaoticMarin

Iris is a Pokemon Master and a Dragon Type trainer hailing from the Village of Dragons. She is exceptionally young for her role as the head of the United Pokemon League

Character Portrait: Johnathan "Johnny 4" Coschi

Johnathan "Johnny 4" Coschi played by Jaffersin

Character Portrait: Elsie Darren

Elsie Darren played by Rulke

The Little Girl who loved Ghost Stories All Grown Up

Character Portrait: Damion Wade

Damion Wade played by ChaoticMarin

The leader of The Hand of Arceus. This is a man who values his privacy and his right to stick a boot up your ass.

Character Portrait: Tommelise Leef

Tommelise Leef played by lostamongtrees

Pokemon Trainer

Character Portrait: Kaleb Fain-Pokemon Breeder/Trainer

Kaleb Fain-Pokemon Breeder/Trainer played by RolePlayGateway

A Pokemon Breeder/Trainer/Trader,that is known for his unique Pokemon, and large stash of Pokemon. He is also known to be a Dark Pokemon Expert

Character Portrait: Alexis Raban

Alexis Raban played by HitoriRaven

Just your everyday pokemon trainer.

Character Portrait: Ginny "Engin" Suttle

Ginny "Engin" Suttle played by ClockworkTowers

An overly introverted and shy girl with a sheer talent for engineering. Her knowledge of Pokemon is almost textbook, and she's always looking to create new things. Is a terrible battler however.

Character Portrait: Kamon Sapphire

Kamon Sapphire played by TheNoremac42

A late-starting pokemon trainer with great potential, but a lot to learn.

Character Portrait: DIN-05.2 White

DIN-05.2 White played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-05.2, "Unova General Two" White, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name. She was never completed.

Character Portrait: Shirona

Shirona played by LawOfTheLand

'Cynthia' now pursues her own dreams when she's not busy defending the honor of the Sinnoh Pokemon League as its Champion.

Character Portrait: Giratina

Giratina played by noonshine

Probably the most cynical pokemon in existance

Character Portrait: Max Decato

Max Decato played by Gasmask

A casual pokemon trainer, travelling the world in order to be the very best.

Character Portrait: Emiko Touko

Emiko Touko played by LawOfTheLand

"Sometimes things ARE black and white."

Character Portrait: Noelle Jefferson

Noelle Jefferson played by RolePlayGateway

(Retooled for Pokemon stuffs)

Character Portrait: Fennekin

Fennekin played by TailsbiLover

A fire type fox pokemon who is kinda shy.

Character Portrait: George(Infernape)

George(Infernape) played by NobodiesHiiro

"How's it hangin'? Get it? Hangin', 'cause I'm a monkey? Eh, y'all are no fun."

Character Portrait: Clipper the Greninja

Clipper the Greninja played by DiamondJack


Character Portrait: Dusknoir

Dusknoir played by TheHeroOfTime

This feared Pokemon is said to travel to worlds unknown. Some even believe that it takes lost spirits along with it.

Character Portrait: DIN-06 Serena

DIN-06 Serena played by ChaoticMarin

Model DIN-06, "Kalos General" Serena, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.

Character Portrait: Elisabeth Gautier

Elisabeth Gautier played by RolePlayGateway

"Without eyes, I can see more than most can even with them."

Character Portrait: Loremaster Zinnia

Loremaster Zinnia played by ChaoticMarin

A member of the illusive draconid tribe, Zinnia was once the chosen one destined to protect the world from the apocalypse as foretold by her people

Character Portrait: Brianna "Kitty" Azalia

Brianna "Kitty" Azalia played by Briannakitty

A kind young girl who is a Pokemon trainer and performer.

Character Portrait: Isabella Delcroix

Isabella Delcroix played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Seraphine Kent

Seraphine Kent played by doctorjenny

Fire pokemon are the best!

Character Portrait: Winter Sakkio

Winter Sakkio played by NeverEndingFlip

"Juuuuuust passin' through!"

Character Portrait: Bianca Autumn

Bianca Autumn played by ChaoticMarin

Bianca is a rather clumsy, somewhat flighty young lady who makes her living as a pokemon researcher.

Character Portrait: Irvine Wallander

Irvine Wallander played by ChaoticMarin

Advisor to the Grand Champion of the UPL

Character Portrait: Cheren

Cheren played by NeverEndingFlip

"Welcome to Aspertia City's Pokémon Gym. I'm Cheren, the Gym Leader!"

Character Portrait: Roxie the Virbank City Gym Leader

Roxie the Virbank City Gym Leader played by NeverEndingFlip

"AAAAAAH! You dim-witted...dense...dumb...daft...dippy...dorky...doltish DOOFUS!"

Character Portrait: Burgh the Castelia Gym Leader

Burgh the Castelia Gym Leader played by NeverEndingFlip

"My bug Pokemon are scurrying with excitement about getting to battle you!"

Character Portrait: Elesa the Nimbasa City Gym Leader

Elesa the Nimbasa City Gym Leader played by NeverEndingFlip

"May you always continue to be a person who brightens your surroundings."

Character Portrait: Elisabeth Gaultier

Elisabeth Gaultier played by glmstr

"When a rose grows through the pavement, you don't judge it for its damaged petals, you appreciate that it made it this far. Every one of us is a rose, and these are my damaged petals."

Character Portrait: Clay the Driftveil City Gym Leader

Clay the Driftveil City Gym Leader played by NeverEndingFlip

"I may not talk purty, but at least I'm an honest man."

Character Portrait: Lukas Castiel

Lukas Castiel played by NeverEndingFlip

"Off to adventure!"

Character Portrait: Skyla the Mistralton City Gym Leader

Skyla the Mistralton City Gym Leader played by NeverEndingFlip

No matter how far away things are, a pilot's eyes can see them!

Character Portrait: Pokemon Trainer Hau

Pokemon Trainer Hau played by NeverEndingFlip

"A-lo-la! The salty breeze sang to me and brought me here to you!"

Character Portrait: Wren Harrington

Wren Harrington played by Remæus

Wren is an astute and sharp-witted trainer from the East. His past is mysterious, but he's started training at all the local gyms...

Character Portrait: Xiulan Song

Xiulan Song played by ArvKyu

Character Portrait: Hikari Berlitz

Hikari Berlitz played by Ritnio

"My friends call me Dawn"

Character Portrait: Carrena Amber Vale

Carrena Amber Vale played by Gracidea

A young woman who strives to become a truthseeker...

Character Portrait: Giselle Bird

Giselle Bird played by lostamongtrees

Giselle Bird is a higher class pokemon trainer, who spends a lot of time looking down her nose and hat shopping.

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