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The Multiverse


Asland is the largest continent on Terra and is home to some of its greatest cities. Its geography is diverse; ranging from wetland to desert, flatland to jagged mountain range.
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Aslund is a part of Terra.

9 Places in Aslund:

14 Characters Here

BRS [40] a girl created by the dreams hopes fears tastes of another girl
Hayyel Hunt [17] "This planet is ours...I sacrificed many to see this through. We will not go back to nothing."
angelG [16] she is a real angel its not just her name and also her personallity
Nulli [13] Blighted Form
GalaxyaStar [8] she is a fantasy creature but a good one
Greg House [6] A stoner in search of enlightment and the quest to get ahold of the most dank weed imaginable....
Kotoura [5] kotoura is a bit of both,good and bad!
Dright [4]
Cade Tealeaf [4] A halfling who has a bit of a thrill addiction
Henley Kieranhart [3] Sir Henley Kieranhart is the last surviving member of the Knights of the Burnt Tapestry, an ancient order sworn to defend humanity against evil monsters, witches, vampires, werewolves and demons of every sort.

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Xavier Current arrives, coming from Terra.
Xavier Current descends into Wing City.
Jay Null arrives, coming from Terra.
Jay Null descends into Midland.
Meteor materializes from the void.


9 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Meteor Character Portrait: BRS Character Portrait: Cade Tealeaf Character Portrait: Hayyel Hunt Character Portrait: Selena Character Portrait: angelG Character Portrait: GalaxyaStar Character Portrait: Kotoura Character Portrait: Greg House
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Meteor flickered emerald and nyoomed off west

Meteor has left the area, heading west towards Astral Sea.
Nicole Mitchell vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Selena has left the area, heading east towards Solinus Sea.
Mike Wolf arrives, coming from Eastern Seaboard.
Mike Wolf ascends towards Terra.
DT Waterbird arrives from the west.
DT Waterbird departs, heading east.


14 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Meteor Character Portrait: BRS Character Portrait: Cade Tealeaf Character Portrait: Undead Monsters Character Portrait: Hayyel Hunt Character Portrait: Selena Character Portrait: angelG Character Portrait: GalaxyaStar Character Portrait: Nulli Character Portrait: Kotoura Character Portrait: Greg House Character Portrait: Dright

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#, as written by Sigurd
Long long ago, during the Age of Despair, when the universe was dark and godless without joy or hope, during a time of chaos and war, bloodshed and fire, in a time of pure sword and sorcery, magic and nightmares when demonic forces ruled the cosmos, a single caste of champions rose from the ashes to rebel against evil and its demonic army of death and sorrows. They were known as...

The Knights of the Burnt Tapestry...

[Church bells ringing]

The deafening sounds of remote screaming villagers and panicking women and children could be heard from quite a distance away as old men and women scrambled about their nearly ruined Dark Age town, fumbling in an attempt to protect their families and livestock as young men and women tried desperately to put out the fires and lead their neighbors to safety amidst the chaos. It was no army of raiders or marauders who had caused such pandemonium, but rather a lone cambion or succubus who had singlehandedly set fire to their village and caused the deaths of hundreds, including even sentries and guards, resolving to destroy the townfolk and their small remote village in an attempt to eliminate any fleeting glimpse of hope and peace, for no other reason than to exterminate the human race, and to rid itself of the would-be heroes and knights which sought to turn the tides against her during the newfound kingdom's attempt to rid the world of evil.

The black wyvern soared down upon them, zigging and zagging between the thatched rooftop houses as it breathed fire and set the village aflame, screaming and shrieking with bat-like wings and ruby red eyes, soot black scales, smoking nostrils and menacing sharp teeth. She swooped down with her long black talons, grasping hold of a nearby cattle bull and hurling it towards a group of running villagers, crushing many of those to death who tried to escape from her unprovoked wrath of violence and destruction, showing no mercy or discrimination against the many women and children, monks and priests whose frozen bodies and solemn prayers did nothing to stop that witch's fury and atrocity as she ripped them all apart, limb by limb with tooth and nail, trying to set an example and provoke more fear and chaos, when out of the smoke galloped two lone riders on horseback heading towards the town square near her location. They appeared to be the only two people in the whole entire village who were not running away, but running towards the demon as they halted their horses in the middle of the burning ruins and dismounted hastily.

Snickering with an evil sharp-fanged grin, the witch descended from the air upon them in an attempt to incinerate them by breathing fire, but the older of the two knights simply held up his silver shield to block the flames whilst yelling at his younger apprentice to act in haste, as the other young knight held up his crossbow and shot forth a wooden bolt with a silver arrowhead which struck the wyvern between her eyes. The arrowhead did not pierce the dragon's scales, but shattered like glass into particles of silver dust upon impact, causing a small plume of glittering silver which the wyvern breathed in, causing her to be jolted from her destruction as she shrieked loudly and fell towards the ground in front of them. As she hit the ground with a loud thud, she suddenly shapeshifted quite painfully into the form of a human much like themselves, going into seizures and trembling violently before going limp and breathing heavily. Soon, she stood up and looked at the two brave heroes before her, smirking with malicious intent.

Far from her original appearance, the two brave knights could see a drastic change in her physical form as she appeared much more frail and beautiful, like a young gothic princess clad in all crimson and black with pale white skin, bright orangish red hair down past her shoulders with emerald green eyes and a tight red dress, adorned with a long dragging black hooded cape. She wore cherry red lipstick and a hint of flush peach makeup, with inch-long red fingernails and black fishnet stockings and gloves, yet no shoes or slippers as she stood up barefoot and peered at them from the center of the dusty road, letting out a heart-strickening laughter as if to let them know that she was impressed, but still empowered and beyond their control. Immediately the senior knight lowered his shield and tried to hurl an axe at her, but the powerful witch was fast enough and strong enough to bat it aside with her bare hand as the small throwing axe was hurled at her head, only to be deflected with a flick of her wrist.

"Oh look, you broke a nail... Pity," she said, examining her red nails glamorously through her black fishnet glove before suddenly appearing behind the axe thrower with magical timing and lifting him up off of the ground by his neck with supernatural strength, despite his overwhelming size and weight. She was about to crush his throat and strangle him to death when suddenly, without delay, the master's apprentice ran up behind her and stabbed her in the back with a silver dagger directly between her neck and collarbone. The witch screamed and let go of the senior knight, who wasted no time in turning around once he was released. As the evil sorceress cried in agony and turned around to face the apprentice, the older knight reached into his belt pouch and pulled out a silver net, but not before the wicked demoness was able to pierce his apprentice's chest with her sharp red fingernails. She had tried to rip out his heart, but before she could, the net was cast over her head and the older of the two knights had started to drag her down, away from her task. The young knight fell backwards and grabbed his bleeding chest, before immediately reaching for his horse saddle and grabbing the torch, tossing it to his master.

The evil cambion screamed and cried in pain, not just at the netting and restraints but also at the very touch of the silver chain links that were making her lose power as the master ordered his apprentice to hold her down when he lit the torch, producing a flame before standing over the maleficent witch and uttering his vow to send her back to hell. "Not before I take you with me," she cursed, reaching through the net and ripping out the old man's larynx with her bare hand. The master fell backwards, but his apprentice quickly took the torch and pressed it to her breast, causing the demoness to burst into flames. She let out a monstrous scream as the fire suddenly consumed her, causing her entire body and skeleton to deteriorate rapidly until there was nothing left but dust and ashes which blew away with the wind, leaving no trace at all that the cambion had ever existed.

Turning back quickly to his mentor, the young knight embraced the older master who was laying on the ground next to him, unable to speak and quietly bleeding out from the open gash in his throat. The old man looked up at him silently, nodding his head and smiling with victory before gargling on his own blood and falling limp, dying in that very position with his eyes wide open. The younger knight, named Sir Henley Kieranhart, just shook his head quietly and closed his master's eyes, embracing the man who had been like a father to him for over a decade with a deep overwhelming sadness of tears and sorrow. Henley and his master had been the very last two surviving Knights of the Burnt Tapestry, and now it seemed that the old ways were finally coming to a forgotten and sudden end after thousands of years. That night, he buried his mentor on a hill and remembered his knightly vows, thrusting his sword into the burial mound as a grave marker before saddling his horse and lifting up his hood, riding off and disappearing into the darkness over the hills and forests, taking with him the collected bounty from the grateful kingdom and the unnerving memories he had sustained from his many years of apprenticeship under the greatest demon hunter who ever lived.

[Ten years later]

A long dark haired, shadow bearded man in his mid to late 30's enters the tavern house one late evening, wearing a hooded cloak and wreaking of burnt apple wood after camping up in the mountains for some unknown time, living as a hermit or vagabond. He appeared to be a normal person, very quiet and disdain, showing no interest in conversation with very little to suggest he might be someone of immediate interest, being dressed rather roughly in ordinary clothing for the time period. He didn't appear to be anyone of royalty or nobility, looking much like a common traveler or villager as he made his way to the bar and ordered a tankard of whiskey, taking a seat at the counter on one of the wooden bar stools while keeping his head down.


9 Characters Present

Character Portrait: BRS Character Portrait: Cade Tealeaf Character Portrait: Hayyel Hunt Character Portrait: angelG Character Portrait: GalaxyaStar Character Portrait: Kotoura Character Portrait: Greg House Character Portrait: Dusty Character Portrait: Henley Kieranhart
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Dusty sits at the bartop, a half drunk bottle of mead resting to her side. Her attention was on a small pile of worn,dirty rings set on the counter, particularly a brass ring that appeared to have a wonky purple stone set into the band. She swings her bare feet idly as she examines the object up close. Her hair is short and shabby, and her amber eyes peek out from under her bangs. Her brown button up is askew, revealing a worn black crop top. She looks like she had just been rolling in a pile of leaves. Setting the ring briefly on the bench, she takes a sip of mead. She immediately goes back to twirling the band in her fingertips.