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The Multiverse » Groups » The WhyteFyre Wolf Pack

The Whytefyre wolf pack is an ever growing society based on the planet Terra.


Welcome to a new way of thinking, a wolfs way of thinking, as set out by the rules of the Whytefyre pack.
Should you wish entry, please contact the Cora/Kora.

ACT i - The Formation

General Rules

1. All wolves are to be respectful regardless of rank.

2. Wolves of a higher ranking may not boss other wolves around to the extent where it would be classed as godmodding.

3. No member of the pack may endanger a pup. If the pup is fully aware of the consequences to its actions and then tries to fight with an adult then this may be acceptable. In this case the Cora/Kora should be informed and in most cases normal combat/duelling rules apply.

4. Wolves may have wings or particular gifts/ traits however this has its limits. this is a Wolf pack and therefore creatures that can transform are required to be in wolf form amongst the pack. (If a complex situation arises then the Cora/Kora's decision is final.)

5. Ranks are to be earnt and unless special circumstances apply (see the Cora/Kora) and no rank shall be given upon entry.

Mating Rules.

1. Pups may be beared without the Cora/Kora's permission.

2. Only one mate per wolf, if you wish to leave them thats fine. Any changes should be laid out to the Cora/Kora. (so group page changes can apply)

3 Unlimited Pups allowed but lets keep it realistic. (Female may have these at any time)

4. No forced breeding. (this is classified as rape and is frowned upon in most societies including ours)

5. Becoming mates with a higher rank doesn't necessarily raise your own rank, however this may sometimes occur.

Fighting rules.

1. Should you wish to challenge another member for thier rank, both parties must agree.

2. No godmodding/metagaming.

3. Battles left uninished will be determined by the Cora/Kora


(Alpha) / Cora(M) Kora(F)
The Cora/Kora is the head of the pack. Their word is final on pack disputes, and commands should be followed. If such cases don't occur it is the duty of the Cora/Kora to discipline.
Also able greet/welcome/introduce new members

(Beta) Crane(M) / Raiina(F)
Second in command the Crane/Raiina they are the heir/heirs to the pack. a male would be chosen over a female in most cases but should a dispute erupt a vote by the pack would be taken.

(Gamma) Sire(M) Siren(F)

In charge of keeping peace amongst the ranks... should punishable disputes occur these will be the ones to carry out punishments.

(Hunters/Fighters) Tyr(M) / Tyra(F)

In charge of prroviding for the pack. These are usually strong and lean wolves (both (M) and (F).

(Scouts/Fighters) Dray(M) / Draya(F) Smart keen and mostly loyal... these wolves will gather information regarding neighbouring packs, threats and to help expand, and protect the pack and its territories.

(Pup Sitters) Seraph (M) Seraphim(F) -They will help teach and protect the packs younger generations, through helping the mothers or offering advice and lessons in the goings on of life.

(Subordinates) The Lay-These are the rest of the wolves young and old who have either just joined or are looking to rank up within the pack.

Sakima(M)(as played by DontBeMad)
Swiftpaw(M) (as played by Kanrie)
Suprisa (F)(as played by ivygirl123)
The Lay
Wolfia (F) (as played by tigergirl4life)
Wolfenstein "Stein" (M) (as played by Tristan_Cross)
Storkuia (F) (as played by Kanrie)

Mating Pairs(and their cubs if relevant)

Characters Aligned

7 Characters Aligned, played by 4 Players

Character Portrait: Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein played by RolePlayGateway

The White Alpha

Character Portrait: Sakima

Sakima played by RolePlayGateway

The Cora (alpha) of the WhyteFyre pack, steady bold yet compassionate.

Character Portrait: Wolfia

Wolfia played by tigergirl4life

female wolf pup

Character Portrait: Suprisa

Suprisa played by ivygirl123

able-bodied, loyal scout

Character Portrait: Swiftpaw

Swiftpaw played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Twitches

Twitches played by ~Tempo~

A wolf with slight electric powers

Character Portrait: Storkuia

Storkuia played by RolePlayGateway

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