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The Multiverse


The Acklewood Forest spread across the majority of the continent Brightmaiden. Abingdol Falls is nestled on the border of the forest and the sea.

Adventurer beware! Aside the stray bandit encampment, many wild animals roam.
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Acklewood Forest

A sprawling forest across the majority of Brightmaiden, wrought with wild animals and strange flora.


Acklewood Forest is a part of Brightmaiden.

1 Places in Acklewood Forest:

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Sigungala [1] Wood Elf, reserved.

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Character Portrait: Samantha Himmel
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"Madam!" The stagecoach driver called again, going as far as to rap his finger against the window separating him from his client. They had reached a part of the Acklewood Forest where the trees were sparse, just a little ways before where they were to cross the Jackzies River. You could see the sky very well. More importantly, you could see what was in the sky. A new group of star-seeming objects had appeared. Some of them even seemed to move, in a formation. The driver slowed to a halt, the steam powered stagecoach hovering slightly closer to the ground.

"What is it?" Snapped Samantha Himmel, poking her head through the front window, "Why have we stopped?"

"Look up!"

Samantha did indeed look up. She had no idea what she was looking at, but she did look up. It gave her an eerie feeling, those things in the sky, whatever they were.

"Let's get there quick, then," She said before ducking back, her nerves a-tingle. The steam powered hovering stage coach rumbled forward, smooth, slower than before, towards Port Goldengear.

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Samantha Himmel chose to watch the display above, horrified, from the safety of her hovercoach. She demanded a breakneck pace towards their destination. The stars were moving, and if she wasn't mistaken, something fell from the sky in the distance.

Sigungala materializes from the void.

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Character Portrait: Sigungala Character Portrait: Samantha Himmel
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It was here, the elf recalled. The hovercoach passed through here and went towards the mountains. It was an increasing occurrence. It was not one Sigunguala appreciated.

He had yet to dispatch to the point of impact. Sigungala was almost afraid of what he could find. He continued along the edge of the route.

Sabnach has arrived, coming from Knightheart Valley.
Sabnach vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Zee the Wise has arrived, coming from Trivington Hills.
Zee the Wise vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.