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Aonia is a dark and vile desert planet home to a number of different black market vendors, traffickers of drugs and people, and a number of labs funded by the Eurythmian Empire that perform less than ethical experiments in the pursuit of creating the perfect super soldiers. It's also the native planet to a race of felinoid people who have been enslaved by the Eurythmians
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A central port for trading, bartering and the black market.


Aonia is a part of Tarmalch System.

1 Places in Aonia:

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Raywaen [2] Hidden by a thick black cloak, it is difficult to make out any of Raywaen's features

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#, as written by exfrog
Character Portrait: Raywaen Raywaen says,
 “ n ”


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A fluffy black cat sauntered through the busy market. Nobody seemed to pay him any mind, much less notice his lack of shadow. Finis let out a purr and brushed up against Raywaen's leg.

Finis vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.