The Multiverse

The Silver Dawn

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a Void Class-class vehicle in The Multiverse, by Remæus.

The drop doors hiss open as you are welcomed into the ship.

Joseph Bennett holds sovereignty over The Silver Dawn, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
277 readers have been here.
1,752,494 readers have visited The Multiverse since Remæus created it.
Ylanne, Patcharoo, and lostamongtrees are listed as curators, giving them final say over any conflict & the ability to clean up mistakes.
Maestro, LawOfTheLand, HolyJunkie, Prose, TheNoremac42, LookingAtPerks, NeverEndingFlip, Fishbucket, and fractaloop are builders, granting them the ability to shape the world and alter sovereignty.


This mysterious vessel has a seemingly infinite interior.
This dropship is specifically designed for war, but is instead used as a ferry for people new to the multiverse, piloted by its captain, Charles Lorain.
It is designed for para-military use, including the use of shocktroopers, as it has a sort of hatch that allows soldiers to be dropped without the ship stopping.

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Shields: 0 (inactive)
Armor: 100%
Structure: 100%
Warp Drive: ready
Max Capacity: 100000

You must /board this vehicle to see more.

2 Characters Here

Charles Lorian [16] Starship captain who just wants to help out.
Johnathan Roman [6] Member of the crew of The Silver Dawn. Guitarist and scout, as well as main Gunner.

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The Silver Dawn's warp drive rumbles in the background.
You can see Sky's Edge come into view.