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The Multiverse » Places

Places in The Multiverse

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Multiverse.

For Sale

All Places

The Port

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 this place?

Proxi The Port Owner: Vexar

After making your way through the rounded entrance of the port buildings; you find yourself in a complex series of walkways, pathways, and stairways... A large winged statue grabs your attention.


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As you maneuvered closer to the summit, it's shadow swallowed you whole. Towering above you, the peaks pierced midnight into the clear blue sky. Even the ground eluded towards darkness, grasses growing shorter with every one of your steps. The stone mass appeared to have come into existence completely at random, as if a thousand hulking and oddly shaped boulders fell from the heavens. Deep crevices contrasted the wild protrusions of rock, it was truly a wild and mysterious structure.

Kanto Route 11

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This route is full of walkways with grass on the sides. Maintenance crews can sometimes be found working on the power lines, as well as high-rolling Gamblers.


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         Haze watched the armored man disappear fully into the portal, wondering if he would be okay. She took a hesitant step forwards, glancing at Moonlight and then down at her feet. She walked quicker, reaching out to the crackling portal. As her finger brushed against it, she clenched her eyes shut and drew in a deep breath.

Considerably more cool was the air, it's damp presence in your lungs. Despite the appearance of the crag's outside, the inside was completely hollow. Upwards stretched the ceiling into complete darkness. Why was the interior in entirety not as dark as high above? Curiously enough, you would notice, a strange blue mass did glow at the heart of the structure. What was that glow?

Adventurer's Guild HQ

The HQ for Adventurers across the lands, this place hosts various offices, services, and even holds the Destara Bar on the ground floor. Here is where adventurers can be plotted, adventurers meeting new friends, and quests can be posted.


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Once upon a time, in an illustrious land of autumn hues far beyond the sunset is where your tale began. There you stood, in a field bathed in sunlight, waist high grasses browned by summer passed. It was a golden stretch of curiosity, natural and naked made seemingly for your exploration. Over to the west, a crag of dark stone stretched towards the sky. How did you get here? Where did you come from? The wind itself awaits your response.

Naomi's Garden: Kitchen

You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

Naomi's Garden

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         Atani Berentes was two bites before finishing her delicious meal when suddenly she felt a ring in her pocket. She had forgotten her errands for the day, and the ring was a reminder to get going again. Without bothering to count for change she threw down some money and hurried from the restaurant.

A beautiful open air garden restaurant with couches, and chickens wandering around. There is a stage and nice music playing.

Weargtooth Mountains

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         Livia remained quiet throughout the advance, mounted upon her white steed, the sound of silence seemed to be overwhelming for her legionaries. She watched the canisters sail far, and wide into the distance, plumes of smoke wafting, and eventually dissipating into nothingness, as the unsettling silence returned.

"There's nothing here." The Praefectus said, interrupting Livia's deep in thought, while briefly her eyes moved towards her Centurion, he had such curious habits. She didn't think much of it, while the wind nipped lightly at her hair, ruffling the hooded cloak she had been wearing to keep warm.

Then the howling started, it was one, and then two, and soon the howling was oppressive, echoing through the crags and mountain peaks, unnerving the horses of the advance scouting party. Livia had her answer, these savages had no intention of Parlaying, or entering any form of negotiations. Her eyes briefly darted to her Centurion, whom had unsheathed his weapon. Livia on the other hand remained stone faced, as did her horse, through the howling, and the oppressive silence.

They made their intentions clear, as she observed the actions of her Centuriae, each readying their shields, and weapons to do battle.

Livia promptly dismounted her horse, landing on the ground with an audible thud of her boots, and heavy armor which was worn under her great cloak.

"Legionaries!" She called out, her shrill voice piercing the silence, and the howling. "These Savages have made their intentions clear, even now they stalk us from the shadows!" She cried out, her voice carrying through the wind. "We advance, and we burn them out! We will crucify the men, and enslave the women and children!" She bellowed, raising her sword up.

"Tonight we bring glory to our civilization, tonight we bring honor to our Empire. Tonight we dine in Iskjerne Bay!" She shouted, and then gestured forward.

"Keep your formations tight, pick your targets, and rely on your brother!" Livia shouted, and then took a few steps forward, even as the horses grew even more nervous from the howling. The dozen or so Legionaries mounted, quickly dismounted their horses, and joined their brothers in formation, locking their shields together in with Reginarus' phalanx.

Livia took up her position in the center, producing a small pistol from a holster that ran across her chest, and promptly firing it into the air, sending a stream of sparks into the sky, which culminated into a brilliant red flare that was almost as bright as the sun. It briefly lit up the surrounding area in a deep red glow before dissipating into nothingness. Livia then turned her attention forward, it would take time, but the might of her army would soon bear down on the Weargtooth mountains, she looked briefly to Reginarus, an unspoken resolution. They needed only hold out for as long as it took for the main Argosian army to arrive. From there they would push forward with sheer numbers.

Everyone there was braced for combat.

White capped and stretching across the entirety of the north of Ellaria, the climate is arctic. There are many coves and valleys.


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         Erik "the Red" Thorvaldsen and Thodhilda Jorundsdottir had four children named Leiv, Freydis, Thorstein and Thorvald, the last one being named after Erik's father. Hrafn-Floki "the Blind" Ghostslayer and his loyal wife Helga also gave birth to two children of their own, Signe and Ragnar, who would often play together with Erik and Thodhilda's kids on Colossa during their long and peaceful adventures. Halfdan the Black's twisted ankle had healed over time and after he made a full recovery, he assisted Floki in building Colossa's very first Nordic space observatory. Floki would remain blind in both eyes for the rest of his life, but what he lacked in vision, he made up for with experience, knowledge and wisdom. He taught Halfdan the Black and Erik the Red everything he knew about woodworking, shipbuilding, how to read and carve runes, what types of metals, crystal stones and trees to look for when building, and gave them every vocal saga and folkloric myth he could remember from his younger years. Sometimes he paused between lessons and had to sit down, and as time progressed, it slowly became apparent that Floki was losing his mind.

Hrafn-Floki had not aged well. The years of Viking raids and adventures were catching up to him as he got older. Apart from being blind, he was also beginning to suffer the effects of Alzheimer's, a disease which none of the Vikings knew much about, but which they had experienced before. They knew Floki was slowly losing his memories, so his faithful companions did all they could to learn from him as the weeks passed. Helga continued to work on her own expertise, gathering herbs, plants and spices to use for cooking, weaving and medicine. She taught the young girls how to cook and sew, how to make healing potions and remedies that would come in handy as they got older. Erik the Red recounted to his children about the massive space-faring Viking longships he had seen back in his homeland, and encouraged all of his children to grow up strong, brave and intelligent so that perhaps one day, they too could sail the stars and recall epic adventures to their own children.

Moon of Gaia. Small, unremarkable other than that it glows red.

Outer Arm

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         The custodian was silent for a moment, a trillion different thoughts condensed into a single moment before he was back around a tiny ship somewhere in the murky seas beyond the Veil. His avatar aboard the Balena was of the typical “ancient civilization”, a bald man draped in a toga that crawled with a strange, ancient script.

”I do not have the might of the Apparatus at my disposal this time, though some of the occupation forces may be requisitioned.”

While VIRGIL organized an adhoc operation in less than a minute, the FTL booster transiting to the Balena was making its own preparations, albeit autonomously. The GXP ship was soon also joined by another as it taxied to the astral gate, the Leagueship Bison. The heavily armed frigate was a blocky distinction from the sleek Balena.

”You are clear to transit the gate, Officers. I am opening communication with the host nation now, as transit to Langara is tightly regulated.”

This narrow region of space is home to the Aschen Empire and fringe Continuum Territory, and rests on the very outermost edge of the Milky Way.


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         The automaton studied the polearm, HOMER’s blocky skull tilting just slightly. If the machine had a face, it would have been one twisted into surprise. “Now that is a weapon: I believe the exchange of gifts is integral for communication in this culture!”

Cooper looked at the weapon as well: one of the first things that the Oberon might have noticed about the Gardenites was their size, easily a head and a half taller. Though the Captain was “slim” even in comparison, that meant that the weapon offered was, to put it one way, the perfect size for Cooper. “Old made new, I like it,” He began, taking it in his hands and turning it over slightly this way and that.

Perhaps it was the strange uniform he wore, and the almost perfect stance he kept as he tested the weight of the weapon but only one thing was clear about the mysterious spaceman that had appeared out of the very bowels of the ship: him and his kind were made for war. The automaton, on the other hand, rose a three-pronged hand of its own up as a hologram burst to life of the Coalition sigil, called the suryasta, as the vessel’s quantum communications array reached thousands of lightyears to the planet of Bathe in the Charybdian Shores.

”What a wonderful gift! I’m sure an Interstellar Ranger will have plenty of use for a weapon like this, the Nations will most certainly be pleased!”

The Glendathu star system.

Yukikaze City

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         Taylor scans over the controls of his aircraft and then looks out to his sides at the two unfamiliar aircraft escorting him, then asks, "Permission to land, uh... What do I call y'all? Wait- Uh, Requesting Identification for further reference. Low on fuel, I really need a place to land."

He's started sweating, as he feels that what little training he had gone through had no protocol for this. He was over open ocean not two minutes ago, and about to pull in to land on USAC 226. Jesus, where was he? He's never seen anything like this, an utterly alien city. He flinches as a massive holographic advertisement flickers in the sky not too far from him.

Second largest city on Niihama

Foreign Embassy of Freeport

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         Maria stepped out of the back room and barked,

"We're going down for a reboot, Francisco. Last customer for the cycle." before spinning on her heel and heading back to the labyrinthine office.

Foreign Embassy Building, for intergalactic and foreign affairs.

Solinus Sea Coastline

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         /say Look

A pristine beach covered in smooth white sand, freckles by a few large boulders and dozens of assortments of seashells. The beach looks out across the Solinus Sea, a glittering blue, white-capped promise for any adventure-seeking sailor.

Fuchsia City

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         /say eeeeeeee

A humble city consisting of a Pokémon zoo, the Kanto Safari Zone, human residences, and the Fuchsia Gym. The gym is currently run by Janine, a poison type specialist, and her band of look-alike ninjas.

The Savage Peaks

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         The sound of whistling came through the mountains. Several kinds of pterosaur flew through the air, their screeching howls echoing across the stony crags. Some ceratopsians graze on the sparse grasses growing along the mountain path.

Craggy peak home to mostly flying beings and recluses. To the north you can hear the hustle and bustle of what sounds like a spaceport.


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         Knobby Hearthrend looked up to watch the skyboat streak through the clouds, wondering if this rare traveler brought more trade goods for Pagourano's quaint market. As the gnome pondered, he felt the cold nip of the snow and thought it best to head on.

A cold village nestled in the mountains occupied by gnomes and humans. There is a spaceport hidden in the peak which the village sits in the shadow of, a large wall surrounding.


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         A soft, echoing chorus mysteriously answers,

"Sognheim, our grand capital of Gonthar, of Terra. You, traveler, are welcome here."

Sognheim stood strong as the capital of Gonthar. It wasn't a pretty city, nor an elegant city, but it was a proud one that had endured through all manner of war and natural disaster that had found its way to the shores of Gonthar over the generations.

Empyrean Sea Beach

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         Days turned into weeks, and after a month of continuous politics, foreign trade and networking, the gnomish commander Cloud Wrestler walked into the prince's chamber one day and reported that the Stjornhestr had returned from a distant planet. Apparently, the ship's entire crew had survived.

The entire kingdom was of course excited to see the return of Jarl Goffre Alvisson and his crew, with Svegdir Staghelm and Borstein the journalist right beside him. King Halfdan the Great welcomed the Stjornhestr's crew of Norse cosmonauts personally, greeting their company dressed formally wearing a royal purple cape with a crown of purest gold. The king congratulated them on their safe journey and presented the jarl and each karl with a golden medal, granting the thralls on their expedition with enough silver pennies to buy their own freedom and change their clothing colors. Halfdan then threw a feast, giving a toast to Jarl Goffre and his shipmates.

The king's royal council wasted little time in collecting Birger's maps, writings, and notebook full of drawings to be copied and made available to them. Halfdan the Great's kingdom was beginning to seem more like an intergalactic empire than a small Norse colony. The Empyrean Sea Beach formed its borders, but the entire island itself was it's capital. King Halfdan then commissioned another quest to the stars. Only this time instead of sending just one starship, the king decided to launch all 3 of them. It was a small armada, but a force to be reckoned with. Initially Goffre Alvisson and his team refused to return to Xamayos, still unnerved by what they had discovered there, but King Halfdan pleaded with Goffre and offered to give the Stjornhestr's crew more supplies, and an even better payout than their first mission. The jarl and his cosmonauts agreed, and soon the Stjornhestr was back on its way to the distant planet of dinosaurs, monsters and megabeasts.

It wasn't long before the smoke from the wildfire on the mainland reached the area where it could be seen from the island. The sea elves reported to King Halfdan that the Argosians had returned to Ellaria and had set the Great Forest ablaze. It wouldn't be long before the forest's native inhabitants came pouring into the shores and asking for sanctuary. King Halfdan was not one to turn them away. His empire was expanding as he gazed out into the great assembly of humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, and other magical races who had somehow come to serve him. Eventually he knew he would have to make a decision to help their Iskjerne Viking cousins to fight off their oppressors, or to help the Argosian foreigners to conquer Iskjerne Bay in order to expand his own intergalactic trading network.

You arrive at the long beaches of the Empyrean Sea. The waves lap at the land, leaving behind odd trinkets of shells or dried creatures from beneath its great and rolling green waves. There seems to be an island in the distance. If only there was a boat laying near by ...

Grove of Yggdrasill

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         "Are you sure it's safe to stop here? There seems to be a fire, and I don't know about staying here.. I may not know much about this place, but it seems like there's a lot of vegetation to burn... And it's occurred to me that I haven't even asked for your name. I'm David." the young man said, looking at the old man questioningly.

"The ancient ones call this the Grove of Yggdrasil," Bruce the Elder said quietly. "It's magic will protect us... for now." he said lowly as he picked up a handful of ashes from the fire pit and began rubbing it on his skin to mask his scent. Suddenly he thought he heard a branch break in the dense forest, and quickly grabbed his walking stick, pointing it at the trees while looking up.

"Wait, listen... you hear that?" Lord Bruce listened silently for a minute, looking at Baxter quietly and motioning for him to be still before gazing for what seemed like forever at the surrounding forest beyond the massive tree's great canopy. After a minute, Bruce relaxed and let his guard down again, spitting into the fire pit. " Ack! Must be the wind" Bruce said calmly.

There was a slight thwip, and as Lord Bruce placed his hand on the side of his neck to catch the mosquito that bit him, he felt a very thin needle-like dart with his fingers. He looked confused as he casually pulled out the relatively painless needle and looked at it before slumping over. Before he could even react, Bruce the Elder was passed out, or at the very least, temporarily paralyzed by whatever neurotoxin that the dart had been laced with.

Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! Several more needles darted through the trees from a greater distance. Although they were stealthy, very quick and silent, being virtually invisible to the normal naked eye, David Baxter suddenly got the feeling that he was the one they were aiming at, as the small darts began whizzing past him from somewhere in the dense forest in front of him.

A grove with a powerful presence about it. In the center a great gnarling tree rises. It seems to be not one tree, but many trees all wound and grown into each other. The grass here is soft, the ground healthy.


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         The data sprawling into Imperial intelligence circuits would have been something Imperial command could have only dreamed of, the vast infow of information capable of “mindflaying improperly tethered human minds (and R&D was still, centuries later, frustrated with understanding the “empyrean” nature of Gardenite intelligence and information), the reason why these operations were done at light speed between two autonomous entities. While KYZAGHAN and EVE had their digital dance, Hanley was given an approval briefing of the mission: it was custom for the High Officers to, personally, sign off on every operation.

<Command has determined the Legion forces still planetside are preparing to use anti-orbital weapons they stole during the first invasion. EPKF forces have recaptured or otherwise sabotaged eight of the ten Semarax walking anti-orbital guns, which were mainly stationed in the lowlands surrounding Nethe, and other important population centers around the planet,>

As the AI explained, schematics and log forms scrawled past, detailing the various coordinations between the military units and civilian organizations across Hadriatica. Many Aschen names appeared throughout these lists, achieving more for the safety and prosperity of the Aschen people through the Coalition than the Empire had ever hoped to achieve. It wasn’t Aschen civilization that was waning.

<I believe the location of one, or perhaps all, of the remaining anti-orbital mechs can be triangulated into a specific area using a PERIMETER system: the mission of forces under your command will be to escort and deliver, under armed guard with discretion permitted by the EPKF as per international law, AI cores containing HUN assets to be used in remote location and detection.

Resistance is expected to be severe, as the Legion has mechanized forces in the area, they counter-attack any movements to locate an AO weapon and destroy it. This operation will require the cohesion and cooperation between multiple combined arms formations, and ground forces will be supported by Aviation and Naval Cavalry.>

For the human intelligence though, it seemed that someone, or something rather, had picked just the right person to give the … Aschen element needed to motivate them. Captain Stelter kept his hands wrapped behind his back, empty face staring blankly into the wall while the faintest prick of a smile tugged at his lips. He loved putting Aschen in their place.

“There are four Imperial infantrymen you arrested for accepting bribes, turns out they were insider-informing against the EPKF as well, kept on the underside - ATHENA’s found everything from the case file to remote surveillance. Earlier last night three civilians were killed for collaborating with the EPKF, two were Aschen, and an Imperial soldier was wounded trying to save a woman's life - though I guess as long as they kill traitors, your Empire doesn’t have any real crime for that: what you don’t know is, their access to collective intel means if they sold the EPKF out, they’re selling out Imperial soldiers on that convoy delivering AI cores to firing installations for Operation Chrome Light.”

A watery, remote world deep in the Local Region.

Blue Sunrise Resort

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         /say Right this way!

The most affluently popular hotel in Freeport where relaxation is the goal. With state of the art spas, this towering blue structure ascends and then descends towards the eastern shore of the island, ending in a private beach. Lazer light shows at night.

Tradeskill Square

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         Rhia thought on the display of a restrained police force and handling of the rude matriarch as she neared the cosmodrome with her crew. It showed a society suitable for the Gardeners by their lack of wrath when unnecessary. Even if the lineage of wrath was fully ready to do so. Such a recommendation may draw Gardener freelancers to protect such a place if not its aims. If she dropped some dreamtime in a hospital it may further trade as well. Still a shopkeep she had profit to consider. However, the buildings here wasn't quite the hospital she was looking for. Rhia turned to cast an image in Quietus at her crew for a house with Hygeia inside, the flag of Freeport stenciled thereon. They chirped back a cobbled map of their way here though it took a bit in her head for her mind to become clear with it.

Tradeskill Square is home to the Sixth College, the nexus for those interested in academia. In the center of the court is a fountain, and the foreign embassy is always celebrating something.

White Flame Main

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         Ramuki seemed genuinely concerned for her baby

Cobbled, yet worn, road leading from Tradeskill Square to Castle of Freeport. The Library towers over much of the street, along with the museum. The Castle rises majestically to the west.

Wing City Spaceport

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         /say Hello

You have arrived at the grand Wing City Spaceport, where all space-faring traffic in and out of the city arrives. There are launch towers for older models of spacecraft, and quantum-distortion field panels for the newer gravitational assistance system.

Aziora Tower

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Welcome to Valentine Incorporated. We exist to grow.

Dark Woods

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         Thumbnail stared at Bloop-5 for a moment, examining its structure while still keeping a bit of caution. After a moment, he withdrew his right hand from his black robe collar, holding a purple handkerchief. Thumbnail glanced at Bloop-5 with a bit of hesitation before moving his hand closer to it. He noticed that the machine was somewhat dirty and neglected, its strange small red eyes glowing rather dim, so Mabus used his purple handkerchief to wipe the octopus-like robot's face, polishing its metallic exterior in hopes that it might be able to see him better, and perhaps deem the Darkelf as less of a threat.

That wasn't to say there weren't hidden dangers in the forest. As he put away his handkerchief, Thumbnail's dark vision and elven senses started to kick in. He started to sense a powerful presence in the Dark Woods, one of great size and a familiar scent. "Dragons" he whispered to himself, becoming more aware of his surroundings in the dark. But there was something else closing in on his position. Thumbnail's pointy ears perked up as Peter coughed. Humans were always easy to detect, for even the stealthy ones were loud and smelled funny to elves. Thumbnail was able to detect him coming from a mile away, and could see Peter R. Sheffield approaching even in the dead of night. Thumbnail's golden eyes shimmered again briefly as Bloop-5 scanned over them, and he glanced down at the inventor again before peering into the Dark Woods.

Peter's heavy boots made quite a ruckus to the Darkelf as he approached the scene, greeting them from the darkness. Thumbnail stood there motionlessly as the man approached the clearing before stopping to remove his helmet. "Hello there," Mabus said calmly while looking directly at the man in the heavy armour. It was obvious that Peter couldn't see him very well in the dark, but Thumbnail's voice alone was enough to inform the stranger that he was not this Moon character. Mabus examined Peter's metal suit for a moment, but said nothing as he looked around, still sensing another hidden presence in the immediate area. The Darkelf was very keen and aware of the hidden dangers in the darkness, even if nobody else could feel it.

At that moment, Peter R. Sheffield spoke again. "Howdy, what are y'all doing here?" he asked. It seemed like a legitimate question to most people. "I should be asking you the same," Mabus answered. After all, Mabus was a Darkelf, and the Dark Woods were as natural to him as a fish in water. If anyone was out of their element, it was the strange inventor and the man in the metal suit. What were humans doing this deep in the Dark Woods at this hour of the night? Mabus found that to be quite suspicious and strange. After a moment, Thumbnail reached back into his black robe and pulled out a small glass vile with a cork in it, containing a strange glowing blue liquid which appeared to be some kind of elixir.

An extension of the ancient and foreboding woods. The trail continues to wind south amid the bent and gnarled branches of the twisted trees. Along the path is a wooden arrow sign. Scrawled on the sign in a long dead and forgotten language is a single word. The soft loam has been converted to hard packed earth, the smells of the forest almost overpowering. In the distance the sounds of animals moving are heard.

al' Aljibal

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         A young looking red haired elf stared up at the dark sky with a frown as she rested on the rocks where the oasis met the desert.

"Yous gots nutin to dos wit dis Is hopin" Came the voice of the troll huntress Jiy'la from behind the elf.

The elf gave the troll a dark look.

"Yous knows Is meanin no offences Alkirina"

Alkirina sighed and looked back to the sky. "I know Jiy'la.. I know. I'm just as puzzled by this all as you and everyone else.... "

"Pa Pa is goin be callin da big ol meetin soons in da city gatherin alls da mages hes is... maybe yous comin to?"

Alkirina shook her head. "You know i don't do people well..."

"Is knows... but lookin da sky... Is thinkin wes needin yous."

Jiy'la sighed looking to the sky. "Yous thinkin on dis" Jiy'la said before leaving the red haired elf alone on her rock.

A range of dry beauty thought dead for years but life clings finding root in waters buried under the dry death above and in the hidden oasis valleys. Home of the city of Aljibal.

Twisted Path

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         As Komachi answered that she was just aimlessly wandering as well, Ixa just shrugged it off with an innocent smile. "Well that's okay. So were we, because its more fun that...ow ow ow ow! Snowflake!"

"I knew it! You really did have no idea where we were going!"

"Okay oka...." Ixa started to plead when he noticed that she indicated she brought lunch with her. Almost immediately, Ixa approached her until he was really close up, his eyes similar to that of a pleading, adorable, wantful puppy and his mouth wavering.

"Ixa. Ask nicely".

"Oh...right! May I please have some?"

Notably, as if on queue, the weather anomalies seemed to subside at the thought of seemed that somewhere, it was unconsciously shut off because he really wanted to eat something. And as for the reason why he didn't realize he had to nicely ask before, that was because he was raised in a lab that never bothered to teach him manners.

An ancient and foreboding woods, tall gnarled trees extend their branches towards you. The loamy earth muffles any sounds of travel. The earthy smell of decay wafts through the trees on the ever present breeze.

Wing City Main Entrance

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         Peter looks around. It sure was kind of those people to pick him up, but he already finds the memory of who brought him here fading, strangely.


He stares up at the archway, admiring it in it's grandiose size and structure.
He shakes his head. What am I thinking? I don't have time to marvel at architecture. I'm here to find somebody... If they were even real.

The memories of that vast plain of wheat or grass, he can't remember which, are already fading, and he struggles to remember.

A set of faces suddenly come into recognition, his mind remembering them, even as details have faded.

Moon... Moon something. Waves in Moonlight? Nah, wait... And the girl, Ha... Haze. Yeah.

He clutches his steel-plated temple, the leather gloves gripping firmly onto the metal surface.

Why... Why does it seem so distant? Was it even real? Or... A dream?

He suddenly finds it hard to breath, and scrabbles his hands at the seal of his helmet. As he removes it, he takes a deep gasp of breath. He's never felt uncomfortable in his armor before, but he feels very claustrophobic all of a sudden.

"F- Fuck, man. What's going on? Why-" He stutters to himself. He's never felt as out of place as he does now, with all the people around him.

The ground begins to spin around him as he turns in circles, staring at everyone around him. 30, maybe 40 people. Some of them, as he sees them dissolve into mist for a split second, then regain solidity, as if they weren't really there.

Peter shakes his head. He can't focus on this now, he has things to do. He puts back on his helmet, not bothering to seal it, and takes a deep breath of the filtered air. Lord, man. You gotta chill out. Take a step back, and let the business end take over.

He laces his fingers together and stretches out his arms, cracking his knuckles.

Alright. Time to get to work.

You find yourself in the grandiose entrance to Wing City, underneath a majestic and massive archway stretching the width of the street. Before you is the expanse of Main Street, and to the south is the regions sitting outside of the city.

Main Street 1

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         Peter slowly walks through Main Street, his heavy metal armor leaving small cracks in the pavement as he takes each step. He looks around as he saunters along the concrete, his eyes searching for a familiar face, although he sees many.

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks clean and the street freshly paved.

Main Street

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         As Peter continues down the street in his heavy armor, he glances around. He's searching for someone, even if it takes him forever to find them. All he knows is that they're somewhere in this city. In his momentary thought, his eyes pass over a few people, one of them being the very person he was looking for. They should recognize him easily enough, though, so maybe this mistake won't cost him anything. He turns on his radio, rapidly tuning through frequencies until he finds one, a simple music station. He listens as he advances further down the street.

In a little cafe, just the other side of the border...

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.

Main Street (Continued)

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         /say hello

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.

Tauvyr Tavern

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         Lewis barges on.

"I'm here to kill you, you see. Well, you and every vampire that I can."

He leans with his back against the bar, then states,
"It's nothing personal, really. Well, I guess. I may be in the wrong here, but they say if you think you're wrong, you're probably not, right?" He leans in close to Ulrich, and remarks under his breath, "I'm giving you two days. I know the location of the keep, and I will come. Maybe you'll be prepared for me, I don't know. If I die, that's my problem. But consider me your opponent."

He pulls a knife out of a sheathe concealed on his body, twirls it around in his fingers a couple times, then sheathes it again.

"If I'm shown that your kind aren't like the others, then maybe you deserve to live. But you've got to want it. Like, with all the essence of your being. I don't know how you became a vampire, whether you wanted to or not, but I think your people have stagnated. And I remove things that stagnate. With force."

He gets up off the bar, turns around, and leans up against it again, arms crossed.

"It may take only one of you to kill me, but I wouldn't count on it. Maybe ten or so. But I doubt I'll be stopped. You gotta prove yourself. You gotta show me you don't want to be erased, because I have the power to do it. It may just be me, but you get one shot. One opportunity. Can you seize it? Or are you going to let it slip?"

"And you may think about killing me before the two days are up. Go ahead, try. I don't know what fuels you. But it better be something strong."

He gets up, puts his hand momentarily on Ulrich's shoulder, and says, "Remember, Paternosta. Two days. I'll see you then."

He walks out of the bar, humming a tune to himself.

Notorious for their vast selection of rare and rich wines and spirits, Tauvyr Tavern is the hub of mature life in Verinotte Hollow. This tavern caters primarily to the supernatural, serving more concoctions than cocktails. Tapas and hours'devours served.

The Silver Dawn

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         /say Welcome aboard!

The drop doors hiss open as you are welcomed into the ship.

Millenium Plaza

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         Ras quirked a small smile at Judex’s frown, brushing it off at present. “It is pretty scary if you think about it, I guess.” He folded his arms, wondering what type of person would talk to machines. He supposed it was possible, but it seemed such an odd field to pursue. Then again, he couldn’t really talk.

“Well, lead is pretty heavy so you might not be able to carry around a box of it. And half the reason people get phones anyways is to show it off.” He gave a small chuckle.

The Central Plaza of Hayslem City, it has connections to all over the city, a hub if you will. It was named the Millenium Plaza as it was the site where the Demon King Millen was sealed over one thousand years ago.

Great Ellarian Forest

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         *as Jill walks on a dirt path in her cat form she leaves flowers behind her and she looks at all the traders and silently wishes them luck. a trader heading the way she was picks her up and lets her ride with him*

The Immense Great Forest of Ellaria, home to a diverse population of flora and tree outcroppings. Many civilizations find home here in the forest which takes up much of the continent.

Hayslem City

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         Demor considered his options before shrugging. "I'll meet you at the VR Arcade she was last seen at. As for Secret Back Exit... You two can use it if you want. If I don't want to be followed, then they're not going to follow me." Demor was casual with his tone, but at the same time, he wasn't messing around. Despite his relaxed tone, his stance and body language dictated something else. As seen in the Grand Magic Games, he could easily and consistently move at speeds too fast for the human eye to comprehend, even when in dire circumstances such as low magic power, or even injuries to his body.

He rubbed Iviri's head affectionately as the boy stated that he wouldn't understand what his brother was saying sometimes, and smiled. "Don't worry about me, Iviri. I'll be alright." he smirked. "You two enjoy the baths... I'm off to meet your brother." he said, his tail stretching and bringing him to his feet, allowing him to walk away towards the locker-rooms where he could get dressed, and then walked out the front door. On one hand, it was smart to try and find a secret back door, but on the other hand, the Aschen likely knew where the VR Arcade was anyway, so they'd inevitably find him again anyway.

First, Demor went to his home, grabbing a picture or two of Montrose for Ivera to use in the investigation, before heading towards the Arcade in Questrios

The Planetary Capital, and Royal Capital, of the Continent, Hayslem is experience a time of great prosperity. Well, there is the occasional monster outbreak, and rising crime, but its still a shining beacon.

Avenue of Heroes

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         Peter shakes his head a bit. "You don't need to. I can't take your money. And anyways, I have some other arms. But thank you!"
He continues walking until he reaches the building with the sign saying 'Adventurer's Guild." and stops outside the door.
"I think this is it, let's check it out."

Essentially the "Main Street" of Hayslem City, this road also holds various parks and had various statues of previous people granted the title of "Hero". At the center, where the road first began construction from, is a statue of the Hero who slew Millen.

Corannus Lane

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         The three girls had decided to enter the Hospital shortly after having returned. Just to ensure they hadn't caught anything. They could have gone to the nurse's office at the school, but they were literally 20 meters away from the Hospital Entrance. If they did catch anything while off-world, it would have been better to have it looked at ASAP. They might have not been affected themselves, but they could have become carriers of the disease either way.

It was an unwarranted fear in the end, everything having turned out fine according to the hospital staff, although they did get praised for their vigilance. The doctor in question even wistfully commenting how they wished all students at Astrius were this diligent in trying to prevent otherworldy plagues from spreading after their adventures. Which turned out to be an actual problem.

In the end they did take pity on the three girls and offered them use of their showers. They quickly accepted, it being a heavensent after spending months on a planet without running water and shampoo.

Afterwards they rebought their supplies -the supplies they bought before having been used up on Sekaysu-, before returning to the school.

Named after the King who ruled during the crisis with Demon King Millen, this is a well known and popularly used street with various important locations and businesses, including Loe's BBQ, Hayslem General Hospital, and the Vitas Mansion.

The Governance Castle

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         When Zakar's thumb collided with the near-indestructible woman's head it was a catastrophe. The wards placed on the long forgotten T'saas were quite clever, the seemingly begin Sleep charm having many shallow layers. None were powerful, Kryptonian's were notoriously weak to magic, but they all came packed with a tiny alarm incantation. These, when obliterated all at once by the over zealous rescuers of Origin, it triggered a fail safe.

Just as T'saas opened her eyes, eager to thank her saviours, she was violently ripped away from reality in a maelstrom of chaotic Warp Magic.

This castle is the home of the Royal Family, and it is also where the Government is run from. It can be considered to be a great castle and government, as the Royal Family is always making sure everything runs smoothly and quickly.

Soap Box 1

You have entered the void — a black expanse with absolutely nothing in it.

The Hidden Glen

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         The baby dragon dwelled peacefully and quietly in the Hidden Glen for quite some time, undisturbed and undiscovered. Although there were many natural predators in the forest, the baby dragon was already adept at surviving on its own. It had inherited cleverness and cunning, and its smaller size enabled the dragon to serpentine and run very fast on its belly like a large monitor lizard. When it couldn't outrun its enemies on land, the baby dragon ran into the lake and hid in the water. It sometimes crawled into tree hollows and rock crevices to escape from much larger predators in the forest. There was no shortage of places for our young fledgling to run and hide, and yet it very seldom found any danger that could threaten its growth or progress in such a remote environment.

As time went on, the Hidden Glen became even less dangerous, for the baby dragon had started to grow. At the size of a large dog, there were many predators that had tried to hunt it down from time to time. But as it grew to the size of a large horse, those same predators that used to hunt the baby dragon were now its prey. The scaley beast had developed sharp boney horns and long raptor-like claws. Its eyesight improved along with its taste, hearing and sense of smell. Its brain developed and it grew in intellect, acquiring rationalization and keen instincts. But that's not all. As the beast's muscles, body and bones continued to grow, it developed the ability to use its gas bladders to mimic the different sounds and noises it could hear in the forest. Soon, the baby dragon had become the ultimate hunter and top predator in the Hidden Glen, and all the other animals in the area fell silent and went into hiding whenever the horse-sized reptilavian monster came strolling through the trees.

Five more years went by, and not a whole lot had changed. The baby dragon hadn't grown much bigger in all that time, and it still couldn't fly yet, but its two bat-like wings had developed wonderfully, long colorful fleshy semi-transparent membranes attached to its forelimbs enabling it to climb or glide from branch to branch. The dragon had all the right parts and pieces now, carefully crafted into its genetic design by way of natural selection and millions of years of evolution, a nearly sentient species that had survived numerous mass extinction events and was now the perfect predator. The horse-sized reptilavian monster was large enough and powerful enough to become the king of the lake, as it now hunted lions and tigers, bears and even small crocodiles, anything in the Hidden Glen that used to pose a threat to the dragon's survival was now the dragon's food.

But the dragon wasn't ready to venture out into the world or leave the natural sanctuary of the forest just yet. Life in the Hidden Glen was perfect for the baby monster. There were no humans or other sentient creatures around to pester the growing majestic beast or threaten its security. The Hidden Glen provided plenty of food, shelter and water for the dragon to sustain itself and live on. It was the perfect habitat to raise a dragon in, and the monster felt very safe for the time being, progressing slowly as it continued to feed and grow. After a while, the dragon grew to be twice the size of the egg shell it had once hatched from. By now that egg shell had all but disappeared from weather and decay, so that the seasons of change over the years had erased any evidence that the dragon had been born in the forest at all. The new creature had achieved a huge bit of secrecy as it remained hidden and undiscovered in all that time, continuing to develop and grow very slowly both in size and intelligence.

The Hidden Glen is a lush area, surrounded by the vast forest that lay south of the great city. While everything seems peaceful now, the glen has been witness to horrific battles and dark deeds.

IIA Headquarters

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         Marlene offered a smile in response to the question, as she slowly sipped her ambrosia, and placed it gingerly back on the desk in front of her.

"Long enough." She answered, crossing one leg over the other quietly, as she smiled sweetly at Winne, before she continued. She looked towards the recorder for just a moment, and then back towards the reporter, as the lights flickered just slightly. Marlene reached, and took a piece of the fried falafel, and brought it to her mouth, taking a solitary bite, and swallowing the food, before placing the remainder back in her desk.

Marlene's eyes briefly glanced towards the telescreen behind her, Big Brother's piercing visage watched them closely. Were his eyes perhaps watching Winne.

"I was appointed to this position when the Party took power, following the reorganization of the Langaran Defense Agency, from there, I enacted further training reforms to hone the organization into the capable intel gathering apparatus it is today." Marlene replied.

The Headquarters for the Imperial Intelligence Agency, this imposing structure is the nerve center for all intelligence operations carried out by the Aschen Empire

Oscar Colony

A dust and dirt covered colony, far away from most other colonies.

The Orbus

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         Master turned to look over his shoulder, noticing too late that someone had passed through. Too absorbed in his course-plotting, he disregarded the incursion and returned to his work.

Sol The Orbus Owner: Remæus

You enter this mysterious place surrounded by a curiously dry mist. You can't see more than a few feet in front of you, and you're not quite sure how big the place is. Nevertheless, here you are.

Caprica City

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         The wanderer without a clue, pursuing her desires with no true idea of where she wishes to go, instead relying on her instincts to take her places...this time, the place it'd taken her was a strange city, one that was quite the long distance away from Gensokyo, or Former Hell.

With all of the strange, large buildings around in the area Koishi's attention was being pulled away moment by moment, gazing at the skyscrapers with an expression of awe and wonder. This was a human place? She thought to herself, humming softly as she walked down sidewalk, arms swinging to and fro...the people here appeared to be humans anyways, none of them had her third eye or any features that'd clue her in that they were youkai or the like.

Whether or not they could see her and notice her properly however...that was another question, considering her subversion of the subconscious, making it hard for people to remember her after she escapes their line of sight. In was through the usage of cameras and other technological devices that her presence is usually noticed, otherwise she'd end up being ignored.

Maybe she could find a new friend here?

The capital of the United Aschen Empire.

Solinus City Customs

Solinus City Customs, a large complex with thousands of people filtering through every day The process here is very streamlined and there is rarely a hold up.

Port Solinus

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         Sometime later, Gabriel and Agares walked through Port Solinus to their destination. Their cargo had been inspected, dismissed, and was in the process of being shipped to their destination.

The bustling port of Solinus City

Solinus City Spaceport

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         Cole Maibara rubbed his hair, grumbling after all of that travel... "Gah...that was a fuckin' headache. Ah, but, I guess I'm back on Terra. I suppose. We'll see how long it takes 'til I get ringed for my absence. Or something."

Capable of servicing the largest of Terra's freighters, the sprawling industrial suburb of Solinus City Spaceport has emerged as the heart of a bustling city with a robust modern industry.

Soeasto Drive

Large curving road through the south-east quarter of the city. There is a park here and a large population of conservationalists. Some of these extremists do not believe in The Hunt.

Hunter Square

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         Hezia Garasi answered her phone with a casual greeting and listened in to what the caller said. Her back straightened a bit - wow, a summoning. She couldn't think as to what would be so important as to call for a summons from her, but hey! It sounded like a promotion!

Hunter Square is always bustling with activity and sport, with it's namesake The Hunter Society towering over. The Freeman Militia frequent the taverns and rumor has that many swords of legend were forged here.

Sowesti Drive

Large curving road through the south-west quarter of the city. This residential area has a low crime rate and higher happiness index than most places in Vintu.

Freemen Square

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The streets open up to the grand square, where the bricks glimmer like fire and a gargantuan statue rises into the sky. It depicts the first King and Queen of Freeport


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         "The best of luck! Ryan shouldn't be all that hard to find- find the Hunter Society!"

Atani waved off Ramuki and a tear came to her eye. Likely the hormones, but still!

A hover-convertible, colored sleek metallic green, with two seats in the front and room for two more in the back. The name on the title is Atani Berentes.

Free Ferry Landing

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         Ramuki takes his bento boxes with him

Freeport's Free Ferry Landing is a port specifically designated for the ferry of Freeport, which brings denizens from Freeport to the mainland. It is free for citizens of Vien. Ferry will depart on schedule- no exceptions. These vessels are peace-tied.

Echo Colony

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         The crops were dead.

A man stands at his front door, observing his property. It was a decently sized farm, maybe three or four acres of dry, arid soil. It wasn't the best for growing anything, but with the new settlement act, it was almost required to grow anything on your land to bring in a profit.
The wind comes in from the west, making the dead corn-like plants rustle dryly.
A large, rusted four-legged robot marches along the rows of lifeless maize, its two of it's three eyes dimly lit with a blueish glow, the third cracked and as dead as the corn. The boxy, square television in the house calls out to the farmer, with the beginning strains of the anthem of the Colonial Union, its somber tones accenting the late afternoon.

The man, known by a single name, Abernathy, walks into the stone house, and sits down on a torn leather chair in front of the telescreen, and listens to the message.

The wind continues to wisp through to the dry desert, tearing small pieces of the corn to dust.

Welcome to Echo colony, a province relatively cut off from the rest of Klendath.

UCFS Thunderstorm

This is the UCFS Thunderstorm, a rather small gunship, but heavily armed with the most advanced tech the United Citizen's Federation has.


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         The ships do not respond for some time.

"We surrender. That is all."

The crew of the two remaining ships stay at their posts, still in shock that their attacks had done nothing.
They were shaken, for sure, because this technology was on a whole different level. It was hard to understand, but they knew they were almost definitely going to lose.

Pan'Chek is a main sequence star within the Cygnus Arm of the Milky way Galaxy, it's a typical yellow dwarf star that has eleven planets, mainly populated by the Aschen Empire

Wing City

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         A newcomer had just arrived from the grassy lands nearby. It was a lithe looking young woman, whom was sitting gracefully in the plaza. Perhaps her most noticeable feature, besides her shoulder length raven black hair, was the blindfold around her eyes. She was blind from birth, her gaze nonexistent as she seemed to look at nothing in particular.

Beside her, a massive raptorian animal was standing tall. It was taller than even most tall men, so compared to her this bird-like dinosaur was gigantic. On its homeworld of Xamoyos it was known as a peloronychus and was a fiercely aggressive predator, with her however it was tame and even seemed to view her as a friend. He was quite a vain beast, preening its feathery coat at every opportunity.

You have entered Wing City, the third largest city on Terra and its premier capital. Hustling and bustling with activity, this city serves as a hub of social and political activity, as well as the prestigious solo combat capital of the quadrant.

Southern Grazing Lands

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         Ezrael stared at Nadya as he listened, a blank expression on his face as if he were merely reading a passage from a book, then finally he nodded. "If your matron is displeased with your disappearance, I can have a talk with her, and a talk on the matter of temporary accommodation for N'dal. And if she will not have him, he will have to stay with me for the time being, though I imagine he probably wouldn't like seeing my face too much. People rarely do."

His attention turned once more to N'dal, though he continued to talk to Nadya, as understandably she could understand him where the feline could not. "Do you suppose... That there is such a thing as fate or destiny? This device was not designed by accident. it was designed to seek those with specific possessions so that should the time come, I could call them to a central location."

Always the practical, the seal over the chicken split with a gesture of Ezrael's finger, then one breast began to suddenly warm, an even heating spreading through it, cooking it quite quickly until the pink flesh cooked white. It would be far from delicious as there was no technique or flavouring, it would just be a dull plain chicken. He almost seemed absentminded, thinking on his conversation rather than his actions.

This region of Midland is dominated by rolling grasslands and sparse stretches of thickets and woodland.

Eastern Seaboard

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         Mr. Ereb's jet banked over the seaboard, heading towards the coast. Emails were sent, calls were answered, and video calls were held. Meanwhile, in Solinus City, many preparations were underway.

A coastal area along the eastern shores of Aslund, featuring a number of prominent port cities and tourist destinations.

Solinus Sea

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A great emerald beam of light suddenly shot towards the sky and made contact with Sol,
coming from somewhere deep within the Collenham Mountains, elsewhere on Aslund.

Sol and Terra seemed tethered together by a thin, bright, green string.

The biggest ocean on Terra, to the east of Aslund.


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         In the far reaches of space, a threat brewed...the Confederacy of Independent Systems had sent their scout ships out from their own home galaxy after having found a hole within the hyperspace anomaly, intending to use this as a leg up against The Republic in the Clone War.

Commanding this ship, General Grevious stood at the bridge and overlooked the sight of hyperspace. Stars passing by at intense speeds, and in the center of it abyss. Lesser beings would succumb to hyperspace madness, yet he was no normal being. He considered himself superior in that regard - and if there was one thing he could thank his cybernetic replacements for, it's his desensitization to fears that would paralyze anyone else.

His voice, though modified by his cybernetics, was relatively normal in its current incarnation. "Yes...right here should be good. We're about to reach our destination."

Pulling out of hyperspace the group of three Providence-class dreadnoughts loomed over an area of Nebrajit. However, it seems their intelligence had already been intercepted long ago, and waiting for them above the atmosphere and on the surface were Republic Cruisers.

Already, as if inescapable, a fight was breaking out. Droid forces were being sent to the surface as well as Clone and Republic soldiers. General Grevious opted to personally fly down to the surface, wishing to engage in this battle...part of him was also curious and eager to see the capabilities of the locals.

Terra Nebrajit Owner: Remæus

Nebrajit is a narrow ridged mountain range of an island that runs from north to south on the eastern side of the Solinus Sea.

The Three Titans

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         Karla Wender sits and looks at the horizon, pondering what to do next.

The three titans are three large landmasses that are grouped together to the north of the Great Black Water. Legend has it they are the backs of sleeping giants who need the rest after creating Terra.


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         Nearly twenty minutes after the initiation of their battle, Gingitsune and Shinku were still going at it. The once lush grounds were in ruins, left marred by the bombardment of explosives and Kido. The soulless Shinigami held a silver and gray Katana in his dominant hand, which he turned horizontally while uttering the command: "Shift, Koe o Kaeru." Unlike most releases, there was no sudden burst of Reiatsu in response to the activation of his Shikai. Once imperceptible lines along the weapon's blade suddenly became visible as sections began to unfold. The interlocking parts jutted outward, and the entirety of the Zanpakuto's original shape seemed to drift apart and grow within a few seconds; the popping of metal joints as they moved into place and an electronic system booting up filling the air around him.

Where it onced had a curved cutting edge, the sword now had two straight ones much like a Scottish Claymore. Featuring a snubbed tip, the weapon was incapable of piercing, though this was made up for by its cutting and bludgeoning potential.

"Now things are about to get interesting." uttered Kaen as he admired his companion's release, his expression showing excitement instead of the usual intimidation brought upon by Shinku's Shikai. It had become one of the most feared due to its unpredictable ability. Fancying a challenge, he decided not to release his Zanpakuto just yet. Instead he planned on testing just how long he could last until it became a necessity.

The glimmer of a sword in the sunlight against his eye as the Mannequin materialized overhead, sword poised overhead to deliver a downward strike. Kaen managed to retreat just before he was struck, allowing the land beneath his feet to bare the blunt of the attack in his place. The force tore through the ground in four directions, kicking dust and other debris into the air.

The faceless swordsman sprang forward again, engaging his target with a series of meticulous slashes. The mass and sharpness of his blade shifted randomly during the procession, making the assault that much more difficult to defend against. A well-timed burst of Kaen's Reiatsu forced Shinku to end his attack, but not without results. He had managed to deliver a diagonal slash across the captain's chest, which started to bleed shortly afterward. The now wounded Shinigami gave a nod of approval to his opponent, and shortly afterward, they clashed once more.

It appeared the two Shinigami were too engaged in their battle to notice their spectators. Far off from the makeshift arena stood a male and female. Both were relatively lean, stood around five-foot-ten and five-foot-eight, and dawned the signature mask fragment and hole shared by all upper-tier Hollows. They remained eerily silent as they watched the partners from a distance, paying close attention to the abilities and tactics used. This continued for several minutes until the felt they had seen enough. The twin Adjuchas each waved one hand horizontally, tearing a rift in the current dimension so they could return to Hueco Mundo.

Moments later, Shinku and Kaen halted their attacks. They knew exactly what the other was thinking. "It just appeared and then disappeared right afterward." Kaen said while striking his head, he was puzzled. It was obvious that someone was masking their Reiatsu, but what was the point of briefly unveiling it? Did they want us to know they were there? he mused.

"I think it's best that we retire for today." suggest Shinku, to which Gingitsune nodded his head. Once it had been decided, the two men vanished in unison.

Therrier-Paix is the richly cultured island west of Aslund and north of the Atlachean Archipelago, home to a great many historical civilizations and empires.


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         Meteor flickered emerald and nyoomed off west

Terra Aslund Owner: Remæus

Aslund; the largest continent on Terra.

Scarlet Devil Mansion

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         there doesn't seem to be anyone around here...

The Scarlet Devil Mansion (紅魔館, Koumakan lit. Scarlet Mansion or Scarlet Manor) is the Scarlet family's fancy European-style mansion. It is located on a ridge at the Nyx.


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         Master O nodded in agreement.

Very well. I'll tell the others.
he said, before grabbing his coat from the rack and departing for the docking bay.

Sol Terra Owner: Ylanne

Terra is home to billions of diverse beings (indigenous, transient, and migrant) of infinitely varied species and backgrounds. An enigmatic world of adventurous (and often perilous) enterprise, Terra is as aberrant and peculiar as it is unique.

New Terra: High Orbit

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         /say All right, get on board.

A few hundred thousand kilometers above Terra is a space station. Here is processed much of the interplanetary shipments coming to and from Terra. There are also conference rooms and business lounges.


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         The ship was unremarkable as it drifted into Sol. The only thing strange about it was that it came from a part of the multiverse never before ventured into by any being.

On board the ship, two beings were awake. They were Oberon, a race very similar in design to the Terrans they were here to learn about. The ship itself, the Expedition IV, was very simply designed. It was in the shape of a pyramid with a narrow base, a shape seen all around the galaxy in ship design.It was unmarked except for two parallel lines intersected by another line, marking that the ship had a skip drive. The little ship just stayed where it was, and the people inside began to prepare for the next part of their mission.

Home to Blue Heaven and Terra, ostensibly the gambling and trade hubs of the Orion Spur.

Sol: Deep Space

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         A literal handful of electronics debris spit out from the Shadow Phoenix and floated in a scatter off into space. Immediately after, the warp drives engaged.

This is the wide swathe of space just outside of the Sol System. There is a spaceship here.

Orion Spur

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Dogoda Station, somewhere in the Local Region

Distress signals were a fickle beast, Captain Intana thought to herself as she stood on the command deck of the CNS Agatha Rune, a 234m Atlas class Destroyer of the Exogarden’s patrol squadron as it listed quietly some six hundred thousand kilometers from the large arco-habitat. With a central habitat spanning nearly fifty kilometers in keel, Dogoda station dwarfed the Rune like an elephant and an ant.

For the nearly sixty thousand souls that called it home however, this tiny ant was their only hope of immediate rescue. It had taken the Rune almost three days to burn into the local space of Dogoda station, in which time a routine reactor cycling had gone from bad to worse. Two days ago, a power cascade had burned a six meter hole through the reactor shroud and dosed some eight hundred workers and technicians before failsafes could remedy the problem.

In nearly 72 hours, the number exposed had grown from eight hundred to nearly twelve thousand - not just reactor technicians and powerplant staff either. Now, their families were beginning to show acute radiation sickness, friends and colleagues that worked in completely different systems were now showing symptoms as well. A six meter hole in a reactor with more safeguards than a vault had poisoned thousands in the span of days.

What was even worse was that as problems compounded with the Dogoda station’s powerplant, other station systems soon began to falter and fail. Oxy-scrubbers in the outer-habitats lagged, air slowly spoiling until the very breath was stolen from the lungs as one entered a room thought safe. A working crew of sixty had suffocated to death deep within one of Dogoda’s scrubbing chambers in this way, and another twenty hospitalized with severe hypoxia recovering the bodies of their colleagues.

To call this an unmitigated disaster was an incredible understatement for Captain Intana, who gripped tightly at the railing of the deck. Splashed across a large airscreen projected at the front of the bridge, Intana watched closely as a pair of techs strode along the hull of the station’s reactor module. The Captain’s hands tightened, knuckle going white as she barked out to the sailors below in the pits of the bridge.

“Can somebody get me a god damn tight beam with station control? Those techs are standing on a fusion bomb held together with vac-tape!” Her voice carried along the bridge, comms-techs struggling to establish communications with the station after an array breakdown.

“Station comms are fried, a radiation spike hit their crystal matrix. We can reach them through code-line, but they’re repairing a systems bus now.” An Ensign reported, turning from his command banks.

“Slave the line directly to my Focus when we do, get some drones orbiting the station. Start finding every god damn leak in that hull - and get those techs away from that reactor module!” Intana ordered, quickly issuing her orders remotely with the soft wave of a hand before she turned to the bridge lift. Intana was bound for drone control, a Lieutenant joining her with a tablet in his hand.

“Captain, twelve hours before the reactor problems a ship flagged by the ESPF was renting a slip in the station’s dockyards … “ The Ensign began, turning with the Captain to join her in the lift.

“It’s a big station, smugglers stopping by, waiting for some contraband to cool off, could be anything.” The Captain replied, folding her arms neatly along her back. The concern etched on the young officer’s face drew pause from Intana for a moment though; as he continued, her sharp grey eyes narrowed.

“If it were that, I wouldn’t have pulled the ticket - SIGINT approximated the drive plume to an OPA merchantman that had recently ported in Hadriatica.” The Ensign said, offering a satellite image picked up from an interstellar probe listing aimlessly somewhere out in the depths of the Local Region.

“Spacer militias this far from their Shore planet.” Intana remarked, bringing one hand curiously to her chin. She studied the blocky compartments and sharp metal decks of the merchant vessel, looking at the sleek white wolf painted across the keel of the Roadehkar. She looked Govolian in design, a vessel built for harsh space and trade in a realm of stars where anything was a threat.

Intana was certain she saw the launching cells for missiles, and the bowsprit magnetic break of a keel-mounted railgun. Merchants were often heavily armed in regions of space like this and in the Garden, though the Roadehkar’s 340m keel seemed to be lacking merchant containers and compartmenting.

That was something Intana always used to spot pirates. No one carried a hold full of dried snack cakes and a nuclear missile at the same time for good reason.

“The Gidanadrome can pick up our OPA merchantman, when is the earliest a liner barge can reach the station for a mass evacuation?” Intana then inquired. A flagged cruiser leaving just prior to a catastrophic reactor malfunction was odd enough, though of the more pressing concern to Intana was the station itself.

“We estimate a day and a half at best, the Hutatha is an old aid ship grandfathered into the Terran Navy but slow - though, they’ve dispatched all hands for a humanitarian mission.” The Ensign promptly reported, shifting while the lift began to descend softly. Putting his own hands by his side, the Ensign’s face darkened for a moment. “We’ve been unable to communicate so far with station control however, and haven’t informed them of the vacuum fire: the Hutatha may be only a day out, but in twenty hours that hole will be bigger and - “

“That’s why re-establishing comms is a top priority. My plan is to piggyback some multi-drones into a comm-line with the Runey. Hopefully Lieutenant Commander Page will have a fix for the reactor shroud in the meantime by then.” Intana stated bluntly, watching the doors then peel open into the drone control deck where a pair of Starfleet officers stood before a holographic, orbiting view of the t-shaped station.

“Captain on deck! Disembark the first stack of multi-drones!”

Lieutenant Commander Winley Page stood with her hand fixed over a vac-helmet at her side, promptly saluting with the other hand. Nearby, a technician monitored a drone terminal, where outside the first of ten MRD drones disengaged from their coupling stations on the Rune’s hull.

At only 13 meters in length the Mors drones weren’t any particularly large or well equipped craft, though their usefulness in carrying the large pod relays for comms was understated. It would take around thirty of these drones to establish an adequate audio/video comms-line - accessing station systems would take the systems deck another two and a half hours to complete - but would at least be a functioning link between the Rune and station control.

As the first stack of ten drones drifted along into the empty void between the destroyer and Dogoda station, the distress call that had cycled before station comms were fried continued to blare through the darkness.

This is Dogoda Station broadcasting on emergency rescue frequencies, we have suffered a catastrophic reactor malfunction and are in dire need of radiation control. If you receive this broadcast please retransmit."

The Orion Spur is a small, nondescript branched arm of the Milky Way also referred to as "The Local Region". It is relatively sparse and lacking in resources.

Near 3kpc Arm

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         "Fuck. Can't see, that's just great."

Rylen reached back into his pocket, pulling out a piece of the fern and mashing it to pieces, hoping to use its puny amount of bio-luminescence to see something, at least.

"I'm not a bird. Where am I?"

The Near 3-kiloparsec Arm is one of the two innermost and smallest arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, and is home to some of the most dense populations of habitable stars.

Norma Arm

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         Atian led her to a small room offset from the next hallway. He made sure she had her bag as well, setting it just inside the door before nodding to her.

"Sleep well and long, Abigail. I make breakfast fairly early, but you don't have to wake for it if you don't want to." He paused, about to leave the room. "Oh, one last thing. Each day here on Orean is about 18 hours long, so they're a little quicker than you might be used to. Sleep tight."

With that, Atian retired to his own room, some two levels further down into the ground. Where the upper portions were lit by skylights or artificial lights, where Atian slept was illuminated by naturally phosphorescent crystals.

One of the innermost arms of the Milky Way, the Norma Arm is rich with habitable worlds and cultures.


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         After thousands of years, the dead star of Eras began to faintly glow. Drawing power from Gaia, and from any magical entities that dare venture too close, Eras grew stronger.

Norma Arm Sirius Owner: Remæus

A vast system with multiple planets, two suns, as well as a large dead star


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         Gaia: High orbit

Amidst the magic imbued void of space, a single distortion opened up, cloudy tendrils of spatial energies opened up as a single Taiyou ship, the Shizuru Maru jutted fourth from the nothingness of space.

Once it decelerated, Captain Susumu Kodai watched the displays intently, It had been some time since General Hama had heard from the Argosian legions dispatched to Iskjerne Bay, and rather than risking lowering the defenses at his portal facility, he had opted to redirect the nearest Imperial ship to perform a high-orbital reconnoiter of the Iskjerne Bay region.

Captain Kodai briefly checked his instruments, they were beyond the interference field, and everything seemed to be working nominally. This was good, so the Captain turned to his bridge officer. "Are we in position?" He asked in Taiyou, with which the officer nodded, and a magnified image of Iskjerne Bay flitted into view on the screen, there was a lot of darkness, but the orange glow of flames could be made out in the pixelated image.

"Clean it up, we're going to have to wait until daybreak to take additional photos." He said, the overwhelming feeling that something was amiss seemed to wash over him.

"That's a lot of fire down there... I wonder what happened." The Captain asked quietly, as they magnified the image.

A planet within the Sirius System that orbits the dead star; Eras. However, Gaia is not lacking light. Two other stars orbit the planet itself; Atargatis and Sagittae. Three moons provide temporary night when eclipses take event, otherwise Gaia is always bathed in sunlight. It is only due to the magical nature of Mother Gaia which provides the necessities for fantastical life to grow, the planet always ever watching over her beloved children who roam her earth.


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         Lucille Strommheim looked towards the sky, taking note of the bizarre shape.

What in the heavens is that?
she exclaimed.

Gaia Ellaria Owner: AxelZero93

Ellaria is a continent with once warmer climates. A great forest covers much of the continent, and there are many swamps. Two towering mountain ranges cut into the continent, one brushing the shore.


Elven nation, "land under the stars"

Dracos Valley

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"Danegh was already spooked by the Xamatoraptor... no, that doesn't sound right... the Peloronychus," Birger Torvesson wrote in his journal, taking a second to hit his pipe before he shaded in the description of the characters that Danegh had described... "Xamayos seems a fitting name for this land, though I assert from what an abundance of reptiles I've seen near our camp that we should call the place of our settlement Dracos Valley, and ourselves, the Dracos Valley Vikings, the first Empyrean Norse explorers to sail across the Milky Way rivers of Audumla and post on one of the sky chariots, gazing back at our own world Gaia as if she was just a fleeting stjorn." Birger finished his entry before closing his notebook and placing it into his bag, securing it under his seat and settling into his adjustable chair within the backseat of the convertiboat as everyone else climbed on board.

Karvi-1 was preparing to leave the area suddenly. Svegdir Staghelm had ordered everyone in his small crew to abandon the unfinished settlement and return to the karve lifeboat, undoing the rooftop of their temporary lodging and sliding the long narrow vessel back down the slope of the hill into the shallow water. Jonah Marksberg peered out over Lake Dineasair looking for any danger in the water as Borstein climbed into the convertiboat, followed by Danegh who was still trying to explain the mysterious woman in strange clothing, the voice-mimicking raptor and the enormous sauropod dinosaur with its massively long neck and legs. Svegdir Staghelm rushed everyone to be quiet and get in as he fastened his seat harness and used his key crystal to start up the boat. Once everyone was seated, the armored convertible rooftop slid shut and encapsulated everyone inside the cab. Jonah checked the readings on his dash panel and gave Svegdir the thumbs up, signaling that all systems were good. Hitting a few colorful glowing neon runic buttons and symbols on his display screen, Svegdir initiated the levitation sequence. Soon the convertiboat began to lift up out of the lake and rotate slowly, hovering above the water. It gave off an invisible energy field which distorted the air around the floating craft, giving off a very low barely audible humming sound.

The search team had completed their mission. They had gathered more than enough information to proceed with the next phase. It was time to report back to base before the situation became too dangerous. Svegdir wasn't taking any chances. He grabbed the steering wheel and proceeded to pull back on the steering colum, causing the convertiboat to tilt upwards and face diagonally towards the northern sky horizon. Without wasting any more time, the small almond-shaped silver vessel suddenly bolted into the clouds above the Grigori River at nearly the speed of light, leaving only a brief glimpse of an image trail behind it as waves of water splashed around the lake's surface where the craft had just launched from in the blink of an eye. At least the Norse explorers had found a place to camp. Even if their crude settlement were to be destroyed, at least they had a good reference point where they could return later with more men. But the small crew aboard Karvi-1 were holding valuable knowledge and information which they knew needed to be reported back to Jarl Goffre Alvisson, who would then commission the Karvi-3 to ship it home to the Empyrean Sea Beach on Gaia, where King Halfdan would give them further orders. It was a delicate operation which required teamwork and survival tactics which Svegdir knew.

As the convertiboat ascended above the clouds, it sailed through the sky silently, hovering towards the Stjornhestr mothership which sat floating majestically within the planet's exosphere. Wolfgang Yorisson and Kelsey the Healer were just about to gather up their own crew for Karvi-2 and rendezvous with Staghelm's gang on the surface when all of a sudden, Svegdir Staghelm appeared with his crew, their silver vessel moving forward quickly towards the Stjornhestr before slithering and winding slowly upon its approach to form Svegdir's signature docking sequence, informing the captain Jarl Goffre Alvisson that Karvi-1 was still being piloted by the same crew which took off in it. The craft was permitted to land and once the docking bay vault doors were sealed shut behind it, the chamber was depressurized and the gaseous oxidation process began, hissing and releasing gases into the docking bay area so that the crew could breathe as they exited the convertiboat, its metal rooftop sliding back slowly to reveal the five frightened passengers within. All of them looked like they had been to Jotunheim and back.

Dracos valley, a large expanse of land home to a diversity of beasts both large and small.

Niihama City: Sector Five

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         Prologue: Introduction.
A Prelude to Current Events...

Emperor Nobuo Takayama of the legendary Taiyou Empire was sick. Shimizu Takayama, his third child and first son, assumed the responsibility of taking care of him. But the medicine he gave him however was poison, and slowly killed Nobuo over time. Shimizu Takayama seized the throne and became the next emperor in line. Shimizu was a cruel and ruthless, ambitious warlord who sought to control the galaxy. He made enemies far and wide, including the Gardenites of the space-faring Exogarden Forces, including the "Untamed" remnants of a Scandi people known as the Otamannir, the Scandi-influenced Jovians, and the more primitive land-bound Iskjerne Vikings of Iskjerne Bay on planet Gaia, whom he tried to conquer but failed. The leader of the Vikings at that time was King Sigurd Hring, who died shortly after, committing suicide along with his army rather than facing the vengeful wrath of the defeated Taiyou emperor whom he had maimed in battle. Sigurd Hring was succeeded by his sons Hrollaug the Walker and Ragnar Lothbrok, both Vikings, neither of which having the same ambitions as their father.

Hrollaug (Rollo) had fought beside his father in Iskjerne Bay, but had went raiding overseas on Gaia following their victory. Ragnar Lothbrok was on Earth at that time and went raiding west into England after the birth of his sons. Rollo married Princess Gisela and became Christian, giving rise to the Empyrean Normans on Gaia who were not well accepted by the Norse pagan Iskjerne Vikings, while Ragnar Lothbrok was captured in England by King Aella who had him tortured, crucified and thrown into a pit of poisonous vipers. Ragnar's prayer to Odin and his ancestors caught the attention of Sigurd Hring who teleported him to Iskjerne Bay, where he was rescued by Livia Caesarius the Argosian and taken to Niihama for medical treatment. In the meantime, Ragnar's sons arrived in Iskjerne Bay after hearing about the death of their grandfather and sought vengeance against Shimizu Takayama, accompanied by their mothers.

Meanwhile, Ragnar's son Ivar the Boneless had claimed the throne of Iskjerne Bay, killing his own brother Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye and ruling the country with an iron fist. Ivar waged a military campaign against several armies across the Multiverse which brought bad luck upon the Iskjerne Vikings and ultimately ended with his untimely death. This coincided with the rise of the equally ambitious King Harald Finehair who used the opportunity to seize the throne. At the same time, Ragnar's first wife Lagertha murdered Ragnar's second wife Aslaug Kraka and presuming Ragnar to be dead, remarried to King Harald Fairhair and became Iskjerne Bay's queen. Ragnar soon recovered and joined the space-faring Argosian Navy, becoming a citizen and changed his name to Reginarus, being appointed as a centurion in Livia the Legata's legion. The realm of Iskjerne Bay was plunged into the Dark Ages, and with history being lost, Ragnar's remaining sons were raised in confusion with comparative languages and mythologies surrounding their own origins.

Nobuo Takayama's consciousness was downloaded into a perfectly cloned body using M'tkee science and technology. Awakened from his own death, Nobuo now seeks vengeance against his son Shimizu, who is currently on Langara, but was disposed in Niihama by Nobuo's daughter Princess Yukiko, while Ragnar's sons Ubbe and Hvitserk (Halfdan the White) have been commissioned by King Harald Fairhair to purge Iskjerne Bay of all foreign influences on Norse pagan culture, and have been sent to Niihama City to slay Shimizu, who they now believe is the "mighty dragon" that killed their grandfather. Little do they know however that they stem from a far more primitive culture, and that their own beliefs are really a mixture of fact and fiction. Teaming up with some of the Rus Vikings, namely Rorik and Rulav, the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok have seized Argosian weapons and armor and have entered blindly into Taiyou territory using the Trojan Horse tactic, which has been successful.

Until now...

Niihama City... Sector Five.
Second generation after King Sigurd Hring's death.
The 4th year of Emperor Shimizu Takayama's reign.
Above the Surface...

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Clink. The elevator shaft hummed as the crowd within stood quietly, awaiting their arrival to the facility's helipad. Ubbe Ragnarsson, also known as Ubba or Ubbi, dressed in Argosian armor and disguised as one of the Praetorian Guards, stood silently next to one of the Taiyou Soldiers inside the elevator, contemplating his next move behind the guise of a Praetorian masked helmet, concealing the awkward feeling he experienced from the G-Force of the upward moving elevator, something that neither him or his comrades had ever felt before. Ubbe's half-brother Hvitserk stood near him, dressed similarly in Argosian Praetorian attire. Hvitserk was the son of Aslaug the Seeress, a witch or völva who had passed on certain special abilities to her sons before she died. Hvitserk had inherited the gift of foresight, yet it was also a curse, something he could not control at will and which sometimes gave him horrible migraines.

Ubbe and Hvitserk were the leaders of their band. But they were dressed as lesser ranked Praetorians, while their allies the Rus Vikings, more educated in the Argosian language, were disguised as higher ranking soldiers. Rulav the Varangian was a native Rus Viking along with his brother Rorik (Rurik), but Rulav was disguised as the Argosian Decanus or commander of their troop, being the most linguistic of all the Iskjerne Vikings under Ubbe's command. General Masaharu Hama of the First Imperial Army stood in front of him facing the elevator door, within a sword's reach as Rulav stood behind him. At that moment, the Vikings easily could have taken the general and his men by surprise. Rulav made eye contact with Ubbe for a moment, but with his hands at his side, Ubbe discreetly motioned for his decanus to stand by and wait for further instructions. The other ten Vikings they had brought with them, disguised as captives, stood there silently with their heads down, looking demoralized and defeated as Rorik held the rolled up blanket containing their weapons, gazing at them as if watching them cautiously.

General Hama and his four Taiyou soldiers were outnumbered, and completely oblivious to the circumstances at that moment as the elevator slowly stopped at Niihama's surface. The large doors opened, followed by a second pair of armored doors as they reached Sector Five, letting in an acrid smell of polluted air brought upon by the cool breeze. The Vikings were already used to the smell, having grown up in a much harsher environment, and did not seem phased at all by the cooler air which to them seemed like hot air. It was raining at the time, and the sound of low rumbling thunder could be heard as the platform reached the surface. Lightning crackled and flashed as the elevator doors opened to reveal the rooftop of a large building like nothing Ubbe or his indirect kinfolk had ever seen before. To the general and his Taiyou soldiers, it was the land of the rising sun, but to the Vikings in Praetorian armor, it seemed like an enormous metropolis or megacity, something of a dark awe-inspiring nature akin to the realm of the Jotnar and their Nordic pagan deities.

General Masaharu Hama was the first to step out of the elevator, followed by Rulav, Ubbe and two of the Taiyou soldiers. The captives were pushed from behind by Hvitserk and Rorik as Rulav ordered them to exit the shaft, accompanied by the other two Taiyou soldiers. On the rooftop, Ubbe Ragnarsson noticed twelve other Taiyou soldiers in foreign masks and the Jigabachi attack helicopters with their spotlights shining upon their location. None of the Vikings had ever seen helicopters before, and in their own minds they began to question what these strange entities might have been with their whirling propellers and metal frameworks. Were these the spirits or wind gods that Ubbe's father Ragnar Lothbrok and their ancestors once told fanciful tales about? Each man began to ponder, making up their own perceptions based on personal beliefs which differed from person to person, yet nobody spoke aloud, keeping all of their thoughts to themselves. The presence of the Botanachi DRHC Tilt Rotor only added to the mystery as the Praetorian imposters reformed in a mannerly way, doing their best to keep in character and maintain their disguise.

Just then, General Hama paused, causing Rulav and the others to pause as well. Ubbe looked up at the large Armored Shrikes in front of him. These strange machines looked remarkably similar to the Jotnar or devouring cannibalistic ancestors his father had once spoke of, leading Ubbe and Hvitserk to believe that they had arrived in Jotunheim, the fabled realm of the giants. But they weren't perplexed, for that was to be expected, a fitting place for such a menacing enormous monster as Shimizu, whom they had come to hunt and slay with their newly acquired weapons. Jotunheim was a land of illusions after all, and the Jotnar were masters of strangely foreign magic, capable of shape-shifting and performing all sorts of fantastical feats. Perhaps even the general and his men were Jotnar in disguise, Ubbe thought, recalling the story of Thor the Thunderer and his journey to Utgard, when nothing was as it seemed. But as the Vikings caught sight of General Hazama and noticed the men in Umibozu uniforms along with General Hama's reaction, their gut instincts warned them that something was amiss.

Below the Surface in Oor Cavern...

The elevator platform was too small to accommodate everyone all at once. While Ubbe and his team took half of their crew to the surface, the other half had stayed behind, waiting for the next ride up. Four Praetorian imposters stood watch, guarding the other ten mock prisoners under the surveillance of a few Taiyou soldiers armed with Seburo C30 assault rifles. At first everything seemed okay, but as the minutes ticked by, the tension began to take hold. This was not part of the original plan, and the Vikings were beginning to get nervous. The elevator was slow moving, and nobody knew what to expect. What had they gotten themselves into? With Ubbe, Hvitserk, Rorik and Rulav no longer there to guide them, the remaining Vikings were left to their own thoughts. But idle hands are the devils playthings, so it is said, and soon the tensions became too much for them.

Suddenly, and without warning, one of the Viking captives placed his hand over his chest and started groaning. He fell over out of line, faking a heart attack and causing the others to become aroused. The imposters in Praetorian armor raised their shields and drew their nanosteel spathas, playing along as they pretended to try and calm the other nine prisoners, yelling over the heightened crowd and adding to the chaos and confusion that was baffling to the Taiyou soldiers, who raised their own rifles and pointed them at the captives, unsure what to make of the situation. But this was all a ruse, as the raised shields and clustered wall of prisoners actually blocked their view from the other Praetorian who had started to arm the captives with their own Viking weapons and armor. The Praetorian at the front of the crowd kept shouting for everyone to stand back and fall in line when suddenly, the second Praetorian turned and attacked one of the soldiers, thrusting his sword into the Taiyou guard's abdomen.

Before anyone knew what was happening, the Vikings turned on the Taiyou and began attacking them. Shots were fired, and a couple of the captives fell from the gunshots. But it was too late. The corridor doors were sealed shut. They were thick and heavy, muffling the sound of the gunshots as the Vikings, now enraged, started to overwhelm the Taiyou security. Within seconds, the remaining Vikings would kill the armed guards and seize their rifles, taking total control of a small corridor within the Taiyou underground facility. Their fate was fixed, and soon the rest of the captives began putting on their own armor and preparing themselves for battle. Their actions would not go unnoticed, however, as the security cameras in the corner of the closed off room would catch the whole thing on live feed. It would take a minute for the other Taiyou guards to see what was happening on their screens, but soon it was apparent that their security had been jeopardized. The Iskjerne Vikings had once again infiltrated their compound, this time in greater numbers than before.

Sector Five...
Back on the Surface of Niihama...

"Rikushō." General Hama said aloud, offering a brief salute by bringing his flattened hand to his forehead. General Hazama returned the salute, and frowned slightly, the body language of both generals being rather intense. Ubbe and his crew had noticed the change in the atmosphere surrounding them, but were unprepared for what was about to come next as General Hama began making gestures towards himself and Rulav, speaking in a language that none of them could understand. Rulav tried to put the words together, but Hama spoke too quickly and Rulav's understanding was too limited.

General Hama scowled and stepped away from them at that point. Unsure what to do, Rulav and his Praetorians started to follow him, but just then the dozen Taiyou soldiers surrounding them raised their assault rifles and pointed them directly at the imposters, causing them to stop. Ubbe and his crew stood still, silently for a moment, baffled and confused. That's when their whole world changed instantly. General Hazama spoke out to them through his loudspeaker. Only this time he wasn't speaking in Taiyou, but in a very familiar language that all of them could understand. Sigurd Hring's friend Takao Eguchi had taught the general how to speak the language of the Iskjerne Vikings, and the Taiyou general had become rather fluent in reading their native tongue.

"We have no quarrels with your people!" He shouted. "Put down your weapons and give up... Do this and we will allow you to live." the stand-in general commanded. "If you protest, we will use force... The choice is yours, challenge us at your own risk" Hazama warned, before lowering his loudspeaker. General Hama watched the Praetorians carefully to see how they would respond as a path was cleared for them to the rotor. He was testing Rulav and his team, and suddenly the Ragnarsson brothers felt their own hearts sink into their chests. Ubbe and Hvitserk looked at one another quietly before looking to Rulav and Rorik, all of whom were now staring at Ubbe Ragnarsson and waiting for his response. Ubbe swallowed his tongue nervously, and the tension grew rapidly as he turned and looked at the ten shirtless, unarmed mock prisoners it now seemed he had led to their doom.


Lightning struck a tall radio tower in the distance, followed by a cackling of loud thunder shortly afterwards. Combined with the falling rain hitting the rooftop, this was the only sound that would break through the overall silence of everyone near the helipad, who looked around quietly without saying anything. Milliseconds turned into a few seconds, which turned into almost half a minute of awkward silence. But to Ubbe and his crew, it seemed like an eternity, as if time itself had stopped completely. A million thoughts ran through his mind as he tried to contemplate every possible scenario and outcome within that brief moment of nervousness, looking around at all of the many different weapons pointed in his direction. Ubbe and Hvitserk had resolved to hunting and slaying the mighty iron-toothed fire breathing dragon that had supposedly killed their grandfather Sigurd, hoping to continue their family's legacy by walking in the footsteps of their father Ragnar Lothbrok, but now, they had failed both of them and each other as well.

The Vikings fixed their eyes on Ubbe, waiting for his command. They were half-expecting him to make a scene and do something extraordinary, perhaps raising his sword into the air and commanding them to charge forward against General Hazama and the Taiyou soldiers in some sort of daring heroic last stand. But instead, perhaps unexpectedly, he dropped his shield on the concrete rooftop with a loud clang and removed his helmet, revealing his face before also dropping the helmet as well. Upon seeing this, the other Vikings followed suit, removing their helmets and dropping their shields. Rulav and Rorik revealed their faces, along with Hvitserk, all of them looking baffled and fearful as they began disarming themselves, raising their hands into the air with open palms. To General Hama's surprise, the Umibozu's speech had actually worked. The Vikings, now exposed, had surrendered to their will, and gave up their disguise.

The top most layer of Niihama City, this is where sunlight glistens atop massive skyscrapers that seem to erupt and pierce the layer of cloud below. This is home to wealthy businesses, wealthy individuals, and most government buildings.

The Aschen Rim

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Somewhere on PT-7861Z, in the Aschen Cluster

The Gateway world of PT-7861Z, known only by it’s Aschen name, was a rocky and sparsely settled planet: or it had been, until the march of time saw it become a hotspot for both criminals fleeing the Empire and the countless masses of refugees and displaced persons forced from their home and persecuted by the very government that was supposed to protect them.

It was something Helianthus had become, regrettably, cold to. Her calm, icey eyes watching out the window aimlessly as the Aschen SUV trundled along the patchy road: hastily beaten out of the planet’s harsh crust to accommodate the ramshackle camp that sprung up around it, passing by the empty eyes of people struggling to survive on a planet they may as well have been stranded on.

The worst thing, Helianthus thought to herself, as her eyes flicked across the image of a starving woman no older than 20 was that she hadn’t even recognized the bundle of cloth wrapped tightly at her chest, clutched to her bosom for protection.

“Haven’t checked the Skeye feeds for it but, ‘fugees say the Ultras come and take slave labor at night - some say they’re gonna’ build infrastructure for an invasion but, we all know how their space elevator went.” A dull voice replied from the driver’s seat, the COLSOG Ranger clutching the wheel with one hand as he deftly pulled the SUV away from an overturned, burning vehicle.

The conversation was unknown, but a gang of Aschen men were standing around the vehicle, clubs and cudgels held leisurely while their free hands gestured about the devastation. “The lottery is getting narrower and narrower and they’re starting to realize all the money in the brought from their fake little world won’t get them out of it … “

“We can’t really tell them they can’t abandon their oath and then bang at the doors of the church for salvation. The Imperials are not to blame for their pathetic state … entirely.” The woman replied, her voice dry and delicate yet harsh as the very air of this inhospitable planet.

“Imperials? I think this is just the Edenites - a perpetually broken. Don’t get me wrong - utmost moral consideration for them, terrible what’s happening here - but they took what they wanted and then asked us to leave. Then flee to us screaming of the Charter as their own government turns upon them.” The Ranger said plainly, letting his foot off the gas while a pair of young men struggled to move an old, emaciated mule across the road. “I mean look man … that poor fucker is just a god damn ass and it’s traveled across billions of miles just for them to wind up here.”

Helianthus sat idly in the passenger’s seat, only shifting with the odd rut in the road. The Ranger’s words seemed lost upon the white haired woman. Instead, her mind wandered, one more eye opening as a lonely pair of SUVs trundled across the sprawling encampment swallowed by the planet’s rugged surface.

Cobalt Black Site - 2-2/UAE571

Diis quaeso ne ab oculis eorum dispicias …

”What in the fuck is this Asch saying? He looks like hell.”

”Fuck if I know, all these deserters are just fuckin’ mental cases.”

”Audire non possum ... mandendo.”

”’Mandendo’ … chewing - eating? What the fuck have you been eating, you Asch fuck?”

An imposing Azric loomed over the huddled figure of an Imperial, uniform stained with a combination of what Major Hampton could only imagine was dirt and urine - or perhaps worse. The Aschen let out a whimper briefly when the back of the Gardenite’s hand met his head, bouncing it forward just slightly trying to bring him out of whatever fugue state he had been in since he arrived.

“Where the fuck has the food you’re supposed to be bringing in been going, you fuckin’ animals?” Another Gardenite barked, the narrowly framed Aleuronite grabbing the back of the chair their prisoner rested upon and suddenly wrenching it back just slightly.

“‘Audire non possum mandeno’ - what the fuck is that in Common - Common, Communia? Remember your fucking Common, you illiterate, dirt munching shit.” The Aleuronite barked, while the Aschen simply folded his hands and legs up while his sobs filled the room. As the Azric began unfolding a wrap of cloth around his fist from his pocket, his comrade dropped the chair back onto all four legs. The Gardenite took one step before there was the soft static garble of the PA, a harsh voice interjecting the room.

”This is High Tower on broadband - we have visitation hours inbound. Clean the house and set drinks for our friends from Langara.”

The hundred-some odd sparsely populated worlds of the Aschen Colonial Frontier.

Iskjerne Bay

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The Álfablót was a public occasion for Iskjerne Bay, celebrated once a year around autumn. As the king, Harald Fairhair had the honor of being the gođi or priest-king during this public sacrificial ceremony. Queen Lagertha assumed the role of the priestess as her shield-maidens, now more closely resembling the Amazons of Greco-Thracian mythology, came forth and presented the sacrifice near the open bonfire. As there was still a shortage of livestock in Iskjerne Bay, the Vikings instead chose to sacrifice one of the horses. The shield-maidens brought the horse to the stone altar, or hörgr, where Queen Lagertha used a ritualistic dagger to cut the horse's throat. Blood spilled over the altar, over the priestess and the ground beside the altar, sanctifying the holiness of this sacred ritual. It was a peace offering to the elves and disir, or female ancestral spirits of the land. The Vikings, having ignored the power of the vaettir for so long, were now inviting the land spirits to return to Iskjerne Bay, to rid the country of the plague, death and famine that had left their kingdom desolate and vulnerable.

As he got on his reindeer and prepared to leave, Grimnir looked back at the rising bonfire and the blood offering that was taking place in the open field behind him. True to his word, Grimnir did not stay long at Iskjerne Bay, but continued on his journey back to the Empyrean Sea Beach, taking the long road around the continent back to his own village. Grimnir had delivered a message to King Harald in person, whispering something into the king's ear which nobody else heard or knew. King Finehair kept the message to himself and did not share it with anyone apart from his wife, Queen Lagertha, who kept the secrets to herself. But it was obvious that something was bothering him deep inside as King Harald continued to rule Iskjerne Bay with an iron fist, as if waiting patiently for some inevitable prophecy to unfold. It wasn't long before he started seeing signs.

As time passed, King Harald looked up towards the sky over the Weargtooth Mountains to the south, where he noticed a billow of black smoke. One of the horsemen rode back to the ring fort and informed King Harald that the Argosians were coming. They were 3000 strong with cannons and seige weapons. King Finehair smirked, handing the messenger two silver coins as a token of his appreciation before the rider took off and returned to his outpost. Shortly afterward, the 122 vikings returned from the Rikkisopi Caves without Ubbe or Hvitserk, adding a tad more strength to the king's army, but also causing worry and doubt. Queen Lagertha pleaded with her husband to wait for her son Ubbe to return safely, but King Harald knew he had to do what was best for his people. He ordered the Rikkisopi Caves to be destroyed, this time for good, as the Iskjerne Vikings setup barrels of combustible liquid inside the caves, leading all the way through the tunnels even into Oor Cavern, and running a line back to the entrance of the cave all the way to Iskjerne Bay.

Once everything was in order, King Harald gave the command. The ulfhedinn nodded before using a torch to lite the fuse. Everyone stood back and covered their ears as the fuse burned down to the stack of 60 gallon wine barrels at the entrance of the caves. There was a brief moment of silence, and then suddenly, a huge explosion. "BOOOOM!!!" the barrels exploded, causing a chain reaction of miniature explosions which carried throughout the entire cave system. Rocks, boulders, wooden splinters, dust and debri went flying everywhere as the entrance to the Rikkisopi Caves collapsed in on itself, along with many of the winding tunnels and caverns within. As the dust settled, the Iskjerne Vikings looked at the large mound of heavy rock pilings which now stood where the caves used to be. King Harald had officially destroyed the cave system. All of it. Ubbe and Hvitserk were on their own now in Niihama City, and would be forced to find their own way back home through some other means.

After all of the excitement had settled down, King Harald counted the number of Vikings in his army. There were nine cults or tribes, each divided amongst themselves to form King Harald's leidang. With the additional troops now joining them, Finehair had about 722 warriors. They were still outnumbered 3-to-1 by the Argosians, and he knew the Vikings didn't stand much of a chance against the slowly approaching legion. It was sensible now to run away, to abandon Iskjerne Bay and head for the boats. That would've been the smart thing to do. But instead, the Vikings held their ground and did nothing, as if waiting for the inevitable battle ahead. Just like so many times in the past, the Vikings refused to retreat or abandon their settlements. Instead, they sang songs and went about their daily lives as usual, pretending as though everything was just fine as the 122 ulfhednar left their homesteads and headed for the mountains. If the Argosians planned to lay seige to Iskjerne Bay, then the ulfhednar would be the first to welcome their legion in open battle. Yet they did not pursue their enemies. But instead they took up positions near the southern end of Iskjerne Bay, and waited for the Argosian legionaries to come to them.

Iskjerne Bay is a remote Viking settlement which features a motte-and-bailey Ring Fort, a large Mead Hall made from an overturned longship, and a statue of Sigurd Hring the Dragon Slayer.

Endless Thirst

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         A vehicle, looking like an older standard automobile, appears out of a warp.

A man steps out, shielding his eyes against the sun, pulls out a briefcase and a Vacuum, then closes the door to his car. He locks the door with a key, then pockets it. The man seems rather out of place as he looks around, noticing Graham. He waves frantically, dropping his briefcase, then picks it up quickly. He jogs over to him, still holding the Vacuum, slowing down to a walk as he gets within about five yards of the desert-dweller. "Howdy! Do you mind telling me where I've ended up?" He looks slightly confused as he says this, peering around, his hand still shielding his eyes from the sun, but quickly focuses and looks directly at Graham. "I have a once-in-a-lifetime offer for you, and I know you'll be interested!"

A vast sandy desert with a few scattered oasis. Some of the more toughened animals live here.

1958 Standard

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         The Vacuum Salesman climbs into his vehicle, throwing his briefcase into the back seat. He closes the door, then cracks his knuckles, grabs the wheel of the car, and takes off. He accelerates from zero to 95 to warp in 7 seconds, and disappears into the wormhole.

It's a seemingly normal 1958 Standard Estate automobile, but it's capable of deep space travel and has a sustainable environment inside of it.

Metropolis City

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         “I think for the sake of my interests in the Local Region and the Aschen Home State in the future, you and your government familiarize yourselves with the business of nation-building - despite your propaganda, there’s actually far more important beyond your corner of the galaxy that more of you are learning of. Considering the past and current terroristic nature of your government even, the Exogarden took a moment considering just who their true enemies were before moving forward against the OPA.”

The intelligence chief spoke dryly as Johnne and Maric studied the information before them. “There was an OPA splinter cell that had infiltrated Eden Prime’s nuclear reactor sectors a few years ago - the ESPF had cleaned them up but their network had been left behind. They planned to steal spent fuel rods for use in dirty ordnance, though just because we stopped them in the Shore Planets doesn’t mean we stopped them elsewhere.”

“On Bathe the spacer propaganda and civil arm has been at work across the stations, and a peculiar ship has been dispatched for some months now. I believe this ship to be of particular interest in the goings on - as it was last docked in Hadriatica if I recall.” Rada began, then looking to Prince with a nod toward a picture of the planet hanging over the table. “If the Aschen and Terrans are alongside the Exogarden on Hadriatica, our governments will benefit from a multilateral situation handled by the expertise of the Apparatus.”

Metropolis is the largest city on Eden Prime and serves as the centepiece of the National Capitol Province. It also functions as the political center with its many embassies for other in the Interstellar Nations.

Collenham Mountains

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         Jippy (Technically Andrew, but he likes Jippy better) waves to the two- well, technically three travelers, counting the cat. "Y'all mind if I stick along?" He asks. "I'm making my way south as well."

The Collenham Mountains are a majestic range of ridges bisecting Aslund from west to east. Somewhere distant, or maybe it's in your head, you can [url=]hear a faint tune[/url].

Victory Square

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         Lawson looks around at the square. It was beautiful, in some sense. The red telescreens adorned with the face of Big Brother contrasted excellently against the drab grey background of the city, and gave it a splash of color it needed.
He flexes his hands against his sides, pressing his balled fists into his thighs. One of his hands is severely damaged, with three of his fingers missing.
A while ago, he wasn't even sure when, he did something that subsequently changed his life for the better, as he saw it.
He breathes in deeply, then exhales quickly.
He walks off, heading somewhere, hopefully away from all of the... noise.

Victory Square, the center of Aschen power, and propaganda. The people are gathered here for things such as public executions, the two minutes hate, and to hear speeches from the Emperor.

Caprican Bay

Caprican Bay is a large bay east of Caprica City, there are several seafood restaurants, beaches, and marinas here where people can enjoy seaside recreation.

Iter Caprica 1

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         Morgan La Fay stood silently, waiting for Claire to make her decision, the light changed for a moment, and the cars came to a stop at a nearby intersection. While the light was red, it chirped in a soothing melody.

Road heading West from Victory Square

Iskjerne Mead Hall

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         Iskjerne Mead Hall...
During the reign of King Harald Fairhair...
Iskjerne Bay's 4th Dynasty...

It was that time of year again, the twilight between summer and winter when seasons change. While the seasons were different south of the Weargtooth Mountains, here in the far north, winter lasted much longer and there were times when the midnight sun could be seen well into the early morning hours. Iskjerne Bay was one of the few places on Ellaria that experienced the parhelion effect or phenomenon where all three of Gaia's suns could be seen at the same time. These sun dogs were a remarkable sight for visitors. But in the far north, an even rarer phenomenon occurred, a whole week of darkness where there was no sunlight at all for many days, and which only occurred at winter time. Although it was always cold and snowy year-round at Iskjerne Bay, it was actually nearing autumn when Grimnir the Hooded sat in the Mead Hall, warming himself by the fire. King Harald Fairhair had invited the natives of Iskjerne Bay to an important meeting in the Mead Hall where he gave a toast and proceeded to give a long and inspiring speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you all know who I am. I am King Harald Finehair, king of the northern territories" he said, looking around and raising his arms as dozens of Iskjerne natives roared and cheered in support for their new liberator. He allowed them to continue cheering for a moment before he waved a hand for the crowd to calm down.

"You all know the history of our great kingdom. You have heard the exploits of our forefathers from times long ago, from the former days of King Ellrulf up until now. We were all here raised on stories of King Harald Wartooth and his nephew King Sigurd Hring, the founder of our great establishment. We have all seen the statue of King Sigurd, which still stands at our gates as a testimony to our great kingdom, besides the broken and half-fallen statue of his great grandson Ivar the Boneless, my younger predecessor who came before me, and whose funeral you all attended. You all know the story of Queen Astrid and her father King Olaf, whose descendants were the first of our people to brave this new world. You still tell the story of Hurgor the Archer and his famous horse Skallafax, and his powerful bow called Grimgir the Wolfbow, which once defended our ancestors. You are already familiar with Hurgor's brother Ulfric Ellrulfsson, possessor of the famous sword Ulfsfanga, that ulfberht blade which never rusts. I know that many of your horses were bred from that great steed, and that King Ellrulf's bloodline still survives today to the far west of our borders."

Again the Iskjerne Vikings roared and cheered, and Grimnir the Hooded listened quietly while King Harald inspired pride in his followers and reviewed their history.

"You all know I am a grandson of Gudrød the Hunter, and that my grandmother Alfhilda was an elven princess. All of us here had ancestors who fought in the Battle of Brávellir, and many of you have fought your own battles since then. You can still recall the exploits of the Nuörmbátur, that famous longship which was overturned on these Iskjerne shores and now forms the rooftop of this very Mead Hall we have gathered in today. Skál!" King Harald shouted, raising his bovine drinking horn into the air. The Vikings cheered again and everyone would chug the wine or beer in their tankards and mugs, roaring with pride and excitement. But this time instead of calming the crowd, King Harald just spoke louder over the top of their gossip and cheering.

"You all know the exploits of King Sigurd and his sons, Rollo and Ragnar, whom some of you met before. Hrollaug the Walker was a great Viking who sailed the Nuörmbátur down the Weargtooth Mountains like a sled into battle on these very shores against the mighty giants and dragons who threatened our kingdom during the time of King Sigurd's reign. The Iskjerne Vikings fought that great serpent Shimizu, whose tail was as long as 100 ships. His teeth were sharp like metal speartips, and his gaze so fierce and hideous that looking him into the eyes meant certain death. But our ancestors defeated Shimizu and drove that dragon back into the caverns from whence it came!" King Harald shouted, causing the roaring crowd to grow louder.

"When I first sailed to Iskjerne Bay, this settlement was abandoned. I came over with many ambitious kings and queens, and princes from our homeland. I came with Lagertha, Aslaug, Bjorn, Ubbe, Ivar and Hvitserk, with Floki and Floki's wife Helga, and with many other successors to Sigurd Hring's throne. At that time I was a nobody, just like most of you. I sat on the same benches you're sitting on right now. But I was an ambitious king, and I knew that one day, I would free my people from the grip of our foreign oppressors and return Iskjerne Bay to Iskjerne Vikings!" Again the crowd roared and cheered, and even Grimnir himself couldn't help but to smile and join in the celebration.

After a while of laughter, loud gossip and cheering, King Harald suddenly stopped smiling and became quieter, waiting for the crowd to calm down on its own. Once everyone settled down and waited for the king to speak again, Harald Fairhair continued talking, this time more quietly.

"It's a sad thing what happened to Queen Aslaug and Prince Ivar, and to King Sigurd and King Ragnar, we will miss their faces. We will miss their shields." The crowd became more solemn and quiet at these words, as everyone took a moment of silence to honor the dead. "As you all know, Rollo has betrayed our culture, and our gods. I have nothing but the most respect for Rollo, and for the corpses who still lay buried out in the snow. I did not want to fight them. You all know that. But I swore an oath on the day you chose me to be your leader. I vowed to avenge Sigurd Hring, and to restore this land to its native tongue. Here we follow the old gods, and practice the old ways. Ivar made the same promise, and he lied. But Ivar was still young, and we will not fault him for his mistakes. He added a lot of great architecture and defenses to our establishment. But being a King is hard, and being a God is even harder. No man here knows the burden of Sigurd Hring, nor the burden of Ragnar's sons." King Harald said calmly as everyone in the Mead Hall listened silently.

"My sources tell me that Ubbe and Hvitserk have gone to Oor Cavern to avenge their grandfather. You all know I have sanctioned this and have given them my blessing. I respect King Sigurd as much as any man here, and I adopted Ragnar's sons that day when he died at the hands of King Aela, this is no secret. I have always supported Bjorn Ironside, and my beloved wife Queen Lagertha, your queen, who was not here during the blood eagle ceremony, but is here with us today. " Upon hearing this, Lagertha raised her drinking horn and smiled quietly, sitting on her own throne next to King Harald, who looked down at her and raised his drinking horn, smiling back. Grimnir smiled, listening intently.

"I've been informed that Hel's Gate has been closed. Ubbe and Hvitserk are on the other side. As your king, I must decide what is best for our kingdom." King Harald looked out over the hall, and smiled, still raising his horn. Everyone by now was listening as King Harald spoke, not as a warrior, but as a king. Grimnir the Hooded made eye contact with King Harald Finehair at that moment. The king stared at him for a second, his expression betraying his lack of trust for this new stranger in golden robes, flashing his wealth before Iskjerne's Vikings and their newly established dynasty.

King Harald took a swig of the wine from the open hollow of his drinking horn and turned his gaze towards others in the crowded hall. "I have given my messengers the order to evacuate the caves. As the King of Iskjerne Bay, I give the order to destroy Rikkisopi Caves and prevent Shimizu from coming back through. I order a sacrifice to Óđinn, and to the elves during Álfablót, which I trust you will attend." King Harald took another swig from his drinking horn and set it on the table before sitting back down on his throne. Everyone in the Mead Hall was speechless, including Grimnir, who apart from others was still cheery and smiling as he excused himself from the fireplace and started trying to push his way through the standing crowd, heading towards the kings throne after his speech was over. Grimnir seemed to be on an important errand.


Mead Hall for the vikings of Iskjerne Bay, main communal center.

Oor Cavern

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The plan of the Iskjerne Vikings seemed to be working as the Taiyou welcoming party fell for their disguise. But as Rulav the Rus and his comrades in Argosian uniform led their mock captives into the Oor Cavern chamber, suddenly the portal gate closed and sealed behind them, cutting Ubbe and Hvitserk off from their 122 reinforcements on the other side. In just seconds, Ubbe Ragnarsson had lost 2/3rds of his army. He contemplated silently as the 8 Vikings disguised as Praetorians continued to march in disguise, unsure of the dangers which lie before them in Niihama's underground tunnels. Ubbe was planning a full-on assault against the Taiyou soldiers in front of him. But now he was outnumbered and outgunned, as 2/3rds of his remaining forces were virtually unarmed. Victory in the Oor Cavern was beginning to look dim, and although none of the Vikings broke their disguise, they knew that their plan had been foiled.

The next few minutes seemed like an eternity as 36 or more Taiyou soldiers armed with heavy machine guns and standard issued Seburo C30 assault rifles kept their weapons drawn and pointed at the small assembly. They seemed more focused on the chain gang of shirtless Viking prisoners than on the eight Praetorian soldiers who were bringing them in. Rulav, Rurik, Ubbe and Hvitserk stood at the front of the line, as four more Vikings in Argosian attire stood at the rear, walking in behind the gang of prisoners with nanosteel spears pointed at their backs, pretending to poke at them from behind. Ubbe glanced at the yunboro and its 20mm autocannon as it turned and pointed at him before slowly trailing off and swiveling away from him, apparently fooled by his disguise. It was a close call, but Ubbe kept his composure and pressed forward, looking at the middle aged man in the green uniform. He nudged Rulav quietly without breaking formation. Rulav kept his head straight and his eyes gazing forward, yelling at his contubernia to halt.

Rulav brought his right fist up to the central left side of his chest and bowed his head to the man in front of him, peering at him from behind the visor of his helmet. "Anata wa okurete imasu," the man said with a cold tone, his hands folded behind his back. Rulav hadn't the faintest idea what the man was saying, but he gathered by the man's tone and body language that he was being scrutinized for taking so long. Of course, the real reason for the Praetorian's tardiness was because they were all dead. The real Argosians had never reported back, their frozen corpses still decorating the fields of Iskjerne Bay as the real Decanus lay headless in the snow. Rulav's disguise appeared to be working as the middle aged man with the mustache spoke to him directly, mistaking him for the actual leader of their party.

"Watashi no fune wa machi de nani ga okotta no ka o hōkoku shimashita, watashi wa kanzen'na hōkoku o shitaidesu, anata no regato~usu wa shinryaku no tame ni guntai o atsumeru tame ni Arugosu ni mukete settei shimashita." the man said quickly, turning on his heel as he spoke. Rulav swallowed quietly. Not one word the man spoke was familiar to him, or any of the Vikings in Argosian uniform as they stood at attention, pretending to understand. To Ubbe and his crew, it all sounded like senseless jibberish, but the man just kept talking as if expecting them all to understand him. They were all dressed as Argosians after all.

"Watashi wa anata o Arugosu ni tsureteiku junbi ga dekite iru paddo no ue ni fune o motte imasu." the man continued. At that moment, Ubbe and his men gripped their bulletproof shields tightly, maintaining their positions. Rurik slowly reached down to grasp the hilt of the gladius he had sheathed behind his shield. It seemed that the Vikings had gotten themselves into a heap of trouble, and the lack of understanding was beginning to make them tense. But just as it seemed they were about to fight, Rulav spoke, answering the man in what little Taiyou he could understand.

"Hai," Rulav said, nodding his head.

The middle aged man then turned to lead them through the large concrete corridors. Rulav glanced to Ubbe and Hvitserk for a brief second before leading his contubernia forward. It was clear from their expressions that the Vikings were nervous, but that was to be expected. They had showed up rather late to check-in, but fortunately the battle at Iskjerne Bay had provided them with a fairly decent excuse, and the 20 prisoners they had brought with them had made up for their lack of responsibility. For now. Rulav and his praetorians marched diligently into the corridors, where more Taiyou soldiers were waiting with guns. They watched as one of the soldiers used a keycard to open a steel door, then followed as the man with the mustache led them into the next hall.

Ubbe and Hvitserk took a mental note of everything they observed and witnessed as they continued down the hallway, following General Hama to the large cargo elevator. There they encountered even more Taiyou soldiers and armed guards as General Hama opened the shaft and stepped on to the platform. They were getting closer now to the surface, but it was already too late to go back. In just a few minutes, King Harald Fairhair was about to pull the remaining Vikings out of the caves and blow up the entire cave entrance. Ubbe and his men knew at that very moment that there was no going home. At least not back the same way that they had came. They were committed now, and would have to make due with what little support they had as Rulav stepped in behind General Hama, leading his guerilla warriors on to the platform as they stepped inside the elevator shaft.

But just when it seemed that the Vikings couldn't get more screwed, something else happened. The elevator platform wasn't big enough for all of them to enter at one time. To their dismay, the Vikings, already severely divided, were about to become even more divided as Rulav had no choice but to divide their forces in half. They were going to have to make two trips to the surface. Half of them were going to have to wait below with the Taiyou guards while the other half accompanied General Hama to the helipad. With a few, very quickly spoken commands, Rulav ordered half of the praetorians and Viking prisoners to stay behind and wait for the next elevator. Hvitserk grabbed the skeleton key from his belt and started unlocking the chains as Ubbe and Rurik forcefully began grabbing some of the prisoners by their arms and pushing them on to the platform, occasionally spitting on them or hurling insults, threatening to kill them if they didn't comply. Rulav, Rurik, Ubbe and Hvitserk then accompanied General Hama along with 10 of their prisoners, while the remaining four Praetorians guarded the other 10 prisoners down below, where they remained always under the watchful eye of the Taiyou armed soldiers while waiting for the next elevator ride up to the surface.

A cavern with a mysterious energy field towards the southern wall. What is that?

Smuggler's Route

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         Losethos Jehovat inhaled the deep, familiar stench of the Wing City Underground.

Ahhhh. Now that's convenient.
he smiled, taking the moment to enjoy his ease of passage.

This long winding tunnel leads out of the city, providing a route for smugglers to relay their goods.

Wing City Gardens (North)

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         Yuki turned around to face him. More and more it felt like things had been falling into place in her life and making sense as this conversation went on.

"I don't think I'm ready to be trained by you," she said, and then hesitated.
She didn't want to say it, but harder words had to be said before she left.

"And if I'm to be honest, Vegeshin-Sama, I don't think you're ready to train me either. It's why I have to go home. I need to get away. From... This."

She gestured, not to him but the area between them. She couldn't really explain what it was she needed to get away from, but in a way she understood that defining her journey by trying to appease him was the same thing that would hold her back. Hopefully he understood it too, but there was nothing she could say to make it better if it hurt him.

The hug didn't make her blush shyly like the schoolgirl she was, cause any squirming or even prompt her to push away like it might have in the past from embarrassment or other overwhelming emotions. Instead she returned the hug, a tight squeeze not unlike the glomps he was threatened with in the past.

"Oh Mr. Kanahashi, I'm going to miss you, but I promise I'll still write."

And then it was over. She let go, physically, metaphorically and took one step away to look up at his face. She had run out of things to say, but where ugly tears had run down her cheeks before now sat a small, content smile. When he next saw her, when she next saw him, things would be different. She let the look linger a few moments before she nodded at him, and walked right on past in the direction home. It was a strange feeling. She felt like she had just said no to everything she had ever wanted, but felt more mature for it. The world loomed ahead and she felt so much bigger and braver now.

You are in Wing City Gardens - the most beautiful demonstration of natural flora on all of New Terra. Surrounding you are vividly colored flowers and extravagantly trimmed hedges. Weaving throughout the garden are small stone paths with benches scattered alongside.

Northern Main Street

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         Shrknar the Reshr'c glanced over towards Lectre Mansion, wondering what history this city held. No matter, he'd have time for exploration later. Continuing on, he picked up his pace — the Queen was not one to wait.

This is the northern extent of Wing City's Main Street, passing to the north of the Wing City Gardens.

The Milky Way

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The 6th Order Leader is Dead!

The passing of 6th Order founder and Terrorist Histofor gives rise to new order and division, signaling the end of his reign as leader of the once powerful 6th order. A band of his loyal followers, now calling themselves “The Final Order,” hope to finally execute his plan to bring order to The Multiverse through chaos:

Only by removing all forms of leadership can the people truly break free from the shackles binding them to servitude, obedience and mediocrity.

Reports coming in from earlier this week say the 6th Order religious sect, The Light of Faith, loyalists to Harashaz, do not support the agenda of the Final Order. Sources within the organization confirm their reliance on the 6th order military discipline to strengthen their religious teachings.

Previously silent Light of Faith teacher, Haptu-S’Zazz has come forward to declare:

Only through the union of higher protection and advancements in technology may we find liberation from the political agendas of those who would sow chaos. Nothing is more dangerous to the stability of the region than the false promises of the heretics and undisciplined followers of dead politicians. For this reason, we are sharing all useful technology with the Aschen in hopes to establish a working peace and put an end to the Final Order.

If the alliance is formed, this could mean the days of the 6th order are truly behind us. At least, for the short term. Whispers have begun to circulate which suggest that at least two members of the Final Order have received a secret message from their leader, just before he passed on. If this message involves the location and start up codes for the rumored “chaos collider,” Quadrantem Alpha may be have strange days ahead. Keep your eyes on this space for real time updates … as we get them.

Jay Azzar, reporting for IGN, your Intergalactic News Network, with The INN: NOW. Stay tuned!

The Milky Way Galaxy is a large barred spiral galaxy that is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and contains over 400 billion stars, of which about 17 billion are Earth-sized.

Sagittarius Arm

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         Life had grown boring and routine. Wake up, shower, eat, meditate ten hours, eat, maybe indulge in the pleasures of the flesh, drill lightsaber forms, eat, go over potential job offers, definitely indulge in the pleasures of the flesh at least once, eat again, sleep, repeat. The Grey Jedi known as Kinara Kaal had grown bored with that, however, And as she sat in the middle of her daily meditations, she reached out with the Force for something - anything, that would spice up her life for at least a couple days.

The fleet of the Grey Battalion drifted aimlessly through space, running drills upon drills with each other to ensure perfect battle performance. Formations were toyed with, simulation battles were run, sometimes they'd get really bored and test out the corpsman by "accidentally" shooting someone in a random spot just to keep the medical staff on their toes too. Over all The Grey Battalion ran like a ridiculously well-oiled machine, and even they were growing bored. The soldiers of the Ten-Million strong clone force weren't in any better shape, what with running war games in simulators growing increasingly repetitive and annoying. More "accidents" happened, and while no one died, it painted a picture.

A picture of Kinara's mind. The ten-million clones were all clones of herself, and thus shared similar thought processes. The Grey Battalion essentially was a living copy of Kinara's brain, and all of what was going on was a reflection of her thought process. Mostly good, but with self destructive tendencies that were becoming more frequent with each passing week of inactivity. After a mere three weeks of nothing, Kinara initiated the jump out to the Sagittarius Arm in order to get a change of scenery. It worked for a few days, however she and her clones quickly grew bored again.

If only something new and interesting would happen to save this conglomerate of bored clones from killing itself.

One of the middle regions of the Milky Way, the Sagittarius Arm is home to the Garden Zone—the single most valuable swath of systems in the galaxy.

The Garden Zone

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Main hanger with attached drone hanger and fuel bay of an Erebus class titan.

There was a fury of activity on board the Bannockburn as it took on the multitude of administrators and diplomatic personnel. Swarms of heavy hanger drones weaved in and out of the fray to move equipment and stage it away from ammunition and fuel stores. The Apparatus personnel were escorted to a staging area and made comfortable as CONCORD personnel in gray duty uniforms performed checks on fuel levels and maintenance inspections.

A hologram roughly explained the process of a titan's bridge, the use of cynosural fields, and the documented side effects of Ayen drives which amounted to mild nausea to those that had come aboard. Those remaining on the Promethean would not get such a warning or introduction prior to being bridged. Bannockburn's pilot awaited the signal to call for the cyno and engage the bridge.

The shuttle was guided in and set down without incident. Kristen collected a single large black duffel bag after unhooking from her seat. She put the bag over her shoulder. "We have docked. Let us disembark", she said with a smirk in Liam's direction.

One of the largest tracts of space in the Home, or Milky Way galaxy, the Garden is a plethora of rich worlds, under the watchful guardianship of some of the most powerful civilizations in the Multiverse.

The Azrican Corridor

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         Randy Herner looked at Monika nervously and chuckled uncertainly. The Grand Admiral clasped her hands behind her back and said what the Minister could not.

“I am afraid that I will have to decline that request as well. I am the Grand Admiral of the Interstellar Feet. I am sure you can understand why it is important that what is in my head stays there,” Monika stated plainly.

“As for our ship engines, we use electromagnetic ion engines or Hall Effect Thrusters. We also incorporated space folding technology in order to reach the longer distances between stars or systems with Alcubierre Drives. As for what kind of shields we use, well, that I cannot tell you either for security reasons. Most of our technology is highly guarded. It is best to steer away from those questions.”

“Indeed, Grand Admiral,” Randy Herner chimed in with a nervous laugh. “B-But we are more than willing to share our history with you and culture. We have such a thriving culture! It is absolutely spectacular!”

The Azrican Corridor occupies a rough track of stellar mass through the near-arm of the galactic center. The mighty Azrican Republic has revealed itself from obscurity in this area.