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Castelia is a sprawling seaside metropolis located in south central Unova. You can find just about anything in this majestic city, including a spaceport and people dedicated to using their pokemon to teleport others between various major planets.

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Castelia is a sprawling seaside metropolis located in south central Unova. It is the heart of business and economy of the Unova region. Most of its city streets are crowded with different people rushing around, trying to get to work, home, or other places, creating a hustle and bustle scene for city life. You can find just about anything in this majestic city, including a primitive spaceport for off-world visitors. More notably however, Castelia has an entire building dedicated to teleportation based transportation, utilizing pokemon to allow people to instantly travel to and from the city from many places across the galaxy. (There is a building in Ridgecrest City on Terra with corresponding pokemon to teleport to and from, for instance.)


Castelia City

Castelia is a sprawling seaside metropolis located in south central Unova. You can find just about anything in this majestic city, including a spaceport and people dedicated to using their pokemon to teleport others between various major planets.


Castelia City is a part of Unova.

2 Places in Castelia City:

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#, as written by Ritnio
"Head south of here. You'll find help."

James motioned towards the shore. It was the best option for her considering it was littered with UPL trainers. She'll be in good hands there. He just hoped nobody noticed the screaming Chikorita, otherwise... Things may get messy.


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Touko biked quickly across the Skyarrow Bridge, retreating to Pinwheel Forest to establish a command post deep in the woods. The stage was set, now everyone just had to play their part and hope she started her first war on the right foot.


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Seeing Allen's boastful challenge of his own, Mikhayu leaped off the Steelix and rallied several soldiers around the child.

Very well, Trainer! See your foolishness in action!

The girl was clearly shrouded in a shadowy aura as she gave an order to the other Trainers under her command, as well as their Pokemon.

All of you! Spread out! Do not fight non-combatants; take them captive instead! Fight whoever resists with attacks of their own! You have permission to faint everything that dares contest you!

The timid child from early seemed to have faded with the shadowy aura's emergence. She hovered just inches off the ground as she took a powerful stance before Allen, fully ready to engage him.

Allen is challenged by NRE Commandant Mikhayu!

She launched a Poke Ball from her belt with shadowy energy, the ball hurtling forward in a straight line before her at fastball speeds, as if thrown by a world-class baseball pitcher.

NRE Commandant Mikhayu sent out Mimikyu! |000---|

The small creature looked up at the Tyrantrum before it and seemed ready to fight as it let out several unsettling noises. A shadowy aura flared around it with intensity.

Several of the Trainers wearing armor engaged the soldiers with their Pokemon at their side. With the armor and the weapons proving to be a good match for the guns brought forth by the UPL forces, the shadow infused equipment seemed to pose a significant threat. Even the arrows fired by the Trainers with bows were able to turn UPL Trainers into pincushions relatively easily. Of course, several NRE Trainers also were taken down by actual gunshots. Over several minutes, the fighting had spread down the streets and to the docks, creating a dangerous warzone everywhere one looked. Touko and James would both be challenged by NRE Trainers relatively frequently, forcing them to have to begin fighting off the Trainers, oftentimes in groups.

Giselle would find herself, and the Trainers with her, approached by a well-dressed man. He looked like a butler of some kind, given his coat and slacks. He adjusted a smooth silk glove as focused his handsome features on Giselle and the Trainers with her. At his side, other NRE personnel would engage with the Trainers that she had with her, leaving the butler to Giselle. At his side, a navy and white bipedal Pokemon with a white face, rounded head, and pear-shaped body stood. It had white hands and feet, each with three digits. It also had downward turned spiral horns, pink markings above its eyes, and a white body with darker legs. It resembled a maid to a tee.

He bowed ever so properly to Giselle, and likewise, the bipedal creature bowed as well.
Mine own apologies in advance, lady of kind. I've not official quarrel with thee, but thou are versus milord's intentions and desires, thus thou must be swiftly aside put with nary a delay.

Giselle is challenged by NRE Serviteur!

The butler extended his hand forward to point at Giselle and her Venomoth.

NRE Serviteur sent out Indeedee! |00----|

Without a further word, the bipedal creature jumped forward and prepared itself for battle with another bow and an angry expression.

Shortly after she begins running in James' given directions, Tommelise quickly finds herself blocked by a Trainer who seemed to be her age. The young girl rode a large avian Pokemon resembling a raven. Most of its body was a lustrous black, but its lower beak and legs had a matte color. Its feathers seemed to be tempered with steel, and its mantle, breast, belly, flanks, and scapular feathers were smooth and resembled plate armor. Its talons, head, and upper beak were also similarly armored. It had a crest above its eyes that resembled a crown, and a ruff of feathers on its throat resembled a beard. Its eyes had white pupils, red irises, and black sclerae. As it landed before the fleeing Tommelise, the large avian let out a loud and screeching caw as the Trainer hopped off its back.

Landing solidly, the Trainer strutted forward in her outfit that was similar to a Mega Diancie. The shadow diamond mail cuirass was worn over a sleeved blouse, along with a miniskirt designed in emulation of Mega Diancie's "dress", opera gloves, a morion helmet, and thigh-high heeled boots with a modest heel. Despite her appearance, she had a confident smile.

Yo! Are you fleeing already? You don't have to be so skittish there. Don't worry, I won't bite.

The girl giggled.

My name is Lyerre, and I'm going to go ahead and pretend I'm battling you now. See, I have this lance...

She fetched a long polearm from a sheath on the large avian's side.

...and I'm going to use it. Like, really use it, if you get what I'm saying. Then I'll capture you. Okay? You'll be safe during the whole process, and I'll drop you off outside the city, okay? I'm on your side.

She even fetched a Poke Ball as she hopped back onto the large avian.

Don't hold back, girl!

Tommelise is challenged by NRE Bataille Lyerre!

The girl tossed the Poke Ball forward as she readied her lance at her side.

NRE Bataille Lyerre sent out Purrloin! |00----|

The small cat landed on the ground and stood up, looking cute as they always did. It even mewed as it sized up Tommelise.

Giselle Bird materializes from the void.
Thumb materializes from the void.


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#, as written by Ritnio

Castelia: Back Alley

James turns away from Tommelise and watches Allen get surrounded. However, it seems only the cocky leader wants to try him. He was about to head out and go after the other leader when he heard wings flapping overhead. He quickly turned to see Lyerre threatening poor Tommelise. Without a second thought, James moved to stand in front of Tommelise and from his belt sprung Infernape.

"Hey! You go through me first before you start going after the locals! Vasuman! Let's heat things up, Flamethrower!"

The fire type readied itself and let out streams of flame from it's mouth, directed at the Purrloin. James himself kept an eye on Lyerre. She threatened to use that lance, and she wasn't about to stick an innocent civilian, not while he was here.

Castelia: Fountain Area

Allen stared down at the Mimikyu and the one controlling it. He wasn't a full idiot, he could tell that there was something off about the both of them, but that's a thinking topic for later. He recognized Mimikyu and immediately had the download on what it was about to dish out. But, surely, Ty could take one little hit. All he needed to do was two turn it. But should he risk Ty right now? It definitely has a Play Rough waiting for him... Whatever, action time!

"Heh, I hope you have something better than just a little puppet. Ty. Crunch."

Allen snapped his fingers and the Tyrantrum moved forward, ready to weather any attack that came. It was determined to sink its teeth into Mimikyu and break that disguise.


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Seeing Allen's response, Mikhayu seemed emboldened. She still sounded like a child at least, even with her voice being distorted and unnerving.

Yes, Mimikyu! Show it something better! Play with it! Shadow Frolic to your content!

Mimikyu used Shadow Frolic!

The Mimikyu was faster and quickly reacted to the Tyrantrum's announced attack by enshrouding itself in shadows. It then launched toward the Despot Pokemon with astonishing speed and strength before playing roughly with it. Dancing around it, Mimikyu was roughly taking swings and swipes at it with shadowy claws, enshrouded by the shadow energy. Tyrantrum was dealt a super-effective blow as the shadowy energy seared into him from the attack, leaving its mark.

Tyrantrum used Crunch!

Mimikyu's Disguise!
It's disguise served it as a decoy!

Then the Crunch attack from Tyrantrum's counterblow. Though it tried its best, the Mimikyu lost its Disguise to the fangs that came down. With a tattered Pikachu costume, the Mimikyu made more gibberish sounds and used another move, remembering Mikhayu's orders.

Mimikyu used Shadow Frolic!

Once again, it launched toward the Tyrantrum with speed and strength in measure, attempting to finish off the Despot Pokemon, and faint it. If Tyrantrum was replaced, its replacement would find itself on the business end of the same roughhousing Mimikyu had given the Despot Pokemon. In either case, the attack was sure to land.

Before Purrloin could even move, it found itself burned to a crisp by the Flamethrower, quickly fainting as Lyerre returned it. Lyerre seemed taken aback and fetched her second Poke Ball.

Yo! You can't interrupt a battle like that!

NRE Bataille Lyerre sent out Marill! |0X----|

The spherical blue mouse with a bubble tail emerged, looking cute as expected. It seemed to be a bit frightened of Infernape, despite being a water-type.


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#, as written by Ritnio

Castelia: Fountain Area

After the first hit, Allen figured Ty wasn't going to be able to take much more. Better to let him fall so the next throw in goes without penalty. Damn puppet. Making a fool out of him already!

"Tch. Ty, try for an Iron Head."

The Tyrantrum lowered its head and it shined briefly before charging forwards, attempting to barrel through the next attack... only to fail. It took the next Shadow Frolic head on and continued forwards, slamming into the Mimikyu with an steel hardened skull. When it jumped back, it didn't look like it was doing too well.

"Damn fricken puppet. The hell was that move? That's not something I've seen before! Rrr... Ty, you're down to another probably but don't let that stop you! Charge it again!"

With a roar, the Tyrantrum did the same thing and charged once more for another Iron Head, attempting to weather what comes again for a final strike.

Castelia: Back Alley

"Sorry, but when you go around talking about using your weapons on innocent people, you can't expect me to sit and watch. I'm sorry for this but, Vasuman, Poison Jab."

The Infernape looked at the Marill apologetically before slamming its fist into the little guy's gut.

"Where did that other girl go? The shy one."