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The Multiverse


A glimmering cloud of stars and planets fitted precariously against the Charybdis Veil, which is a dense, roiling stretch of nebula that separates the homelands of the Gardenites from the rest of the galaxy.
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Charybdian Shores

A bright cloud nestles against the great, darkening maw of the Charybdis Veil.


Charybdian Shores is a part of Near 3kpc Arm.

4 Characters Here

Mack [3] ita a futuristic wolf
Helianthus [3] A quiet, sharp witted field chief of SOGA, Helianthus is the handler of a maverick asset running loose in the Local Region.
Murdoch Allan Greer [3] A Master Sergeant of the Exogarden Expeditionary Corps 44th Marine Battalion, Greer has spent the end of his career on policing duties across the Federation and Local Region.
Progenitor Kartun [3] Mysterious force of the metaverse.

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#, as written by wotb
Character Portrait: Mack Mack says,
 “ hello, i am a wolf from the future ”

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Character Portrait: Helianthus Character Portrait: Mack Character Portrait: Progenitor Kartun Character Portrait: Murdoch Allan Greer
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#, as written by wotb
Character Portrait: Mack Mack says,
 “ is this ok? ”

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Character Portrait: Helianthus Character Portrait: Mack Character Portrait: Progenitor Kartun Character Portrait: Murdoch Allan Greer
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#, as written by wotb
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New Sanctuary system,
Charybdian Shores
Broken Compass constellation
domain of the Free Republic of Bathe


The city of Hohenthrine straddled an enormous river that descended from the mountains, where the Concordite koelonei* kept themselves sequestered from the Edenite citizens of Bathe’s sprawling capital and heartland provinces. Here sixteen million Edenites, themselves from every homeworld across this side of the Veil, toiled to chisel the capital planet of the Charybdian Federation from the wilds of the planet.

Nearly a century ago, when the imperiate* occupiers had been overthrown and massacred, Bathe was barely a lighting station for the Aschen navy, the planet’s population little more than a slave race for the military. Now, the rotting hulk of a monolithic Reverence carrier lay strewn across the plains beyond the city, a reminder to the power that the “Charybdians” as they had began to be called possessed: even the mightiest empire could be felled by the free peoples of the free Garden.

Few of the Gardenites that had been alive during the Incursion were still around today, save for some of the soldiers that had liberated the planet and decided, finally, that they had stomached enough war. It was them who had broken the first ground for the colonization and resettlement of the planet, free from Aschen imperialism that had suffocated life for centuries.

The city had grown from sparse hab-modules to a sprawling metropolis, gone were the days of rationing and toiling for off-world production: the citizens of Bathe worked for themselves, owned what they built and fed themselves and their family from the rich bounties of a Garden planet.

For Nizarm Dustarin, the governor of a Concordite retranch* on the roads up into the mountain, the decision to grant the Edenites home-rule status, unencumbered by colonial administration, had deeply stung his family’s coffers. As he sat in the back of the old Glatistant sedan, he studied the buildings that lined the main roads to the city center and the spaceport.

While he was a grown man now, he remembered those decades ago, so long ago now, when the Impferi ruled and sought to eradicate his people’s life and culture from the face of the planet. All the weak Edenite collaborateurs that kneeled to lick the boot, while their strong died in the mountains of the planet alongside his father and older brother.

To say that Nizarm Dustarin harbored revanchist views (by definition of the Federate government’s Antistabilia Radicalismus) was an understatement. He enjoyed the vivid daydreams he had of burning this city to the ground, purging the Edenite filth that had festered like a cancer and perverted the toils of his father and the other Greats of the Veil. They had liberated this space from the degenerate Lingarus civilization that had sucked the very blood from the cosmos, and now it was just another refuge for the pathetic masses that came swarming to the Garden for salvation.


The government buildings in the center of Hohenthrine were a complex of squat, low buildings. This was from the days of even before the Aschen invasions, when orbital strikes were used against population centers indiscriminately by terrorists. Now, they were an odd architectural feature in a city that didn’t seem to be concerned with such threats. It was an odd sight that the younger Holland found himself fascinated by, as he stood outside the great offices where his father, Nizarm Holland, was meeting with the planet’s government.

Nizarm Holland had met with the government in representation of the Gardenite settlements out along the frontier of the continent. The Charybdians, in some might say their classic Edenite hubris, had drawn themselves back into the tangle of alliances that dominated the Shore Planets and the Local Region, particularly in regard to the central government in Langara, the reviled Aschen Empire.

” - the question of what is to be done with the arms once we are liberated, in finality, from Langaran aggression, is still a question for the peoples of the Shore Planets - but that is only a question for after we draw the last fang from those despicable peoples.”

Tobin Krahl was a party chief, the sjef of the Jovian mecha-laborers that breathed life into Bathe from their nano-forges and factorums. A former Apparatus marine, many knew from the v-screens and extranet of the Jovian’s open aggression against the Langaran central government.

While the Nizarm had fought through the Insurgencies himself, he remembered only one thing of those distant days in far away stars …

There were mad men on every side.

“And just what is to, finally, as you say, defang this enemy?” Holland’s voice was tough, but lined with a more civil mind and approach. This was a boon for him amongst the Gardenite landsers in the mountains and forests, he was less of an trusler for the “lesser races”, and particularly more useful in the work of government. “All you need do is accord with the pact: we are comrades, after all, but you must aware an ally that we will destroy billions, trillions even, of innocent lives.”

Rada Maric finally spoke then, only raising a hand from her seat at the council table. Eight other Edenite statesmen were arranged at the table in the center of the room, with the Nizarm standing across from them. “Tobin knows that we will hand him over to authorities the moment any of his thugs are even seen by the Exogarden … the Langaran’s petty empire is still a threat, but we can not let some Supremacist holdouts bring us into a fervor. Don’t forget, Sjef Krahl, I’ve recently spoken with some fellows in the Directorate who have been quite interested in speaking with you.”

Holland stiffened his back just slightly at the mention of the Coalition’s shadowy intelligence agency that had reigned throughout the universe as if from a time even before the Garden. While Tobin seemed silenced, Holland spoke again, this time to the Secretary General of the Charybdian Confederation. “You’re in discussion with the Counter-Balance? How do you know they aren’t leading you in-tune to the Langarus, who need another war to prop up their failed empire?”

“With your Concordians producing weapons domestically, the Mission’s reduced influence will provide us the atmosphere to secure the Confederation’s integrity.” Maric responded, soon rising from her own seat. Though she was shorter than the Concordite nizarm, she met his gaze intently. “We’re all well aware of your koelonei’s policy on the manufacture of weapons for standing armed forces: but given the situation, and the fact that the Imperial government would as soon purge you from the very planet, either before or after us, it would be in the interest of everyone in the territories of the Confederation to cooperate, no?”

Before Holland had responded, the door behind him opened. Off his shoulder to his left, he recognized the narrow features of Nizarm Dustarin, a fellow statesmen of the Concordite houses that ruled the Bathean hinterlands. One of the Terrans, President Johnne Rodre, leaned back in his seat briefly, running a hand over his face. “Oh, finally. I was wondering when the bad cop was going to get here.”

Nizarm Dustarin,” Rada began, giving a dismissive gesture of her hand to the arriving Gardenite. “I was just discussing with your fellow nizarm about the opportunities for the states of the Confederation to better defend themselves.”

“And probably stuffed full of the noble garden warrior,” Dustarin said bluntly, a second man behind him carrying an haptipak, the small holo-box projector dropping to the floor at his feet. “Though I’ll be glad to inform my fellow artifexes of the Confederation that the problem concerning our ability to arm ourselves in the face of imperiate aggression has been solved.”

With the boast, images began streaming from the holobox: hundreds of kilometers west, across an ocean that separated two of Bathe’s continents was an industrial heartland that had been a warzone between competing Red Halo clans, a thorn in the side of the Confederation since the earliest days of the post-war government. “I’ve managed to solidify Exogarden control of industrial zones on the planet. The government on Langara will recognize the free will of our planets at gunpoint, even if they hope to simply starve us out in their next attack.”

There were a few quiet moments amongst the other members of the council, while Holland turned quietly to his fellow Gardenite. He spoke over his shoulder, and under his breath, to Dustarin. “We can not build an army for them to fight our old wars.

“Spare me the aged statesmen wisdom, our only mistake was not leaving Langara a smoldering asteroid field.” Dustarin replied softly back, his words masked by a charming smile back to the members of the council as they seemed to react with some excitement.

“T-Fed can have supply orders of the old Apparatus WARPACs for immediate production,” Johnne Rodre, the President of the Terran Federation, gave a firm nod. Several of the other Confederation attendees were quickly speaking themselves.

“The spacers don’t need the Imperial navy meddling in the industry any more, try and glass us out when there’s a battleship up against you!” The Jovian Sjef bellowed, a hand raising up.

“Don’t worry, testver, the Edenites will always squabble amongst themselves. Then it’s just you, me and the clans in the hills that have to make sure they burn everything down.” Dustarin said with a low tone, an almost bubbling laugh of conceit coming from him.

*Gardenite koelonei: Sections of the Gardenite landser social classes live in sequestered population centers from the native populations of the Local Region
*Concordite retranch: Retranch protectorates are Scatterran-styled petty kingdoms and states that were some of the founding population centers of Bathe and the Shore Planets
* Aschen imperiate: The central government of a supremacist empire that ethnically purged Gardenite and Edenite communities in the Local Region during a conflict of the Home Insurgencies

You notice Portal Key appear on the ground.
Progenitor Kartun picks up the Portal Key.