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The Multiverse




Cortex was only recently inhabited by a humanoid species in the past 60 years. It is a largely temperate climate with a huge rainfall and a largely dark overcast sky. The planet is covered with a luminescent ocean called 'The Seas of Lament' which glistens in varying colors. It maintains all types of landscapes including rich grassy hills covered in wildflowers and barren rocky mountains loaded with precious elements. The Darna Glacial Fields overhang a mountainous valley in the southwestern regions of the planet. Meanwhile the Isles of Fiari sit in the east and acts as the main settlement for industrialization.

Cortex is temperate in nature, but the Glacial regions can reach -70 degrees centigrade. Being a relatively small planet (14,000 miles from north to south) the core temperature transcends through the planet’s tectonic plates and heats the surface to around 20 degrees. This maintains flora through '‘Transthermal generation’. Rainfall is approximately 400-500mm per year in the eastern regions while in the west a record states they received a total of 4076 mm of rain in one year.
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Temperate in nature, rich in opportunities Cortex is a wild planet, only recently inhabited, with much to explore.


Cortex is a part of The Auroartus System.

5 Places in Cortex:

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Michael Scott [2] He's a shy and smart person.
A Stranger [1] What's wrong with his face?

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Sabnach materializes from the void.
Sabnach has left the area, heading in into Helix Orbital Station.
Tadashi materializes from the void.
Tadashi has left the area, heading in into Helix Orbital Station.
Tadashi materializes from the void.
Tadashi vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.


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/me where am I?


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A man walks slowly into the clearing, catching himself as he treads over small detritus and plant matter, leaves giving out light crunches under his feet. He appears to be slightly winded, as if he recently stopped running, and he turns his head to scan the area, freezing in place when he sees an individual across the clearing.
He slowly looks up, pulling his scarf up to his nose as he does, scanning the sky to see where the sun is, and then walks across the clearing to Michael.
He pulls out a notebook from his jacket, and, removing a rough pencil from the leather spine, leans the book against his knee, writing quickly for a couple seconds before holding up the journal, facing Michael.
Who are you?
Getting dark soon.
Should go home.

The notebook says, written in a rough, straight scrawl. He pauses to let the boy read it before continuing, beginning to write again.
Not safe for you after dark.