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The Multiverse


An absolutely massive titan, the Worldship is capable of carrying trillions across the stars.
In order to travel the massive overbeing Myrkul's Vein carves a rift to exit immaterium into the physical. As a thing of true size this cut would cause a warp storm if not properly attended. Thus it shrouds itself with the city constructed within Genesis in lieu of its inability to construct a core gate. Able to act on both ends of itself while so armored these stones are the result of immense planar energies smashing shut by its will alone. Energy and mass from a burrowing titan pound together as the overbeing repairs the crack left in its wake.

Freshly born they are deleterious siphons of psychic energy but once stabilized represent a rich deposit of cognizance crystals of dubious purity mired in erratic deposits of various dense and exotic elements. Such things are not products of most warp storms as stable natural things. Thus these stones are of a particular rarity among the cosmos that they exist in normal space at all. That the overbeing ever moves brings these massive specimens into existence though once at the destination side often remains to harvest. Should one find evidence where a recent warp concretion ought to be, but isn’t, then beware an Overbeing’s wary eye.
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Shields:      100 / 100 (100)% (inactive)
Armor:      100 / 100 (100)%
Structure:      100 / 100 (100)%
Warp Drive:      ready
Warp Range:      5
Max Capacity:      4294967295



Primary Weapon:      None
Secondary Weapon:      None
Electronics:      None
Special:      None
Warp Core:      standard

You must /board this vehicle to see more.

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Mada 'Nuria' Myrkul [1] Some heal the taint that besets mankind, I sear it away.
Adolefactus myrkul [1] The scribe of all beings
Myrkul's Vein [1] Overmind, Altar from all the Living Emperor's servants are struck
Ductu Myrkul [1] We wander in the minds of other things.
Wen Myrkul [1] Myrkul's Vein set to the defense of mankind.

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5 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Myrkul's Vein Character Portrait: Ductu Myrkul Character Portrait: Wen Myrkul Character Portrait: Mada 'Nuria' Myrkul Character Portrait: Adolefactus myrkul
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Myrkul's attentions were larger things and hadn't noticed any boarders on its great vessel. Certainly Imperial Guard may do so, or the endless march of its servitors, but the interior of this planetoid-sized city was a vast thing indeed. A shell over a massive worm with spires mounted in its surface. Somewhere impossibly high above. It was dark here without a sun where its attendant servitors needed no light. The small amount of imperial assets here the only source of light in the distance. Servitors left only their spark-eyes among the dark a bare candle's light among the murk. Endless places of manufacture and imitations of city. Some storage of immense quantities of raw material other buildings sealed entirely from passage. Empty apartments and restaurants were everywhere writ by creatures with only a passing understanding of humanity. While they'd attempted to make the area 'hospitable' to humankind it left the empty metropolis looking as if amid some apocalypse.

Warp Concretion's warp drive rumbles in the background.
You can see Ruula come into view.
Myrkul's Vein exits the vessel.
Myrkul's Vein has arrived, coming from Ruula.
Myrkul's Vein arrives on board "Warp Concretion".
Myrkul's Vein has left the area, heading north into Sky's Edge.
Myrkul's Vein has arrived, coming from Sky's Edge.
Myrkul's Vein exits the vessel.
Myrkul's Vein has arrived, coming from Ruula.
Myrkul's Vein arrives on board "Warp Concretion".
Warp Concretion's warp drive rumbles in the background.
You can see Taiyou Space come into view.
AUK-53 has arrived, coming from Sky's Edge.
AUK-53 exits the vessel.