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The Multiverse

Atlantis (Atlai)

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

Atlai (Atlantis) a brilliant and vibrant city that is as alive as the people that populate it. Able to grow and move on its own or by the will of her Kings. A beautiful city able to love and think. A place that wishes to redeem its own dark past.

RydeDawg holds sovereignty over Atlantis (Atlai), giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Kingdom of Atlantis was a first civilization empire that was one of the galaxies leading superpowers and whose reach went to many worlds. An influence that can be seen in many of the galactic empires in modern generations; the Atlai though are the true natives of Terra before even humans. Humans and The Altai share a very close genetic lineage and can even mate between the two and produce very healthy offspring, but the difference between humans and The Atlai was that the Atlai are a different course of human evolution that a lot of humanoids were never gifted to be a part of. During the time of the first civilizations Atlantis became very proud, arrogant, and selfish; with a desire to expand their empire even further than mass of galactic territory they had already massed. This is what started a war between not only different nations in the galaxy but even angered gods and eventually the almighty Creator. Atlantis suffered three major tragedies in which they never recovered from (until much later). It was a mass of gods on Terra that fought Atlantis and even though they lost with many casualties they were able to destroy a large section of the empire. The Second tragedy was their war with one of the first civilization nations (A race of beings that are long dead themselves) and while Atlantis put up a devastating war they ultimately lost when the Beings used Terra's own native humans to turn against their rulers. These beings known as The Sentinels stripped Terra into different nations on itself for the humans to control. Creating advanced earth civilizations such as the The Mayans, The Chinese, The Egyptians, and many more. The Sentinels took most forms of technology from Terra including many of Atlantis' worlds. Now just a crippled earth based civilization they sought to at least take back control of Terra for themselves. Treating Israel after the Hebrews escaped from Egypt (due to Atlantis' strong ties with the people of Egypt) and that was when their finale tragedy struck them. The Almighty Creator sunk Atlantis' Kingdom below the oceans of Earth. And for aeons the dead empire remained under the waves only spoken as legend and myth between the humans of Terra.

It was only when a knight was given the scrolls of Atlantis from his Immortal master; that the lost empire would be given serious thought once again. Scrolls hid away under the Temple mount until the first Crusades when a secret sect of Templars and their Immortal Grandmaster took what artifacts they could find and leave. This knight though abused the knowledge that was on these scrolls and was soon dishonored from the Templar Knights. This Knight Creating his own order known as The Enlightened Knights or The Temple Empire. Using these scrolls they made it their mission to one day find this lost Empire that inspired their Grandmaster. The years went on and many secret wars were waged by The Temple Empire and others; until they had what they needed Silver's Book written by Edgar Cayce and The Wondering Immortal Atali known as Ikrios. With both the current leader of the Temple Empire (Zotack) was able to find the lost Empire and bring it form the dead. The Experience though was not just one of conquest. Zotack found that the mission to bring back Atlantis was also a spiritual journey and rebuked his own Temple Empire to bring back the dead city. Ikrios shared with Zotack his life energy and blood and made the human half-Altai and a king of Atlantis. Now this lost empire has been raised from its watery grave and its king inspires to make it the utopia that so many have been waiting for.

The beautiful city of Atlantis was complete and as the number of people grew here so did the city itself. A living entity in its own right that cared and sheltered its children like a mother. Growing to make room for all those that made Atlantis their new home, and providing protection for the many that it was falling in love with. It was truly a utopia where people could find a new life. It had been many years since that faithful day when the city had been brought back up with new kings. So many nights that passed by and new children were born. The City's energy causing the normal humans to give birth to full blood Atlai, and with King Zotack's permission many were cloned and put through a period of rapid growth to help populate the city.

Outside the City glows with a brilliant light created by the shield that protected the underwater city from the dark sea for ages. A building tall and clean that overlooks the entire kingdom. The buildings that had been water logged and ravished by coral were now restored and brilliant like they once were. The building that the kings watched from above was the palace of the elders. The tallest of all the other buildings. The last floor being the main halls where the Kings and their family stayed was built as a saucer. So that when the people looked up they could know that the Elder Sun and Elder Moon were always looking out for their people.

A city that lives and grows larger as the number of people grow larger because the city loves its own people and the people treat the city as they would a loved one. An entire city as large as a continent and growing as the number of people grow with it. A city able to move and shift itself at the will of itself or her kings, and connected with the people on a mental and spiritual level that is unknown in the galaxy.

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Atlantis (Atlai)

Atlai (Atlantis) a brilliant and vibrant city that is as alive as the people that populate it. Able to grow and move on its own or by the will of her Kings. A beautiful city able to love and think. A place that wishes to redeem its own dark past.


Atlantis (Atlai) is a part of Atlai Vortex.

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Joshua Zotack [11] Elder of the Sun of Atlantis. "The world thirsts for peace, but only though war can that be achieved. So that is why I shall be this world's last leader to soil his hands with blood. May my hell bring heaven among the crowds."
Athalaric [0] King of Atalas
311O5 [0] A name? What is a 'name'?
Marcus Magus [0] The leader, and founder of the Magi Sancti Coetus.
Meline [0]

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Electra sighed. Both choices brought great reward. But there was also the Aschen to consider. If the Terra Nova where to choose to have the Atlantians stay and somehow lost out it would given the Aschen a powerful base on Terra. There was no way she would allow that to happen. Even if the Terra Nova didn't get the city Electra figured they still could prove to be friends in the future.

"The Terra Nova chose to take the side of those that wish to find a new home. This city is of great importance and use to our Empire and our goals to defend and Unite this Planet. We also pledge to assist you and your people in finding and building your new home."

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"Unfortunately, I must attend to matters of state elsewhere" Electra said. "I leave this meeting in the hands of my aid."

With the the Emperess would show herself out and leave the city.