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The Multiverse


Asland is the largest continent on Terra and is home to some of its greatest cities. Its geography is diverse; ranging from wetland to desert, flatland to jagged mountain range.
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Aslund; the largest continent on Terra.


Aslund is a part of Terra.

10 Places in Aslund:

11 Characters Here

BRS [37] a girl created by the dreams hopes fears tastes of another girl
Hayyel Hunt [14] "This planet is ours...I sacrificed many to see this through. We will not go back to nothing."
angelG [13] she is a real angel its not just her name and also her personallity
Nulli [12] Blighted Form
GalaxyaStar [5] she is a fantasy creature but a good one
Greg House [3] A stoner in search of enlightment and the quest to get ahold of the most dank weed imaginable....
Dright [3]
Kotoura [2] kotoura is a bit of both,good and bad!
Undead Monsters [1] Various undead creatures which seek to kill mortals.
Cade Tealeaf [1] A halfling who has a bit of a thrill addiction

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Xavier Current arrives, coming from Terra.
Xavier Current descends into Wing City.
Jay Null arrives, coming from Terra.
Jay Null descends into Midland.
Meteor materializes from the void.


9 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Meteor Character Portrait: BRS Character Portrait: Cade Tealeaf Character Portrait: Hayyel Hunt Character Portrait: angelG Character Portrait: Selena Character Portrait: GalaxyaStar Character Portrait: Kotoura Character Portrait: Greg House
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Meteor flickered emerald and nyoomed off west

Meteor has left the area, heading west towards Astral Sea.
Nicole Mitchell vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Selena has left the area, heading east towards Solinus Sea.
Mike Wolf arrives, coming from Eastern Seaboard.
Mike Wolf ascends towards Terra.