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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Joseph Nagel

Character Portrait: Gentleman Jon

The most acclaimed gentleman adventurer of the Multiverse!(at least, he will be, in the future)

Character Portrait: Laura O'Star

The Amazing Star Jester

Character Portrait: Souless

Born from a human mother and a demon father, Souless will always be and outcast in both worlds.

Character Portrait: Allison Lang

Character Portrait: Archard Pierpont

Evêquec Archon

Character Portrait: Cecelia Raven Dixie

Character Portrait: Doge

Much Doge very sponge much wow

Character Portrait: Till 'Hammerhead' Bornne

TNG Agent

Character Portrait: Atlantis Faraday

An extremely clever yet eccentric defense attorney, Atlantis is known to be honest yet has a tendency to bluff

Character Portrait: Rutilus Lupus

"For a small price, you can have anything you want - Life is too short for you to throw it away without living, is it not?"

Character Portrait: Charan Hillington

Character Portrait: Galen Belmont (AKA Galen Alder)

"Sorry, I'm off duty."

Character Portrait: Aiyo Appel

A fairly average school-kid. Well, average considering the city.

Character Portrait: Fausto Lavoie

A fun loving guy, who likes many different kinds of alcohol and enjoy's many different forms of company......

Character Portrait: Arber

Gypsies don't do well in stone walls....that is true, but not all walls are stone.

Character Portrait: Aeron Ferdinand

Character Portrait: Silas Niht

A travelling witch doctor who trails behind the death path led by his unholy partner. Silas is his name and he has a perchance for quick fixes and smelly recipies, and works well with his slightly unstable personality. |

Character Portrait: Sisyphus

The metaphor changes, the persistence remains.

Character Portrait: Scott W. Pilgrim

I was such a paragon!

Character Portrait: Wyatt Negrete

"You know, I always thought he was the one constant, something that would always be there"

Character Portrait: Tiana

an orange tabby kitten that is female

Character Portrait: Alton Osorio

"Things are more than they seem to be, you just need to look closely, the details are always important"

Character Portrait: Director Jeremiah Fisk

A powerful financier and director in the movie business, J.Fisk seeks to expand his movie studio know-how to the multiverse itself, and create the grandest studio ever seen in existence. Ruthless, shadowy, he is driven by profit, but not without charm.

Character Portrait: Ariane L. Cane

The roaming kendo student is back. In black.

Character Portrait: Elizabeth McCarthy

Former Citizen and Teacher of Rapture and 'Big Sister'

Character Portrait: Timmothy Vaugn

"Metahumans are hunted, abused, and taken advantage of. I am getting tired of running...".

Character Portrait: Jack Carver

"I am really hungry....this is not good..."

Character Portrait: The White Penguin

The White Penguin From Above.

Character Portrait: Dana Mercer

Sister to Alex Mercer, Dana wears black clothing, save for an old leather jacket that once belonged to her brother.

Character Portrait: Kaide Mordecai

"Scared isn't a good excuse. Scared is the excuse everyone has always used."

Character Portrait: Erin L. Ravenheart

Character Portrait: Etur

"mmmmm you smell delicious"

Character Portrait: "Subject...unkown?" Racheal

"the world shall burn and burn and burn..."

Character Portrait: Carmichael

'Then, at a time of my choosing, we will end you all this night'

Character Portrait: Yaratici Kr'al

"They grow up so fast."

Character Portrait: Rob Smith

Just an average construction worker under the employement of Ereb Industries.

Character Portrait: Jeff Tueur

I need sleep...

Character Portrait: A person

Character Portrait: Roth M Ushiro

A teenage ronin out to make a name for himself.

Character Portrait: Jorge Wu

"I don't want to hurt you, mate."

Character Portrait: Horror

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Character Portrait: Thomasina Archer

Character Portrait: Gadget, the Hoverbike Gang

This is Gadget. Be wary.

Character Portrait: Violet Manscatta

Big things come in small packages

Character Portrait: The Chemist

Or Chem for short.

Character Portrait: Zidane Tribal

Strong Willed and Heroic

Character Portrait: Giselle Hart

A victim of a kidnapping, recently brought back to Gadget, on a rough path to recovery. Induced schizophrenia is difficult to remedy.

Character Portrait: Delilah, The Lion Tamer

I hear she has a maternal sensitivity to children all because she's never been able to have one.

Character Portrait: Miralight Lexis Tisdale Duff

Character Portrait: Adrienne Emeris

Character Portrait: raneem.2000

Character Portrait: Dillon Maxey

A mutant from birth, it rapidly became apparent that he was never going to receive the same opportunities as those who classed themselves as normal. In time, he learned to make his own.

Character Portrait: Dennis Alexander Kohlan

A teacher of mythology and theology at Springhill High, Dennis is an avid scholar of all thing ancient.