The Multiverse


26.5 INK

a Cruiser-class vehicle in The Multiverse, by Remæus.

A surprisingly well-armed trading vessel.

Remæus holds sovereignty over Yggdrasil, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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1,805,263 readers have visited The Multiverse since Remæus created it.
Ylanne, Patcharoo, and lostamongtrees are listed as curators, giving them final say over any conflict & the ability to clean up mistakes.
Maestro, LawOfTheLand, HolyJunkie, Prose, TheNoremac42, LookingAtPerks, NeverEndingFlip, Fishbucket, and fractaloop are builders, granting them the ability to shape the world and alter sovereignty.
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Shields: 0 (inactive)
Armor: 100%
Structure: 100%
Warp Drive: ready
Max Capacity: 60

You must /board this vehicle to see more.

The vessel changes name, to "Yggdrasil".
Outside the vehicle, Sector 60324 comes into view.
Ygg R'leh exits the vessel.