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The Multiverse » Groups » Varden

A force of peacekeepers maintained by five distinct galactic empires and operated by a number of council members elected by those five nations.



Under the witness of the stars, forward I stand on the brink of anew and as knowing this, grasp do I the sword Valor. Take it do I, knowing in full well, that all things end and that I take this to slow the unyielding force of ending. I take this sword knowing the blood of my sisters and my brothers lies of its blade. I take this to bring them victory where they hath had defeat and hope where they had none. I take this and I swear never do I kill without cause. My blade defends only the innocent and weak. My blade rises only against those whom seek to bring harm to that of which I am sworn to protect. Knowing all this and being of sound heart and mind do I take this sword, Valor and swear my honor. This I swear.

CONCORD stands for Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command. CONCORD was founded not long after the five empires had established contact with each other. Relationships between the five empires were strained right from the start and one of the main purposes of CONCORD was to ease the fragile tension and create a foundation for the empires to work their differences out in a peaceful manner. In this regard, the workings of CONCORD can be said to have been successful, since the empires have kept the peace over the last century. On numerous occasions relationships deteriorated to within an inch of all out war, but through the efforts of CONCORD a compromise solution has always been found.

The creation of CONCORD was such an undertaking and later had such a profound effect on the empires of Ayenee and Eden that the commonly accepted stellar year count was reset to honor the organization and its achievements. Residents of Andromeda and most residents of the Milky Way know and call this organization the Varden. Groups such as the Taiyou and the Aschen have often referred to the Varden as the Varden Hegemony either as an attempt to promote hostilities or because they do not understand the true role of CONCORD. The word, "Varden" holds roots to a old word and organization present within the history of the Ardenian, Zolarian, and Solari people which means to ward, protect, or defend. It is no surprise that the agents of CONCORD are often called Wardens as these three races heavily influenced the initial creation of CONCORD.


Official Name: CONCORD
Other Name(s): CONCORD, The Varden, The Varden Hegemony, Varden Accord, The Accord, The Wardens
National Color(s): Silver, Blue
National Slogan: "Deserve Victory."

National Song/Anthem:

Is féidir le Dóchas bás caillte i bhfuaim uafásach
Hope can drown lost in thunderous sound
Is féidir olc a éileamh méid atá fágtha creideamh beag
Fear can claim what little faith remains

Ach Dhéanamh mé neart ó anamacha anois imithe
But I carry strength from souls now gone
Ní bheidh siad in iúl dom a thabhairt i
They won't let me give in

Ní bheidh mé a thabhairt suas
I will never surrender
Beidh muid saor in aisce ar an domhan agus spéir
We'll free the earth and sky
Scriosann mo chroí i luaithrigh
Crush my heart into embers
Agus beidh mé ag lasair
And I will reignite
Beidh mé lasair
I will reignite

Beidh Bás a ghlacadh siúd a throid ina n-aonar
Death will take those who fight alone
Ach aontaithe féidir linn a bhriseadh cinniúint uair leagtha i cloiche
But united we can break a fate once set in stone

Coinnigh an líne go dtí deireadh
Just hold the line until the end
Cúis beidh muid a thabhairt dóibh ifreann
Cause we will give them hell

Ní bheidh mé a thabhairt suas
I will never surrender
Beidh muid saor in aisce ar an domhan agus spéir
We'll free the earth and sky
Scriosann mo chroí i luaithrigh
Crush my heart into embers
Agus beidh mé ag lasair
And I will reignite
Beidh mé lasair
I will reignite

Democratic |-----I----------------| Authoritarian
Political Left |----------I-----------| Political Right
Open Society |-----I----------------| Closed Society
Hawk Lobby |----------I-----------| Dove Lobby
Interventionism |-----I---------------| Isolationism

Key Members of Government/Force:

Speaker of the Council: Warden Chevalle, Quennel - Zolarian, Male
Council Member: Warden Oron, Von - Solari, Male
Council Member: Warden Durrah, A'dab - Sekhmet, Female
Council Member: --
Council Member: --

The inner workings of CONCORD are democratic in nature, with each of the five empires technically possessing equal say in all matters (though a nation’s actual pull more often than not will come down to the persuasiveness of its representatives on the debating floor). Early on, the Sekhmet were adamant that the Human Republic would not gain admission to the assembly, but they later reluctantly agreed.

For the first few years of its existence, CONCORD wielded limited power. The fledgling organization had little diplomatic sway, and regulation enforcement would time and time again prove difficult for its agents. It was not until 18 years after its founding that CONCORD gained the respect of the international community. After the battle of Iyen-Oursta – the bloodiest and most costly engagement the Ardenian and Sekhmet War had seen in decades – both sides were tired of fighting, though long-entrenched hatred and pride prevented either side from asking for a ceasefire. CONCORD took the initiative, and in just under six months managed to negotiate a peace accord between these two bitter enemies, one that would endure for almost a century.

In the last two decades the organization’s authority increased further, particularly as interstellar trade grew into the cornerstone of Ayenee and Eden’s economy that it is today. The growing power of CONCORD often raised concern within the empires that the organization could begin to exercise leverage in areas up until then regarded as the nations’ internal affairs. No longer simply a neutral ground for the empires to hammer out diplomatic agreements, CONCORD had become an independent institution that set its own rules and regulations, ones which it was both willing and able to uphold. The organization’s ever-expanding bureaucracy had subtly severed its ties over time, so that it swore fealty to no nation. The only hold the empires had historically possessed over the organization – that of financial support – had in addition been almost completely erased, as revenues garnered through customs, confiscation of illegal goods, license sales and the like were (and still are) more than enough to keep the organization in the black.

On several occasions throughout CONCORD's history, relations between the empires deteriorated to within an inch of all-out war but were nursed back to health through the organization’s diplomacy and deterrence. Such was not to be the case in late YC 119, when a fleet belonging to the Human Elders and the Cáidheach Tribe conducted a strike against the organization’s core communications hub, crippling its rapid response teams and enabling the Elders to mount a large-scale offensive against the Sekhmet Empire. This marked the beginning of what would become known as the Elder War.

CONCORD returned to a semblance of functionality in short order, but the damage was already done; tensions had boiled over into conflict. While CONCORD imposed peace enough to maintain the status quo and keep the galaxy from slipping into anarchy, the hostilities already invoked would not be quelled. Using auxiliary forces composed of mercenary paramilitaries, the nations of Ayenee and Eden today fight a war under the watchful gaze of CONCORD, which still struggles to rebuild and redefine itself in the blood-red dawn of the Empyrean age. It remains to be seen how – or, indeed, whether – this one-time pillar of Ayenee and Eden will restore its tarnished reputation.

This scale represents various relationships from the point of view of this organization, group, or nation and may not represent the view of the groups below.

An organization, group, or nation that this group will defend in most circumstances. The group below will most likely return the favor.

An organization, group, or nation that is on friendly terms such as a trade partner. This group may defend them in some circumstances and the group below may return the favor.

An organization, group, or nation that is neither considered friendly or an enemy.

An organization, group, or nation that is considered less than friendly but not hostile. This nation is not likely to shoot at them on sight.

An organization, group, or nation that is considered hostile. This nation may fire at them on sight depending on the circumstance.

The colors of the Varden Expeditionary Force, V.E.F., in SOL.


The city of New Doma on Inaya.

CONCORD operates primarily within a galaxy they call Onyx in a group of regions called Ayenee and in another smaller and relatively close galaxy known as Eden which are both many hundreds of thousands of light years from Terra. Their domain consists of three-hundred solar systems near the galactic core of Eden and one-hundred solar systems spread throughout Ayenee. Most habitable celestial bodies have at least one settlement and solar systems that do not have a habitable world normally have a space station orbiting a celestial body.

Ayenee and Eden both reside within the Corona Borealis Supercluster. Ayenee and Eden both reside within the cluster A2061 as identified by Terran astronomers with Ayenee actually identified as PGC 54787, The Onyx Galaxy.

CONCORD can be considered a class three civilization based on Kardashev's scale. CONCORD would rate as high class three civilizations due numerous Dyson swarm and ring projects. The most ambitious of these projects is the JDSP (Joint Dyson Sphere Project) being spearheaded by CONCORD. Looking to the smaller states CONCORD can be considered Type omega-minus civilizations.

The CONCORD primary core world, Inaya II and its habitable terrestrial moon, Ithica. Inaya is by far the most heavily fortified CONCORD controlled celestial. It is where the council takes residence and thus is the heart and the mind of the organization. The system's rich resources promote the existence of many shipyards and foundries that orbit larger outlaying jovian planets.

Metrics - Government/Demographics

A Solari temple located in the city, Elysium on Ithica.

Form of Government: Social Democracy
Ruling Body: The Varden Council (Five), CONCORD Council The Inner Circle
Ideology: Libertarian Socialism

National Population: 827 Billion (spread across four-hundred solar systems)
Demographics: 90% Represented, 10% Other Races
-- Races: 40% Human (Ayenee), 21% Solari, 13% Sekhmet, 8% Zolarian, 8% Ardenian, 10% Other

Primary Language: Ayen (Irish), Common (English)
Secondary Languages: Solarian, Arian, Sekh, Edenic

Primary Religion: None
Religion Structure: Organized Religion
Religion Type(s)/Belief(s): Deism, Monotheism, Atheism, Paganism

Metrics - Economy

[Closed Market]---------I-[Open Market]
[Command Economy]-----I-----[Free Economy]
[Automated Production]-I---------[Manual Production]
[Modern Agriculture]--I--------[Simple Husbandry]

Economic Policy: Socialist, State-directed

Currency: Interstellar Credit (ISC)
Currency Type: Digital, No Hard Currency
Gross Domestic Product: 3,000,000,000,000.00 ISC

Primary Export(s): Starbase Charters, Pilot's License Extension (PLEX), Anti-matter, Diamondine
Primary Import(s): Various Industrial Goods, Various Consumer Products

Production Focus: Manufacturing, Licensing, Research


An orbital rail gun platform, part of CONCORD's defense network located above Inaya, Ithica, and at many star-gates in Empire space.

CONCORD research and technology improves on and feeds off of the technologies of the five empires.

Ardenian Tech: In its infancy much of the technology that makes the Ardenian race unique was stolen and reverse engineered from Sekhmet technology when the two empires were at war. After the race left their solar system they stumbled upon the ruins of one the three great empires in their universal sector, the Talocan who were masters of spatial manipulation and hypereuclidean mathematics. When the Ardenians eventually encountered their distant cousins, the Zolarians their co-operation birthed the creation of star gates, jump bridges, cynosural field generators, jump portal generators, and their version of the hyperspace drive.

Since they have had much experience reverse engineering technology of other races their scientists are very skilled in fields such as computer system infiltration and computer system security. Their covert operatives are some of the best hackers in the universe. Beyond this heightened skill the Ardenian people excel in the fields of electronic engineering, metallurgy, nanite engineering, and plasma physics.

Ardenian military technology revolves around armor systems for defense and a combination of drones and particle accelerators and/or rail-guns for direct assault. Their armor systems are not normally as stalwart as Solari systems but their weapons are bar none the most devastating things in their sector of creation. Of course this normally comes at the price of effective range or ability to track swift targets.

Solari Tech: The Solari are actually the descendants of the Takmahl who excelled in cybernetics and bio-engineering. Though they are a war like and aggressive race they actually do have a natural ability as medical personnel. This is excluding their terrible bed side manor of course. In fact it is with their skill in bio-engineering that the Takmahl eventually evolved into the Solari. They excel in the fields of metallurgy, laser physics, biology, high energy physics, and nanite engineering. Research into high energy physics gave the Solari remote assistance devices, specifically arrays mounted on one vehicle or vessel that could assist another across a distance of atmosphere or vacuum without physical contact. This technology forever changed how fleet warfare was waged in Eden and Ayenee and the logistics of power decimation. Their co-operation with the Ardenian people birthed new and terrific strides in bio-mechanical engineering.

Solari military technology revolves around phaser systems for offense and heavy armor systems for defense. Their excellent power plants and research into sources of energy to keep capacitor batteries charged have advanced CONCORD's sector of creation much more swiftly than if their government had not stepped into the accord. By far, Solari armor systems are the toughest in CONCORD space but their vessels and vehicles tend to be the slowest.

Defensive & Offensive Systems

Hydromagnetic field test performed in deep dead-space by a Zolarian science vessel.

Hydromagnetic Shielding (Aurora): This Zolarian technology is a power intensive defense system. There is little visual display when an Aurora array is active but idle though some very perceptive individuals and all sensor systems detect spatial fluctuations visible as blurring or in extreme cases, displacement of the protected unit. This displacement is much worse when the system is actively defending against assaults and has been known to cause errors and malfunctions in even the most advanced targeting systems and AIs. AIs will constantly try to recharge an Aurora field and so the displacement effects never truly cease unless the shielding system is completely disabled, the unit has no power, or the unit is destroyed.

An Aurora field is composed of extremely powerful micro energy streams which effectively entangle the trespassing matter or energy. The majority of assaults pressed against a unit find their potential energy reduced to near zero. The weaving of the micro energy streams into such a dense net causes a degree of spatial warping which offers a large resistance to assaults that depend on gravity sheer. The same technology is used in many other systems that CONCORD utilizes.

This field refracts hostile electromagnetic radiation, sinks heat away from the unit, and disperses kinetic and explosive forces via the same methods. The interaction between the shield and specific forces or objects can be altered based on input provided by the pilot or soldier and on-board AI. In fact the shield's size, thickness, density, and general effectiveness is only limited by the unit's power output, capacitor reserves, and how much energy can be forced through the system in a span of time.

Metallurgy/Armor Systems: CONCORD produces the majority of their ship components through the use of a star forge powered by a Dyson swarm or ring. This allows the production of most substances that can conceivably exist.

• Reactive Armor: A type of ship armor that reacts in some way to the impact of a weapon to reduce the damage done to the vehicle being protected. It is most effective in protecting against shaped charges, hardened long rod penetrators, and blunting and deflecting explosive forces.

Two adamant plates sandwich nanite paste. When struck by a shaped charge's metal jet, some of the impact energy is dissipated into the nanite paste, and the resulting high pressure causes a localized bending or bulging of the plates in the area of the impact. As the plates bulge, the point of jet impact shifts with the plate bulging, increasing the effective thickness of the armor. Once the plate ruptures the nanites use any energy absorbed by the impact to begin repairing the ship’s armor. Reactive armor does not repair itself and armor repair systems do not repair it.

• Rearden: A type of metal used in ship armor that reacts to force by liquifying and dispersing energy over a wide area. It then re-hardens, hence the name, 'Rearden'. It is about as hard as adamantium but significantly softer than adamant. It is more ductile than either.

• Adamant: Adamantium, also known as true iron by the natives of Ayenee and Eden is a rare naturally occurring ore. The inclusion of Tritanium, Megacyte, and Morphite into the refining process and the reprocessing of the mixed metal produce Adamant with the byproduct being Diamondine.

Adamant is significantly harder than Adamantium but retains many of the other properties of Adamantium. Adamant is the main metal used in ship armor in Ayenee and Eden.

• Diamondine: A crystalline material with metallic like properties. It is most commonly used to line the edges of cutting weapons such as swords or knives or it is fused into nanofiber for starship conduit. It is a byproduct of creating Adamant in a CONCORD star forge and is not found naturally on any world or environment known to CONCORD. Diamondine does not react to antimatter when exposed to high powered magnetic fields. Another bi-product of star lifting which is the process the CONCORD star forge uses to collect viable material is vast amounts of antimatter.

• Aggregated Diamondine Nanorod: ADNRs are a nanocrystalline form of diamondine, also known as "nanodiamondine" or hyperdiamondine. Nanodiamondine was convincingly demonstrated to be produced by compression of certain mixed fullerenes and in the same work found to be much harder than bulk diamondine and Adamant but it is significantly less ductile and more prone to shattering.

ADNRs are superconductors used in more applications than can be counted or detailed in this entry.

• Vibranium: A manufactured isotope that possesses the ability to absorb vibrations in the vicinity as well as kinetic energy directed at it. The energy absorbed is stored within the bonds between the molecules that make up the substance and gradually released over a period of time. As a result, the more energy vibranium absorbs the tougher it becomes. There are limits to the capacity of the energy that can be stored. The slow release of energy is enough for nanites to perform their processes, albeit very slowly and allows ship armor to regenerate itself without dumping power into the system. It is only slightly softer than Adamantium when not energized. Sustained super high energy impacts will cause vibranium to eventually detonate with all the stored force applied to it once its energy threshold is passed.

• Uru: A manufactured fullerene that can easily conduct many preternatural energies and electricity. It is only slightly harder than Adamantium and is a massive thermal insulator with an extreme melting point.

• Nanite Hexagon Mesh: A hexagon mesh composed of Adamant with an energized nanite paste fill. Use of an armor repair system will energize the nanite paste into action to repair damaged armor and self-replicate the nanite swarm.

• Inner Hull Plate: A solid plate of metal, usually Adamant sprayed with a non-conductive layer.

• Reactive Armor Hardener: This system energizes armor to align a material’s molecular structure to resist incoming damage, adapting through AI control as it encounters a threat to offer hardened resistance against a particular type of assault.

• Armor Repair System: This system energizes nanites present in or on armor for repairs and expends energy located in storage for this purpose.

• Uru Lay Rods: These rods are set and angles through armor layers to allow penetration of preternatural energy through the ship’s hull. This allows a wielder to more easily manipulate the environment outside the ship or defend the ship from preternatural attack. It does not magnify or enhance a wielder’s ability.

These rods also allow energy to be wicked off of the Vibranium plates present in the armor. This energy can then be fed back to the ship's energy store.

• Valorium: A non-ferrous, non-conductive, non-magnetic fused alloy composed of Adamant, Mithril, and Diamondine. It is created through a special ceremony and technique within a preternatural location that shares the same name but is unrelated to a CONCORD star forge . Valorium’s melting point has not been reached though attempts have been made. It is postulated that the alloy will melt and be destroyed at the Planck temperature, 1.416785 Decillion Kelvin once it has hardened. This means that it is forged in cast/mold. The Varden have found no substance that can scratch Valorium and it strength has been tested with the explosion of a hypernova gamma ray burst with an estimated 10 Nonillion Tons per square cm, 30 Decillion Newtons of force per square cm with no effect.

It possesses preternatural properties that deal with co-location across existential planes, specifically transitive planes. It cannot be artificially fabricated using fusion. This means that systems that utilize nanites to repair or damage materials have no effect on Valorium. Valorium is extremely rare, so rare that it takes roughly a decade for CONCORD to create a single kilogram using their current technology. The material is considered priceless to CONCORD and the process of its creation is guarded by the Ardenian race.

• Nanites: Small, protein sized machines controlled via a linked artificial intelligence can assemble, disassemble, destroy, or create atoms through fusion, fission, matter to energy conversion, and energy to matter conversion provided a substantial source of energy is provided. These nanites are also extremely effective at transferring energy and are sometimes used as a buffer to disburse or relocate energy. Nanites can effectively and efficiently rebuild non-critical systems even as they are being destroyed provided there is enough power circulating through the system.

• Armor Hardeners: Armor Hardeners use micro energy streams to create stronger bonds between atoms composing a material on command, making the material exponentially more durable. Valorium cannot be hardened.

• Damage Control: The system acts as an internal force field system, fire prevention, and automated security system. It is AI controlled to prevent intrusion or escape through the use many of the more commonly used teleportation methods. It can seal hull breaches, put out fires, and trap intruders.

• Naquadah: A rare super-heavy metal, which is one of the most prized substances Ayenee. It can be used to make weapons of mass destruction, or produce near infinite clean energy in the form of the Naquadah fusion generator, and forms the basis of most civilizations' technologies. In its refined state it forms a quartz like substance with superconductive properties, capable of storing vast amounts of energy.

• Scrith: This metal is a milky-gray translucent, and nearly frictionless. A fairly thin layer of Scrith is capable of blocking 40% of the neutrinos that encounter it, equivalent to almost a light year of lead. It also absorbs, in near entirety, all other radiation and subatomic particles, and it rapidly dissipates heat. The tensile strength of Scrith is similar to Adamantium. It is transparent to large magnetic fields.

Blasters/Railguns: The devastating short range weapons and super long range weapons of the Ardenian people are named thus. Railguns use magnetic rails to fire solid chunks of matter at speeds approaching light. The accurate range of railguns is very good, but due to technical limitations it cannot use onboard guidance. This results in a fairly rapid drop in accuracy at extreme ranges.

Particle blasters operate on a similar principle as the railgun except they fire a magnetically contained ball of subatomic particles. Charged plasma munitions are pumped into a cyclotron that converts the plasma into a highly lethal bolt before it is expelled from the chamber. Upon impact with the target, the magnetic field surrounding the bolt collapses, venting superheated plasma onto the contact point. No other weapon class can match the sheer destructive power of particle blasters, but due to the rapid dispersion of the containment field, it also has the worst range of all the empire weapon systems.

The largest blasters and railguns are mounted on station and planetary defense points, dreadnoughts, and titans. The bore size ranges from the 4,060 mm neutron siege blaster to the 5.60 mm VP14. Some smaller charges are used in Ardenian sidearms but are not commonly employed by CONCORD. Muzzle velocity ranges between 94% the speed of light and 99% the speed of light depending on atmospheric conditions/density and weapon size. Larger weapons present faster muzzle velocity for fired projectiles.

Cynosural Field Theory: A cynosural field, also known colloquially as a "cyno" or "beacon", is a cosmic anomaly that acts as a pseudo-gravity well. With the correct calibration information, jump drives can lock onto the field and create what seems to an outside observer to be a portal to a destination. Jump drives don't actually bend or fold space/time like most hyper-space, sub-space, or tunnel-drives do and actually shunt the unit into phase space, the fifth dimension, or the area the separates the individual universes in the multi-verse. In this area there is no measurable first, second, third, or forth dimension which allows the unit to instantly travel from one destination in the universe to another with only the initial fuel cost to make the jump which is based on the unit's mass, the cost of fuel, and energy to light and maintain the cynosural field.

Remote generation of cynosural fields is not currently possible. Thus properly equipped units must rely upon other friendly units to generate a cynosural field at the target location. The only exception to that is the line of sight rule for on grid point to point locations referenced with line of sight to the target location and only when the unit is properly equipped to perform such a maneuver. When activated, cynosural fields act as beacons, allowing any unit in existence to locate and jump on field as long as that unit is properly equipped and prepared to make the jump.

In order to be able to generate a cynosural field the ship must be equipped with a Cynosural Field Generator or the smaller personnel and small equipment version and have enough liquid ozone to be able to generate and sustain the field. Jump drives rely upon broad and cycling out-of-band faster-than-light communications in order to calibrate and lock onto a cynosural field. Because of this, both the cynosural field generator and jumping unit must be in communications to utilize the cyno. This information is broadcast once when the cynosural beacon is lit but can be rebroadcast as long as the beacon remains lit. By relying upon FTL communications, it is extremely difficult for unauthorized units to utilize the same field, preventing potentially enemy units from jumping to a friendly cynosural field or eavesdropping on communications.

Cynosural fields cannot be generated on a continuous basis as the longer a beacon is lit the more power it requires to maintain said beacon. Generating a cynosural field is a highly taxing operation. In addition to requiring a certain amount of liquid ozone to create the field, all the unit's resources must then be concentrated on maintaining the field. This is at the expense of weapons, navigation, and defensive systems, all of which are disabled while the field is active. This leaves the generator extremely vulnerable to attack.

Uniform/Rank Structure

A regiment of wardens staging on Ithica as the V.E.F. prepares for the jump to SOL.

Uniform (Shown at top.): Wardens are issued five sets of their designated duty uniform and a single dress uniform upon taking the vow. It is the responsibility of the individual Warden to keep their uniforms clean and serviceable. Uniform material is composed of a 31% nylon, 29% cotton, 40% nomex blend fabric and has flame retardant properties. Nano-steel is also incorporated into the uniform. Each uniform is made with the individual Warden in mind in that it supports vessel, vehicle, and PDS linking and works well with EGO.

Rank (Shown at bottom.): Wardens all fall within the same rank system. There is only one military branch, DED. What most conventional governments would divide into a separate army, navy, and air force remains a singular entity within this organization. Most sub-capital ships are piloted by a O-6, Captain or an O-5, Commander with a O-4, Lieutenant Commander or a O-3, Lieutenant operating as ship officer. Most capital ships are piloted by a O-8, Rear Admiral or a O-7, Commodore. Most super-capital ships are pilots by a O-11, Fleet Admiral, O-10, Admiral, or a O-10, Vice Admiral. 0-12, Admiral of the Navy is an appointed position.

Non-commissioned officers consist of Wardens holding the rank of E-9, Fleet/Force Master Chief Petty Officer, E-9, Command Master Chief Petty Officer, E-9, Master Chief Petty Officer, E-8, Senior Chief Petty Officer, E-7, Chief Petty Officer, and E-6, Petty Officer First Class. Junior Non-commissioned officers consist of Wardens holding the rank of E-5, Petty Officer Second Class and E-4, Petty Officer. Wardens holding the rank of E-3, Crewman First Class/Peacekeeper First Class and below are commonly referred to by the title 'Warden'. When addressing a Warden of higher rank it is common courtesy and practice to address them by their rank. When addressing a Warden of lower rank or while not in uniform it is common to address them as 'Warden'. When addressing a council member it is common courtesy to address them as 'Councilor' or 'Warden'. E-9, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is an appointed position.

Department/Specialty: Warrant officers are specialists in their field. Department patches are found on the uniform's right arm and represent a designated duty area. Specialist patches are found on the uniform's left arm under the CONCORD flag. While any Warden can have a specialist patch, warrant officers are placed in charge of their fields, considered in command in reference to their designated area of expertise. This is true even if a flag officer attempts to issue an order that is against the better judgement of a warrant officer when referring to their area of expertise. Of course such rank conflicts are reviewed later to insure the actions of both parties were reasonable based on the situation.


Alloway: A common word in the five empires that is used as both a greeting and farewell.

Arn: A measure of time roughly equivalent to an hour.

Blotching: An adverb and intensifier used similar to the words frelling and fucking. Used primarily by the Sekhmet people.

Cacking: A verb and slang, analogous to "croaking" or "kicking the bucket".

Caftan: A long robe used by members of the Wielder's Core in some ceremonies.

Contala Tea: A tea like drink that causes minor intoxication. It is popular with the Solari people.

Corvinium: A precious metal similar to platinum in rarity.

Cycle: A measurement of time; approximately one standard Terran year.

Dag-yo: A slang word, analogous to "cool" or "awesome". Primarily used by humans in Ayenee.

Dench: A unit of measurement roughly equivalent to a mile.

Dominar: A title that is synonymous with "Emperor" or "King". It is a Zolarian title.

Drad: A slang word, analogous to "best", "wild", or "rad".

Characters Aligned

15 Characters Aligned, played by 4 Players

Character Portrait: Kristen Leon

Kristen Leon played by Varden

Warden, Squad Leader

Character Portrait: Vena Kenshi

Vena Kenshi played by Varden

Warden, Field Marshal

Character Portrait: Rye Apis

Rye Apis played by Varden

Warden, Admiral, Second in Command of the Varden Expeditionary Fleet

Character Portrait: Einar Falls

Einar Falls played by Sambea


Character Portrait: Varden Expeditionary Theater

Varden Expeditionary Theater played by RolePlayGateway

A retired division of CONCORD.

Character Portrait: Varden Expeditionary Fleet

Varden Expeditionary Fleet played by RolePlayGateway

A retired division of CONCORD.

Character Portrait: Wielder Core

Wielder Core played by RolePlayGateway


Character Portrait: John Rosenthal

John Rosenthal played by Varden


Character Portrait: EGO

EGO played by Varden

A highly advanced artificial intelligence.

Character Portrait: Liam Gardner

Liam Gardner played by Dr. Nikolai

"I'm dead, but does that matter to me?"

Character Portrait: Aaric Arlan

Aaric Arlan played by Varden

Warden, Field Marshal, Admiral, Second in Command of the Varden Expeditionary Theater

Character Portrait: Haldis Arlan

Haldis Arlan played by Varden

Warden, Fleet Admiral, First in Command of the Varden Expeditionary Fleet

Character Portrait: DED

DED played by Varden

The Directive Enforcement Department (DED) is one of the largest and most powerful branches of CONCORD, also known as the Varden.

Character Portrait: SCC

SCC played by Varden

The Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) is responsible for regulating and monitoring all trade transactions that take place in CONCORD controlled space.

Character Portrait: Quennel Chevalle

Quennel Chevalle played by Varden

Current speaker of CONCORD's council.

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