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Rellus Rex

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         L.S. realizing what he meant sayed
Sorry, I meant that I did.

One of the most famous taverns in all of Rellunei, the Rellus Rex is a common stop for many residents of this underwater city.

Zeus' Peak Military Complex Main Entrance

The entrance to the single most fortified, and well kept secret in the Aschen Empire.

Strategic Command Center

Strategic Command is home to the Aschen Empire's strategic missile command, as well as one of the most well kept secrets in the Empire.

Potentia Control Room

A large control room with a direct interface to the Potentia, there is a large console with five oddly shaped receptacles.

The Potentia

A vast, ancient installation that serves as a weapon of unimaginable power.

Olympus Mountains: Zeus' Peak

A towering peak overlooking the Olympus Mountains, an unusual amount of military activity can be seen here.

Olympus Mountains

The Olympus Mountains are a large mountain range stretching north to south in the continent of Alpheus.

Iter Caprica 1

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         Morgan La Fay stood silently, waiting for Claire to make her decision, the light changed for a moment, and the cars came to a stop at a nearby intersection. While the light was red, it chirped in a soothing melody.

Road heading West from Victory Square

Victory Square

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         Cyrus had only recently arrived in Caprica City, to visit the well-known Victory Square. He had always wanted to see the center of the power and information of the Empire, but now that he had arrived, it honestly didn't seem to be much. He quickly shrugs off that thought, however. He's sure it would be much more awe-inspiring on the day of two minutes of hate. But that's not why he's here. As of right now, he wishes to do the thing he's been wanting to do his whole life. It had only been a couple of weeks since his seventeenth birthday, and he was officially old enough to vote and enlist. So he looks around for an enlistment stand, and, spotting one, walks up to it, only a couple yards away, and ponders; Army or Navy?

He spends a couple seconds thinking about it and goes with the choice that may determine the rest of his life.

So he walks up to the stand and says,

"I would like to enlist in the Empire's... Army."

Victory Square, the center of Aschen power, and propaganda. The people are gathered here for things such as public executions, the two minutes hate, and to hear speeches from the Emperor.

Via Lakeside

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         Kelby Heremosh hurried back to Graystone industries, messaging furiously. She was one of the first to see whatever it was which had landed in Caprica City- and she had gotten a photograph of it. No, she didn't send it off to the internet. There were a few people she sent it to- and they had quite a lot to say about it. Speculations ran wild between them. Though her heart quickened and her breath shorted at the sight, it was curious and exciting. Surviving an attack can make or break a woman. Kelby lived on.

Road heading south from Victory Square

Caprican Bay

Caprican Bay is a large bay east of Caprica City, there are several seafood restaurants, beaches, and marinas here where people can enjoy seaside recreation.

Septem Viginti Quattuor

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         Claire try to drink the Cadre Cola after she hears from Morgan that it is the favorite.

A Chain of convinience stores owned and maintained by Tech Con Grocery Holdings, Septem Viginti Quattuor is stocked to the brim with all kinds of goodies.

Endless Thirst

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         The blistering heat came down on the sandy dunes. There was an oasis nearby, its cool water would be very tempting in this heat and the shade of a tall palm offered relief. Some very small horses, up to your shin in height came by to drink and to eat some of the berries growing on the nearby bushes.

A vast sandy desert with a few scattered oasis. Some of the more toughened animals live here.

The shrouded claws

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         The echoing chirps of the birds in the trees carried across the crowded jungle. In the distance the sounds of growling and roaring could be heard, signs of a struggle perhaps?

A dense jungle full of some of the worst predators in the land.

The Savage Peaks

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         The sound of whistling came through the mountains. Several kinds of pterosaur flew through the air, their screeching howls echoing across the stony crags. Some ceratopsians graze on the sparse grasses growing along the mountain path.

Craggy peak home to mostly flying beings and recluses. To the north you can hear the hustle and bustle of what sounds like a spaceport.

Rhelomia Spaceport

A spaceport made by the SCP Foundation for easy travel to Rhelomia.


Rogue carbon planet with no atmosphere on the surface; it is believed to have once been the core of a gas giant. It has an extensive cave system with its own atmosphere, climate, and biosphere that is accessible via several Ways on the planet’s surface.

Terzan II

Globular Cluster Terzan II, a loose-knit collection of stars orbiting the Milky Way galaxy.

Fierce marshes

A wet and slimy marshland across the landscape. Some of the more bizzare wildlife lives here.

Dracos Valley

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         The sounds of the ceratopsians grunting echoed across the field, unaware of the danger nearby and most certainly not of the stranger nearby. The horned animals peacefully chewed on the shrubbery that grew plentifully in the area. The sauropods had their heads held high as the ground shook beneath their heavy steps. A couple of them came to a small grove of trees nearby to where Dani had been and they too began to chew on the high leaves.

The sound of a bird-like chirping came from the ground below as a pair of small bipedal dinosaurs inspected her bike. They had a beak instead of a mouth and had no teeth to speak of. They were gentle, curious herbivores. They sniffed and hopped about her bike, one even nibbled on one of its tires.

Dracos valley, a large expanse of land home to a diversity of beasts both large and small.

Sky's Edge

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         The ship gave an almost immediate response.

"This is the, ah, The Silver Dawn, Nobodies Navy, and, uh, we don't want any trouble, but we were just, uh-"

The voice on the comms changes to that of Charles Lorain.

"This is the captain of The Silver Dawn speaking, I determine your request to be unfair. We are here to offer our services to the people of Epsilon Eridani, mainly in trade, and do not wish to present any harm to the Aschen Fleet. We will retreat approximately... Why is our retreat required? As far as I can see, we are on the other side of your blockade. We are not violating any laws, either of the international space travel act- oh, Johnathan here says you don't honor those. But hey, can't we just chill here? We mean no harm. We don't want any trouble. We'll leave."

Unbeknownst to the Aschen, the ship drops a single, metallic object, the size and shape of a plate. It is undetectible by any purposes, and almost invisible to the naked eye.

"In compliance with your demands, we will retreat one light year from this area. We don't want any trouble."

A planet with terrestrial features whose primary terrain is jungle. Unlike other planets within the system, it is superficially Terran in it's nature. Except for a few items of toxic plant life, the atmosphere is breathable and manageable for most humans

IIA Headquarters

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         Joseph suddenly feels something, deep in the roots of his brain.


He blinks once and lifts up his hands to look at them, and the doubt begins to spread, drowning out the voice of the woman, and then the doubt turns into fear, and then to anger, and then there's just a battlefield, contained in the consciousness of his mind and then- It leaves him. The voice of the woman takes control once again. He is but a tool. To either side. But for once, he thinks about what he is doing, what he truly needs, what he truly wants.

The truth is, he wants nothing to do with it anymore.

But the voice of the woman inside his head is too strong. She demands control, respect, power.

And he can do nothing but yield it to her.

And the true Joseph, the one who wants out inside of his brain, goes Fuck.

The Headquarters for the Imperial Intelligence Agency, this imposing structure is the nerve center for all intelligence operations carried out by the Aschen Empire

Space Station Z Docking Bays

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         The Revenge, sitting in the docking bay, had docked itself to the left of the Asylian ship when it recieved the message to all waiting ships that 'Space Station Z was closed to the public'. The captain, AAD-199, briefly wonders (if that's what a quick flash of information processing across the robots' AI circuitry) if there is any danger on board Space Station Z. So he dispatches a small group of three scout androids, armed with disrupter weaponry and fully able to think for themselves, but also able to combine their consciousnesses to transmit thoughts to each other. STA-579, 566, and 429 all walk down the ships ramp, not sure what to expect. They quickly take in the Asylian ship near them and send a message to the captain, who felt something resembling the human emotion of anticipation. The androids then continue to where the Aschen soldiers had literally just been let in, and, uncapable of feeling fear, just stand there, as the lights flash overhead. 566 even waves to NC7-Alpha. Then 429 relays the message to the other two, "Should we continue?" through verbal communication. 579 responds with, "I suppose so." So they advance up to Peter Rovontea.

Space Station Z paged an automated recording of AIS to the new arrival. The voice was Christopher Sparks, the man who breathed life back into the station after he bought it for a steal. "Welcome to Space Station Z We hope you enjoy your stay."

The Revenge

Just one destroyer, part of no fleet but it's own.

Space Station Z

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         The Scylla winked away in a flash of light, leaving the aschen ships behind.

Trade nexxus outside the Epsilon system. Various ships are often docked for repairs or resupply. It is also home to the popular Pure Hearts Casino, which often offers a respite for weary travelers.

The Baleon Fortresses

The Baleon Fortresses are a ring of starbases that represent the absolute culimination of All Asylian military capability. Their are five seperate bases, and each one is the size of a moon, and provides full facilities for all military needs.

The Silver Dawn

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         Lorian pauses for a second.

"I guess I just want to help out those who need to get somewhere. I know the feeling, but I just haven't found my place yet."

He goes up to a cooler in the ship and takes out two sandwiches, throwing one at Roman, who catches it.

"Eat. We probably have a long day ahead of us."

Roman mutters a reply and takes a bite of the food.

The drop doors hiss open as you are welcomed into the ship.


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         Claire will try to board the ship if she could try to taken deeper.

Once upon a time, in an illustrious land of autumn hues far beyond the sunset is where your tale began. There you stood, in a field bathed in sunlight, waist high grasses browned by summer passed. It was a golden stretch of curiosity, natural and naked made seemingly for your exploration. Over to the west, a crag of dark stone stretched towards the sky. How did you get here? Where did you come from? The wind itself awaits your response.

Yukikaze City

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         Taylor decides to respond using the same interface the mysterious aircraft did, through a binary transmission. This is the message he broadcasts in response:
"Identification, Lt. Charles Taylor, Aircraft FT-28, United States Naval Air Force. Origin, US Aircraft Carrier 2-2-6, Southern Atlantic Ocean. I mean no harm. I am lost.

And then he breaks the clouds, seeing not a reflection of the moonlight on the ocean far below, but many lights, the lights of a city, where there used to be just water, as far as the eye could see.

And in that moment, he recalls a story from his childhood, one of a person being taken away from all they found familiar. He remembers just one phrase.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." he whispers.

Second largest city on Niihama

Callis Caelum

Major north/south road flanked by towering skyscrapers on both sides.

Caprica City Cosmodrome

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         Morgan La Fay started to walk some more, approaching the sidewalks of Iter Caprica 1 "Big brother is a personification of the party that rules this place." Morgan explained, stepping through a pair of glass doors that slid open on their own, the cool Caprican breeze wafting through them.

Caprica City Interplanetary Spaceport, where all traffic passes through on, and off the Aschen capital world of Langara.

Caprica City

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         Morgan La Fay looks towards the Spaceport. "Follow me here, and I can take you somewhere where you can rest."

The capital of the United Aschen Empire.


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         Morgan La Fay appears in a shimmering sphere of light once more. "Follow me."

The capital of the Aschen Empire, Langara stands as one of the most fortified worlds in this galaxy.

Ship of Lights

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         Morgan La Fay nods slowly.

An unusual construct fabricated entirely of some otherworldly crystal, this vessel is shrouded in mystery.


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         "Yes it would seem I have stumbled upon inter-multiverse travel, even though I am a weapons engineer with some dabbling in robotics. This will be a big step forward for our realm and it seems for this multiverse. This will make for quite the research if I am able to return and for your people as well I assume. That is as long as we can get over any hurdles we may meet along the way." The engineer continued talking as they moved along. He observed the architecture without so much as a word of it. Then they met a creature of similar height of Elijah.

"Ah are you a being that works like a hive mind? That would be similar to the rat like creations called the Skritt, very stupid and simple minded alone yes, but when put together in large groups of 20 they become a very formidable mind. I also doubt you would have any information on us or of Tyria, it would seem not to exist here." The Asuran continued on the lenses popping over his one eye piece viewing the creature on multiple levels through it.

The home-world of the Argosian Empire, a primitive faction allied with the Taiyou.

Acklewood Forest

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         It was here, the elf recalled. The hovercoach passed through here and went towards the mountains. It was an increasing occurrence. It was not one Sigunguala appreciated.

He had yet to dispatch to the point of impact. Sigungala was almost afraid of what he could find. He continued along the edge of the route.

A sprawling forest across the majority of Brightmaiden, wrought with wild animals and strange flora.

Trivington Hills

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Amidst the otherworldly debris, a large hulk remained intact, whisps of smoke wafted from still glowing red metal.

It stood out among the landscape like a lone sentinel, it's iridescent grey hull glinting in the sunlight, strange alien text, and an even stranger emblem was worn proudly on the side.

What secrets awaited any curious traveler?

Rolling green hills and fertile land, Trivington Hills is decidedly rural.


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         Éclaire Hanley grabs the console. "Set FTL Course for Langara!"

The Esteem is the Flagship of the Imperial Defense Force, commanded by Admiral Claire Hanley.

Rellunei Avenue

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         Varla Nantesh giggled amusedly, nodding as she knew just the place.

Come on, it's just up here.
she welcomed, heading towards one of the oldest buildings in all of Rellunei.

This relatively wide avenue meanders through the four main areas of Rellunei.

Rellunei Port Security

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Come on. I'll show you the Rex.
Varla said, smiling at L.S. before heading on past the gate.

The checkpoint for Rellunei, manned by the Port Authority.


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         Varla Nantesh gestured for the visitor to join her as she walked towards the entrance to the city.

The capital city of the rell's domain, deep within the oceans far to the west of Atella.

The Eterna Deeps

The unified ocean realm home to the rell.


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         Phyllis took Lorn's hand and pulled her into a hug. "Why thank you. Come, sit. Molly, go get your father and some tea. She ordered and Molly, looking long suffering but pleased, nodded and hurried off to do just that. There never was any use going against her mother.

Phyllis smiled ans stepped back into the living room. A blue wrap around couch, worn but clearly with love was there, along with matching end tables. She gestured to the couch and smiled. "You must tell me about how you and Molly met dear. I know she said fiance, but, well, you can't get married here, given the laws, so you can't be from around here at all."

Ris Eterna Owner: Remæus

A beautiful and enchanting world infused with magical energy. Similar to Earth environmentally with some notable supernaturally-caused additions. Its single moon, Twi, orbits it slowly.

The Tarlesh

This Sharnook-class vessel is fitted as a trade freighter for journeys in and around Eterna.

The Jita System

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Home to a completely colonized system of planets and central trade hub for the galaxy.


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         Samus Macron looked around as he entered, seeing a few of the bizarre beings around him. Was this really what the afterlife was like?

Ahem! Uh...
he interrupted inquisitively.

Welcome to Hell: A cavernous walls on the side of you, while on the other side there is a swirling river where hands grope and touch thin-air, haunting moans can be heard throughout, you see people afraid to move forward to enter the Vestibule.

Temple of Eden: Hell

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         There was a screeching noise, and the Man in the Hoodie immediately stopped what he was doing and began walking briskly in another direction, to one far away destination. Specifically, the Collenham Mountains.

Welcome to Hell.

Temple of Eden

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         Valerian quietly narrowed his eyes at the monk’s response to his question, by asking another question. Valerian dismissed it though for the moment, briefly turning back towards his small hut. He checked the readout on the return tether through a small handheld device that displayed the status on a small screen. The calibrations were running, and eventually they would interlink, and a return portal would be formed.

Valerian watched the device flash green, and a platform inside the small prefabricated domicile flashed green as well, there was a positive lock between this dimension, and his own. Valerian smiled.

“Excellent.” He thought to himself, with a two-way portal established through the platform, he could return to his people, and organize a more appropriate reconnoiter of this strange area.

He turned back to Li.

“I asked what this place was, if you knew anything about this place.” He said aloud, turning back to his handheld. He would have to get a seismic scan set up, and see what kind of valuable resources could be exploited here.

You never told me your name, I said mine was Anton.”

His gaze was locked onto Li’s, carefully watching his movements. “I’m going to be returning to my people soon.

An ancient temple of marble and glass, it is said to contain the gates of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.


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         Samus Macron looked around curiously, surprised by the sudden change in environment. He seemed confused, but slowly he recalled the sound of the rocks from his last moments.

Well, I uh... guess I'm dead?
he pondered, before noticing the Temple to the east.

I guess I'm going thattaway.
he trailed off as he wandered in that direction.

You've not been sorted yet, but soon you'll find yourself before the pearly gates or beneath a pile of steaming stones.

Narrow Miner's Passage

This tiny crevice leads down into the heart of the mountains, with barely enough room for an average humanoid to make it through without bumping their head.

Pagourano Main Vein

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         Samus Macron heads deeper into the mines, eager to start working the new deposit he'd found the week prior.

This cavernous area of the mines seems to be the primary working area, with hundreds of gnomes chipping away at the walls with their pickaxes. Serving as a hub of sorts, it seems you might get lost within all the hustle and bustle.

Florens Town Square

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         Chellana Navette made her way to the Florens Botanical Gardens for this year's clover bloom.

Town Square of Cape Florens, with lots of decorative foliage and a central pink blossoming tree. Many shops and restaurants exist off of here. A few minutes walk to the beach.

Florens Botanical Gardens

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         Patrick McGuinness skips off into the Town Square, resuming his jolly day with a wobbly jaunt in his step.

Exhibits featuring every flora native to Canus, as well as many planets which were able to adapt and thrive. The majority of the plants are blue-and-black.

Miner's Causeway

This wide segment of the cavern looks well-used, with railways criss-crossing and weaving between the various piles of rubble.

Pagourano Exhausted Vein

This area seems largely devoid of activity, save for the tracked carts steadily rolling through. The occasional gnome passes through, on his way in or out of the deeper, more active areas of the mine.

Mine Staging

The mine opens up into a well-hewn cavern, filled with carts and smoking machines tended to by a scurry of gnomes. Ore emerges from the depths and is organized for processing here, for later transport out into the wider world.

Pagourano Mine Entrance

Among the craggy rocks lay a small clearing, filled with rubble and a few wooden structures cobbled up against the granite faces. Smoke emanates from one of the small shacks, conveniently labeled "Mine Offices".

The Miner's Path

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         Samus Macron set off towards the mine entrance, unaware of the danger that would befall him today.

You have entered the void — an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Grand Entrance

A grand, vaulted chamber wherein thousands may be present without touching shoulders. Tapestries, sculptures, and many other forms of art are found all throughout, telling stories, telling fables.

Palace Grounds

The Dragon Kings Palace is a grand structure, towering and visible across all of Aurella's eastern hemisphere. It is a tower of gold and marble, and stands as a symbol of Asylia's Authority.

The Queens Garden

This sprawling meadow, complete with it's Orchard, Vinyard, Stables, and meditative paths surrounds the Dragon King's Palace, an eternal love letter to an Ancient Asylian King's Beloved.

Garden of Eden

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Shi Zhen Li was sleeping peacefully against the side of a laying elephant who was basking in the shade of a huge tree on the bank of a soothing river with its long grey trunk lapped lazily around him like a blanket. The forest was quiet and peaceful, full of tranquility and the echoing sounds of nature. Birds and crickets were chirping and singing. Grasshoppers and dragonflies were buzzing around. Rabbits and squirrels were pouncing about, and everything seemed to be in perfect harmony. Shi Zhen Li was in paradise, literally. He never had to want for anything. The rivers and forests provided everything, and although he was quite primitive and had a simple lifestyle, Li thought of himself as the wealthiest and happiest person in the whole wide world. Life was good, and he lived without care.

Every morning, the 36 year old Asiatic monk would rise at sunrise and sit on the bank of the river to meditate and smile at the rising sun. Then he would wash himself under the freezing cold waterfall, throw on his simple loincloth or plain toga and go to work gathering fruits and vegetables, foraging for edible roots and berries. Some of them, he fed to the birds and animals he encountered, and some of them he ate. He built a small sacrificial altar out of simple flat stones that he had stacked together, and every day he made burnt offerings to the creator using sweet smelling herbs and spices. Li had no real concept of politics or religion, but his instincts told him that there had to be a creator and a higher power beyond what his normal eyes could see. Some people called it God, or Yahweh, while others called it the Force or something else. Li himself just felt it was the entirety of the whole cosmos, and so he never actually gave the higher power a name, as names just seemed too limiting for something so formless, so vast and powerful. He just simply referred to it as the Tao, heavens or universe.

Shi Zhen Li loved the universe with pure empathy. Every single day, without failure, he would take care of the animals and tend to the many sporadic gardens in the forest and open plains. He watered the plants and talked to the flowers, singing to the trees and giving them gift for gift, never taking more than what he absolutely needed. He made time to play with the lions and feed the squirrels, and he would often sing with the birds and socialize with all the other wild animals he came into contact with throughout his day. They were his only family, after all, and the Garden of Eden was their home. Li was born in the garden, or else created. He had no recollection of his parents or how he got there. He grew up in the jungle, far away from human civilization. He had no concept of sorrow, death, sickness, suffering or old age. He had never witnessed it or experienced such a thing for himself. He had spent his entire life in paradise, and was as happy as a pig in mud.

As the carefree monk slept peacefully against his ginormeous grey friend, he suddenly felt a slight tickle in his ear. Shi Zhen Li would grimace slightly and twitch, squirming a bit before falling still again. A moment later, he felt another tickle in his ear, causing the sleeping monk to roll over on one side. But then he felt something heavy resting on his bald head and messing with his scalp. "Tumtu stop that, I'm trying to sleep." Suddenly there was a loud huff as hot moist wind blew against his face. "Tumtu!" the monk wiped his face and opened his eyes. The elephant groaned and let out a strange noise which sounded like a disturbed trumpet, nudging him with its trunk. Li pushed the large mammoth's trunk away from himself before sitting up and wiping his tired eyes, letting out a long yawn as he stretched his arms.

The elephant, apparently named Tumtu, would stand up slowly, causing the sleepy monk to stand on his own two feet. Li took a minute to gather his thoughts and gain awareness before turning to stare at his floppy-eared friend. "What is it boy?" he asked. The gigantic mammal would scrape its paw along the ground, throwing its trunk up in the air as if responding. "Breakfast? But we already had breakfast earlier," Li remarked. Tumtu let out another bellowing groan before stomping his feet and turning around in circles. Shi Zhen Li scoffed and shook his head, rolling his eyes. "I thought you said you were on a diet. You're going to get fat you know," Li commented. Tumtu the elephant apparently understood this statement as he nudged the monk's whole body with his forehead, pinning him against the tree with his tusks while letting out another trumpet-like bellow, this time louder than before.

Shi Zhen Li giggled helplessly, the prickly hairs on Tumtu's forehead tickling him as he pet the elephant's squirmy trunk. "Hahaha fine fine okay okay, I'll get you some melons, sheesh. But then you have to take me to the temple, and no more pit stops until we get there. Promise?" Li placed his hands on his hips and gave the large beast a stern scowling face to face. Tumtu would lick Li's face with his big wet tongue and kneel down on his front legs, lowering his head as if bowing. Shi Zhen Li smiled and hugged Tumtu's big fat giant head before stepping on to his tusks and climbing on to his back. Afterwards, the mammoth would raise his head and stand upright, his large brown eyes seeming happy as can be as he carried the weightless monk through the forest, treading slowly along the dirt pathway along the riverbend, heading towards the mountainside with Li as his passenger.

The garden of God, it holds the Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life. The entrance to the garden is guarded by the angel Uriel.

Tethys Ocean

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         Inside the main portal control room, all eyes were on displays that circled the control room. Among those were Admiral Hanley, whom had been placed in charge of the operation, following her victory over the eldritch abominations.

The flickering Hologram of EVE flitted into existence, and she issued her report.

"Admiral, Sergeant Valerian's vitals have begun spiking."

"He hasn't established the foothold yet, what is taking him so long?" Hanley asked herself. "I should have sent in Adepts." She growled to herself.

"Assemble Alpha team, and brief them for insertion. We'll recover the Sergeant, and reconsider our approach."

A Large, cold and unforgiving ocean in the eastern side of the Alpheus Continent, known for it's storms.

The Three Titans

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         Karla Wender sits and looks at the horizon, pondering what to do next.

The three titans are three large landmasses that are grouped together to the north of the Great Black Water. Legend has it they are the backs of sleeping giants who need the rest after creating Terra.

Lifegiver Grotto

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         Frendor Falcon-Wind listens carefully for signs of life

At the very center of the widest section of the deepest depths of Hearthwater Channel, there grew a magnificent tree, ripping from the surface of the waterway an impressive two hundred feet. However, well below the water, it grew all the way to the bottom

The Arena

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         Marcus steps into the arena, watching. He's restless for a fight, tapping his baton against his armored thigh. He waits for one of the many people to prepare for a match, so he can approach them and ask them for a fight.
In the meantime, he's going to do a full check of his equipment.

The Arena itself is a massive and empty area encircled by crowded stands and VIP boxes of adoring fans for whomever may be entertaining them at the time. Built into the structure are incredibly advanced reality generators which can create and mould the arena proper. Changing its appearance and properties to the tastes and specifics of whatever may occur.

The Arena Lobby

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         Marcus was waiting for an opponent, sitting on a chair with a table in front of him. His helmet was resting on the table, his rifle at his side, and his baton in his hand. He was tapping the baton against his armor, thinking. He gets up and grabs his helmet, placing it on his head, and walks into the arena, not caring if there was a fight going on or not. He would watch.

The Arena Lobby is a cool, air conditioned state of the art structure below the Arena proper, whilst sound proofed the echoes of cheers and cries from above can be heard. Around the lobby lay advanced holographic projectors and AI systems which provide information in regards to the latest scores, battle statistics and betting odds.

Sector 848652

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         /say It emerged from the rubble, finding itself in a dense area with no signs of life. It heard noises in the background, but it mostly ignored them. This place should be interesting....


Hearthwater Channel

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         A violet glimmer descent upon the waters of Hearthwater Channel for an entire day, before dissipating out north to sea.

Hearthwater Channel, the largest body of crystal clear fresh water found in all of the Alneh Sanctum, is home to the widest variety of wish, crustacean, reptile, and animal life as a whole. It is here that the race known as the Reshar...

Ellarian Tartarean Coast

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         Frendor Falcon-Wind waves to the Viking fleet

North Coast of Ellaria

Campa Taighde Bandrui

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Mauhasian Research Center

Silted Seaboard

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         /say Sabia que no seria facil... "Come with it"

Northern seaboard of Precaria. Prominent beaches rich with clay, though cold with rough seas. Blunt mountains not far inland. Home to Mer Cape.

Sector 756656

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Weargtooth Mountains

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         /say north

White capped and stretching across the entirety of the north of Ellaria, the climate is arctic. There are many coves and valleys.

Stikke Cove

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You have entered the void — an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Taggete Coast

The coast of the jagged mountains diving into the Tartarean Seas. There is an accessible cove here.

Nordblad Isle

The coldest northern isle, it seems to not move from a distance. Upon closer approach the falling snow seems frozen in the air, clouds still in the sky, but the wind blasts endlessly from the north.

Tartarean High Seas

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         As she swam through the celestial lights in the waves, Urakena might have noticed her own glow beginning to fade. It seemed her vibrant blues, as she swam through the purple, were left behind in the light. She grew darker as she went, her beauty fading as if she was sinking.

Dangerous High Seas, barely explored

Whispering Mountain Prison

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         Joseph silently wishes for a way to escape, fully knowing there is none. So he lets go of all self-worry and just decides to let go of his personal importance, setting his life as the last on his priorities list. He gave up information about his cause. He lays down on the slab, abandoning the food. He closes his eyes and drifts off into an uneasy sleep.

Whispering Mountain Maximum Security Penitentiary, one of the most secure penal facilities in the Aschen Empire, nestled in the picturesque Olympus mountains.


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         Once everything had been loaded into the truck, and the truck sealed, Director Miyagi offered a reassuring nod to Director Aramaki. The truck’s engine groaned in protest, and it’s driveline gears churned, propelling the vehicle forward, and out of the crater. Black, sooty smoke billowed fourth from the exhaust pipe, and the truck churned forward.

One of the Yunboro pilots gave the thumbs up, and the pair of Yunboros followed the truck out of the crater, even though everything was going smoothly, no expense could be spared, and security would remain tight all the way to the space elevator.

The main road to Yukikaze had already been closed off in preparation for the truck’s departure. This would minimize the chance that traffic, or anything else would cause a problem with the truck’s transit. Once on the highway, the truck moved forward, now escorted by two Tsunami tanks, which moved swiftly alongside the cargo truck.

So far, so good.

The homeworld and capital of the Taiyou Empire, Niihama is a polluted, sprawling world where the eastern hemisphere is covered entirely by a densely packed, massive multi-layered city.


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         "We look forward to receiving you Admiral." Marcus replied.

Admiral Clegg certainly didn't disappoint. His words and demeanor suggested that he was just as interested in revenge as Marcus was. Perhaps even more so considering that comment about "burning the Asylian cities to ash". Gathering three fleets together for a joint operation was a good sign. Marcus was going to find himself right in the middle of a major counter offensive. Just where he wanted to be.

The Aschen Iconoclast Battleship Indefatigable


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         Slowly, the assembling Aschen Fleet was beginning to gather strength, at over two thousand and five hundred warships strong, with the Keeper of Abassid holding position in the center of the formation. Everything was relatively quiet aboard the Aschen floatilla, And Admiral Clegg was quietly going over the ship’s logs for the day, interrupted only by the chime of the communications console.

“Admiral.” EVE Chimed in. “You have a priority one communication from Intelligence, Black File protocol.” The AI reported, causing the Admiral to grumble, keying up the communications interface, and scowling.

“This is Admiral Clegg.” The Admiral reported, offering a brief salute to the brunette on the other side of the screen.

The visage of Director Madeline shimmered into view, her stony expression accentuated by the shadows of the stark prison lighting.

“Admiral.” Madeline said, returning his salute. “Redeploy your fleet to Sky’s edge, and await further orders.” The Woman instructed. “Priority one, hold position in high orbit, and implement enhanced search procedures on outbound vessels.”

EVE chimed in a moment later.

“Disseminating revised objectives...“

Once the link was terminated, the Admiral turned to his Executive Officer.

“Redeploy the fleet to Sky’s Edge, and prepare to blockade the planet.” He said with a low, gravely tone. Quietly he wondered why the strange orders from Section One of all things? Given that the Intelligence Director was off on some far flung mission. Briefly, Clegg wondered why some backwater colony deserved the attention of his fleet?

“Synchronize FTL, and spool for short-range jump.” He said, keying in new instructions into the interface.

A few moments later, and the ships began to wink out, one by one.

Third inhabitable planet of the epsilon system.

Palace Expressway

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Agent Smith had one mission and one purpose alone, to destroy Cerex and to intercept anything which might pose a threat to humanity. He had been sent to Niihama's surface to investigate a strange reading, or paranormal anomaly detected by the Global Affairs Intelligence Agency, and had teleported to the planet through a one-way portal which placed him randomly in the Taiyou Emperor's throne room. Smith adjusted his fedora and looked around quietly, scanning the area.

After a moment of picking up negative readings on his scanner, Agent Smith would speak into his wrist watch. "I'm not picking up any readings down here. This place is empty. Are you sure we're on the right planet?" he asked his superiors. "Positive detective. Our sources tell us that the anomaly should be somewhere on the planet's surface, not far from your location," a mysterious female voice responded through his transparent earpiece.

"Not far to me? Or not far to you? I'm sure this planet just looks like a dot from where you are, but down here, it's pretty big," Agent Smith commented as he looked around the throne room, keeping an eye out for any sort of computer or camera systems. "Hold on detective, I'm picking up another signal. A strange object was just seen entering the planet's gravitational field. Our estimates say it landed in the Yukikaze suburbs. I'm sending you the coordinates now, the object should appear on your screen," the mysterious female voice answered. John D. Smith would adjust his wrist watch as a small holographic display was emitted from the seemingly normal timepiece, projecting an image of what appeared to be an oddly shaped rock.

"Alaqarans, what are they doing here?" Agent Smith questioned. "I think you already know that answer detective," the woman in his earpiece responded. Agent Smith turned off the holographic display and looked at the coordinates on his wrist watch. He nodded quietly before casually leaving the Taiyou Imperial Palace and heading towards the Expressway, reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a small tin case. Opening the case, he pulled out a small brandless cigarette and lit it between his lips with a black butane metal liter before sticking the tin case back into his pocket. Agent Smith didn't have a pass, but he was pretty confident that he could get into the Expressway and over to Yukikaze City before the Alaqarans even knew he was there.

As he approached the security at the entrance to the Expressway, he tilted his hat politely and nodded to the guards, silently scanning them with his eyes behind black sunglasses. Agent Smith had noticed that the palace and the people around the city seemed very oriental in appearance. He decided to try and communicate in a familiar language and dialect as he approached the gate. Although he wasn't completely fluent, he knew enough to speak in a way that would make sense to most of the Taiyou citizens he encountered.

"Minasankon'nichiwa, watashinonamaeha ējento Sumisudesu. Watashi wa zen sekai chōhō kikan no keijidesu. Sugu ni koko o oshitōshite kudasai. Sore wa kokka anzen hoshō no mondaidesu."

Agent Smith reached into his pocket and pulled out a white ID card, showing it to the security guards. The card contained his facial photograph and his name, John D. Smith, along with the name of the company he worked for, GAIA Department of Investigations, but did not contain any other information about him. After showing the guards his ID, he would place the card back into his pocket and wait for them to give him a security pass so that he could get on to the Expressway and quickly where he needed to be. The whole time, the detective seemed very relaxed and confident. His classy attire and straightened, unslouched posture made him appear even more professional than the security guards he was addressing as he glanced through the gate out at the Expressway.

Palace Expressway runs through Sector five, and is a much faster way to get about if you hold a pass.

Iskjerne Bay

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Sigurd Hring was dead.

He had been dead for two generations, yet his legacy had lived on long after he was gone. Sigurd had become One with Gaia, and had transcended the physical realm. He was more than just a man. To the native inhabitants, he was now a Titan, and to his viking descendants in Iskjerne Bay, he was now a god. He was the founder and first patriarch of the greatest viking settlement in the universe, the seed from which all the rest had blossomed. All he ever wanted was to live in peace, to create a free society, and help to cultivate the land which loved him so dearly. He had fought tooth and nail to establish a sanctuary where people would be treated equally, where they would have the freedom of religion, the freedom to change their social status and role in society, where they would have the opportunity to make a difference, rather than being slaves.

Sigurd Hring had a dream, and he had spent his entire life fighting for it, all the way up to the time of his death. Sigurd's son had a similar dream, a similar goal in mind. Ragnar was captured, or rather, had willingly turned himself in, for reasons unknown. Ragnar was not spared from torture and torment. He had been bound and chained, humiliated, prodded with spears and whips, his flesh burned and marked, his face disfigured, his body disgarded into a chamber of serpents, so that Ragnar's own sons could hardly recognize him. Oh how the little piggies would squeel when they heard how the old boar had suffered. Never before in history would Vikings be so wrathful and eager for revenge. Ragnar Lothbrok was a legend, and he still is to this very day, just like his father and their fathers before them.

But even Ragnar was not as great as his predecessor King Sigurd, the Ringtaker, the man who married Ragnar's mother. Sigurd Hring, slayer of dragons, giants and dwarfs alike, successor to his own uncle Harald Wartooth, whom he had battled honorably and killed at King Harald's own request. King Sigurd was a legend from the very beginning, a legend which grew over time as he defeated one rival after another, facing monsters and demons, and gods greater than himself, never once surrendering or bowing a knee.

Who wants to be King?

Sigurd Hring was sick of fighting. He wanted only to retire peacefully, to create a marvel for all the worlds to see. He was not so much interested in fame, as he was in glory. Sigurd did not care about riches, wealth, or great expansion. He had no intentions of building an empire, or creating a magnificent army. Sigurd was more interested in the black earth, and fertile soil. He planted a farm, and built a fortified ring around his kingdom where Vikings and pagans could coexist together and find sanctuary. Iskjerne Bay was to be a remote safe haven, far away from all the wars, violence, torture, rape, death and crucifixions that Sigurd Hring and his family had experienced for centuries. His intentions were great, and his dreams were greater, but his timing was off and his fate was fixed. It was only a matter of time before this undefeated rebel met his inevitable doom.

Emperor Shimizu of the Taiyou Empire was not a friend of the Norse kings. Sigurd Hring had a run-in with the Taiyou, and what started as a peaceful encounter soon was wrought with confusion and misunderstanding which escalated into violent warfare between them. The Taiyou Empire, and their fear-driven galactic technology. The greatest civilization that ever lived, heh. Sigurd Hring would put their reputation to the test. Never before in the history of the cosmos had a rebellion been so adamant and strong willed. Never before would such a tiny primitive civilization make such a dramatic impact. Sigurd's army not only fought the Taiyou back, off of their own land, but had dared to attack the Taiyou on their own soil, with enough success that King Sigurd would warrant a visit from the Taiyou Emperor himself.

It wasn't enough. King Sigurd slaughtered the Emperor's army, killed one his advising mages, and sent the emperor crawling home with broken legs and injuries. It was a defeat the Taiyou Empire simply could not allow to go public. They amassed a great space army, and would be hell-bent on taking revenge. Sigurd's actions had endangered the entire planet of Gaia, and his fate was now fixed. It was only a matter of time before the Taiyou returned to make his life miserable.

Sigurd Hring looked around at the kingdom he had established. Women, children, vary a man between 15 and 50, good paganfolk who were not deserving of such ill-fated tyranny. His heart grieved with great sorrow, for he knew the future, and the horrible things that would happen to his people once their enemies had returned. He wept silently by himself, before re-gathering his composure and going out to face his kingdom. King Sigurd was a just and honest man. He told the Vikings what had happened, and what would happen as a result. But the people did not hate him for it. They praised him, erecting a magical permanent statue of King Sigurd from enchanted stone, and worshipping him as a living god. He promised them, that whoever came to him and called on his name, and followed him in death, would be with him in paradise.

The entire viking settlement had committed suicide, following Sigurd Hring in death, and sparing themselves from capture or torture in the hands of their enemies. Adding insult to injury, the Taiyou ships had wasted their journey. The Taiyou Empire was robbed of its chance at revenge, as King Sigurd and his loyal subjects took their own lives, leaving nothing but their memories. It was the ultimate act of defiance, an act of selflessness that would inspire rebels for generations to come.

Many years later, Ivar the Boneless, the son of King Ragnar and grandson of King Sigurd would arrive in Iskjerne Bay, influenced by Norse mythology and Taiyou propaganda, and driven by the spirits of his own ancestors. Sigurd Hring's ghost would come to Prince Ivar in his dreams, giving him spiritual advice and guidance, and instructions on how to rebuild the kingdom. But the young man was too bold and arrogant. He had inherited the same thick headedness as his father and grandfather. Ivar had not followed Sigurd's instructions, but had set his heart towards greed and selfishness. He had formed the Great Heathen Army and had plunged the Norse civilization into endless warfare, perverting everything that his grandfather King Sigurd had held sacred for decades.

That was a mistake...

Suddenly the ground in Iskjerne Bay would shake and tremble as bodies tossed and turned in their graves. Everyone in the great Hall, Viking and Argosian alike, would feel the earth tremble beneath their feet. At that moment, an invisible force seemed to unseat the crippled prince as he was suddenly thrown from the throne, with such force that if he did not catch himself, his bones would surely shatter. Meanwhile, the material wooden statue of Prince Ivar would be uprooted and split in half vertically, so that one half remained standing while the other half fell to the ground. Queen Aslaug would feel the mound below her start to tremble as well. The moment she had been waiting for had arrived.

Sigurd Hring had returned.

Iskjerne Bay is a remote Viking settlement which features a motte-and-bailey Ring Fort, a large Mead Hall made from an overturned longship, and a statue of Sigurd Hring the Dragon Slayer.


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         Alighieri seethed into the region, causing a measurable drop in temperature as the energy of spacetime itself began to be absorbed by the abomination. Stars dimmed, powergrids shuddered, and orbits were perturbed as the great behemoth materialized, consuming greater and greater amounts of power as he descended into this realm.

An opposite dimension within a wormhole. It resembles Sol almost perfectly...

Prometheus Station

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         Alighieri withdrew, his attention being drawn elsewhere. Left behind is a cluster of shimmering dust, which floated freely through the space around the station.

As the station flickered back to life, a few instrument panels remained in a state of malfunction, matching the disarray of the fighters which lay scattered in the region, drifting along without the power that had been drained from them.

an empty Void within empty space, a lone station

The Island: Temple

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         Miserable Spirit emits a harrowing sob, which echoes throughout the temple.

The temple is lit in a faint aura of blue. Small, sapphire, whisps dance around the inside of the temple. This was once a place to worship the gods of the multiverse. Its moss covered walls now sink down into deep pits of water from past floods. Ancient doors surround the sides of the temple; holding centuries worth of secrets behind them.

Mine Offices

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         Grimwold Parsimmons punched a hole in the worksheet card under the column marked "check-in", leaving the "check-out" slot empty. This was designed to ensure safety, that every miner had exited the mine, preventing any unfortuitous accidents should blasting begin or a collapse happen.

The Mine's Safety Office, more of a hovel than a sprawling complex, seems to be where miners check in (and hopefully out) before entering the mines. There is a large worksheet hanging from a small chain on the wall, punched with holes in columnar fashion.

The Forgotten Amphitheater

This natural amphitheater has a small network of caves behind it, with an open and booming space to the north of the river. Unfortunately, the caves appear to be covered in silk, grunge, and rot.

The River Atreides

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         Master heads onwards, deeper into the cavern. He could feel the life draining from him, hurrying his steps along the riverbank as he rushed towards his goal. The lingering presence of his sustainer gave him a shudder, which he shrugged off with a certain inevitable disregard; the raiment flowing around him rippling with the current of the water leading out into the sea to the east.

He knew he would find momentary respite in the fortress within, but this only accelerated his progress towards the next stone along his step.

At the bottom of the cavern runs the River Atreides, an underground channel flowing southeast through the Collenham Mountains before emerging at the Solinus Sea.


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         /say "Hm...I thirst for power...this is of no use to me. I seek...pawns..."

Gehenna Owner: Remæus

This empty void is an endless hall of death and hollowness. Enter at your own risk.

Hall of Riots

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A black rock-like lump enters the dark gloomy skies over the Hall of Riots through the void, arriving from uncharted sector CF3, passing slowly through a hollow black tunnel formed from the spirits of the damned, arriving from a nameless region of the uncharted void, the glassy black rock showing no sign of life as it moved slowly, drifting through the nothingness, surrounded by a sea of ghosts and lost souls as it passes through Gehenna and heads out into the greater Multiverse, appearing like nothing more than passing space debri to those on the ground. The shapeless rock flew straight over the brownish yellow stench-filled cloudy sky, passing over the rabble of ruins and bones like a tailless comet as it moved over the Hall of Riots and disappeared over the gloomy horizon, heading out of Gehenna and into the Multiverse without slowing down or speeding up. It took several years or decades for the seemingly dead comet to pass through Gehenna on its way out into the vastness of Space, and many decades passed from the time when the object first appeared in the uncharted region called CF3117947, located in the void.

A shadow of the cities of men empty and ripe for the picking. There must be something here. You can feel it. Something other than the bones of starved bodies. Something valuable they were all looking for.


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A small black rock-like egg drifts silently through the void. There was no light to reflect on its rigid, glassy black surface. It gave off no heat signatures or life signals. There was no up, no down, no point to use as a reference for time or distance. The small black rock-like egg seemed to appear out of nowhere, as if entering the void through some unseen portal or black hole. Maybe it just warped into existence, or had been sent there from another timespace. In any case, the rock drifted slowly along a straight course, spinning ever so slightly as it appeared to hover in one place in the pitch black silence of the endless void, in a location that seemed to be completely empty and uncharted, with nothing of much interest. The rock never sped up or slowed down, just rotating slowly, looking like a large chunk of space debri, or natural obsidian. The large rock had no markings or distinguishing features as it traveled into the void, flying through the empty nothing at a timeless speed as it left the void in sector CF3 and headed towards Gehenna, taking several years or decades to travel through CF3 and out into Gehenna, heading towards the Hall of Riots through a ghostly wormhole.

You have entered the void - an black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Taiyou Space

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A small boulder enters the Outer Rim of uncharted, unclaimed space from somewhere within the Andromeda Galaxy, having travelled for over a century, originating from far far away in the void. The oddly shaped rock had drifted slowly like a dead comet, passing through Gehenna over the Hall of Riots through charted Space and into the Andromeda Galaxy before heading into Taiyou Space along a perfectly straight trajectory. The object was unevenly shaped, clam-like or shell-like with a shiny glossy surface which reflected very little light, and appeared to be made of obsidian or black glass. The object was spinning or rotating slowly on a slightly diagonal axis which showed no rhyme or reason. The rock itself was small, about the size of a car or chunk of space debri. It never sped up, never slowed down, and never changed course as it moved timelessly through uncharted space, leaving the Outer Rim and entering the area of the Matokey Order, before continuing straight towards the Taiyou planet Niihama, where the object finally found itself entering another object's gravity field. The small rock soon started crashing towards Niihama's surface, rotating around the entire planet several times like a tiny miniature moon, increasing speed slowly as it neared Niihama, now having a green luminescent tail like a comet.

A massive swathe of space containing the Taiyou Empire, stretching from the edges of the Andromeda Galaxy's core, to the outer reaches of the galaxy, bordering the rest of the AXIS.

The Andromeda Galaxy

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A black lumpy car-sized rock drifts through the Andromeda Galaxy, coming from somewhere within the Local Group, having arrived from Space after travelling along a perfectly straight course for over a century. The rock was pitch black, oddly shaped, having a glassy black shiny surface which looked similar to obsidian. The object was spinning slowly along a slightly curved axis, appearing like a large space rock, or space debri of some kind. The object gave off no radio signals, no heat signatures, no life signals, and no signs of intelligence. It appeared to be just a floating rock coursing through outer space. The object had originated from the uncharted void in region CF3 in the middle of absolutely nowhere, before drifting slowly through Gehenna over the Hall of Riots, through the Multiverse into charted Space, and eventually heading towards the Local Group into the Andromeda Galaxy, never speeding up or slowing down, and never once turning or changing course. It had taken over a century for the small black object to travel this far as it drifted slowly through the galaxy on its seemingly timeless voyage, heading into a region of Taiyou Space as it left the area, continuing it's journey.

Containing over 1 trillion stars, the Andromeda Galaxy is the largest galaxy of the Local Group, which also contains the Milky Way, the Triangulum Galaxy, and about 30 other smaller galaxies.


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From out of the uncharted darkness of Space, a large rock-like object appears, arriving from out of the depths of Gehenna, from among the Hall of Riots, and heading slowly along a straight trajectory, heading for one of the nearby galaxies. It had taken over 100 years for the black lump to travel this far, having ventured over many millions of light-miles in that small amount of time. The rock seemed to rotate slowly along a slightly curved axis, having no distinguishing markings or features. The chunk of rock had an uneven egg-like bumpy shape and a black glassy reflective surface almost like obsidian. The object moved through Space at a steady pace, never speeding up or slowing down. The rocky object gave off no radio signals, no life signals or heat signatures as it drifted timelessly for several years without ever colliding with anything or switching direction, just coasting casually through outer space, heading closer to the cluster of galaxies.

The great universe in which all observable reality exists.

Pagourano Spaceport

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         Heath had been wondering around town for a few weeks waiting on the contact from his crew. He knew they were out making things happen. Scouting the lands and probably attempting to hunt. But it was frustrating that they hadn't made contact with him up until now. They had a procedure for such things.

Heath began to wonder what he would do after the first couple of days, but after participating in the shooting tournament with the crappy gun, he needed to start making s osl me business moves. He had the itch to deal. Luckily, the contact from ok ne of his crew members over in the Iron Sink had begun contact and started making things happen. So that gave him to reprieve.

But he needed more.

A week into staying at the town, and he bought the local tavern. Immediately hiring some locals to help him renovate. He knew, the food was good but he needed MORE. Everything needed profits to work, and he would provide a service for rest. Alongside some alterations to the local cuisine standards.

Of course he would have to hire some people...

Lamentation aside...he found himself back at the space port. Waiting...but this time, for shipments. Which a big change from before. Hopefully they would arrive soon.

Despite not being the largest and well hidden, the sounds of what few ships arrive and depart echo throughout the surrounding peaks & down into Dracos Valley. Thankfully Pagourano is relatively quiet despite.