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The capital of the United Aschen Empire.

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Caprica City is a thriving urban center; home to trade, industry, entertainment, and Aschen Military installations and spaceports. The city is located between the Caprican Bay and the Delphi Mountains, covering a wide expanse of land, divided by a number of waterways.

The skyline of Caprica City is distinguished by a number of prominent skyscrapers, with ultramodern glass and metal architecture intermingled with older, brick and stone buildings. The city is also populated by a number of statues bearing the likenesses of the Lords of Kobol

At night, the city is illuminated by hundreds of neon lights and animated billboards.

Locations within Caprica City are.

Apollo Park is a sprawling recreation area located above street level; essentially a large amphitheater with cafes, landscaped with trees and a grassy area. Apollo Park is distinguished by a large statue of the God Apollo

Atlas Arena is the home court of the Caprica City Buccaneers pyramid team. Owned by wealthy industrialist Daniel Graystone, the stadium hosts teams from many of the Imperial Worlds, including the Gemenon Twins and the Tauron Bulls, as well as the Pyramid Worlds Championships games. Able to accommodate more than 30,000 fans, Atlas Arena stands in downtown Caprica City - along one of its waterways - and features a large statue of Atlas himself

The Riverwalk section of Caprica City is an open-air promenade and park area. Landscaped with fountains and large reflecting pools, as well as playground equipment for families with children, the Riverwalk also features a large bazaar with vendors and other amenities

Orpheus Park is another large public park in Caprica City, this one located outside the downtown area. Distinguished by a network of jogging paths, large wooded areas and open fields providing mountain vistas.

The sprawling campus of Graystone Industries - the Caprica-based technology company owned by industrialist, scientist, and capitalist Daniel Graystone - is located near the waterfront of Caprica City. Spread throughout several modern buildings dominated by a pentagonal tower, Graystone Industries' campus houses labs, offices, boardrooms, landing pads for aircraft and a "big, beautiful" gym, complete with boxing ring. It is at its Caprica City campus that the company pioneers such technology as the holoband and the U-87 Cyber Combat Unit

Among Caprica City's more diverse locations is Little Tauron, an ethnic enclave home to a sizable population of Tauron immigrants. Within the neighborhood, residents often speak the Tauron language and own and operate shops catering to Tauron cultural needs, including grocery stores, butchers and printing shops. Despite the family residences and peace of the neighborhood, members of the Ha'la'tha crime syndicate are widely known operate in relative comfort within the confines of Little Tauron, walking the streets with near impunity

Like any major metropolitan area, Caprica City provides a wealth of residential areas of varying economy for its citizens, from high density suburban housing to luxurious seaside and lakeside homes. Away from the urban sprawl and skyscrapers of downtown Caprica, families lived in tract housing and middle-class neighborhoods, with trash pickup provided by the city.

Schools in the area included Athena Academy, a private institute devoted to the teachings of the Goddess Athena as wells public schools like Wilson Elementary School, Promethia High School and Apollo University.

Mass transit in Caprica City was carried out a number of ways including city buses, taxi cabs and the Metropolitan Levitation Mass Transit system, or MLMT train. Operating both below ground and on elevated platforms, the MagLev train provided public transport to destinations all over Caprica City, including Atlas Arena and the city's spaceports. A network of expressways and freeways link various sections of the city together, but are often congested.
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Caprica City

The capital of the United Aschen Empire.


Caprica City is a part of Caprica.

6 Places in Caprica City:

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Dominic Hagan [188] The illegitimate son of Miles Hagan; an ambitious young man with all the time and money in the world.
Casey Delancy [88] WCPD's newest Chief of Police
Confederation Protection Force [86] The notorious Aschen CPF, committed to keeping the Aschen Safe.
Helene Chaska [71] The Minister of Defense for the United Aschen Empire
Daessee [58] See it, Want it, Tantrum, Get It :)
Sire Thomas Zarek [54] Sire of the Sagittaron Province and Member of the House of Parliament of the Aschen Confederation.
Julianna Hagan [47] After Tech Con was given to her half-brother, Dominic Hagan, Julia finds herself a nominee for Miss Multiverse.
The Guatrau [43] Leader of the Tauron based Ha'la'tha
Roana Maelogue [42] Citizen of the Aschen Empire | DECEASED
Zak Resdon [41] Aschen Intelligence Officer.

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