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The Multiverse


The capital of the Sevrianna Continent, this city is ruled by a council, with various races making up that Council. Even the Demon Race has someone there.

It is also divided into various districts. The Dragon District, where the main government buildings existed, is located in the center. Next is the gold district, where the higher end homes and businesses are. After that is the Harbor District, the Market District, the Rose District, the Adventurer District, the Crafting District, and the Holy District.

Unlike the Rosetta Continent, it is colder on average here, so people tend to use the public baths which are heated more then anything else. They also have a part of their continent cut off by a large portion of water too small to be called an ocean, where the ruins of ancient civilizations lay. It is believed that the Demon King destroyed them over 1000 years ago during the war, after invading from the Duskus Continent. Because the capital is closer to the south, it is a hug for many adventurers heading there.

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Aslypsa City

The capital of the Sevrianna Continent, this city is ruled by a council, with various races making up that Council. Even the Demon Race has someone there.


Aslypsa City is a part of Sevrianna Continent.

8 Places in Aslypsa City:


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Character Portrait: Iziti Oculus Rixy
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"They said it was colder, but I guess that's just relative to Rosetta".

Iziti spoke out while on the roof of a building, overlooking the streets. He was dressed in a black t shirt, blue cargo pants, and black sneakers. A messengers bag was swung on his side, and his Spirit Guardian spoke to him telepathically.

"You should probably try to exercise your powers a little. They are a bit different from most. Start by trying a dash over to that adjacent building, it should be in range".

"What is this, a game tutorial?"

"You have only been able to play those for a month now, and your already referencing them? Anyways, this is a new setting, so maybe it might be different".

"Fine fine. But to be clear, Dash has the range of my eyesight".

"Too far strains you though, and only to where you can see clearly. Now, let's stop wasting time".

Iziti's eyes changed color as they lit up, and suddenly he moved as a fast blur unhindered by gravity.

"Now, let's test your reflexes after climbing. Use that ledge over there, Dash to it then climb up the ledge".

"This is a game tutorial!"

"Focus on your Oculus!"

Iziti dashed over to the edge of the next building that was higher then him, and climbed up. So far he did not feel any strain.

"Next, let's test swap".

"Okay, I literally had all this tested in a twisted inhumane laboratory. This is completely unnecessary".

"Let's. Test. Swap".

" got addicted to video games didn't you!!"


Iziti shook his head in disbelief. "Amazing. Just amazing..."


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Character Portrait: Halitrax
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A swirling mass of black energy opened up at the gates to the city and Halitrax stepped through. The city was far larger than he expected, but then he didn't really expect much as he was just exploring the planet. He knew he was now on a different continent and he decided to have a look around.

-1 has arrived, coming from Dragon District.
-1 has left the area, heading ascend to Sevrianna Continent.