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The Multiverse


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Asteria City Spaceport

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Asteria City Spaceport is a part of Asteria City.

4 Characters Here

Francisco Salazar [1] "I do not fear the flame, for from my ashes will rise the future."
Marcus R. Vincetto [0] A Bounty Hunter From Terra, Marcus vincetto is a hunter of men feared by those who would oppose peace
Reiji Kouradake [0] Impulsive, male, specializes in magic and hand to hand combat
Feuer [0] A Master Welder now uses his amazing skill to his advantage with a blowtorch in one hand and a Plasma Cutter in the other. He becomes angry Very quickly

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Character Portrait: Francisco Salazar
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"We'll be making landfall on Asteria in about 20 minutes, Mr. Sterling." Proclaimed the soothing voice of the pilot of the luxury starskipper transport Harbinger, currently breaking Terran orbit and bound for the Asteria City Spaceport. The lone passenger within the cabin barely registered this verbal confirmation.

He didn't need to. In his mind's eye he could clearly see their estimated time of arrival plotted down to the nearest picosecond, along with every single piece of data pertaining to the status of his ship and the immediate local space as relayed by the ship's sensors. If he really wished to do so, he could pilot the ship right from the cabin while leaning back with a glass of champagne. But he did not wish so. He had much bigger concerns to devote his considerable brainpower to.

Madre mia, estas ahí? We're almost home.
I am always with you....hijo mio.
Do you think Papá would forgive me, Mamá? Do you think he would forgive me for my sins? For the sins I am to commit?
We both loved you, hijo.....Avenge us.....Hazlos sufrir.

"We're on final approach Mr. Sterling. Fives minutes to touch down. Port Control wants us on platform XFJ-17 and advises us that a customs officer will meet you on the entrance elevator to the port." Chimed his pilot unnecessarily.

"Appearances can be so tiresome sometimes." he thought, before finishing his champagne and standing up.

He was a handsome, albeit somewhat unassuming looking man. Average build, average height. Hawkish features and piercing green eyes under stern eyebrows framed by a thick full black beard gave him the appearance of some self-important banker or CEO constantly worried about his ROI, and too busy to slow down and smell the roses. An assumption, that in a way could even be considered correct.

Initiate protocol Theta-Omega-Epsilon
Connection established.
Abaddon-01.....Internal surveillance status: OK
Abaddon-01.....External surveillance status:OK
Abaddon-01.....Reactor Core Status: OK
Abaddon-01.....Weapon System Status: OK
Abaddon-01.....Up/Downlink @ Asteria City Grid: Active
Abaddon-01.....Reports full operational status...All systems Nominal

The man smiled and felt a rush of exhilaration as the very core of his being suffused with information. Tendrils of data recoiling from the relatively limiting confines of the small craft's sensor suite and back into himself before moving off into a point centered somewhere nearby, and then expanding again throughout all open and unsecured datanets in Asteria City. His eyes rolled upward in their sockets as he took in the sea of information available to him; from news broadcasts to library archives, poorly secured traffic cameras to unencrypted videocalls, his inner digital eye saw it all.

"Ten years. Ten long years, bidding my time, forging myself a new body, a new face, a new identity and all of this time they bred like cockroaches and infested my city by the hundreds of thousands. While I grew stronger, they grew legion. I understand now. To fight an empire, I must become an empire" thought the man as he felt and saw his craft land from a hundred different digital eyes. Reluctantly, he shifted his focus from the constant allure of the data, and forced his primary consciousness to focus back on the physical, as his eyeballs rolled back into place.

He cracked his neck and knuckles before reaching towards the back of his seat and grabbing his favorite garment in the world from where it draped: a thick and heavy calf length black trench coat of an indeterminate weave with the inside lining in a peculiar plated pattern and a multitude of small pockets, which he donned over a functional attire consisting of gray and black cargo pants, a pair of metal and leather boots, and a simple black long sleeve t-shirt.

"I know. Ya llegamos. Thank you, Silvia. Please have the ship refueled and properly stowed on a rental slip with the Port Authority after it's customs inspection is finalized. Feel free to enjoy the sights of the city after that, you're officially on vacation, you'll find your bonus is already in your account." said the man dismissively as he walked off of the ship, the external hatch and mechanical velvet-lined stairs opening automatically at his approach.


At his mental command, a small hidden panel opened on the underside of his ship as the man walked down the steps and towards the exterior doors of the customs check-in station. From the newly formed opening, three small flying drones detached themselves from the spaceship and took flight.

The smallest of the three immediately flew towards the backside of the man, a quick moving blur which maneuvered under the man's trench coat and anchoring itself out of sight. The second smallest drone hovered around his ship, seemingly inspecting it whilst utilizing a large array of scanning sensors to monitor the immediate area. Meanwhile, the largest of the drones took up position next to the man, hauling a large trunk for him as he made his way into the customs check-in station.

Almost immediately, his face and demeanor shifted from the distant and cold countenance they held prior, to a look of affable understanding and generosity as he looked around for what he hoped would be one solitary and bored customs officer.

"Excuse me, is anyone here?"exclaimed Francisco Salazar in a cheerful tone, as he approached the ostentatious marble and glass special clients customs counter holding out a passport which was currently displaying the holographic credentials of one Mr. Joseph Sterling, TNG Citizen, Banker by trade.

From the depths of somewhere behind the opaque booth behind the counter appeared a rather young and indeed bored looking customs agent accompanied by a rather large security bot.

Please place your passport upon the counter sir droned out the customs official in his best facsimile of exemplary customer service. The micro expressions that accompanied the statement and screamed a mixture of anxiety at having to respond to the high-roller platform, and an overwhelming need to yawn amused Francisco to the point where his affable smile was almost natural now.

Francisco graced the customs agent with his most kindly smile before placing his passport atop the glass surface of the counter, which immediately lit up as the customs kiosk system began to authenticate.


"Why hello there young man. How has your day been going" asked Francisco cheerfully. The young customs agent visibly relaxed at not having to deal with yet another of the stuck up ultra-rich.

Customs Station HR130-N5619.
Welcome, Admin!

"Good morning Mr...Sterling. Welcome to Terra and Asteria City." replied the agent as he went about his business greeting Francisco and running him through several customs reminders and laws.

XJF-08 Autonomous Security Officer....Operator Override...engaged.

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Character Portrait: The Hammer and Star Bratva
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#, as written by Saarai
Terra was never anyone's first choice when it came to planning trips and vacations. In some circles it wasn't the second or the third choice, but for all of it's drawbacks and the way it's perceived by people living on planets near and far, most people realized that Terra had some good to offer. Asteria City wasn't perfect, but it was trying.

It had casinos, hotels, you could buy a home on the water, and experience a lot of different cultures when you visit. You could avoid all of the bad in the city if you were careful enough.

No matter how careful one was there was always a predator lurking. A vulture flying circles around you, hyenas watching you from a distance. One such predator stood just outside the spaceport's main entrance with a cigarette between his lips. He was young, attractive, and well-dressed. He looked like someone you wanted, needed, to know.

"Ladies!" He called out to a group of young women, spitting his cigarette to the ground and crushing it with a heel. As the young man approached the women kept on walking, they weren't interested in what he was selling. Not yet.

"I'm not trying to hit on you, I'm no creep. I'm a salesman. Or a crier. I prefer saying that I'm a salesman, it makes me sound more professional." He said, smiling. "Okay, we'll bite. What's up?" One of the women asked.

"I'm glad you asked. My name is Dima, I work for one of the casinos and they have me out here trying to attract customers. They prefer beautiful women like yourselves." Dima said, "Where are you from?" He asked, "Scatter." One of the young women answered, "Scatter? Long way away from home." Dima said to the women.

"Let me hail you a cab, I'll grab some fliers from my car for you. And, hopefully I'll see you tonight." Dima said, stepping out towards the straight to wave down a cab. One of the cabs sped over, probably in an attempt to steal business from the others. People took their money seriously on Terra, it seemed.

"Ladies." Dima said, opening the cab door and allowing the Scatterran women to climb inside. "I'll see you soon." He said, shutting the door behind them and before turning to walk away.

"We're going to Colcord Point, it's where our hotel is. But, can you wait a second for that guy to come back?" One of the young Scatterrans asked the driver, but he didn't seem to respond to the woman's words. Suddenly he turned around, face covered by a gas mask. The driver tossed a canister into the backseat of the vehicle, gas exploding out from it.

It was clear what the gas was meant to do when the Scatterran women began to pass out and the cab drove off.

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i'm plugged into a security terminal monitoring the cameras.