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Registered citizen of the Terran National Government


Characters Aligned

381 Characters Aligned, played by 35 Players

Character Portrait: Arcus Sol

Arcus Sol played by Arcus

The dashing blonde Chairman and CEO of Sol Enterprises.

Character Portrait: Dante Piranesi

Dante Piranesi played by Remæus

Personal bodyguard to Arcus Sol.

Character Portrait: Tobias Malari

Tobias Malari played by LawOfTheLand

An aging soldier, looking for redemption after a life on the fringes of society.

Character Portrait: Natalie Elisabeth Schultz

Natalie Elisabeth Schultz played by Ylanne

"Socializing is not necessary for happiness or national security. Neurotypicals wouldn't have made advancements in technology or sociopolitical thought without autistic fixation without the distraction of small talk or socializing."

Character Portrait: Jaeda

Jaeda played by Moonscar

Got no salvation.

Character Portrait: Alanna

Alanna played by Script


Character Portrait: Aeryn

Aeryn played by Script


Character Portrait: Aiedail

Aiedail played by Script


Character Portrait: Anya

Anya played by Disdain

A well known assassin who revels in challenge and intrigue.

Character Portrait: Sarin

Sarin played by Disdain

A young boy with the ability to see and speak with the dead.

Character Portrait: The Mystic

The Mystic played by Disdain


Character Portrait: Erin

Erin played by Disdain

Escape is one thing. It's figuring out what to do next that's the hard part.

Character Portrait: David Almontaser

David Almontaser played by Ylanne

"Mathematics define the world around us. God created a beautiful system to order all of existence - from Helper T cells to an hapless amoeba to the stars and planets in the sky all the way to our own mental processes! Math is good indeed!"

Character Portrait: Eve Blain

Eve Blain played by RolePlayGateway

Once a dirty, poor slave girl, Eve has grown into a powerful woman who loves to whine and drink as much as she can manage.

Character Portrait: Anria

Anria played by Disdain

A blunt and boisterous warrior maiden, proud of her heritage and quick to rise to any challenge.

Character Portrait: Avia L'arie

Avia L'arie played by Moonscar

Sing like a songbird, strike like a hawk.

Character Portrait: Jegun Lobos

Jegun Lobos played by RolePlayGateway

Two souls, twined as one. Human and elemental, the bond of the parts greater than either alone.

Character Portrait: Arcus  Sol

Arcus Sol played by RolePlayGateway

The blondie.

Character Portrait: Harriet

Harriet played by Disdain

Head of Staff and Manager at Gambit's Bar, stern and motherly about her patrons. Recent events have hardened her slightly, a subtle change, but a change nonetheless. She now carries a shotgun in addition to her trusty rolling pin.

Character Portrait: Embre

Embre played by Disdain

Student mage, studying divination and mysticism at Academia Celestia.

Character Portrait: Alyssia Damodred

Alyssia Damodred played by Disdain

The wife of the mysterious, faceless and nameless leader of the Damodred, and the most public leader of the family. She takes her orders from Damodred himself, and is one of only two people who know his identity..

Character Portrait: Elaina Ballifrey

Elaina Ballifrey played by Disdain

A battlemage turned military pilot, Elaina's battle-magic training is more than handy in the field.

Character Portrait: Phinx Munroe

Phinx Munroe played by Saarai

A former gang member turned Invictus leader, recording artist, and head of the Invictus media division.

Character Portrait: Glint

Glint played by Glint

An illusionist, gambler, thief and all-around charms-meister. "Pick a card! Any card! Not that card. That one might kill you."

Character Portrait: Glyna

Glyna played by Glint

Glint's glamorous assistant, an able fighter and nimble acrobat. More than a little insane, but that's really quite understandable for someone with Glint as a master.

Character Portrait: Aliana Chevaleux

Aliana Chevaleux played by Disdain

A beautiful and dextrous bard of the lyre, gifted in the art of channelling her magic to aid allies in battle. Bastard daughter of a king and half-sister of Arrow Flight.

Character Portrait: Lyra Dannavar

Lyra Dannavar played by Glint

"So I'm dead, yeah, that's a bummer sometimes. But you know, it isn't as bad as you think. Even quite useful at times, you know, detachable limbs and all. Great for multitasking, and the dead never suspect one of their own..."

Character Portrait: Leilani Daya

Leilani Daya played by RolePlayGateway

You're in trouble.

Character Portrait: Arya Du'vall

Arya Du'vall played by Disdain

A chic French city girl through and through: fashionable, sexual and highly dangerous.

Character Portrait: Tallana Davindral

Tallana Davindral played by Disdain

A dual lore Master Wizard, adept in both the Lore of Light and the Lore of Metal. One of the most highly respected figures in her homeland, and a popular favourite for succeeding as the Lord of the Order of Light.

Character Portrait: Katy Lockhart

Katy Lockhart played by Disdain

Ex-WCPD Commander

Character Portrait: Elante Vadrillion

Elante Vadrillion played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Nikka

Nikka played by Moonscar

Release the hounds.

Character Portrait: Alyss Shepard

Alyss Shepard played by Arrow

An elegant and tempered woman, assassin and all around mercenary. Trained in firearms as well as implanted with devices allowing her to discharge bolts of electricity, she is a deadly fighter - but is perfectly well mannered for her unsavoury profession.

Character Portrait: Kynala Evantus

Kynala Evantus played by Script

The former CEO of OmniCorp, now running for Minister of Finance, Kynala is ruthless and powerful, willing to do anything to protect her interests. One of the Ri, a mercantile race with little interest in warfare, always remaining neutral.

Character Portrait: Naia Lockhart

Naia Lockhart played by Arrow

Sister to Wing City Police's Commander, and downright troublemaker. Mercenary and 'big guns' partner of Dannyl Jeanson. Breasts pun unintended. "Well, general policy is, once I pull this trigger, you scatter your head over a large radius."

Character Portrait: Dannyl Jeanson

Dannyl Jeanson played by Arrow

A smooth and slick young criminal, a master of seduction and manipulation. Ruthless in exercising his talents to get his own way.

Character Portrait: Willow

Willow played by Arrow

A dryad, agent of a secretive organisation focused around controlling supernatural occurences. Annoyingly optimistic and somewhat air-headed, Willow carries her tree around with her in a plant-pot.

Character Portrait: Alison Sanderson

Alison Sanderson played by Disdain

D.I. with the WCPD.

Character Portrait: Letra Eramaia

Letra Eramaia played by Arrow

A Saidar wielding warrior, capable of fighting using both ancient techniques revolving around bladed weapons, and modern technology.

Character Portrait: Kai Paendrag

Kai Paendrag played by Script


Character Portrait: Claire Voyance

Claire Voyance played by Disdain

Claire Jackson: Orphan, witch, and ex-hero. Finding herself at something of a loss within Wing City, she spends a lot of time in Gambit's Bar wondering where it all went wrong. [quote]Can't we all just get along?[/quote]

Character Portrait: The Scarlet Siren

The Scarlet Siren played by Disdain

Annie Gray is a mutant with a powerful voice, and can put on a concert that villains will never forget!

Character Portrait: Ciara Corrigan

Ciara Corrigan played by Tiko

Free spirited and rebellious, Ciara lives by her own rules.

Character Portrait: Roselyn Arabelle

Roselyn Arabelle played by Disdain

Successful businesswoman and villainous scientist, performing immoral experiments on kidnapped test subjects, and using her money to satisfy whimsy after morally questionable whimsy.

Character Portrait: Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker played by Disdain

About as normal as they come in Wing City, an ordinary kid with ordinary goals, and ordinary problems. A slightly less ordinary pet, but he doesn't generally get let out of the house.

Character Portrait: Cailan Alisandre

Cailan Alisandre played by Disdain

A dancer and acrobat, fond of bright and explosive colours, and of effeminate appearance. Kind-hearted, if slightly air-headed and inattentive.

Character Portrait: Rebecca Holden

Rebecca Holden played by Arrow

A mutant member of a small group of political activists, Rebecca has been known to take her protests to extremes, resorting to violent attacks on politicians or locations. Utterly convinced in the rightness of her cause.

Character Portrait: Lan Varynus

Lan Varynus played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Serewyn

Serewyn played by Disdain

A markedly biting and terse young woman, with an edge of sadism about her - she isn't the type to tear the wings off of butterflies, but she might just enjoy stabbing people a bit too much.

Character Portrait: Ayasha Ziedins

Ayasha Ziedins played by Ylanne

"Get the press the hell away from me. I don't give a rat's ass what you want. I'm here in the name of justice and I'ma do my job whether you like it or not. Being Director doesn't mean sitting behind a fancy desk - I'm armed and I'm certified."

Character Portrait: Scarlet Dae

Scarlet Dae played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Cameron Fields

Cameron Fields played by Ylanne

"The only constant in life is power, and man's chief end is to pursue it. Our telos is realizing our full potential for dominating the weaker sort. Yes, I fancy myself a philosopher, among other things. Now get the hell out of my way."

Character Portrait: Catherine Volter

Catherine Volter played by Arrow

A wealthy, well dressed woman, with a penchant for biting humour and a sophisticated air about her. Far too classy to be human.

Character Portrait: Kayla Ballifrey

Kayla Ballifrey played by Disdain

Despite her childish, and innocent appearance, this teenager is not a pleasant person. Enjoying remotely operating her pet robots in order to wreak havoc on whimsy, there can be no doubt on her moral standards... they just, aren't there.

Character Portrait: Aeris Silverthorn

Aeris Silverthorn played by Arrow

A traditional high elf, with a less than traditional career. An alchemist, brewer of potions and poisons, medicines and balms. [quote]We'll go over it again, shall we? I'm not quite sure you grasp the concept...[/quote]

Character Portrait: Sophie Harte

Sophie Harte played by Disdain

A young woman, with no remarkable feats nor background to her name. The most dangerous thing she has become involved in is a brief period of drug use, and minor bouts of depression. [quote]No, really. That's it.[/quote]

Character Portrait: Lyssa Morrigan

Lyssa Morrigan played by Disdain

A young girl who chose to forgo a normal life to study and practice magick (the K is important, she insists). Formally known as Lisa Morrison, she felt that it was a rather mundane name for a proper witch to have, and so got a new one.

Character Portrait: Jahan Iskander-Dannaoui

Jahan Iskander-Dannaoui played by Ylanne

A Pakistani assassin for hire, who has no qualms about selling his services to criminals and terrorists. Essentially a ghost, Jahan is wanted in several countries for his crimes, though he has yet to be caught, happy to sell his deadly skills.

Character Portrait: Sonya Ballifrey

Sonya Ballifrey played by Script


Character Portrait: Elmindreda Damodred

Elmindreda Damodred played by Disdain

Daughter of Alyssia and Nameless Damodred, a strong young woman with a purpose. Min has come a long way since her childhood.

Character Portrait: Callysta Crowe

Callysta Crowe played by Disdain

SOD Agent with the WCPD, explosives expert and all around firework. [quote]I told you, don't call me Ballista![/quote]

Character Portrait: Simon Keane

Simon Keane played by Disdain

SOD Agent with the WCPD, better with numbers and information than with a gun, but not too shabby with either. [quote]Quiet, I'm trying to re-combobulate my thoughts![/quote]

Character Portrait: Detective Blacksad

Detective Blacksad played by Awinita

Most cats have nine lives, John's got several dozen

Character Portrait: Kiera Hunt

Kiera Hunt played by Script


Character Portrait: Katarina Blackheart

Katarina Blackheart played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Tessa Cartner

Tessa Cartner played by Tiko

DECEASED Age 19 - Shot by Taiyou Sniper

Character Portrait: Amira Qahtani

Amira Qahtani played by Ylanne

Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Wing City MEA Field Office. An Iraqi-American witch talented in the psychic arts, less so in traditional magic, and graduate of Newton National.

Character Portrait: Viktor Sodoro

Viktor Sodoro played by Ylanne

Notorious crime boss based in New York, who gave law enforcement the slip nearly ten years ago, and is reputed to command the Sodoro crime family.

Character Portrait: Jodi Proctor

Jodi Proctor played by Ylanne

Resident scientist at Alexander and Lee, where she works in close collaboration with Jahan Iskander-Dannaoui and Kwang Bin Yim, providing the scientific arm of their clandestine services.

Character Portrait: Mahamat Yoadimnadji

Mahamat Yoadimnadji played by Ylanne

A Chadian lawyer and linguist, and associate at Alexander and Lee, a clandestine services agency.

Character Portrait: Wren Sunchaser

Wren Sunchaser played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Danielle Kalter

Danielle Kalter played by Disdain

An metahuman agent with the WCPD, rather averse to her general role as 'cannon fodder'. "Just because it doesn't hurt when they shoot me doesn't mean I enjoy it!"

Character Portrait: Fatin Farah

Fatin Farah played by Ylanne

"I do the work of God. If I die, then all glory be to Him. You can stop Hataf, but you cannot still the hand of God, not for one moment."

Character Portrait: Yamin Noor Attayyib

Yamin Noor Attayyib played by Ylanne

The Hataf Senior Leader who serves as the Coordinator for the Mutalistani Branch of the terrorist organization. Intimidating despite his fairly short stature.

Character Portrait: Pyrrhus

Pyrrhus played by Disdain

A gambler; one of the best, rich and skilled - but most of all, lucky.

Character Portrait: Rhea

Rhea played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Rynhart

Rynhart played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Michael King

Michael King played by Disdain

An ex-student of an exiled mage, recently graduated from Academia Everia, and looking for work. "People skills..? Oh, uh, yes! I have... ah, brilliant people skills... can't you uh, tell?"

Character Portrait: Vimana Rhakan

Vimana Rhakan played by Disdain

Tyrian Necromancer, Ebon Vanguard. One of those responsible for the downfall of the Great Destroyer, and earlier, the White Mantle and their false gods.

Character Portrait: Yanni-Cai Azura

Yanni-Cai Azura played by Moonscar

A different type of witch.

Character Portrait: Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes played by Disdain

A part-time florist, part-time artist, full-time spinster. "I did what I had to do to protect my children..."

Character Portrait: Paige Garcia

Paige Garcia played by Disdain

Car thief/mechanic, general loose cannon.

Character Portrait: Savannah Ryder

Savannah Ryder played by TheNoremac42

Serving as a PR Representative for Ereb Industries, she goes about sealing contracts and deals regarding the hiring of the third party contractors, acquiring research grants, organizing mergers, and etc.

Character Portrait: Wisp

Wisp played by Disdain

An 'investigator'. Skilled 'hacker', in layman's terms, utilising illegal methods to investigate targets for interesting cases.

Character Portrait: Trinna

Trinna played by Sennen

Three in one, and all very different. Three lives and one life; that is our burden.

Character Portrait: Nathan Hart

Nathan Hart played by Script


Character Portrait: Alex King

Alex King played by Arrow

Professional bartender, and world traveller. Alex has served in bars across the seven continents, and can speak a surprising number of languages. Often something of a Dr. Phil for her friends, as bartenders tend to be. lolgeddittend?

Character Portrait: Skye Christer

Skye Christer played by Arrow

Graphic Designer, in charge of graphics in a magazine. With the extents some of his colleagues are willing to go to for a story, life can be hectic sometimes.

Character Portrait: Leah Faraday

Leah Faraday played by Disdain

SOD Agent with the WCPD, magical expert and liaison to the SCD.

Character Portrait: Redda

Redda played by Sennen

An illusionist who was taught her tricks by a wandering jester. She has slight shape shifting capabilities and variants of other magic as well.

Character Portrait: Gladdie

Gladdie played by Sennen

Another illusionist who was taught her tricks by a wandering jester. She also has slight shape shifting capabilities and variants of other magic as well.

Character Portrait: Annie Lira

Annie Lira played by Disdain

A violinist and singer, Annie earns her keep performing in nightclubs and bars - she keeps clear of Gambit's as far as work goes, though. At least in other places if they don't like you they throw non-lethal objects.

Character Portrait: Mia Evans

Mia Evans played by Disdain

"I wanna be the very best... Pokemon aside though, I quite fancy my chances."

Character Portrait: Catira Edrene

Catira Edrene played by Moonscar

Am I so terribly unassuming? Marvelous.

Character Portrait: Laura Knight

Laura Knight played by Arrow

A demon hunter with a mean streak.

Character Portrait: Claire Dunham

Claire Dunham played by Disdain

An ex-SIS agent, working with a pair of partners in Wing City to run a private contractor business ranging from security to private investigation.

Character Portrait: Kaori Walker

Kaori Walker played by Disdain

An ex-SIS agent of Asian heritage but British born, freelancer.

Character Portrait: Tora Butler

Tora Butler played by Moonscar

A prized combatant of Gadget.

Character Portrait: Kael Winter

Kael Winter played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Kiriel Anazura

Kiriel Anazura played by Disdain

Elven mage, Everian Battlemage Captain.

Character Portrait: Silviana Melaidhrin

Silviana Melaidhrin played by Disdain

Headmistress of Academia Everia, a powerful mage with intricate and powerful talents.

Character Portrait: Kireth 'Blizzard'

Kireth 'Blizzard' played by Sennen

An Ice Mage, long gone from her home and freshly come to Wing City on an 'afternoon walk.'

Character Portrait: Sabrina Dijkstra

Sabrina Dijkstra played by Arrow

A young woman, small-time singer, stuck in a dead end job. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Character Portrait: Jack Reed

Jack Reed played by Moonscar

Reborn? Given a second chance? Whatever happened, he's trying not to retrace his steps.

Character Portrait: Michael Connor

Michael Connor played by Disdain

A close-combat trainer for the WCPD and related organisations.

Character Portrait: Adam Ruin

Adam Ruin played by RolePlayGateway

There is a god, but he is far from benevolent.

Character Portrait: Rabiya Dolet

Rabiya Dolet played by Ylanne

Supreme Leader of Hataf and member of the Senior Council.

Character Portrait: Annoura

Annoura played by Disdain

The quietly wise and powerful Librarian of Academia Celestia. A calm and modest demeanour disguise great power, though she is always hesitant about employing it in any significant regard, for reasons of her own.

Character Portrait: Daniel North

Daniel North played by Disdain

A friendly if trigger-happy young man who makes a living out of a combination of stunt acting, with a side career in bounty hunting.

Character Portrait: Gian Gray

Gian Gray played by Moonscar

The second youngest member of Gadget. He is skinny and short, but his personality is boisterous and a tad bit...self-absorbed.

Character Portrait: Ace Young

Ace Young played by Moonscar

Member of Gadget, long-haired, pretty, with eyes that hold secrets.

Character Portrait: Amy Robertson

Amy Robertson played by Disdain

A student, studying psychology and philosophy at Oxford. Scottish by birth, a musician and a writer.

Character Portrait: Giselle Hart

Giselle Hart played by Moonscar

A victim of a kidnapping, recently brought back to Gadget, on a rough path to recovery. Induced schizophrenia is difficult to remedy.

Character Portrait: Nyssa Redgrave

Nyssa Redgrave played by Disdain

An illusionist and general mindbender, Nyssa employs her trickster's magic to dominate Vegas' casinos alongside her sister, Sarah.

Character Portrait: Sarah Redgrave

Sarah Redgrave played by Disdain

A trainee doctor at a Vegas hospital, Sarah primarily uses her magic for medical purposes. However, with her sister's influence, Sarah found herself convinced to play poker for an admittedly comfortable profit...

Character Portrait: Clara Jackson

Clara Jackson played by Arrow

There are two sides to every coin, but it's rarer that one abuses the other. "Shut the fuck up you filthy cunt, stop tainting my lips with your meaningless bullshit."

Character Portrait: Yasmine Khalifa

Yasmine Khalifa played by Disdain

Daughter of an extremist activist, forced into using her psychic talent to further his hateful goals. "I do this not for love of your god or your ideals, father, but for love of my mother. You would do well to remember that."

Character Portrait: Nathan Andrews

Nathan Andrews played by Disdain

Wand-wielding magic specialist with the WCPD.

Character Portrait: Matthew Collins

Matthew Collins played by Disdain

A childhood friend of Nathan's - one of the few - rash and unpredictable, but more than making up for it with combat prowess.

Character Portrait: Cassie Harris

Cassie Harris played by Disdain

Media darling and pretty face aside, Cassie's persuasive nature is more than just a way with words. There's more to the pretty blonde woman than meets the eye.

Character Portrait: Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor played by Disdain

Sanctuary agent, a practicioner of rune magic. Covered from head to toe with her art, Alice is skilled enough that people put up with her odd little quirks, and slightly sharp tongue.

Character Portrait: Fei

Fei played by Moonscar

A new type of witch.

Character Portrait: Lelantus Haima

Lelantus Haima played by Ylanne

The current leader of the Terran Liberation Front and the successor to the late Eos Paradigm.

Character Portrait: Iqbal Adnan

Iqbal Adnan played by Ylanne

Senior Nuclear Physicist, Directorate of Science and Technology, Iqbal Adnan is a member of terrorist organization Hataf.

Character Portrait: Catherine Jennings

Catherine Jennings played by Disdain

OmniCorp's Head of Terran Expansion and Innovation, a determined and experienced businesswoman with a reputation for strict standards of morality, and a fearsome streak saved for those that don't meet them.

Character Portrait: Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward played by Disdain

An A-level student; smart, successful and doesn't she half know it. Carries herself with a sense of superiority, though this is at least bearable. Otherwise largely friendly, with a quick wit and a loyalty to her friends.

Character Portrait: Naria Walker

Naria Walker played by Moonscar

Gadget's technomancer.

Character Portrait: Lory Davis

Lory Davis played by Disdain

A surprisingly young magical swordswoman, over-ambitious and cocky. Her ambition has gotten her into trouble more than once, and deeply embroiled in things that she hasn't the wisdom to comprehend.

Character Portrait: Gabriel Ward

Gabriel Ward played by Moonscar

It was never just that I wanted to kill you, my dear. It just so happens that I need to, as well.

Character Portrait: Nerio

Nerio played by Sennen

A Ragatran mage, one of the new age of casters!

Character Portrait: Javid Alfarsi

Javid Alfarsi played by Ylanne

Oversees Hataf's Directorate of Science and Technology and sits on Hataf's Senior Council.

Character Portrait: Albertine Fox

Albertine Fox played by Moonscar

Searching. Restlessly searching.

Character Portrait: Aaron Cassidy

Aaron Cassidy played by Arrow


Character Portrait: Miranda Haley

Miranda Haley played by Ylanne

Who would guess that beneath the wispy bangs and delicate eyelashes lies the cold, cruel intent of a terrorist?

Character Portrait: Yukawa Osamu

Yukawa Osamu played by Ylanne

An agent of the Terran Intelligence Bureau assigned to Lelantus Haima's personal detail.

Character Portrait: Arianne Drulovic

Arianne Drulovic played by Ylanne

"Call me what you will, Ms. Shaw," said Drulovic, inclining her head almost dismissively... "I imagine I could be called almost anything, and it would be, at least partially, true."

Character Portrait: Aiedai Nasazura

Aiedai Nasazura played by Script


Character Portrait: Terrance Verton

Terrance Verton played by LawOfTheLand

"Blow me or I'll blow you up."

Character Portrait: Desiree Mikels

Desiree Mikels played by Reigny

TETRS Soldier

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Thaybor

Elizabeth Thaybor played by Sennen

Bathe in the blood of the young.

Character Portrait: Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith played by DiamondJack

You wanna play?

Character Portrait: Mariella Lopez

Mariella Lopez played by Renssaerene

An newly instilled TIB Agent.

Character Portrait: Naoki Tsukino

Naoki Tsukino played by Moonscar

Anger issues? Who has anger issues!?

Character Portrait: Ahmad Fazari

Ahmad Fazari played by Ylanne

Formerly senior aide to Terra's spymaster, and now the Deputy Director of Intelligence.

Character Portrait: Mirza Nishtar

Mirza Nishtar played by Ylanne

Officially, Mr. Nishtar is a diplomatic staffer within the Terran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unofficially, well.

Character Portrait: Zuri

Zuri played by Sennen

I will never trust the word "forever" again.

Character Portrait: Jamal Morrison Lebrun

Jamal Morrison Lebrun played by Ylanne

Director, National Police Agency

Character Portrait: Usama Javed

Usama Javed played by Ylanne

Senior Correspondent at the Terran Independent

Character Portrait: Juliana Charles

Juliana Charles played by Ylanne

Staff Attorney, Terran National Police Agency

Character Portrait: Natalija Drulovic

Natalija Drulovic played by Ylanne

Director of Marketing, Ignatius Loyola Christian Academy, Dallas, Texas.

Character Portrait: Fedelia

Fedelia played by Moonscar

Roses are red, some diamonds are blue. Chivalry is dead...but you're still kinda cute.

Character Portrait: Cameron Lawson

Cameron Lawson played by Disdain

"My body may be more metal and wiring than me, but within it beats my heart, and lies my mind. I've not changed who I am, just what."

Character Portrait: Zaria Busto

Zaria Busto played by Sennen

"I'm looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't seen it yet, but I feel like it's just ahead."

Character Portrait: Mwesigwa Museveni

Mwesigwa Museveni played by Ylanne

Minister of Finance, Terran National Government.

Character Portrait: Vince Galven

Vince Galven played by Moonscar

He never seemed like a mystery.

Character Portrait: Randin D. Kaye

Randin D. Kaye played by Nemo

A hardened WCPD Detective with a stern code of ethics.

Character Portrait: Austin Marshal

Austin Marshal played by Nemo

A rash young TIB agent.

Character Portrait: Ammadi Nyle

Ammadi Nyle played by RolePlayGateway

TETRS Field Commander and heavy metal connoisseur

Character Portrait: Torin Illium

Torin Illium played by Nemo

A young fighter, eager for training. He seeks out the greatest warriors in the Multiverse to learn from.

Character Portrait: Cleo Eriaji

Cleo Eriaji played by Nemo

The sole survivor of a proud race.

Character Portrait: Rubano Malijin

Rubano Malijin played by Nemo

"Through power, victory."

Character Portrait: Jonathan Ashkenazi

Jonathan Ashkenazi played by Ylanne

Terran Minister of Foreign Affairs

Character Portrait: Sisavang Khamtai

Sisavang Khamtai played by Ylanne

Terran Minister of Justice

Character Portrait: Khalid Mamadzai Khan

Khalid Mamadzai Khan played by Ylanne

The name sounds familiar, and you struggle to remember where you've heard it when you recall a list of Hataf's leaders.

Character Portrait: Viktor Thrice

Viktor Thrice played by Tiko

A bit of an enigma, it's not quite certain how Viktor fits into the family.

Character Portrait: Varia Vulpes

Varia Vulpes played by Tiko

Sired by Viktor. Varia is both wild and independent.

Character Portrait: Christian Belock

Christian Belock played by Tiko

A prodigal necromancer. Sired by and apprentice to Sanina Lessard.

Character Portrait: Ed Cranford

Ed Cranford played by Ylanne

Prime Minister of Terra

Character Portrait: Vlatko Klaic

Vlatko Klaic played by Ylanne

Member of Parliament, Terran National Government

Character Portrait: Kathryn Cox

Kathryn Cox played by Ylanne

She was last seen in 2006 at a college party.

Character Portrait: Nenad Drulović

Nenad Drulović played by Ylanne

Director, Drulovic and Durrani Forum on National Security and Public Policy

Character Portrait: Sarah Bentley-Lessard

Sarah Bentley-Lessard played by Tiko

Sanina's adopted daughter and the younger sister of Alice Bentley-Lessard.

Character Portrait: Alice Bentley-Lessard

Alice Bentley-Lessard played by Tiko

Sanina's adopted daughter and the older sister of Sarah Bentley-Lessard.

Character Portrait: Kyle Drakinson

Kyle Drakinson played by Tiko

The Head of Security for the Lessard family manor. Though youthful, he is reliable and skilled at what he does.

Character Portrait: Luis Galdámez

Luis Galdámez played by Ylanne

Attorney General of Terra

Character Portrait: Castala Melaidhrin

Castala Melaidhrin played by Disdain

Illusionist, performer and a professional liar, Castala's circus is in town. "A trickster, me? Surely you can't be serious ... I'm about as genuine as they come in this business."

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Cranford

Elizabeth Cranford played by Ylanne

Character Portrait: Joran Davrell

Joran Davrell played by Nemo

A former university professor, NPA Director and general overseer of The Rehabilitation Institute for Paranormals.

Character Portrait: Kaelin Tiernan

Kaelin Tiernan played by Disdain

"And you thought people talked shit, you don't know what they think about ..."

Character Portrait: Terzo Maestri

Terzo Maestri played by Moonscar

He's a trap. Run.

Character Portrait: Aurelia Lerant

Aurelia Lerant played by Disdain

A planeswalker, one who traverses the gap between realms.

Character Portrait: Soha Alfarsi

Soha Alfarsi played by Ylanne

Chief Operating Officer and President of Bennington-Gray Enterprises, Inc.

Character Portrait: Ileana Nicolae

Ileana Nicolae played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Ryan Chan

Ryan Chan played by Sennen

Just a normal guy in a- WHOA. Did you see that? Did you SEE that?

Character Portrait: Fātiḥ Sayılgan

Fātiḥ Sayılgan played by Ylanne

Admiral in the Terran Armed Forces, Commander of Fort Veritas military headquarters.

Character Portrait: Ethan Railee

Ethan Railee played by Nemo

A helpless empath with no control over his powers.

Character Portrait: Theo Fidean

Theo Fidean played by Nemo

Do you believe in 'good-guys'?

Character Portrait: Delta Vargas

Delta Vargas played by Moonscar

On a plane trip to the rabbit hole.

Character Portrait: James Timber

James Timber played by Scorpion01

"Lonliness isn't all my life turns out to be, it seems. Still no family....but at least I've got a friend."

Character Portrait: Farabundo Guzman

Farabundo Guzman played by Ylanne

Terran Minister of Defence

Character Portrait: D Jefferson

D Jefferson played by SlightlyIrregular

I'm here, ladies. Just ignore the two kids.

Character Portrait: Ilona Dove

Ilona Dove played by Moonscar

Really...she's more of a shark than a bird.

Character Portrait: Caleb Jefferson

Caleb Jefferson played by SlightlyIrregular

I don't give a damn

Character Portrait: Ayane

Ayane played by Sennen

"It's the purest form of love!"

Character Portrait: Aedan Gregory

Aedan Gregory played by SlightlyIrregular

I have come for them.

Character Portrait: Grandma Gladys

Grandma Gladys played by SlightlyIrregular

I am older and therefore wiser than you.

Character Portrait: Calem Jefferson

Calem Jefferson played by SlightlyIrregular

Character Portrait: Wardah Musharafna

Wardah Musharafna played by Ylanne

Terran Intelligence Bureau agent on permanent assignment to Egypt

Character Portrait: Kol

Kol played by Nemo

The scoundrel son of a fallen Titan.

Character Portrait: Roan

Roan played by Ranger

Character Portrait: Monique Ondonae

Monique Ondonae played by Sennen

Blessed bats and silver chainsaws!

Character Portrait: Jamie Cartwright

Jamie Cartwright played by SlightlyIrregular

Character Portrait: Minke

Minke played by Moonscar

Ink with a splash of magic.

Character Portrait: Killian Doyle

Killian Doyle played by SlightlyIrregular

Character Portrait: Farai Black

Farai Black played by Moonscar


Character Portrait: Kimo Struth

Kimo Struth played by Moonscar

Haunted by a ghost of his own making.

Character Portrait: Nada Vera

Nada Vera played by Sennen

Ready for action!

Character Portrait: Darren Sharp

Darren Sharp played by Scorpion01

"I can get you there in more or less one piece."

Character Portrait: Terra and Golem

Terra and Golem played by Scorpion01

You'll regret being evil if these two are after you.

Character Portrait: Cianna Miller

Cianna Miller played by SlightlyIrregular

Do not mess with me or my dog will bite you.

Character Portrait: Ellie McNamara

Ellie McNamara played by Ylanne

Officially, she's a freelance journalist specializing in intelligence and foreign affairs. In other words, an idle loner frequently seen in hipster coffee-shops occasionally working. In other words, she's completely anonymous.

Character Portrait: Isaac Bowdoin

Isaac Bowdoin played by Ylanne

After leaving WCPD, Isaac joined the NPA.

Character Portrait: Roth M Ushiro

Roth M Ushiro played by Nemo

A teenage ronin out to make a name for himself.

Character Portrait: The Equalizer

The Equalizer played by Moonscar

Let's start a new game.

Character Portrait: Michael Munroe

Michael Munroe played by Saarai

The younger brother of Phinx Munroe and current President of the Lost Breed Motorcycle Club.

Character Portrait: Božidar Dvořák

Božidar Dvořák played by Ylanne

A decidedly quiet, soft-spoken man.

Character Portrait: Cortez Vega

Cortez Vega played by Sennen

Boom, baby! Hahaha!

Character Portrait: Ruby Archer

Ruby Archer played by SlightlyIrregular

I've never met you before in my life... but I'm pregnant with your child...

Character Portrait: Indomitus

Indomitus played by Sennen

'The panicked human had calmed down when he'd realized that the talking warrior bear didn't intend on mauling him to death. It would have been a grizzly way to go.'

Character Portrait: Janis McMorrow

Janis McMorrow played by Ylanne

Elected as the Rightist Minister of Foreign Affairs under the Galdamez administration of the Terran National Government.

Character Portrait: The Montesquieu Twins

The Montesquieu Twins played by Ironman11

The Newest Generation to the Korpulu Sector Terran Old Money Family, Aimless Dilettantes with too much spare time.

Character Portrait: John Braillim

John Braillim played by Nemo

Rookie engineer and general 'fix-it' man.

Character Portrait: Maximillian "Captain" Dirge

Maximillian "Captain" Dirge played by RolePlayGateway

Don't ask about why they call me Captain.

Character Portrait: Dmitriv Arakov

Dmitriv Arakov played by Nemo

"The stars are out. Make a wish, make a wish."

Character Portrait: Ryan Vadas

Ryan Vadas played by Sennen

Massive strength and a massive sword.

Character Portrait: Kanani Beran

Kanani Beran played by Sennen

Eyes down at my face, buster.

Character Portrait: Jamison Alfred Green

Jamison Alfred Green played by SlightlyIrregular

Jamison Alfred Green is feeling good today. He has gone on a nice long walk.

Character Portrait: Nerea Duval

Nerea Duval played by Sennen

Several years after her apprenticeship with a witch, Nerea has finally set out all own.

Character Portrait: Gabriel Ereb

Gabriel Ereb played by TheNoremac42

CEO of Ereb Industries, a multipurpose company. He is an extremely wealthy elderly businessman who treats his employees and others with friendliness, respect, and gratitude. He seeks to use his influence to change the world for the better.

Character Portrait: Rory Replicator

Rory Replicator played by Moonscar

Small fry, big virus

Character Portrait: Crystal Malari

Crystal Malari played by Arluar

My eyes are up here, thank you...

Character Portrait: SenTinel

SenTinel played by Moonscar

The unknown is what keeps us safe.

Character Portrait: Vincent Vega

Vincent Vega played by Scorpion01

"Please, leave the tail alone."

Character Portrait: Dr. Amanda Ereb

Dr. Amanda Ereb played by TheNoremac42

Daughter of the CEO of Ereb Industries, and its heir. She is the current director of the company's medical science research facility.

Character Portrait: Adrian Greyson

Adrian Greyson played by Script


Character Portrait: Nanna Cane

Nanna Cane played by Sennen

Strong animals know when your hearts are weak.

Character Portrait: Charlotte Carter

Charlotte Carter played by Sennen

Always in the background.

Character Portrait: Emeka Martin

Emeka Martin played by Sennen

Born to make great deeds: deeds he seeks to bring to life.

Character Portrait: Demor Ragani

Demor Ragani played by Scorpion01

"Yea, I'm....not normal."

Character Portrait: Pretarupa Aave

Pretarupa Aave played by Moonscar

Banshee slayer of filth.

Character Portrait: Kye Lehto

Kye Lehto played by Disdain

A cheerful, albeit distant young man with a traumatic past. On the surface there is little to distinguish Kye from an ordinary teenager, aside from a few odd qwerks here and there. However there's plenty underneath that is a little more... bizarre.

Character Portrait: Sinha

Sinha played by Sennen

Feral and vampiric.

Character Portrait: Bastard and Bitch

Bastard and Bitch played by Sennen

A mercenary and his genetically altered dog.

Character Portrait: Myoh Ji-Min

Myoh Ji-Min played by Moonscar

Never breaking, never giving up.

Character Portrait: Rob Smith

Rob Smith played by TheNoremac42

Just an average construction worker under the employement of Ereb Industries.

Character Portrait: Charlie Munroe

Charlie Munroe played by Saarai

A part-time Luchador and full-time private detective in Van Leugen.

Character Portrait: Old Man Onigiri

Old Man Onigiri played by Nemo

A street-smart Taiyou immigrant and Terran Militiaman.

Character Portrait: Terezija Turin

Terezija Turin played by Sennen

Quite the showoff.

Character Portrait: Faith Park

Faith Park played by Saarai

Former member of the Red Rain Yakuza, currently working as a detective in Wing City.

Character Portrait: Casey Delancy

Casey Delancy played by FizzGig

WCPD's newest Chief of Police

Character Portrait: Jackie Machida

Jackie Machida played by Saarai

The quiet leader of the Red Rain Yakuza in Wing City.

Character Portrait: Harold Miller

Harold Miller played by barney_fife

Former WCPD Chief of Police and Detective 1st Class with the CPF

Character Portrait: Shavi

Shavi played by Moonscar

"Please, just do as I ask."

Character Portrait: Nina Sekova

Nina Sekova played by Saarai

A member of the Invictus' elite Custodis Benevolentia. She is also a member of it's recruitment and training divisions.

Character Portrait: Rida Galimas

Rida Galimas played by Sennen


Character Portrait: Rahuna Kell

Rahuna Kell played by Sennen

Dangerously intelligent.

Character Portrait: Maxi

Maxi played by SlightlyIrregular

Erutin child of Caleb

Character Portrait: Yah'akov Kohen

Yah'akov Kohen played by TheNoremac42

"Yes, I am blind. No, I am not an invalid."

Character Portrait: Alex Elwood

Alex Elwood played by Script


Character Portrait: Noah Aldwell

Noah Aldwell played by Script


Character Portrait: Maggy Dalene

Maggy Dalene played by Sennen

Whats up, sweet stuff?

Character Portrait: Isi Wright

Isi Wright played by Sennen

Living in the moment.

Character Portrait: Lennox Carver

Lennox Carver played by Saarai

The leader of The Black Badge, a rogue NPA unit that has taken to vigilantism in Wing City.

Character Portrait: Arien Valentine

Arien Valentine played by Script


Character Portrait: Pierina

Pierina played by Sennen

Peel away the layers.

Character Portrait: Isaac Reece Morris

Isaac Reece Morris played by Sicariius

Character Portrait: Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle played by SlightlyIrregular

Killian's youngest brother

Character Portrait: Leon Black

Leon Black played by Sennen

From the realm of dreams.

Character Portrait: Sonja Dahl

Sonja Dahl played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Cináed

Cináed played by Script


Character Portrait: Iso Porter

Iso Porter played by Moonscar

Reality is a fragile thing.

Character Portrait: Ralphie Black

Ralphie Black played by Sennen

Eyes as reflective as mirrors.

Character Portrait: Dallas Wright

Dallas Wright played by Sennen

The right hand man.

Character Portrait: Wen Struth

Wen Struth played by Sennen

Clouded in mysteries.

Character Portrait: Ariadne Rienne

Ariadne Rienne played by Disdain

Newly turned to vampirism, Ariadne is a resourceful and merciless agent working on behalf of Neferata Lahmia

Character Portrait: Jenna Blackwood

Jenna Blackwood played by Disdain

Infiltrator and saboteur in the Golden Legion. One of their most skilled operatives and 'guinea pig' for some of OmniCorp's advanced combat implants.

Character Portrait: Jonathon Lectre

Jonathon Lectre played by Sicariius

Son and successor of Abraxas Lectre, inheritor of the Lectre company and fortune.

Character Portrait: Jennifer Motzu

Jennifer Motzu played by Scorpion01

A Drachini researcher of all things Draconian.

Character Portrait: The Wyvern

The Wyvern played by Scorpion01

"I still feel shackled for some reason....something nags at me like a headache you cannot find a cure for....Did I really leave?"

Character Portrait: Martin Langford

Martin Langford played by Disdain

Terran anchorman.

Character Portrait: Alison Keating

Alison Keating played by Script


Character Portrait: Sky Evans

Sky Evans played by Script


Character Portrait: Sargas Lace

Sargas Lace played by Moonscar

You will be our guardians.

Character Portrait: Sebiya Shadid

Sebiya Shadid played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Anaiya Thorn

Anaiya Thorn played by Disdain

Doctor and medicine woman of Windcrest.

Character Portrait: Merrick Vadas

Merrick Vadas played by Moonscar

Burn it down.

Character Portrait: Marcus Tate

Marcus Tate played by RolePlayGateway

"No, the helmet does not come off often. And yes, I'll be holding onto my gun."

Character Portrait: Robin Nieves

Robin Nieves played by Moonscar

Another one bites the dust.

Character Portrait: Fionn Collins

Fionn Collins played by Script


Character Portrait: Nairi

Nairi played by Script


Character Portrait: Kyle Carrier

Kyle Carrier played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward played by Script


Character Portrait: Mieren Fairleaf

Mieren Fairleaf played by Disdain

Air-headed druidic sorceress with an affinity for animals.

Character Portrait: Tahlia Bishop

Tahlia Bishop played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Ninon Giroux

Ninon Giroux played by Sennen

I can lend a hand.

Character Portrait: Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson played by Ruanzilla

WCPD Officer - "Have you ever tried to give out parking tickets in this city?" - Daniel

Character Portrait: Baako

Baako played by DiamondJack

"What to do with you?"

Character Portrait: Janet Sou

Janet Sou played by Moonscar

At the age of thirty, she a miserable loner. She spends her nights as a mopey drunk, and her days as a mopey smoker.

Character Portrait: Makya

Makya played by Tiko

A young warrior of the Ra'shak Clan. Makya is an image of dignity, honor, and courage, but he is young yet and is prone to youthful zeal and impulsive decisions.

Character Portrait: Leonis

Leonis played by Tiko

Shief of the Ra'shak Clan. Leonis is both tempered and aged, but this fierce warrior has bite in him yet.

Character Portrait: Zacariah Grimm

Zacariah Grimm played by RolePlayGateway

Careful who you're messin' with, punk. Cause mean as you are, I'm meaner.

Character Portrait: Tapu

Tapu played by Tiko

A seasoned warrior of the Ra'shak clan.

Character Portrait: Shamana Ryth

Shamana Ryth played by Script


Character Portrait: Meke

Meke played by Tiko

A dishonored Mira, Meke wanders Terra as a clanless rogue.

Character Portrait: Jamie Page

Jamie Page played by Script


Character Portrait: Victor Vidal

Victor Vidal played by Zarhara

Terran Parliament Candidate

Character Portrait: Jasen Rasti

Jasen Rasti played by Scorpion01

"Y-yea, I'm part Phoenix...You won' anything, right?"

Character Portrait: Casper Lessard

Casper Lessard played by Nemo

"Death is the beginning of something beautiful."

Character Portrait: Leon Theodoris

Leon Theodoris played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Cherry Blanc

Cherry Blanc played by Sennen

Pop, pop, pop!

Character Portrait: Brayden Drake

Brayden Drake played by SlightlyIrregular

Don't start shitting with me or I will fuck you up.

Character Portrait: Kenneth O'Leary

Kenneth O'Leary played by SlightlyIrregular

You odn't mess with me

Character Portrait: Joshua Mattrix

Joshua Mattrix played by SlightlyIrregular

Deceased - Died via public beheading

Character Portrait: Lena O'Leary

Lena O'Leary played by SlightlyIrregular

Yes, I know what my husband does

Character Portrait: Devon O'Leary

Devon O'Leary played by SlightlyIrregular

My father is a bad man

Character Portrait: Luca Savage

Luca Savage played by Sennen

A young bookworm and aspiring rune mage. He is a student at Academia Celestia.

Character Portrait: Amandine Sawyer

Amandine Sawyer played by Moonscar

A reanimated corpse with a vague memory of her life and death before her resurrection. A student at Academia Celestia.

Character Portrait: Apiya

Apiya played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Kuruka

Kuruka played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Alexandra Van der Walk

Alexandra Van der Walk played by RolePlayGateway

Character Portrait: Shelby Kaufman

Shelby Kaufman played by Tiko

TIB Special Agent

Character Portrait: Sennen T. Noel

Sennen T. Noel played by Moonscar

Kid mercenary. Before the meltdown.

Character Portrait: Phillip S. Thurman

Phillip S. Thurman played by RolePlayGateway

Well, I'd offer you a handshake, but as you can see, one hand is full and the other is just...yeah.

Character Portrait: Da'veth Fanlas

Da'veth Fanlas played by Sennen

Leader of an Elven mafia.

Character Portrait: Frederich Reed

Frederich Reed played by The Afterman

"We live in a world overrun by corruption. I intend to weed such plague out by the roots."

Character Portrait: Aldarine Ilo

Aldarine Ilo played by Moonscar

A witch of the White Sigil.

Character Portrait: Tafari Silva

Tafari Silva played by Moonscar


Character Portrait: Sanyu Grey

Sanyu Grey played by Sennen


Character Portrait: Thaddeus Cael Ardelean

Thaddeus Cael Ardelean played by The Afterman

"That which seperates Man from Monster is the desire to hold onto one's own soul."

Character Portrait: Vincent Jean Dixon-Ardelean

Vincent Jean Dixon-Ardelean played by The Afterman

"Sometimes, just once, I'd like to think my good intentions were well-placed."

Character Portrait: Nox Mellencamp

Nox Mellencamp played by The Afterman

"Sanity is relative."

Character Portrait: Tura Na'ida

Tura Na'ida played by Sennen

Elven gangster.

Character Portrait: Jaysin

Jaysin played by SlightlyIrregular

Wing City Librarian

Character Portrait: Thaddeus Kraggen

Thaddeus Kraggen played by RolePlayGateway

What are you slack-jawed rookies staring at? Get your ass on the street before I put my boot in it.

Character Portrait: Dina Wright

Dina Wright played by Sennen

Secretary for the Minister of Defense.

Character Portrait: Shelly Reed

Shelly Reed played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Najia Okeke

Najia Okeke played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Julian Harris

Julian Harris played by Ruanzilla

Character Portrait: Giles Fabron

Giles Fabron played by Moonscar

There is hope for Aslund's future; a future that is bright and uninhibited by the malicious shadow of years past.

Character Portrait: Cynn Naeata

Cynn Naeata played by Script


Character Portrait: Till 'Hammerhead' Bornne

Till 'Hammerhead' Bornne played by Tank Emperor

TNG Agent

Character Portrait: Franklin Brice

Franklin Brice played by Architect

Character Portrait: Saiga Dubicki

Saiga Dubicki played by Moonscar

She's something else, alright.

Character Portrait: Alexander Leonard

Alexander Leonard played by SlightlyIrregular

WPCD Narcotics Officer

Character Portrait: Corey Danthers

Corey Danthers played by SlightlyIrregular

WCPD undercover cop (deceased)

Character Portrait: Amund Olafson

Amund Olafson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Sigurd Olafson

Sigurd Olafson played by Gasmask

"Sigurd is all the reinforcement this parliament needs!"

Character Portrait: Sarangerel

Sarangerel played by Moonscar

Too young... or too intelligent?

Character Portrait: Alisha Serena Holland

Alisha Serena Holland played by SlightlyIrregular


Character Portrait: Eli Wethers

Eli Wethers played by SlightlyIrregular

Guardian to Ace

Character Portrait: Amy Reynolds

Amy Reynolds played by SlightlyIrregular

Cynn Naeata's secretary

Character Portrait: Sharlene Johnson

Sharlene Johnson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Chloë McGregor

Chloë McGregor played by barney_fife

"There are those that deserve the title of 'Civilized Being' and the rest need little more than extermination.

Character Portrait: Davarus Petros

Davarus Petros played by The Afterman

"For blood and glory!"

Character Portrait: Layla Moroe

Layla Moroe played by The Afterman

"What are we standing around here for? I'm hungry...."

Character Portrait: Oliver Creed

Oliver Creed played by Disdain

Mayor of Solinus City.

Character Portrait: Igtrid

Igtrid played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Amethea

Amethea played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Jason Tommel

Jason Tommel played by Tiko

Character Portrait: Zach Savage

Zach Savage played by Sennen

A scrappy fighter

Character Portrait: Devika Ward

Devika Ward played by Moonscar

"After everything I've told you, it'd just blow your mind to learn I'm an atheist."

Character Portrait: Veronica Sou

Veronica Sou played by Moonscar

Character Portrait: Mason Lowery

Mason Lowery played by Saarai

One of the leading attorneys working for the Terran National Government, he tends to handle much of the government's legal issues in international matters and prosecute federal crimes.

Character Portrait: Jaeda Fleischer

Jaeda Fleischer played by Moonscar

A slayer, a beast, a bottle of pent up hatred.

Character Portrait: Miley Nuro

Miley Nuro played by SlightlyIrregular

TNG character in Volaria

Character Portrait: Eran Dyre

Eran Dyre played by SlightlyIrregular

TNG character

Character Portrait: Francisco Salazar

Francisco Salazar played by Dashmiel

"I do not fear the flame, for from my ashes will rise the future."

Character Portrait: William Cole

William Cole played by barney_fife

Hardened Van Leugen Narcotics detective out to clean a corrupt city.

Character Portrait: Carina Moore

Carina Moore played by Sennen

Character Portrait: Sol Vincent

Sol Vincent played by Scorpion01

"It is time for a Shadow Game!"

Character Portrait: Marianne Osmer

Marianne Osmer played by Script


Character Portrait: Caroline Danthers

Caroline Danthers played by SlightlyIrregular

Corey's Widow

Character Portrait: Huda Abu-Orabi

Huda Abu-Orabi played by Ylanne

The first time spaceport security gave her a hard time flying after the academy, she had to admit, it felt pretty fucking awesome to flash her creds and watch the racist bigot's jaw drop.

Character Portrait: Andrea Titon

Andrea Titon played by Ylanne

Somehow she's still employed, still ruining the chances of fellow TIB employees ever feeling even remotely happy when they have to talk to her. Or even go near her.

Character Portrait: Johnathon Grace Jr.

Johnathon Grace Jr. played by theturneynator

"Just because I can eat it doesn't mean you can"

Character Portrait: Jaxon Dregg

Jaxon Dregg played by The Afterman

"Get out the way or get lit the fuck up."

Character Portrait: Isaac Irons

Isaac Irons played by The Afterman

"Back to hell, creature."

Character Portrait: Torinn

Torinn played by Tiko

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