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The Multiverse » Groups » VOID

VOID is a group dedicated to bringing Nihil's Silence to this world, for they believe that many problems can be solved through removing conflict.


"Nihil's Luminous Tome 1:1-16 states...

"The realm of naught was once present everywhere. Everyone lived a life free of stress, pain, conflict, and other terrible things. All across the world people lived out their lives without too much care for anything or anyone. Everyone got along perfectly, and all was good. Then a force entered the world, a great wind that rushed through two individuals. They're names were Sadash, and Vadas. Both were brothers, and both of them were blown away by this wind. When they came to, there was noise around them. They noticed each other having something the other did not, and they began the first conflict with each other over the item in question.

Their noise lead to those around them experiencing this same wind. Soon, everyone was striving for things their neighbors had. Getting along was no longer an option. It was every man for himself. Power to the one, disregard the many. The silence was broken, and so was any chance of true peace. With the fall of silence, so was the fall of man, as they succumbed to the evils of wants and needs, of greed, lust, envy, destructive behaviors, and created more conflict. Nihil's Endless Silence was no more."

I created VOID a year ago as a method of ridding the world of this strife. Nihil's Silence once was there, and it is no more, and now there is a large amount of suffering in the world. Reversal is key to VOID's existence. The complete nullification of any semblance of wants, greed, envy, lust, and so forth, to promote an eternal silence to the myriads of strife. True peace for all. When we can abandon the root cause of the chaos in this world, peace will follow and everyone will be able to relax and enjoy each other's company with no reason to not do so.

Join me, brothers and sisters, and we can end conflict, once and for all, by advocating a new light in a peaceful solution."


Characters Aligned

9 Characters Aligned, played by 1 Players

Character Portrait: Spyri Banafrit

Spyri Banafrit played by ClockworkTowers

Formerly a ghost lost in the material world, her spirit was caught up in a Voidspace ritual, and corrupted by Voidspace itself. She now serves Nihil dutifully.

Character Portrait: Tipoliel Labael

Tipoliel Labael played by ClockworkTowers

An artist turned vampire, Tipoliel discovered the teachings of Nihil through her studies, and came to fully embrace them. She paints for Nihil's future.

Character Portrait: Shakaurduraug

Shakaurduraug played by ClockworkTowers

A mysterious woman with a pale complexion and a ghostly gaze, she is the leader of VOID, a group seeking to end strife through bringing a silence unlike any other.

Character Portrait: Gremance Lavards

Gremance Lavards played by ClockworkTowers

A respected Nihilimancer, he's a Voidcaller, and is directly involved and connected to Nihil herself. He is fervently dedicated to seeing her silence brought forth.

Character Portrait: Osiana Braena

Osiana Braena played by ClockworkTowers

A mysterious woman who works with VOID in bringing Nihil's eternal silence back to the world. She'll go to any lengths to accomplish this task.

Character Portrait: Light Brite

Light Brite played by ClockworkTowers

A magical man with a lightbulb for a face and a hollow body inside his suit, he uses his light to bring the silence forth once more to this world, in Nihil's name.

Character Portrait: Lawri Genevac

Lawri Genevac played by ClockworkTowers

A young child whose parents were formerly cultists themselves, she managed to channel both sides to allow her control over Voidspace creatures.

Character Portrait: Grok Nargsla

Grok Nargsla played by ClockworkTowers

A large Orc who was tainted by energy from Voidspace at birth, he has felt a severe connection to Nihil, and employs his brute strength and her magical prowess together for her sake.

Character Portrait: Steins Nanda

Steins Nanda played by ClockworkTowers

A man who turns his scholarly focus towards Nihil's secrets and her Luminous Tome, interpreting her word for VOIDs benefit, and the benefit of all in the world.

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