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The Multiverse


Existing only as a cold, black rock just a thousand years before, Aberash was hit by a meteor and thrown closer to the Onyx Galaxy's blue star, making it habitable. Since then, a colony of humans have claimed it, and battle with Aberash's strange, native species: The Gargantua.

The Gargantua come in such an abundance upon the planet that hunting them poses no threat to their existence. The hunt is purely for sport, and is not a war to claim the planet. In an unorthodox fashion, one could claim that the humanoid beings that have colonized Aberash coexist with the Gargantua. These gigantic beings, themselves, have become an integral piece of the Aberashians culture and technological evolution.

A Gargantuan hunt is always viewed by as many people that are interested, and the killing of one is given a prize, or several. The prize can either be a hand in marriage, money, fame, land, or a great number of other things. The one prize that has always been given despite the situation is the Gargantuan's Core.

The Core are energy sources that give the Gargantua life, though once its life has been taken, the Core remains. It is such a significant amount of energy that the Aberashians use it to power their technology. They come in all different sizes, and the larger the Core, the larger the power it has on an exponential scale. They appear as spheres of burning light, much like a small star.

Most of Aberesh's humans are dark skinned with flaxen hair, however, there are small colonies with very wide racial backgrounds, and a good amount of other aliens litter the planet. The planet is under the government of a Council of Fifteen members, all holding power over sectors of Aberash. Currently, the planet is under a... mostly peaceful rule.
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A planet that, at first sight, is simply barren. With closer inspection, however, one can observe a growing, developing planet and all its wonders.


Aberash is a part of Aberash: High Orbit.

3 Places in Aberash:

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Nullify [13] 1
Kanto Kaza [8] Not meant to be, but strangely is.
Bleakus [7] 7
Black wisp [4] 3
Vindicator [4] 6
Silver Sinclair [3] I am the writer. The story teller. The creater.
Cleo May [3] "I'll allways get revenge"
Classis IV Sector Cosmora [3] Fleet originating from the Cosmora Archipelago
Natelie Smith [3] "Don't mess with me"

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Meteor has left the area, heading out into The Onyx Galaxy.
Meteor materializes from the void.
Meteor has left the area, heading out into Zola System.
Meteor materializes from the void.
Meteor has left the area, heading out into Zola System.
"Profound Solitude II" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Profound Solitude II departs, heading down.
Flynn the Volitale has left the area, heading down into Freeport Cosmodrome.
Meteor materializes from the void.
Meteor has left the area, heading out into Zola.
Meteor has arrived, coming from Aberash: High Orbit.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the out vanishes.
Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the up. You can see something appear in that direction.
Meteor has left the area, heading up into Aberash: High Orbit.
Veni arrives, coming from Aberash: High Orbit.
Veni has left the area, heading down towards Freeport Cosmodrome.