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Asteria is a sprawling coastal city located along the Eastern Seaboard that serves as one of the major hubs for international travel to and from Terra.

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Asteria City

ImageAsteria is a sprawling coastal city located along the Eastern Seaboard that serves as one of the major hubs for international travel to and from Terra. Possessing one of the largest spaceports on the Eastern Seaboard, Asteria boasts a massive level of traffic and is a prime tourist location as well.

Asteria contains several prominent academies of higher education, museums, schools of art, corporate businesses, and numerous historical landmarks. Among its many local attractions, Asteria also contains a prominent NPA field office, and a large naval base is situated across the bay from the city.

Asteria has strong divisions of culture and ethnicity due to the high concentration of immigrants - both legal and illegal. In particular the city possesses an especially prominent number of Shintenchi and Caprican immigrants as well as a noteworthy concentration of scythian illegals.

Asteria enjoys a high level of prosperity, but the large abundance of illegal immigrants has sowed an element of desperation into the poorer regions of the city. It is often unwise for tourists to visit Asteria without taking care to learn what districts are best avoided after dark.
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Asteria City

Asteria is a sprawling coastal city located along the Eastern Seaboard that serves as one of the major hubs for international travel to and from Terra.


Asteria City is a part of Eastern Seaboard.

8 Places in Asteria City:

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Kagami/Karu'kh [20] If I were to explain him, it'd take forever to explain what he's like. Even trying to shorten it.
Eran Dyre [20] TNG character
Jellybean Jane [11] "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" (end me.)
Martin Langford [11] Terran anchorman.
Sonja Petralia [9] Proprietor of a several prominent nightclubs in Caprica City, Sonja is both a strong and successful business woman.
Jona Navette [2] Happy child living close to his family.
Hiroyoshi Sakai [2] One of the best Tengu pilots in Shintenchi
Ponyta-Krissy [1] Fire-type

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The rat vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Star Gate materializes from the void.
Star Gate ascends towards Eastern Seaboard.
Star Gate arrives, coming from Asteria City.


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A harp began to play. Low and quiet, most adults wouldn't hear it, but young teens and children would be roused from sleep by it. They would feel drawn to it, a nagging urge to find the person who was playing the harp. If only to listen closer, or to shut them up so they could sleep.

"Come little Children,
I'll take thee away,
into a land of enchantment.."

A female voice began to sing to the youth of the city. Lulling them into a sense of security with her gentle voice as they roused themselves, called by her beckoning words.

"Come little children,
the time's come to play
here in my garden of shadow"

The music grew louder, and the magic pull on the minds and hearts of the youth grew with it. Upon the word Shadow, the entire city darkened. The lights still worked, the stars and moon were out in full, and by all means everything looked fine. But the Shadows? The places not caught by the light of the moon and stars and lights of the city? They grew darker. The music emerged from these places. Alley ways, hedges, parks, and gutters. Even the darkened closets of the older children who no longer needed night-lights to lull them to sleep.

"Follow, Sweet Children
I'll show thee the way
through all the pain and the sorrow..."

A male voice began to harmonize with the female, adding an underlying sense of authority to the lullaby. The children began to walk faster. It wasn't many. Maybe fifty at most, closer to the outskirts of the city, furthest away from the strongest point of magic from the mage of the Terra Nova Empire who had established a base there. The Shadowlings knew exactly what they were doing, and while they'd not done this sort of slow harvest before, their Master was pleased to see its results go unimpeded by outside meddling and turmoil.

"Weep not, poor children
for life is this way.
Murdering beauty and passion..."


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Jona Navette heard the melody in the night. Not with his ears, and not really with his heart. It was with something else. Something deeper, and darker. Whatever it was it called to Jona and compelled him to rise from where he slept.

The child's room was on the ground floor of their little house. He had a glorious window with a seat in it. Perfect for daydreaming- and there was a small garden out front. They had a high fence around the property which was a comfort. Jona had spent many days in this exact spot. He had made forts from cushions and defended his room from giant worms and evil bees.

Jona found himself unlatching the window and climbing into the flowerbeds. He was in his footsie pajamas and payed little to no heed the way the bottoms grew dark with fresh soil. The child trod across the yard and pulled the string to unlatch the gate. He found himself paying no care to the loud creak of the gate, but hasting onwards.

Jona himself wondered where his legs were taking him. Where had he come from again? He remembered the flowers. They had been quite pretty.

You notice Signet Ring of House Navette appear on the ground.
Jona Navette picks up the Signet Ring of House Navette.