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The Multiverse


This mysterious vessel has a seemingly infinite interior.
This dropship is specifically designed for war, but is instead used as a ferry for people new to the multiverse, piloted by its captain, Charles Lorain.
It is designed for para-military use, including the use of shocktroopers, as it has a sort of hatch that allows soldiers to be dropped without the ship stopping.

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Shields:      100 / 100 (100)% (inactive)
Armor:      100 / 100 (100)%
Structure:      100 / 100 (100)%
Warp Drive:      ready
Warp Range:      5
Max Capacity:      100000



Primary Weapon:      None
Secondary Weapon:      None
Electronics:      None
Special:      None
Warp Core:      standard

You must /board this vehicle to see more.

2 Characters Here

Charles Lorian [17] Starship captain who just wants to help out.
Johnathan Roman [7] Member of the crew of The Silver Dawn. Guitarist and scout, as well as main Gunner.

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Character Portrait: Charles Lorian Character Portrait: Johnathan Roman
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1.00 INK

Lorian looks out the viewport as they retreat back exactly one light-year, staring intently at the Aschen fleet. He's come and done what he needed to, a favor for his favorite radio host when they got cut off by the Aschen. Now he just hoped said Aschen didn't fire on him. They might have reason to, if they knew what he did, but they didn't, so all was fine.

Roman leans back in his chair, and lets out a deep breath. "Deeeeaaaar lord. They sure have a problem with outsiders." he comments. "... Yeah." is the response from Charles. Roman reaches over and picks up his guitar out of its case, making a slight noise as his hand grips the neck, causing the strings to hum with a note.
He strums a chord or two and puts it back, obviously thinking.

After a couple minutes of silence, Roman asks, "Where to next, bud?" Charles looks up, a bit startled, and says "Huh?" Roman repeats his question.

"I dunno... Probably another Aschen world. Not a core, though. A backwater one, probably. I'll have to look."
Roman nods and stares off at the stars.

The Silver Dawn's warp drive rumbles in the background.
You can see Smuggler's Route come into view.
Peter R. Sheffield has arrived, coming from Smuggler's Route.
Peter R. Sheffield arrives on board "The Silver Dawn".
The Silver Dawn's warp drive rumbles in the background.
You can see Genesis come into view.
Peter R. Sheffield exits the vessel.