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The Multiverse


On the outskirts of the Cybran National Space, the Casgrax systems is a key area of research and major companies fight over planets and areas for all reasons while the Cybran National Government have planets for strict research proposes.


Many of the Companies are privately owned and want to sell new research for energy or for other uses. Due the gravity levels on all twenty plans varying so much the Cybran Military use the planets for testing locations for vehicles or new weapon arcs.

There is very few cities on any of the planets with the main city of Casgrax, Hisoal, housing over six million people. Policing is high due to the amount of gangs but everything on these planets is reused. There are very few industrial plants to produce goods so the area relies on the research to bring in the money to buy resources.
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Casgrax System

"The small System of Casgrax welcomes you. We presume you have checked in with the Cybran Defense fleet."


Casgrax System is a part of Cybran National Space.

1 Places in Casgrax System:

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Cybran Drachen Battle Fleet [26] The first Cybran Battle Fleet to enter the Milky Way
Obersturmbannführer Adolf Landers [26] Commander of the HDS Pegasus
Cybran Navy [25] The entire Cybran Navy
Nicole Reinhardt [25] Admiral of the Fleet, Cybran Battlefleet Reiter

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Character Portrait: Cybran Drachen Battle Fleet Character Portrait: Obersturmbannführer Adolf Landers Character Portrait: Cybran Heer Marines Character Portrait: Cybran Navy
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HDS Fallen
Casgrax system
Day five hundred and four

Adolf Landers sighed softly, perching on the table of the command room. The bridge was filled with activity, and he just wanted a small rest. His bionics flickered to life as the ship pulled away from orbit, getting close to the jumping stage. The communications filled the ears of the crew while he just sat on the table. He glanced over towards the Cybran Marines who were standing their in their armour, rifles powered and ready in case of Hyperwarpium attack. This was no military exercise or an operation, but the Cybran fleet that was around fourteen ships strong were going to conquer the worlds of the Zeus Order so they could continue the unification of the Cybran Nation. Landers was old for his job, a Cybran Commander of the Heer, he was now used to the way his units operated in peace time, but war time was going to be something totally different. His eyes shut over and he pushed himself onto his feet, walking towards the doors of the room that lead onto the corridor with the lifts close by. "I'm going to go see the Panzers. I want to make sure that everything is ready. We're probably not going to come back, so we best check now."