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The Multiverse


This place is the first UCF military base on Klendath. Home to the Colonial Union and CDF soldiers living grounds, as well as the place where most military vehicles are stored. There is one large entrance for vehicles, and a smaller entrance going into a reception room, for individuals interested in joining the CDF.

Two large watchtowers armed with mounted guns watch over the base, manned by two or three soldiers each. Any threat approaching will be eliminated, with extreme prejudice.

Home to a facility that monitors space-time using Saturn-44 SA monitors, not really for much any reason.
Most of the important stuff is underground, but there are some aboveground emplacements, such as concrete helicopter pads for the Ornithopters.
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Alpha Base

A military base hidden in the side of a large rock formation, going deep into the ground. Two Mobile Infantry soldiers observe from a watch tower.


Alpha Base is a part of Klendath.

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Matt Watts [1] Monitor Tech 044592126

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Maxus Sywell has arrived, coming from Whiskey Colony.
Suddenly, this area begins to warp and melt—everything here begins to twist and turn, and finally evaporate... before taking shape as something completely new: Alpha Base
Maxus Sywell has left the area, heading east towards Whiskey Colony.
Maxus Sywell has arrived, coming from Whiskey Colony.
Maxus Sywell has left the area, heading east towards Whiskey Colony.


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Character Portrait: Matt Watts
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This facility, hidden under a mountain, was scarcely active outside of it's own perimeter.
Nothing really ever happened inside, either, except for the occasional clicking and muted beeping of various room-filling machines.

A young man sits behind a small monitor in a room, sitting there watching as the computer goes through a display of a 3-D sort of image, roughly made out of intersecting lines, when a red sphere starts to grow, quickly swelling to encompass the .
He sits there stunned for a moment.
He grabs a wired phone off of his desk, and shakily punches in a series of numbers. The phone rings three times, then responds.
"Sywell speaking. What is it?" a tired voice intones, as the tech sits there for a second, then stammering, speaks rapidly. "Uh, sir, this is Saturn-44 monitor tech zero-forty-four-fifty-nine-two-one-two-six, and I just detected a peak. What really makes it weird is that it's from this facility, and, uh, well, it looks like space has fallen dead around Klendath. Time isn't advancing around us. At all. Nothing is happening."
The voice on the other end of the phone is silent for a moment, then asks, "When was the last activity, just before the peak?"
The response is more hesitant, but still continues. "Well, uh, we get peaks all the time, as that's the only thing that we can perceive, but the machine has detected a specific lack of activity until now, as it can 'see' things that we can't. Uh, activity before was on Klendath, too. It says it was somewhere in the desert roughly... uh, roughly 1 MRT ago. I think it was the races."
"And what does that mean?"
"What does it mean, zero-forty-four?"
"It means that Klendath could be alone. I mean, there's always a chance something could happen, but we can't know. This thing doesn't have pre-cognition, just incredibly fast responses, at least to us. It's... really hard to explain the implications, but this could be... well, this could be the last time that we perceive time."
"I don't get it."
"OK, look. Let's say that something happens with those new people, those coalition folk or something. The computer would detect activity in roughly that area, but not what it was or what it could mean. It just tells when an event happens, and the time that we don't perceive in between activities. I say time loosely, that's what MRT and DRT mean. I think the longest time we can even hazard a guess is a YRT. You know what that means, I'll move on. So, when the 'time' increases, the likelihood of an event happening decreases. That could be bad, as it could result in event death. There are hundreds of dead locales around the multiverse, including one incredibly close to us, which I don't think we've explored yet, but I would look into that. We don't want our locale to die, because when the likelihood of new activity comes, we could be forgotten. Slowly we would start to fade, and then eventually the Oberon empire would be... well. Nothing."
"Jesus. What can we do?"
"Pray that whatever makes these things happen stays on our side and continues activity. So I think we should start doing something. Something that could attract attention, and maybe gather whatever's left that isn't faded together. Oh, and put out more detection probes."
"Fuck. Well. Fuck. I guess we better start up the exploration program again. And maybe get your division funded. I'll start right now. Call me if anything pops up."
The phone line goes dead. The monitor tech puts the phone back in its place, then gets up, walking through the entirely empty room, filled with cubicles occupied by none. He walks up a short stairwell onto a circle-shaped catwalk slightly elevated from the rest of the room, and turns on a monitor at it's center. "Here we go." The tech whispers to himself, as the CRT monitor turns on, so does a massive wall depicting the explored parts of space for the Oberon, depicting both the gray dead zones and the red active zones, few as they were.
The computer marks the most recent active zones, one of which was off the map. Somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, and before that somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, all dated around 2 MRT and 3 MRT, respectfully.
"Here goes nothing."