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The Multiverse



The Dorm Rooms of the Astrius Academy, they are separated into the buildings. The boy's dorms, the girl's dorms, and the third building which holds the faculty dorms and the Special dorms.

The bathrooms and baths/showers are all public, just like the kitchen, rec room, lounge, gaming room, and dining area in the dorms.

There are also training rooms, gyms, and other such things in the dorms.

Many of the rooms come with a variety of options for variety.

Dorm Rules:

No causing any large chaos/mischief past 11PM, for the sake of the younger children.

No doing anything dangerous that risks the school and the people in it.

No opening Pan-Dimensional Anomalies, Trans Dimensional Anomalies, or Planar-Dimensional Anomalies inside the Dorms.

No alcohol.

Look after those younger then you.
(Scrawled underneath on Boy's side: Except Atrix, too popular with the ladies)
(Scrawled underneath on Girl's side: Especially Atrix, for being adorable, intelligent, and one of the Girl's Dorm Five Treasures)
(Scrawled underneath the Faculty's side: Please remember to monitor their activity still, not everyone can't be perfect)

Pets must be manageable and smaller to be allowed.

No landing spaceships near, on, or under the Dorms.

No going overboard with pranking.

Only those who have received permission to go out at night may.

No stealing.

Avoid fights in the hallways and private rooms.

Enjoy yourselves.
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Astrius Academy Dorms

The Dorm Rooms of the Astrius Academy, they are separated into the buildings. The boy's dorms, the girl's dorms, and the third building which holds the faculty dorms and the Special dorms.


Astrius Academy Dorms is a part of Astrius Academy.

1 Places in Astrius Academy Dorms:

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Kaju'ha {CL} [35] Hugs, food, cookies, ice-cream. Did I already say food? Who doesn't love food?

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Ninja Club? It was like they made it just for him! Virgil scurried ahead and attempted to get a better look at the equipment that the club had to offer. Full of childlike excitement, he rushed forward to examine the students wearing the concealed suites, which brought about some awkward exchanges.

"What's the material made out of and who invented it? Where can I meet the creator of this suit?" He asked one of the students with an abruptness that even took himself by surprise. The student was gracious enough to show him the mechanics of the suit, but the interaction was still met with befuddlement from the student that caught his attention. The suit amazed him and it was created by material he had never seen before. It stretched with the flexibility of the student, yet it concealed the sound while they walked, ran, or flipped in mid-air. When the student demonstrated a backflip and landed on his feet, he noted the cushioned pads on the soles of their feet. He nodded in approval, but didn't expect any response to his question from the student.

He left the bewildered student and joined Aeryn with a peppier step. The excitement of his first day continued to grow, but he gasped when Aeryn mentioned an Engineering Department. Unknown to his father, or mother, he dabbled in programming robots with the use of magic and modern technology. He dreamed of one day producing a product that would enhance the survival of ninja's, or other exotic beings in battles.

"Forget food, let's go see the Engineering Department!" Virgil exclaimed, his eyes shined bright with youthfulness. The crowd thinned and he ran ahead of Aeryn to read the signs and find the Engineering Department. His heart thudded with an electrical adrenalin rush he'd never experienced before in his life.

Is this what it meant to find your passion?

"I want to see it all, but I also want to test my skills later too!" He called after Aeryn and motioned toward the sign that read "Engineering Department," with a distinct arrow that pointed in the correct direction. He could hear the whirs of machinery and about a dozen different voices. Virgil bounced on his toes in anticipation and waited for Aeryn to introduce him to the group of Engineering students.